Written by Jacqui Horn



I'm having a problem working on this collection.  I go along fine, until I start to work on the actual letters, and then I hear your voice in my head.  You know what that does to me. 

I hear you asking if you can touch me, if you can squeeze my breasts, if you can rub my nipples, if you can suck them, if you can nip at them.   And it makes my cunt flood, probably the same way your cock feels when you get excited.  With me it isn't localized in one place, it sort of fills everywhere - my clit, the lips, the mound above the clit, the ring just inside of my cunt, the muscles inside.  Just a sweet, heavy throbbing pleasure. 

You say, "put your fingers on your clit, for me"  You say, "rub it for me, Jacqui, put them inside of your cunt - I'll put my hand there, my whole hand.  You would love it, Sweetheart, my hand inside of you.  You would come so hard."  "Take off your clothes for me and open your legs, get yourself nice and wet for me.  Yes, Sweetheart, I can hear you.  Do you want me to touch your anus, do you want me to suck your ass?  I'll fuck your cunt with my tongue, deep inside of you.  You're screaming, yes, louder ... tell me you want me to fuck you!"

Do you see why I have trouble?  Is your cock hard now?  Right now?  How hard?  Would I be able to feel it at the back of my throat?  Could I ride along with you this morning and suck you ... I'd make you take your pants down and ride with your legs open wide.  Wide enough for my finger to slip up your ass just before you come.  You would have to leave the windows up - what kind of car do you drive?  The windows up because you wouldn't want your neighbors to hear you screaming with pleasure as I suck you deep and twist my lips around the base of your hard cock.  Touch it for me.  Touch it ... please.  The skin is soft isn't it, over the hard muscle beneath.  And hot, I know your flesh is hot, the head has captured so much of the pleasure and it feels like a tight knot just waiting for release.  Are you touching it, love?  Stroke it, for me - I'm moaning just thinking of how good it would feel in my hands, hot and hard

How it would feel against my tongue, throbbing and hard, still hot, precum oozing out of it's tip - I suck hard, just on the tip, pumping the shaft with my hand, hand and mouth moving in opposite directions until you tense, very hard, locking my head in place as you explode into my mouth, shouting with the release of such pleasure, while I hold you securely in my mouth, making the soft sounds of release around your cock, vibrating the flesh and you thrust involuntarily, giving in to my efforts to drain your body.

Later, at lunchtime, you can return the favor, and fill my hot little puss with that sweet tongue, umm, that firm hand inside, stroking, massaging, driving me ... well, you know ...  I feel so empty, nothing to squeeze against, my clit is as hard as your cock must be right now, only it is very wet.  I think I'll get my egg and imagine it's your cock as I sit here and work some more. 

Think of me as you eat your lunch!

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

p.s.  hope your day is exciting...

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