A Stranger and You
Written by Jacqui Horn
(MMF, anal)

A Stranger and You!

Letter from Jacqui to Collin  (March, 15, 2003)

I’d forgotten that alcohol made me so horny!  My cunt was swollen with the slick juices that were beginning to run down my thighs.  The Twilight Bar was full of men, but I hadn’t found one with “the look”.  Not yet, anyway.  I’d find him.  I always did.  A man with an air of command, but not cruelty.  I don’t like mean men, just the ones who know how to use masculinity to make sex hot and wild. 

I circled the bar, my high heels helping my hips roll with an exaggerated swing, a lewd and sexy side to side motion that made my wet lips rub against each other as I prowled.  I was on the hunt, and I’d dressed so there was no doubt about what I wanted, or what kind of woman I was tonight.  My personalities are many and varied, but, tonight, is the night of the tigress.  She’s on the hunt, and intends to be fed, until she is fully satisfied! 

There was a mirror behind the bar, and between the heads of patrons, men who wanted to be my prey for the night, but hadn’t a chance, I could see that my body looked hot!  It was sheathed in a tight, black leather corset that laced up the front and even tighter black leather pants, with a full row of snaps at the crotch.  The corset pushed my full, 36F breasts into high profile, then nipped in at the waist only to flare out again over wide, wild hips that make a cock harden with two determined swings of my full, soft, ass! 

Men don’t necessarily dream about a body like this, but when they see it, wrapped up to accentuate big voluptuous breasts, nipples outlined hard against the leather corset, sweet brown flesh peeking from the laces; oh, and this sweet, full ass, they can’t help but drool.  Can’t help but imagine how my ass would look bent over the high bar, the leather pants down around my ankles, wet little pussy just waiting for a tongue, a finger, a cock.

There he was!

I almost tripped in my heels, a tight, little throb snaking up the inside walls of my already pulsing pussy.  There he was, at the far end of the bar.  Not even afraid to hold my intentionally intimidating gaze like the rest of the wimpy, sloop shouldered little men in the bar.  Nor was he afraid to take bold stock of my sexy little outfit.  I had to tame the smile of anticipation that threatened my  bold temptress’ persona.  But, then … he did that thing.  That thing aggressive men do when they’ve decided they want something.  I took a sharp breath of surprise and pleasure as his eye-lids settled into their own predatory half-masted, lusty stare.  He tossed his head in a fractional move of invitation to come to his end of the bar. 

Now I couldn’t help the slow smile that spread across my lips as I blocked out the other men in the crowded, red shadowed bar.  I was breathing hard, shallow, my breasts rising and falling in agitated anticipation. He was just right!  Perfect!  And my body was heating.  Quickly! 

I blocked out all of the other patrons in the bar, but I knew they were watching.  That was o.k.  It added to my excitement.  I was in control and none of them had a chance, I’d found the man I wanted. 

And so, it was a bit of a surprise when an arm slipped around my waist, half the way around the bar.  Before I could tear my eyes from my intended lover for the evening, this new man, bold with his liquor, settled a firm and massaging hand on the exposed flesh beneath the corset and above my pants.  My abdomen rippled and my hips thrust toward him in a deep contraction.  He’d caught my attention. 

“I’ve wanted to do this all night, love,” he said, turning me and pulling me between his outstretched legs.  “Come closer to me.  I want to touch you,” he breathed, his accent British, his hands sliding to my waist, passing over my hips and feeling me out, as I began to pant in unexpected excitement. 

I hadn’t been felt up so rudely, so arousingly, ever! 

I lifted my hands to his shoulders.  Well, I had to stand and he’d already turned my knees to rubber.  The other man, the one at the end of the bar, was forgotten as I focused anew on this Englishman with the knowing hands, the mesmerizing voice.  My fingertips touched the nape of his neck, his ears and he responded by pulling me closer, kissing the same bare midriff he’d touched earlier, dragging his tongue, hot and wet and raspy, over my skin then delving into my navel.  I caught my reflection in the mirror behind the bar and quivered.  I looked so lewd, so horny, and so nasty.  And I felt the rush of hot, steaming moisture flood my pussy.

Suddenly, lover, you take my breasts in your hands, sucking my nipples in an oh, so familiar manner and I am forced to focus outside of my pleasure.  The man is you!  My lover, my friend, my protector. 

I am instantly, deliciously on fire as your hands slide lower, over the full, high curve of my ass to the underside of my cheeks, working the flesh, one cheek against the other, and I feel the spasms begin deep in my cunt.  I know that I can let go and enjoy my evening now, because you are here.  You will as always, protect me.  You won’t allow anything bad near me. 

“Lover,” I whisper, throbbing, wetting myself, moving closer to you, my breasts and belly seeking contact with your body.  Your sweet body. 

