By Shy Submissive
(MdomF, exhib, oral, bondage, spank)

Kelly sat reading her book, she hated travelling, and she hated all the waiting around. More than that, she hated being surrounded by people she didn’t know or want to know. Everyone just seemed to sit staring at the wall or worst still, tried to strike up a conversation.

Kelly tried to immerse herself in her book and shut everyone out, hopefully no one would talk to her and she could remain invisible.

She wondered why she’d said yes to going to the damn party, she hadn’t seen Lisa for years, and that their friendship had been left in a rather awkward state and there hadn’t been much communication since. They had been on a friends hen night and both had drunk far to much, and in the taxi home, Lisa had leaned forward and kissed her, she’d responded, it seemed natural, and at the time felt so right. Then Lisa had slipped her hand inside Kelly’s top and played gently with her nipple, teasing it between her fingers, they kissed again as Lisa moved her hand further up Kelly’s leg, just reaching her knicker line when Kelly had stopped it.

Kelly shifted in her seat, suddenly aware she was getting wet, and tried to block the memory, but she’d often wondered what might have happened if she hadn’t stopped Lisa, she had to admit it felt so good, and it was only because she was seeing Tom at the time that she had stopped it. But she hadn’t really spoken to Lisa since. It was awkward. There was a part of her that was looking forward to seeing her again, perhaps something might happen, she’d never experience being with a woman before, and couldn’t help being curious.

She looked back at the words on her book, trying to concentrate, as she listened to the latest announcement; her flight was delayed another 30 minutes.

“Good Book?”

Oh no, someone was making conversation with her. Why do people think they can invade your space like that?

“Er, yeah,” she replied without looking up.

“Must be a good one, you have wicked smile on your face!”

She was just about to tell this stranger to fuck off and mind his own business when she looked up at him. Wow, was the only thought to come to mind. His eyes were amazing; she couldn’t look away from him. Realising she was staring she smiled at him and took in his amazing dark shoulder length wavy hair, his deep brown eyes and lovely clear olive skin.

“Yeah, it’s a funny book” was all she could think of to say. She didn’t feel she could tell him it was an awful story and that she was really reminiscing about her friend squeezing her nipples.

He smiled back at her, sat himself down and started reading the paper. She could sense him next to her, the smell of his aftershave, just his presence. Her stomach was tingling and she felt herself feeling quite horny, which was ridiculous. All he’d done was say hello.

Finally they were able to board the plane, Kelly got on as quick as possible she liked to grab a window seat. Just her luck, as always, a great big bloke who should have booked two seats squeezed in next to her. She stared out the window, trying to forget this man's sweaty body next her. Then she heard a familiar voice….

“Er excuse me mate, could we swap seats? For some reason, me and my girlfriend got separated” The man next to her nodded politely and with some difficulty managed to get himself back out of the seat. And the mystery man sat next to her.

“Hope you don’t mind. It’s just that I was stuck at the back with some old dear who wouldn’t shut up. I hate making conversation when I’m travelling don’t you?”

Kelly nodded, although this was one of the few times, she wouldn’t mind chatting to a stranger. Secretly she was delighted, the smell of his aftershave was better than the sweaty man who been sitting there before. Just his presence was quite a turn on. She closed her eyes as the plane took off and even though she tried to think of other things, the man next to her keep coming back into her mind.

“By the way, I’m Greg,” he said interrupting her thoughts.

“Hi Greg, nice to meet you, I’m Kelly”

He smiled back at her; his eyes seemed to penetrate right into her soul. He picked up the paper and carried on reading and she closed her eyes. This time she let her imagination go. It had been a long time since she’d even felt the twinge of sexual excitement. She got very involved in her new fantasy world, even to the point that she could feel him touching her. God, it felt so real, his hand gently resting on her thigh and then travelling up her leg slowly over her skirt. Then his hand moved and he put his hand on her knee, just under her skirt. She didn’t stop him, his hand wandered up further, and she could now feel his breath on her neck, soft gentle kisses. Kelly could actually feel herself getting wet and shifted in her seat; she was getting a bit carried away so she opened her eyes.

