Sex on the Run
Written by Jacqui Horn
(F solo, M solo)

Sex on the Run .

Oh Sweetheart,

My nipples are about to burst ...  I'm so hot that my hands are shaking as I write.  My eyes keep sliding shut as I think of you taking me.  My panties are wet again, can you hear me breathing your name?  I need you, love. 

Sucking my nipples ... squeezing my breasts, forcing the nipples deep into your mouth - your tongue, your lips ...  Baby they ache for you ... can you hear me?  

My cunt aches, it's throbbing, pulsing, the clit is swollen and fat.  I can feel it rubbing against the seam of my jeans, the seam is soaking wet now, it smells so good - perfumed pussy, hot and steamy and sweet.

Oh, sweetheart,  I pushing a soapstone egg up my cunt ohhhh.

You are really very lucky that I'm not closer to you ... hell or high water couldn't keep me off you right now.  It's sooo hard, the stone.  I'm sitting, it weighs about a pound, it's so heavy inside of me ...  ohh shit!

When I move my ass on the chair and press the lips of my pussy into the seat ohhh, baby you need to be this egg, with my cunt rolling all over you, driving you deep inside of me.

You could hold on to my tits, pinching my nipples -  no, grabbing my ass, working me on your dick.  I love your dick inside of me ...  Your hands on my hips, pinning me to you, grinding that beautiful cock up my cunt, my hot, wet, tight cunt.  Your hands now, reaching around to my asshole, pushing a finger inside while you thrust - slam - my body onto your cock.    

Have to run really quick.  It's 5:15  ohhhh.  The stone is still there ...

..  more quick sex .

I never knew how sexy and erotic a drive could be...  Every time I hit a bump in the road, the walls of my pussy clamped down very hard around that egg.  I imagine  that it's you, and as I roll my hips, my ass, with my legs spread wide, my mouth too now,

I'm riding it, in this chair, with my legs open, it's like I'm riding you, sweetie ...

Not like some tame little pony ride, like a bull rider, stroking your dick in and out of me, around - deep inside

damn this is good, I need you ...



I've really got to fuck the shit out you, one hole after the other. The sight of you on your knees with my cock fucking your asshole is great to wank to right now in the kitchen. How about sending me a pic of you fucking yourself with a cucumber and I'll send you one of my bent cock. Mmm, Oh shit I just came over my leg. Loads of it dripping from my cock!  Damn you are a sexy woman!

  xxx  Collin


Oh, Collin...

If you are there, call now!  I need you so badly!  Right now...  I feel like I'm going to melt ...

My body is craving you...


x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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