Written by Jacqui Horn
(F solo)


You're thinking about Friday already, eh?  You're going to make me get exicited.  But, I need to do a little work first. 

The pencil?  Not soft enough, I'm too wild to have something that could break.  When I'm cumming on this side of the screen, I'm thrashing and spasming so hard that a thing like that won't bend, will definately break!  Then I'd have to explain to my Dr. why I have splinters in my ass! :)

I like the grapes, but I'd enjoy them better if I could hold them in place and break them with my muscles.  Then you could have grape juice, and then you could forage around with your tongue until you retrieve the pulp - um, just warmed up- from just inside the entrance, right where the muscles are so tight.  Umm, your tongue there, while your body would be settled on my thighs, the weight of you holding me in place, kind of a restraint.  While you tease my cunt with your tongue and lick my clit.

I'm imagining juices everywhere and your hands moving in it - over my thighs and belly, even up to my breasts and trailing some of my own sweet clear juices over my lips  touching my tongue.  Actually I'm imagining a cramp in my thighs from straining so hard to get at you.  Can you hear the panting, the sighs, me calling your name, touching you, gripping your head to hold you in place?  Just the enjoyment of being licked by your soft, hot mouth and tongue and lips - ummmm, Baby. 

I'd be very relaxed, so my body would move fluidly, moving in waves, waves of juices escaping my pussy, waves of pleasure rolling over my body -- I'm being greedy again, but, soon, well not so soon, but after a while, you could bury your rampant cock inside of me.  Slowly, the way you like, so that you fill me in little increments, until I'm gorged, my pussy lips flattened with the pressure of your groin, and my cunt grasping, spasming, not in rigid, hard contraction, but in warm, spongy, snug waves of wet orgasm.  A long, slow session, where I could come for you over and over again.  And you could cum in me, filling me up with so much cum, and then you'd stay within me, softening, but not going all the way to sleep,  just resting on my soft body, listening to me call your name, whisper my pleasure in your ear.  Feeling me beneath you, undulating, rising again to passion --

You know that this can go on and on forever, passion rising and receding, never dying, just easing and then bursting full on again. 

Oh, Sweetie, I really need to get some work done, 

I'll write again later.

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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