It was then that Kelly realised she hadn’t been dreaming, his hand was under her skirt, almost reaching the top of her leg, he was kissing her gently on neck. She knew she should stop him but instead she separated her legs slightly so he could get better access. From the corner of her eye, she could see the big bloke at the end of their row was staring at them.

“Go the toilet and take your knickers off then bring them back to me” Greg whispered in her ear.

She looked at him, shocked; she didn’t quite know what to say to him. They were on a plane for god sake, surrounded by people. He just smiled back at her and somehow she felt compelled to do exactly what he said.

She squeezed past the big bloke who now had a large grin on his face, which she tried not to look at, and went to toilet. She was surprised to see how wet her knickers were. How could she possibly give them to him? With slight panic, she put them in her bag and decided when she got back to her seat to tell him to leave her alone. This was wrong.

As she sat back down, he seemed to be lost reading his paper, so with a feeling of relief she picked up her book and found her page.

“Put it down” he said to her, as he gently prised it out of her hands. “Where are your knickers?”

She could feel her face flush red.

“They are in my bag okay. Listen Greg, I’m sorry, I don’t want to play.”

He didn’t seem to pay any attention to her as he lifted up her bag, opened it and took out her knickers. She nearly died with embarrassment as he took them to his face and smelt them. She didn’t want to make a scene and grab them back. Suddenly she felt like a five year old, and could only look at the floor pretending she was concentrating on something.

“You’re very turned on Kelly, I can smell it” with that his hand was back under her skirt, on her leg moving upwards.

She didn’t seem to have the strength she needed to stop him. Her legs parted slightly almost automatically as felt the warmth of his hand just touching her inner thigh, almost teasing her, his hand brushed over her pubic hair and then moved away again. She let out a huge sigh, her mind was telling her this was madness and it had to stop. But she felt excited; she almost wanted to push his hand deep inside her. She just kept her eyes firmly shut; closing off the rest of the world as once again his hand moved over her most private parts, this time his finger dipped inside her for a second.

He pulled her skirt up a bit more so that her legs were more exposed. She opened her eyes to look at him, he was smiling at her, and he was so gentle. She could see the bloke at the end staring intently, rubbing himself. Part of her felt sick, the other part felt strangely excited at the thought of him watching her. She pulled her legs further apart. Greg’s hand now moved back to the top of her legs and slowly he ran his finger down the length of her opening, he took it back out and put it to her lips. She could smell herself on him, and instinctively she licked his finger.

He was now also very aware of the bloke next to him watching them and he slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons on Kelly’s blouse. Her hand went to stop him but he gently pushed it away as his hand slipped easily under her bra. He teased her nipple until it was rock hard, to the point it almost hurt, and he took his hand away and sat back in his chair with not so much as a word.

Kelly did her buttons back up, she wanted him to touch her again, but was slightly relieved it was over; she knew she’d got carried away. The plane was starting its descent, and she couldn’t wait now to get off the plane. Somehow, she felt a bit silly for letting this guy take advantage of her; she was also trying to work out in her head how she was going to ask for her knickers back.

She turned to talk to him and noticed he was smiling at her, as if reading her mind he said.

“The knickers are mine, I’m keeping them”

She didn’t know what to say, she simply picked up her book and pretended to read.

Finally they touched down and without a word he got off the plane, not so much as a good-bye to her and she suddenly felt angry at herself and at him. She collected her luggage in a daze and then realised, of course, that the taxi she booked wouldn’t be there because the flight had been delayed by 2 hours.

She stood outside, having a very welcome cigarette, before she walked towards the taxi rank. It was pouring with rain and she didn’t fancy standing out in that.

