An Early Morning Adventure
By Mallett
(MF, rom, oral)

It was a warm summer morning as we lay cozily in bed wrapped in one another’s embrace.  

The sun was beaming in the window and a light breeze brought the song of birds singing into the room making the setting dreamy.  

Our bodies were slowly awakening to the new day. My body against yours gave me the sense that we were one, joined in spirit and soul.  

I raised myself slightly to look over your shoulder at your still sleepy face. “You are absolutely gorgeous” I whispered to myself. An ever so slight motion indicated that you had sensed my gaze and adoration.  

My eyes scanned down your partially exposed torso as the sun glistened off your peaches and cream, baby smooth skin. “Oh my goodness” I exclaimed silently “this is like a dream”.  

My arousal must have completed your waking as you wriggled and pressed your body even closer before finally rolling over and our smiling gazes locked.  

I reached over you and picked a chocolate coated strawberry left from the night before and offered it to you as an appetizer of what was to come. Your mouth opened and in it popped.  

I reached for another strawberry and I softened the chocolate with my lips and tongue. I then applied a little chocolate to each of your luscious nipples glazing them with the sugary sweet. I then twirled the strawberry in your tulip like navel and then popped the tasty fruit in my mouth.   

Our bodies were now undulating with anticipation.  Trembling with excitement my body reacted exactly as it should and as it did each time we made love.  

Leaning over you my hands pulling your hair back I clasped your smiling face and our lips joined in a delightful tongue swapping kiss.  

My lips moved around to nibble first your right ear lobe and I accompanied the caress with light puff of breath in your ear and then moved back to continue the kiss.  

Sliding my moist lips across your cheek I nibbled and blew softly in your other ear. Your body trembled pushing your pelvis up and closer readying for the ultimate.  

I slid down and caressed and kissed your neck and then lower until my lips enveloped the first of your chocolate coated nipples.

  My tongue lashed softly as my lips savoured the bodily delight. Your sighs of enjoyment deepened, as I moved to experience the flavour and excitation of the other nipple.  

My hand reached down and gently lifted and moved your thigh under me so I was now between your magnificent long legs.   My head and open mouth and protruding tongue next encountered your chocolate filled navel as you lifted your pelvis hard against my chest.   

Finishing that treat I moved lower and as my face reached the fringe of hair of your magic garden. “OH MY GOODNESS” I mumbled. I placed my hands under your smooth “bum” cheeks to raise your pelvis, and my lips and tongue engaged your magnificent center of the world. “OH GERRY” you screamed as my lips wrapped around your clitoris “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”  

Moving just slightly I was able to the place your entire vulva and clitoris in my mouth and apply the lightest of suction. My tongue darted up and down in and out of your tightly pursed lips…


My tongue and lips moving and poking your gyrations quickened and like a bolt of lightening you exploded in orgasm. I continued to selfishly consume your delectable flavours as your contractions continued.  

Our bodies now wet with perspiration. I slid my way across your trembling body and in a magical motion my penis slowly entered your vagina and our pelvises met.       

Oh My Lord!” we exclaimed together. It was if we were joined by our heart strings.

The moistness of our foreplay felt like a warm bath as our bodies rocked and rolled in a perfect dance of love and adoration.  

I lay over you while gently thrusting and withdrawing

The crescendo was near.

I rose up and grasped your bum cheeks again and with several hard thrusts we erupted in a geyser of mutual sexual delight and satisfaction. My fluid flooded in and your fluids made it welcome. It felt as if it would go on for ever…One after the other, the contractions of my penis and squeezes of your vagina until you had milked ever last molecule of semen from my fountain.


In and out. In and out. Our wet bodies now slapping together as if clapping with appreciation of what was occurring.  

I couldn’t get enough.

I slid down to once again take in your magical spot. I lapped up and swallowed the nectar-like combination of fluids. They had floral, fruity and chocolaty highlights like a fine red wine. We were in heaven on earth.  

The sun continued to beam in on us as we lay regaining our composures.  

Embraced with your back against by torso, my left hand stroking your hair and my right hand caressing your breasts we were fast recovering. It hadn’t been 5 minutes and my penis was once again hard and teasingly poking between the cheeks of your bum that was pressed tightly against me.  

You pulled your legs up into a fetal position and, as if guided by laser, my penis entered your vagina and we were once again joined.  

Grasping your voluptuous hips I was able to move you back and forth. In and Out. In and Out. We had discovered new sensual territory. I felt as if my whole body was inside you as you sighed with delight. 

Without withdrawing, we were able to work our way up to where you were on your knees on the bed and my manhood was fully buried in your beauty and body.  

I reached my hands forward and caressed your breasts as we rocked to and fro. Looking down at our point of contact I saw that other place that we hadn’t yet explored. It like the rest of that erogenous area was wet with fluid from the previous frolic and inviting me in.  

I said "If you don’t want to try this that’s OK"

You knew immediately what I was referring to and said "Go Ahead let’s try”.

I slowly withdrew from your vagina and gently pressed the head of my penis against that yet to be explored opening. In our state of arousal everything and place in our bodies were relaxed, and with applying the slightest of pressure, the mushroom head of my penis disappeared.

Oooh that was easy” we both said.  

I gently pushed not really knowing how far this might go

You moaned.

I moaned, as the shaft sank deeper into the cavern.

OH I Had no idea it would feel this good” you cried out.

"Me neither”. I replied.

Ah I am cumming!” you screamed.

Me Too!. I can’t believe it. Its only 10 minutes since the last

I guess we’d hit a super spot in there.

"Ohhhhh Ah! Oooooooooh"

 We pulled apart totally satisfied and said in chorus “I LOVE YOU!

and with the sun shining on us we drifted off to sleep.

© Copyright 2010 Mallett

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