A Day In The Life
Written by Jacqui Horn

A Day in The Life …

Good Morning, Love 

It is 12:03 a.m. here.  Found a new show, Murder in Mind.  It is probably old for you as well as the others.  We have so many mindless sitcoms that I like to watch something with a bit of drama in it. 

Anyway, since I have been so good today, I have a few moments to play.  Did I tell you I enjoy getting your messages?  Even if they are quick little one liners.  When I go through the mail, there are about 300 per day from business or plain old junk.  It makes me smile to see one that starts with “Collin”.  

It’s a little like a smile, a touch or a caress as you walk past my desk, when I know that you are thinking of me even though you don't have time to sit and complete a long message.  And now, while I think all of these warm, smiley thoughts, my puss of course has gotten in on the mood.

She is smiling, dribbling I guess you would say, warming herself.  She's thinking, Oh, we're talking to Collin, we'll get to cum soon.  She is really an incorrigible little thing ... always trying to play, never being sensible, waiting until properly asked.  Greedy, that's how I would describe her.  Just plain old greedy!

And since she is so damned difficult to discourage, I may as well let her have her way.  Do you mind, terribly?  Taking a deep breath.  That was a mistake.  Puss gets even more excited when she gets oxygen.  I lost a couple of pounds lately and I'm wearing a pair of panties that are really my daughter's.  They are a bit tight, and the crotch is between my lips again.  Yes, I do recall you being the fabric between my lips.  It's produced a nice throb, that thought.  Very nice. 

I am moving in my seat, puss is flooding with desire, wishing she had you right now.  How would you take me?  Slow and methodically as you like, or fast and hard the way I enjoy, at least on the first cum. 

I think we should let you have it your way.  You are so good at making me feel ... good.  I'm getting wet now.  I can feel the juices squishing out into my panties.  Can you imagine me undulating in this seat?  When I do I always imagine your cock beneath me, packed tightly inside of my cunt, giving me just the right saddle to ride, my legs splayed wide, you holding your place deep inside of me, pulsing, as I roll my hips and ass above you, my pussy grasping you on each gyration.  Your hands are on my ass, pulling me down in full contact. 

I'm getting a bit wild.  My breasts are bouncing in your face, just beneath your nose.  The nipples hard and pebbled.  I feel your hands move from my ass, up the deep curve, where my very full bottom tapers into my back.  One hand lingers there, playing with the full flesh of my ass.  The other moves up past the dip in my waist and out again on the ribs, around to the heavy hand full of my breast. 

You lift and test the weight, are mesmerized by the very thick springy mass, and the soft, warm flesh of the skin.  It's so warm, my skin, it's warm and brown, the nipples are dark as black cherries.  Your hands and mouth are such a contrast.  White, strong, gentle.  You take me in your mouth, your hands are milking, squeezing so firmly.  And despite the hand still playing with my ass, I am gyrating, hard, lifting, breathing, sinking, moaning, kissing your ear, calling your name, quietly, sweetly as you suckle my nipple in your mouth...

I like this, I like you inside me, my having some control to move over you as I wish, you holding me in your mouth, in your hands...  can you feel my pussy gripping you so tightly, then going soft, then tightening again, in tune to the suckling at my nipple. 

Your hands are crawling up my back and around so you encircle me.  You are starting to make the frantic rushing to orgasm sounds while you draw me very close to your chest.  You are thrusting with such male force.  Holding me to you as you begin to erupt and scream.  Such a wonderful sound.  Forcing me onto you, to accept your massive flooding of my body with your cum.  I love that, being filled with you and your cum at the same time, it's so warm and decadent.

You continue to thrust into me, softer now, but still there, you lift me and carry us to the bed, lowering our bodies until you are over me.  I'm open, soft, easy now.  Still you thrust, slowly, languidly into my body, so wet with your cum.  It feels so good, Sweetie.  So good, and still you thrust, slower, settling onto my body, talking to me, your voice thick and heavy with satisfied desire, sexy, telling me to relax, I'm safe.  You hear my pleasured sounds going softer and softer as I drift off.  And still you thrust, milking all of the long denied pleasure from your body, enjoying the warm wet pussy open for you, loving the feel of you inside. 

Sorry, Sweetie, I really am drifting off, your cock still thrusting into me - what a sweet way to put a woman to sleep ...

I'll talk to you later, when I wake...  with your cock still inside of me, thrusting anew, waking me to your raging desire...

xxxxx  Jacqui

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