I See You
By K.Quinn
(MF, exhib, oral, anal)

I had seen you watching me in the neighbourhood and the flower shop where I work. At first, it made me uneasy but soon I could tell your intentions were not malicious but you were simply a man who enjoys looking at women. For fun, I thought I'd then really give you something to look at!

I began wearing more low-cut tight-fitting tops, shorter skirts, and pretty lingerie under it. I pretended not to notice how often you came into the shop to 'browse", but when you did, I made it a point to reach high for something so that my skirt would ride up in the back, and to bend over for something so that my breasts were barely contained in my top. I could see your furtive sidelong glances; it amused me to put on a little "show" for you. I began to look forward to your coming in to the shop and seeing you eating lunch in the nearby park where I also took my lunch break, even though we had never spoken.

On the first day since deciding to participate in your game, I pretended to read my book at lunch but could feel your stare. As I shifted position, I uncrossed my legs and I knew from your angle you could see up my skirt right up to my panties. It was fun to watch you try to appear cool because I knew this must excite you. . The next day at lunchtime, we repeated our seating arrangements from the day previous. As I read, again, my legs relaxed to the point of being somewhat open and I knew you could see all the way up my skirt from your position. From behind my sunglasses, I watched your face as you discovered that I was not wearing panties today! Your eyes widened and your mouth was open in shock; you appeared mesmerized.

This was such fun for me to blatantly tease you in public, all the while very involved in 'reading' my book. Almost imperceptively, I slumped a bit on the park bench and widened my legs about five inches. I could see even at my distance you were breathing rather quickly and could not help but notice an erection in your pants.

As I passed by you walking, I turned towards you and smiled widely, saying only "Hello". Again, I gave you a parting glance over my shoulder but you seemed frozen; you didn't move or acknowledge me. I didn't wonder why you liked to look to the point of distraction, I just knew that I enjoyed teasing you and in doing so, discovered a bit of exhibitionist in myself.

On the third day, I wore my favourite dress, a blue-green-and white print that fit snugly on top and flowed loosely from the hips; it had buttons from top to bottom. I left the top two and bottom four buttons undone. Again, I took the same seat on the park bench at lunch. I was momentarily disappointed to see you were absent until I saw you walk up and take a seat directly across from me, closer. I opened by book for the disguise of reading, but you didn't even bring a book - You just stared without pretence!

I let my legs fall open as before but this time wider to about ten inches, and again I wore no panties. It amused me but also somewhat excited me to watch the progress of your cock in to a full erection in your pants. Without even being aware of it I had widened my legs yet further to about eighteen inches and you could certainly see all there was to see up my dress!

Suddenly you stood and walked over to seat yourself on my bench, looking a bit flustered. You introduced yourself and small talk was made for a few minutes until you stood and said, "Walk with me". I understood. "Yes", I agreed. We walked into the park, not talking much but with you openly staring at my breasts bouncing bra-less in my dress as we walked; you had quite a grin and I couldn't help smiling myself.

Shortly we detoured onto a path under a canopy of trees, next to the river; it was lovely here and rather secluded. You had stopped walking and you turned to me, smiling widely as you leaned in to kiss me.

= = =

You kissed me deeply and sweetly and I was somewhat surprised by my immediate physical reaction of stomach butterflies and a wetness in my pussy. Your hands went to my breasts, squeezing them as you undid the remaining buttons confining them. You pinched my nipples a little and sucked on one as your hands slid down the front of my dress. Your hand barely brushed my clit in passing, as you slid over my hips to firmly grasp my ass. You pulled me to you and I pressed into you, involuntarily grinding slightly. I could feel the massive hardness of your cock through your pants and worked the zipper quickly to free it... It sprang out pointing firmly to heaven! I began to kneel in front of you but you stopped me, gently guiding me backwards to rest against a tree.

