By Travellers Tales
(MF, oral, rom, tragic)

Kate arrived at the hotel a good half hour early. The meeting had been arranged over a month ago when they had last met at that dreary conference in Milan. Kate was working as a P.A. to the company chairman and Paddy was there in his capacity of consulting mining engineer. They had been friends and lovers for over five years, but, now with both of them travelling the world, time together was getting shorter and shorter and it was decided that this would be their last liaison. Tomorrow, Paddy's wife Sam, en ex Deb whose father had more money than you could shake a stick at, and incidentally an old school friend of Kate, was giving a birthday dinner party for him.

The room he had booked was sumptuous with a balcony that overlooked a wide bay with yachts and boats bobbing about in the harbour. As Kate looked out at the scene she held back a little tear, although they were parting it not diminish the love she felt for him, the ache in her belly when they were apart and the excitement when they met. Leaving the curtains open she crossed the room, unpacked her overnight case, then, undressing she went into the bathroom.

The shower gushed wonderfully warm water over her, running through her long black hair to cascade over her firm breasts. As she started to lather her body with the delicately perfumed soap supplied by the hotel, she somehow felt some of the cares of the day fall away and the sadness of her mood become one of thrill and anticipation of the night to come. She started to him to herself until suddenly she felt a presence and then a pair of soft hands lightly holding her waist; she quickly turned her head in shock to see Paddy's smiling face looking at her.

"Hope I didn't frighten you too much". He said

"You bastard". She replied and looked up to kiss him.

He was standing quite naked in the shower with her. He kissed her passionately then turned her round again so that he was standing behind her. Kate folded her body back into him and she could feel his relaxed testicles pressing into the small of her back with the end just reaching into the crease of her buttocks. Paddy moved his hands slowly up her body until they were each cupping and gently massaging her beautifully formed breasts and toying with her hardening nipples. The feeling of his delicate touch sent a shiver through her body and as he started to nibble at her neck and ear she found her own hands wandering down to her arousing pussy, stroking her outer mound and parting the bush of black hair that surrounded it she gradually slipped in one finger and then two then not able to stand it any more she turned into him, her arms locking around his neck and she could feel his cock starting to rise against her stomach, as it gained in its erection she felt it press hard against her. Kate arched her back in ecstasy as he slipped down to kiss her breasts and gently nibbled her nipples, pink and warm from the hot water pouring over them so that they stood out hard and erect. Lifting her legs to encompass his body she felt his hands under thighs as he lifted her and carried her out of the shower. Still locked in their embrace they stood dripping water over the luxurious carpet in the bedroom until Paddy lowered her to the floor and wrapped one the large white hotel towels around her and started to pat her dry,

The champagne that he had ordered was standing in an ice bucket with two chilled glasses. As Kate watched, his naked form cross the room to pour the drinks she let her towel fall to the floor and followed him. Standing behind him, she encircled him with her arms pulling herself in tightly against him. She could feel the muscles in his thighs tighten and as she lowered her hands, running them through the curly hair of his chest and then down over his stomach, until she was amongst the beginning of his mass of pubic hair. She gradually spread her fingers over his hardening penis, until she was running a finger around the swelling helmet and weighing and rolling his balls with the other hand

"Hey". He laughed. "You'll make me spill the drinks".

But he didn't pull away and she didn't let go of his dick. He turned with his promontory standing out before him and gave her a glass. Giving him one of wicked smiles she took the glass but before taking a sip she first lightly kissed him and lowering her glass she dipped the end of his dick in the champagne and then ran it round the rim before lifting it to her still smiling lips to take that first sip. Putting his own glass down Paddy picked her up and carried her to the large king size bed that had been turned back in readiness. He gazed down at her naked figure from her jet-black hair spread over the virgin white pillow down to her lightly tanned flat stomach and rounded hips, her long shapely legs ending in tiny feet with their coral painted nails.

Kate revelled in his gaze knowing how much she pleased him. She in her turn loved to look at him, his athletic figure was all that she could desire and the sight of his now relaxing penis thrilled her, knowing how she had the power to excite it again and to feel the pleasure of it as he gently entered her. Paddy was the one man who could give her the satisfaction that she craved and she loved him. She loved the way he kissed her, the way he had of exciting her nipples and the way he had of just putting his tongue in the right place on her own little penis as it came to life.

Reaching up she took his hand and pulled him down on the bed. They lay there for a moment just in a tight embrace before he folded her into him, Kate wanted nothing more than to rollover and as she did Paddy through into her open lips and deep into her body. She gave a little squeal at first and then a sigh of pleasure as he rhythmically moved back and forth. Slowly at first, quicker, and quicker as they both started to reach an orgasm. They made love well into the night until they both fell asleep exhausted.

Paddy woke in the early hours before dawn and saw her shadowed naked form standing at the window looking down on the harbour. There was a spatter of rain on the glass and he could just see the reflection of the twinkling lights of the boats bobbing in the harbour. She turned as she heard him move and Paddy saw in the reflected light that there were tears that were streaming down her face. He held out a hand to her.

"Come back to bed, it isn't over yet".

She rushed towards him and fell into his arms, sobbing, she held him so tightly that her nails dug into his flesh.

"I don't want it to end, my darling Paddy. I love you so much. Just love me one more time".

When Kate woke again, it was just after dawn and she saw Paddy dressed and bending over her.

"What is it? Where are you going?" She looked at him with fear on her face. You don't have to go yet."

"Yes my darling I do. I have a meeting in Paris this morning and I shall be late for the party".

He bent down, kissed her again, this time a longer more passionate kiss than before.

"Goodbye my darling". Then he was gone.

The room was empty as if he had never been there.

Two days later, in the late evening, Kate arrived at Paddy's large house in Church Square. The long casement windows were ablaze with lights and she could hear muted music coming from the rooms. The double doors were already ajar so Kate just pushed her way in. There was already a crowd gathering most of whom she already knew.

"Sam's still in the kitchen". A voice called.

"Darling". Sam called, in her most effected voice, as Kate poked her head round the door. "Sh`ant be long. Fix yourself a drink. You know everybody".

Mingling with friends Kate kept glancing around the room looking for Paddy, time went by and everybody was going in for dinner but still no sign of Paddy, but then he said he would be late. Dinner had been laid on a long table with place markings. Sam at the top, with Kate on her right hand side. Paddy usually sat at the far end but to-night although his place was set there was a single rose set on the pristine starched tablecloth instead of a clean plate. Kate looked at Sam.

"Why is there not a place set for Paddy"? She asked.

The room went silent and Kate felt an icy shiver go up her back as she looked around the room at the guests now looking at her.

Sam reached out and took her hand.

"I'm sorry. You couldn't have known being away as you were, but Paddy's plane crashed into the sea coming back from Paris a month ago".

Kate, horror struck, looked down the table to the place where he should have been sitting. Looking back at her was a smiling Paddy, just as she had known him the previous night. Nobody else in the room seemed to see him and he got up somehow without moving the chair. He stood behind her seat and then with a whispered goodbye in her ear, and a light kiss on her hair, he simply disappeared. It was some time before anyone spoke, Kate slowly came out of her state of shock and when she cast her eyes down, she saw lying on her white plate a single rose.


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