A car pulled up directly in front of her, with blacked out windows. Must be someone famous arriving she thought, it looked like that sort of car. The window opened just slightly and to her horror, she noticed her knickers were being dangled out the window.

Kelly didn’t quite know what to do. Should she go over to the car or just ignore him.

The door opened. But she stood still, still not knowing what to do.

“Get in” came the voice from the back seat. She took a deep breath and walked over to the open door. She found some strength from somewhere.

“Greg, give me back my underwear please, I’m not going anywhere with you”

He smiled that magic smile again, and for a moment, she felt herself weaken.

“I mean it, give them back, or just drive away. I don’t care.”

Kelly could feel people behind her staring at her, she knew they must be wondering what was going on. She was trying to work out how she could get away without anyone seeing her.

“Kelly, you dropped this, I thought it might be important.”

She looked into the car and gasped as she realised he was holding her hotel booking form. How could he have got that? She knew she couldn’t have dropped it, it was in her bag. In a flash, her mind went back to him picking up her bag to take her knickers out. Could he really have known she was going to stuff them in her handbag, which would give him the opportunity to go through it? Surely not?

“Hotel Vernon, huh?” he said to her with a wink.

“Give that back, please Greg, please.” She could feel her eyes welling up. This was actually getting a bit scary.

“Kelly, look get in, I’m not going to hurt you, and you don’t want to stand out in the rain do you?” she didn’t move. “Look I’m sorry if I rushed off the plane, I had to make a phone call to my driver. It was rude of me. Come on, let me give you a lift, it’s the least I can do, please. Besides, that big bloke from the plane is standing behind you”

For some reason she just felt tired and got into the car, she didn’t know what was worse, getting in the car or turning to face the people who’d been watching behind her.

They travelled in silence for some distance, which she found uncomfortable but she didn’t want to start any conversation. Without warning he leaned over and kissed her, a hard passionate kiss, she didn’t stop him. His hand was then under her skirt, her legs parted for him and she took in his amazing aroma again. Damn it she didn’t want to stop him, life hadn’t been this exciting for years.

He had two fingers inside her, she was slightly conscious of the driver looking in his mirror but she couldn’t help herself she hitched her skirt up and laid back a little so he could get better access. His fingers were cold as they felt around inside her. God it felt good,she was so wet now as he slipped another finger in, ever so often one of his fingers darted over her clit. Then another hand moved to her breasts, but this time over her blouse, and then he kissed her gently once more and sat back up. He hadn’t said a word, and it was confusing the hell out of her.

Finally he spoke.

“Excuse me a moment, I need to make a call” He got his mobile phone out and dialled a number, she wasn’t looking at him, she was staring out the window trying to make sense of the days events.

“Hi, is that the Hotel Vernon, I’d like to make a cancellation in the name Kelly. Er, hold on a sec”. Kelly spun around and tried to grab the phone, but as always he seemed to read her every move and he gently pushed her back and held her hand tight.

“What are you playing at?” she yelled at him, now desperate to get out the car.

He picked up the piece of paper from his lap, her booking form. She tried to grab it, but he was holding it too firmly.

“Er, yes, Kelly Johnson booked for 4 nights. Don’t worry about the cost I will cover it in full. Can I pay over the phone with my credit card?”

Kelly just sat staring at him in disbelief. How could she have been so stupid, what the hell was she going to do. She put her face in her hands and just tried to hold back the tears.

His call ended and he gently brushed the hair back from her face and kissed her neck gently. She wanted to push him away, wanted to resist, but he had something, she didn’t know what it was, but even his slightest touch sent her body tingling. He sat back in his seat and once again didn’t say a word to her.

Finally, the car pulled up in front of a very posh hotel, and as if on automatic, she got out the car and waited for him to guide her as to what to do next. Holding her hand, he walked straight up to the desk.

“I have booking for Kelly Johnson and Greg Wild.”