You directed me to lift my dress up, and you knelt before me with your hands still on my ass. I was positively throbbing in anticipation as you just looked at my pussy for what seemed the longest time, as a hungry man sees the dinner table. I was so aroused I was about to push your head towards my pussy, when you lightly flicked my clit with your hot tongue -- it was a jolt of blue electricity in its intensity!

Oh god! oh god... As your tongue swirled my clit, then probed my pussy. I knew I was close to cumming but I wanted to hold it longer; it wouldn't to be easy! You then stood and ran your fingers along my pussy and clit… I was quivering in the intense sensations and grinding in to your hand as you inserted two fingers in me. Your other hand slid to let your fingers explore my ass hole. Once again, you kissed me, with a deep passion, and your hand was still teasing my pussy.

Then wordlessly you turned me to face the tree, and quickly grabbed both my wrists and placed my hands above my head on the tree trunk, pressing your arm to hold them as you probed insistently with your cock on my ass, through my dress. As I began to turn my head, you said - "Do not turn around -- face the tree".

I felt your leg sharply nudging my legs to open wider, wider. I was quite excited now! Your hands grabbed my hips and lifted them out and up, and the back of my dress was lifted to my waist as I trembled in enormous anticipation....

I was expecting to feel your cock in me -- but nothing! I waited, and waited, for what seemed forever, shaking and barely able to breathe. Then finally - Glory- I felt the hot wet tip of your cock touch near my ass hole, exploring. Then suddenly, very quickly, with one powerful thrust you were deep into my pussy. Oh god yes! You groaned loudly in pleasure and slowly slid it out until only about one inch remained in me. You held it there. "Come on!" I cried. But still you held your position. "Do you want that, do you?" you said with a slight chuckle.

"Oh, you're going to make me beg for it!," I thought. "Please come on! I want it, please now, please, come on!"

With your hands on my hips to steady me, you thrust in hard and fast, as you whispered "Is this what you want, tell me".

"God, oh god, yes, yes I want it!"

You pushed harder with such a power that our breath came out as grunts, both moaning with pure carnal pleasure.

Your hand reached around to pinch my clit --it startled me. Then I knew I could not hold back any longer, and I felt the sparkling hot sharpness running in my blood, as it built to an explosion of a kind I'd never felt... Oh god in heaven... Then I felt your cock jumping wildly in my cunt as you spurted out so much hot thick cum, it was like a hot river. It was so intense I felt that I would faint.

Afterwards you remained in me and leant forward to kiss my neck so sweetly. And with the load you had just shot into me, I was surprised to find that you were still hard! You finally withdrew and a large amount of cum dripped down my thighs. I began to straighten up but you held me in position. From the abundance of cum you scooped some with your fingers and slid two fingers in my ass hole.

You instructed me told hold my cheeks open wide with my hands. You scooped more and slid three fingers now, twisting them as you withdrew. The hot head of your cock attempted entry, then again, and with a powerful, quite forceful thrust, you were in me and I let out a sharp sound. You leant forward to whisper, "You like that, you love it, don't you? Tell me.!"

I did!

The sounds made by us both could only be described as animal-like, called forth by pure animal instinct, and I felt like I was in another level of consciousness. You reached both of your hands around to my pussy and you ground my clit with one hand while pulling the surrounding skin taut. I let out an involuntary yelp as I trembled violently, cumming in wave after wave of wet ecstasy.

"That's what I wanted... Are you ready for me?" you growled in my ear. I couldn't even speak. You were really pounding on me now, slamming your cock hard and deep with such power... and then you shot a huge load that immediately spilt out, running over my pussy and down my legs as the rest dripped from my ass as your pulsing cock still twitched in me…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

As we gathered ourselves, I was quite startled to see a man leaning against a tree not more then twenty five feet away, with his fly unzipped, his hand pumping his cock, as he looked at us, making no attempt to stop or hide. You said, "Oh, I know him-- he just likes to watch!"

© Copyright 2010 K.Quinn

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