“Yes,” You answer.  Your hands slip down my ass, the finger tips moving between my legs, and I’m shaking as you caress me from behind, teasing the entrance to my cunt and inflaming my ass with your persistent massage.  I don’t know whether to move forward, to your mouth, just out of reach of my breasts now, or back to your fingers probing my ass, the base of my cunt.  I want both.  I want you everywhere.

Your mouth lifts, smiling.  Distractedly, I hear your soft chuckle as you take note of my body’s maddening state.  You know so well the quivers, the seeking thrusts of my hips, the wriggling, questing advance of my nipples begging contact with your lips and tongue.  I’ve truly forgotten the other patrons as you trail one hand around my hip, letting it rest on the inside of my thigh, your thumb moving back and forth, just below where my clit needs your touch.  I part my thighs and move my hips suggestively toward you.   

“Please, Sweetheart.  Touch me,” I whisper against your lips. “Please!”  I’m quivering in your arms, shaking with need so badly.  And my words come faster.  “Make me cum.  Make me cum right here where I can see myself.  Where your friends can see you taking me.” 

I’m oral now, needing something to do with my lips. My tongue reaches across the distance to stroke your lips, thrusting into your mouth.  “Hmmm,” I moan into your mouth as you accede to my request and brush your thumb over my erect clit. 

“I was but waiting for you to ask,” you tell me, against my lips, holding me tightly so that I don’t balk.  You needn’t fear though, my mind has long since ceased to pay attention to anything more than your masterful hands on my body.  You know the teasing makes orgasm better for me.  Hotter.  Harder.   

“Hmmmm”.  You’ve allowed the thumb to press firmly against my clit, through the leather.  “Hmmm ummm,” I smile as you begin, right from the start, to please me, to satisfy my body’s craving.  You don’t need to be told what to do.  You’ve found the snaps at my crotch and ripped them open, thrusting almost in the same movement, pushing your fingers deep inside of my throbbing, melting body.  I move closer, loving your way, wanting more.  “Do me,” I beg, in the neediest of whispers.  My lips are at your ear.  “It’s just right.”  You are speeding me toward the first climax. 

I feel your hands on my ass again, firmer this time, grasping, reaching between my legs again to rip open more of the snaps, exposing my ass to the air.  I freeze, suddenly, feeling your fingers thrust inside of me from the front and a full body is pressed against me from the rear.  As I look up to the mirror, the man from the end of the bar is there, watching me in the mirror, over my shoulder.  His eyes hold the same commanding look I’d seen earlier, and now, I feel his fingers probing my cunt, alongside of yours, gathering my juices.

With alarm, I look into your eyes. 

“Relax, Sweetheart,” Your eyes are warm, knowing, smiling.  “I’m with you, love.  You’re safe, enjoy this.  It will please me, as well as your own tight little body.”   It was the accent that caused the spasm, that and your hand, pushing inside of me, causing me to cum, hard, pressed between the hard thighs of two men as pulsing waves of orgasm center in my pussy, gathering, building, exploding then centering again.  I want to scream, but it will take my attention away from the two of you fucking me, so I wait. 

I’m leaning, shaking, quivering against the stranger, no power left to stand.  My pussy feels besieged and I want you see my pleasure, to know it, to have my body open to you as I am lost in the sweetest of orgasms. 

The throbbing release of another orgasm rocketed through my body as the stranger’s hand flattened on my shoulder, splaying, spreading and dipping to circle and cup my exposed breast, lifting it out of the corset, milking it from base to nipple, offering it’s tender aureole for your mouth to suckle.   

The stranger stepped even closer, supporting my body fully against him.  I was grateful.  I have no strength left in my limbs when I cum that hard.  I really wanted to say “Thank you,” but, you twist your hand inside of my cunt and scrape your teeth over my nipple and my body begins to scream in unbelievable pleasure as the stranger continued to gather my moisture, dragging it with firm pressure to my anus, circling, pressing just inside my tight ring, letting me get used to his entry. 

Sound gurgled in my throat as I felt your tongue drag across the exposed, manipulated nipple, then lips clamp down firmly, suckling and tugging, while the stranger’s hand continued to knead the flesh surrounding it.  Your hand, inside of my body begins to twist in earnest, my wetness making it easy for you to slide in and out, even as full as I am.  I’m writhing between the two of you, screaming, pussy clasping, following one mind blowing orgasm after another. 

My ass, my ass, oh, my ass is throbbing.  I didn’t know that pleasure could center in a woman’s anus like this.  I’m invaded.  By this complete stranger who’s kneading my breast, feeding you like a baby and a man starved for sustenance at the same time.

“Uhnnn,”  The finger in my ass is moving, and moving with authority.  Oh, he’s not giving me the chance to accept or reject, he’s just forcing me to go with it.  And “it” becomes two fingers.  Two firm fingers fucking me in the ass, four fucking my cunt. 