Oh my god she thought he’d booked me in already. How did he bloody know I’d go for this? As they went in the lift he simply smiled at her, she had no idea if she was being led to her death or the most amazing night of her life but she avoided his gaze. He opened the door and pushed her gently inside, and the porter followed with their bags. As the door closed she stood looking at the floor, almost trembling.

“You’re biting your lip again,” he said as he stroked her cheek.

“What?” she was bemused by his comment.

“You biting your lower lip, do you have any idea what a turn on that is to me? That’s how I knew.”

“Knew what?”

“That you were what I was looking for.” His tone was gentle as he held her face in his hands. “Take your top off Kelly.”

“What? You expect me to just strip off? Why don’t we start by you telling me what the hell is going on?”

He simply smiled at her.

“I said take your top off”

His tone had changed but he was still smiling.

She felt like putty in her hands and, somehow, without further questioning she undid her blouse and looked up at him. His glare was fixed upon her and she knew he wanted more. She slowly took off her bra and let it fall to the floor…

Greg walked behind her, not saying a word. He pulled her long dark hair to one said, slightly tickling her back slightly and kissed her gently on the back and neck. She felt her whole body tingling and almost felt weak. She couldn’t quite believe she was standing in front of this guy she hardly knew, and she was half naked. He was running his hands up her spine and slowly over her shoulders but at no point did he attempt to touch her breasts, which she felt was odd, but she was more turned on that she’d ever felt before. She just wanted to collapse into his arms. His hands started running down her sides, strangely, this didn’t tickle, and she felt herself getting lost in a world of passion. Silently she told herself, she was going to let herself go tonight, have the time of her life and then leave first thing in the morning, with some wonderful memories.

“Tell me what you are thinking about,” he whispered in her ear, gently kissing her neck again. She could hardly speak.

“Don’t know really,” she said “just how strange this situation is.”

“Liar,” he said.

She was taken back by his sudden show of aggression and rudeness. It brought her back to reality and she turned and went to grab her clothes. But he held her tight on the shoulders, not enough to hurt, but it held her in place.

“What were you thinking about?” As his grip loosened, she spun round to look him in the eyes. She kept her gaze steady this time.

“I was thinking this was an odd situation, that’s it. This isn’t the kind of thing I’d normally do.”

He smiled at her and swept the hair off her face. “Kelly, I know you better than you think. You were deciding to enjoy yourself for a change.”

Kelly’s jaw just dropped open, how did he know.

“I bet you thought you’d have a night of passion and leave in the morning never having to see me again.”

“Oh my god” was all Kelly could say, how did he know. What was she dealing with here? He must have been reading her thoughts because he laughed aloud and then kissed her on the lips.

“For your information Kelly, I don’t normally do this either.”

He had started to un-zip her skirt and this time she panicked and held on to it. She didn’t want to be that exposed in front of him.

“Let it go Kelly.”

“I can’t.”

“Let it drop to the floor Kelly.”

“Greg I can’t, I just can’t.”

“Kelly, let go.”

She was torn, but part of her wanted to do as he said for some strange reason, on the other hand, she knew there would be no-going back and that frightened her.

“Let it drop, Kelly.”

“I can’t Greg, even my ex husband doesn’t see me naked…” she stopped halfway.


“I’m not your Husband Kelly. Drop your skirt.”

Somehow, she felt defeated and she simply let the skirt drop. Suddenly he was kissing her on the neck again and running his hands up and down her body, but never touching her intimately.

“Good girl Kelly, you’re beautiful.”

She could only look at the floor wanting to avoid his gaze.

“Put this on”, he handed her what looked like a dog collar

“What? Are you having a laugh? I’m not putting that on!”

“Are we going to argue over everything?” that aggression was back again and she took the collar thing and put it on.

“Good Kelly, now put this on.”

She looked down at the piece of cloth in her hand. A blindfold? This was all getting a bit crazy, a bit too weird. She just kept staring at the cloth, not knowing quite what to do. Her clothes were still on the floor, should she get dressed and run. Without another word, she placed the blindfold over her eyes.

