Janine and Me
By Alex Carr
(MF, oral, rom)


T'is just grand being linked, no longer having to take the stress of a secret bang in the office during lunch breaks, all that uncomfortable bending over chairs and such, not good for man or beast, and Janine knows, I have plenty of tiger in me - and she is quite sprightly too, 'specially when I touch her hips in a certain way. # But all that is in the past now, we are almost as one, almost hitched and Bingo! We have our own place to Bingo whenever we want, which is frequent.

And Janine does like her morning constitutional. She was always one for oral stimulation and her French kisses are beyond reproach. It is so lovely to awaken with that certain sensual feeling Janine gives and what I really like about her, she takes it all nice and slowly like she is sipping a good wine and me, laying there, sometimes pretending to be asleep, enjoying her oral motions .

"I never realised it could get so oven ready when you were still asleep," she said first time she did that in bed. "Of course," I returned, that's how guys have wet dreams."

"Wet dreams, what are they, Pete?"

"You must know, who are you kidding, baby?"

She giggled like a young girl and confided that she did. That was then -p and now? Momentarily she took a breather, lifted her head and saw that I was awake, enjoying her spoiling.

"That nice as always, darling?" she whispered still grasping me like nobody's business, like it was going to disappear or something!

"Divine, then it always is, baby - from the very first time you did it, remember?"

"You mean when we had the swimming pool all to ourselves, everyone had gone home - or so we thought -and I took full advantage of you as you sat there on the edge dangling your feet in the pool. And soon everything else dangling too. It was rather lovely though, despite the taste of chlorine in my mouth"

And that young teenager who it turned out saw all, hidden behind a door.

"And she had the sheer audacity to ask if she could try, I just couldn't believe - and all that about she would report us if she couldn't partake in the fun."

"And you telling her it wasn't just for the fun, that you loved me and I was exclusively yours, I liked that, Janine. You didn't really have to push her into the pool and nearly drown her though."

I think sometimes you would have really fancied her too" she scowled.

"Not while I have you my baby" I lied. Well to be honest I often think of how it would have been.

"Now stop your chat, where were we" she looked hungry, took me into her mouth again, but then paused,

"Oh, Baby I am being selfish, you really are so satisfying I am besotted by you."

How do you mean, Janine?"

"Well you will want some cunny wont you, you usually do?"

She meant a sixty nine of course.

"But you are dressed, Baby?"

"Well yes, I have an early start remember, but there is always time for this, it wouldn't be quite the same going off to work without it."

"Oh yes, forgot you have to do an early interview."

"That alright, darling, we can fuck later," She was always a down to earth girl saying it how it was - as she now adjusted her position so that we were head to tail, she lifting her tight black office skirt high above her knees so she could stretch her thighs apart to accommodate me between.

"Okay, no problem" I returned, my voice muffled between her stockinet thighs. She smelt good as she always did, and she knew just how much I enjoyed being smothered under her skirts, we had done it enough times. It is perhaps one of the most sexual and sensual things I like to do and now I was in my absolute element my mouth full of her red-laced panties, tasting her sweetness through them. I managed to slowly tease them aside with the tip of my tongue until I was able to enjoy the real touch of her soft enticing pussy lips, oozing with wetness as we both worked lavishly on each other.

As I feeling her, she was eating me, whispering for me to feed her with my cream, that she wanted that so much, "Let it spurt into my mouth, Baby" she simpered and I did it and felt her reach orgasm at the same time. That is a wonderful way to make love to follow later with more and the final Waterloo which we both enjoyed plenty of so much.

After she had been to the bathroom to freshen up she giggled that she could always tell what I had for dinner the night before.

"Well you cooked it for me! Janine!"

"And the dinner" she giggled. She was referring to our quickie over the table edge whilst the meal; cooked, Those doggy quickies are a real delight.

"I meant, darling, and you know full well, that I could taste onions"

"Like the night before you tasted chicken you mean?"

It was part of the thrill of being that intimate that she could taste me that way. But she always said at the end of the day I always tasted of me.

"And what is that?" I asked.

"You are fishing Pete!"

"Exactly, you said once it tastes of fish like the sea remember?"

We both went into roars of laughter and when she simmered she simply said " Baby you taste of cock, my cock, my supreme joy. That's what you wanted to hear. Right? "

"You say the nicest things," I returned and again I was aroused.

"Down boy, she said noticing it rise under the duvet cover, tonight right?"

"Right is that a hot date baby?" I asked.

"Sure thing Pete I am gonna let you fuck me dry."

"Anything else" I was being greedy.

"You know what else, would I ever refuse you"

"You did once!"

I was referring to the time when she had to suffer the embarrassment of having slipped in the snow and severely bruised those shapely buttocks.

"Look I musts be off, but I will promise you very tight jeans tonight Okay - suit you, sir?"

I resolved to simmer down and think of the night to come, when we would start all over again, her delicious buttocks risen high across my knee….

© Copyright Alex Carr 2010

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