The gurgling sounds are strange even to my ears as the two of you work in and out of me in tandem.  Your rhythms matching each other.  I have no rhythm.  I am just open, quivering, wet, muscles rippling, cuming ... and  ... cuming ... cuming.  

The hand at my breast kneads harder, the mouth softly biting at my nipples, laving my flesh between bites.  The stranger settled his lips at the base of the back of my neck.  His tongue slipped out and the tip flicked against me, tickling. 

I’ve begun to undulate, taking the best from both sets of fingers, enjoying the mouths at my breast and throat.  The sight was incredibly sexy as I looked in the mirror.  “You like that picture, don’t you?”  the stranger said, thrusting harder with his fingers up my ass.  He was working them in and out, now, in and out of me like a cock.  It felt so good.  He thrust his tongue in my ear and I started to spasm again.  “Come on,” he encouraged.  “Move that ass!  Cum for us. Come, cunt.  Cum now. 

Your mouth at my nipples suddenly releases me, moving lower, down to my clit, your tongue extending to draw me inside of your hot, wet mouth, suckling, bathing me, flicking against the bud.  I can feel the climax, rolling up from the middle of my womb.  This would have been a screamer   But, the stranger’s lips cover my mouth, his tongue thrusting deep into my throat, matching the movement to that of the fingers up my ass. 

I stiffened.  I couldn’t help it.  My body went straight as a board as orgasm rolled out of my pussy, and grabbed my entire body in its clutches.  I began a crazed thrusting, in all directions at once, reaching for all the orgasms coming at my body from different directions.  My breasts, ass,  pussy, clit, my mouth.   Only the two of you pressed against me, keep me upright.

I broke free of the kiss and screamed as my lovers continued to work my body, soothing me through climax, then working me immediately up to another.  You have unlaced my corset enough to free me and you’ve one breast trapped in both his hands, suckling and tonguing me as if you were a baby searching for milk.  My stranger has moved me so that I sit astride your cock, while he slowly pushes the head of his manhood deep into my tight ass.  Once he is buried deep, the head of your cock settles at my opening and you begin to push, entering me slowly, but firmly, watching the pleasure on my face as I continue to spasm in and out of orgasm.

Some of the other patrons have approached and are running their hands all over my body.  My nipples are never abandoned as one hand or pair of lips leave me and another is right there to take their place.  Both breasts have been thoroughly mouthed and licked, soothed and handled when my lovers shoe everyone away.  The two of you have me pressed tightly between you, riding me, each taking a breast in hand, squeezing, and rubbing me.  The stranger curled his hand around my throat, tilting my head back enough for him to reach my mouth. And now, you have a need to assert your ownership and you join him.  Two tongues run freely over my lips, inside of my mouth.

“Now” you say, against my mouth. 

“Now,” the stranger said. 

“Cum, Sweetheart!”


“You’re so fucking wet!”

“You’re so damned hot!”

“Cum.  Cum Sweetheart, I want to feel your hot ass moving against me.”

I am lost in the decadence of  the two of you caressing, kissing, fucking my body.  Every pleasure point is being stroked, pulled, licked or pinched … beginning a climax again…

The dick in my ass …

cock in my pussy …

hands groping … my breasts

and my mouth was … 

my body began shaking and convulsing,  rocking on two cocks as they fuck me hard, thrusting, pushing, stretching the orgasm, pushing it higher, until I feel it trembling in the muscles in my cunt and thighs, my body held tightly between two strong men, restricting movement, vibration shivering from my toes, up my legs and into the cheeks of my ass, deep into my womb and sweetly spreading into bones, until I scream, long and deep. 

Vaguely my body registers the movement of you two, taking your pleasure from my soft, limp body.  I am drifting off, hearing your groans, your grunts of thick spurting pleasure.  I catch myself – and then you whisper, “I’m here, love.  I’ve got you.  You’re safe.”  And as the Stranger pulls away, withdrawing from my body, putting my clothing back in place on my weakened body, you cradle me in your strong arms, tucking me inside of your warmth, stroking my face. 

“I’m sorry,” I mouth, “I don’t mean to leave you this way.”

“Shh,” you say.  “Go to sleep, I’ll keep you.”  I remember that there was a smile on my face.  A smile of trust and love, and pleasure.

I only woke the next morning, in my own bed, naked except for the dried cum on my body … the slim cock up my ass, the fat jumbo jelly penis in my pussy and the tiny clamps on my nipples. 

Now that’s what you called “safe sex”! 

(How was that, lover?  Have I made you hard again?  Good!  I am not alone in my insatiable desire for you!  I cannot wait until we see each other next.) 

Must go!  I hear the boys and their balls coming up the walk now.

xxxxx  Jacqui

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