“Well done Kelly, you and I are going to get along just fine.”

In some ways, the blindfold helped her, as she could hide behind it. The feelings she was experiencing were all so new to her. She wanted him to touch her. She was waiting for him to throw her on the bed and really fuck her, fuck her hard. But the silence in the room remained, but she could sense he was walking round her.

“On your knees Kelly.”

This time she simply fell to her knees, almost a relief to be sitting down.

“Hands behind your back” again she did what she was asked; his voice somehow held even more power now she couldn’t see him. The aroma of his aftershave seemed stronger than before, and her body ached for his touch. She thought perhaps if she did everything he said, he’d fuck her soon. She was only slightly aware of the metal as he clicked the cuffs around her wrists. It was at the moment, when she tried to move her hands she realised how venerable she was and she started to feel a bit panicky.

“I’m pleased with you Kelly” and he gently kissed her on the lips, but he didn’t stop there, he moved round to that magic spot on her neck and then, at last, she felt his warm hands on her breasts. Gently playing with her nipples, his touch was soft and gentle and she found herself pushing against his hands.


“Yes,” she almost whispered back, lost in world of pure lust.

“Listen to me, and listen to me good, ok”

She nodded wanting him to just get on with it and fuck her.

“For the next few days, you are mine” she simply nodded. “If you are good, you and I will have a great time, if your not, you’ll be punished”

She looked up him, frustrated now that she couldn’t see his face. Was he joking, what did he mean by punished?

“Can you feel something in your hands?”

She felt something being run through her fingers, she knew what it was, and she could smell the leather. Surely not, surely not a whip? Oh my god! She had read about this sort of thing.

“Don’t panic Kelly” he must have sensed her sudden mood change.

“I wouldn’t do anything to you that I know you won’t enjoy.” He kissed her gently again.

Oh god, she wanted to believe him, there was something about this guy, something she’d never felt before.

“Kelly, continue to listen, you must call me Sir, you will only be allowed a few slip ups before I feel you need to be punished. If I talk to you, you must answer me. But you do not speak unless spoken to. Understand?”

She nodded but her head was racing. Perhaps if she said stop now, she could walk away and forget all about this. She felt like he was speaking to her like a child, but yet, she also wanted to stay, she wanted to see what would happen.

There was silence again, and she could sense him in front of her, and she heard his zip, she knew instinctively what was expected of her, she opened her mouth and within seconds she felt his cock against her lips, she licked it tenderly at first and then wrapped her lips around it, taking more of it in her mouth, he felt so big, as she managed to take more of him in, his hands were behind her head, he was deciding the pace, he was controlling her as she got to work on his cock, licking round the head as he thrust it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She wished her hands were free so she could hold it; she wanted to please him so much. She’d got into a good rhythm and could hear his moans then he pulled he out, no warning… He pulled her up gently under the arms, walked her slowly over to the bed, and laid her down.

“Now Kelly, lets see what you’ve learnt” He spread her legs a little and she now felt totally exposed in front of him.



“Yes what”

“Oh, sorry, yes Sir”

“Good girl. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, er, yes sir”

“Yes please Sir, Kelly, you need to be polite” his hands were on her breasts again, this time squeezing the nipples between his fingers, twisting them, the mix of pleasure and pain was so intense she felt she could almost pass out. Then his hand moved back down between her legs, as he played with her clit, strong and powerfully he circled around it, her hips moved towards him, wanting his touch, wanting to feel his fingers inside her again…………

“God Kelly, you are so wet, do you want me inside you Kelly…”

“Yes sir, yes Please Sir,” she could hardly get the words out, he had three fingers inside her, and was playing with her, and then she felt his warm mouth, he tongue darted over her clit and inside her…

She wanted so much to grab him but her hands were still behind her back and actually becoming quite painful. He seemed to sense it, because he pushed her onto her stomach and undid the cuffs, and then traced his fingers down her spine, down the crack of her arse and back inside her soaking wet pussy. She got up onto all fours, parting her legs, wanting more than anything to feel his cock inside her.

Without warning, she felt his cock against her pussy, and then he was inside her straight away, hard, really hard. There was no lead in, he just started fucking her, long even strokes getting harder and harder, to the point she could hardly catch her breath. He didn’t say another word, his hands powerfully holding her hips as he pulled her towards him. He was kissing her back and could feel his cock hitting right up to her cervix, it hurt, but it hurt good. She wished she could hold him or see his face. Once again, almost as if he sensed it, he pulled out and pushed her onto her back, and he entered her again. He was on top of her, she could feel his strength and power as he pounded his cock deeper and deeper inside her.

She knew she was making lots of noise but couldn’t stop herself, she felt wild. Her pussy was on fire, he was wide and large and he filled her up completely. On and on he banged away inside her, crashing her insides, kissing her in frenzied fashion, and then suddenly he stopped. The next thing she knew was a warm fluid spurting all over her face, he was holding her down she couldn’t avoid it.

She was still catching her breath when he whispered in her ear, “feel better now slut?”

“Yes, yes sir” was all she could answer. She wanted rest, but immediately he started stroking her breasts again, this time his touch was a bit harder and he was pulling her nipples a bit, and then he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked it, sucked it hard, just as it began to hurt to much, he would then lick it gently. An expert she thought, a real fucking expert.

“Kelly, you’ve got great tits”

“Thank you,” she said with a smile.

“I don’t want to stop but we need to get dinner, I’m going to undo your hands and you can get dressed.”

Weirdly she felt disappointed, she wasn’t hungry right now. As he undid her hands, it hurt as the blood rushed back to them; he massaged them gently for her and handed her clothes to her.

“I’ll just grab a quick shower,” Kelly said clutching her clothes to her as he removed the blindfold.


“What do you mean NO? Greg, I’m covered in…. well you know what I’m covered in. It’s all in my hair.” She giggled.

“Get dressed,” he said, he was looking straight into her eyes. “And when we are in this room you call me Sir.”

“Look, Greg, calling you Sir and all that was fun when we were playing, but lets not take it too far ok,” she said with a half smile, “I’m not going out covered in spunk, Ok, simple as that. Game over.”

She started to walk away from him, smiling at her achievement. Then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backwards towards him. All she could do was hold her hair to stop him hurting her. Without warning, he pushed her over the bed so that she was face down, one hand was holding the back of her head and she couldn’t move, damn he was strong.

Any sound of protest she tried to make just came out muffled and then with an almighty shock she heard a slight noise and then Whack, her arse was stinging, burning. He’d whipped her; the fucking bastard had whipped her. She tried to move but he held her tight, this time when she heard the noise, she knew another blow was coming but she couldn’t do anything to prepare herself. Her eyes were stinging, from tears and her body was shaking yet another blow hit her now very tender arse. He pulled her gently upwards back to her feet. She couldn’t speak. He tenderly wiped her tears away and kissed her on both cheeks.

“Now, Kelly, get dressed”

“Yes Sir,” she took her clothes from his out stretched arms and put her clothes back on, still not having the knickers she’d given him on the plane. She didn’t know what she felt, her arse was on fire, yet she felt upset he was angry with her.

“I’m sorry.” Kelly didn’t really even understand why she was apologising to him, when he’d hurt her so bad. He just kissed her gently and smiled.

“We are going to have such fun my Slut… have you ever been with another woman?”

She just stared at him, unable to speak, but instantly she was wet again, somehow she knew that fantasy was going to become reality very soon….

As they walked towards the door, she realised she still had the collar on, but she knew it was best not to mention it, at least not yet, perhaps when they were safely in the restaurant…

© Copyright 2010 Shy Submissive

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