Anna, Dean & Karl
By Catrina55
(MMF, oral, anal)

† †

I took a sip from my mug of tea and sighed. It was 0930 in the morning and the noise coming from the road outside was driving me mad. I set my mug down, slipped off from the dressing table stool, and headed to the window. I parted the curtains a bit and peered outside. The road outside the house had to be dug up for cables or something. The workmen had been there all week now yet they didn't seem to do much. Every time I looked out the window, they were just standing around. I couldn't see any of them now though. They must be further down the road as the noise was coming from a little past the drive. There was just a white van parked up in the drive again, facing the front of the house. I had agreed to let them park in the drive to 'minimise disruption to the road users' as they had put it. I sighed again wondering how long they would be working outside for.

Just as I was about to move away from the window something caught my eye in the cab of the white van. It was about 10 foot from the front of the house so I squinted to try and make out the movement. I gasped. In broad daylight, in front of the house, in the passenger seat of the white van, a guy was jacking off! My breath caught in my throat as I registered what I was watching. Because I was looking down through the windscreen, I couldn't see his face. All I could see was his high-vis vest, white t-shirt and his jeans undone with his dick out. I made sure I was looking through the smallest gap of the curtains. I looked out past the van to check if anyone else was around. Still no-one. I looked back down at the van. I could see the guy had large hands as his right one moved up and down his shaft. He was in the full throttle of wanking, stroking fast. I knew he would cum any minute wanking like that.

Then something else caught my eye. Something had moved to the left. The seat next to him was empty. I looked harder to see what had moved and gasped again. There was someone sat in the driverís seat! I stepped back shock. I stood still for what seemed like ages but my curiosity got the better of me. I stepped back to the window. The guy on the right was still stroking his hard cock. I looked to the driverís seat and saw the other person still sitting there. I couldn't see their face. They were wearing a dark long-sleeved top, which was why I probably didn't notice them to begin with. Through the gaps in steering wheel, I could then see it was a guy also with his knob out wanking! I stood in awe as I watched both guys wanking hard.

As I watched, the guy on the right came. His cum shot out across his lap and onto his jeans darkening the fabric. It dribbled down his cock and over his fingers as he slowly teased his cum out. I looked across to the guy in the driverís seat. He suddenly reached out and gripped the steering wheel. I saw him cum as it landed on his top. Thick white strips of cum against the dark fabric. I was suddenly aware that my breathing had quickened and of the dampness between my legs. I watched as they wiped up the cum from their clothes and their fingers. Then the guy in the driverís seat handed the other a £20 pound note. I watched as the guy on the right leaned forward to put the money in his back pocket. He seemed to be laughing. All manner of thoughts raced through my mind to explain what I had just witnessed. They must be gay. Why else would two guys wank in a van together?

I moved away from the window before I was seen. My nipples were pressing against the fabric of my dressing gown. I reached down and squeezed one between a forefinger and thumb. I thought about returning back to bed for a bit of 'self-amusement' on myself when the doorbell rang. Panicked I scrambled back to the dressing table. I had just had a shower and was putting on my make-up before I looked out the window - so I at least I looked half decent. I dragged a comb through my hair, twisted it up and fixed it into place with a hair clip. I adjusted the dressing gown to cover my erect nipples as best I could. The doorbell went again. I prayed it wasn't the workmen as I wouldn't be able to hide my blushes.

As I half-ran to the door I could see the bright yellow of a high-vis vest through the frosted glass of the front door. I opened the door and my breath caught in my throat. He was stunning. He hadn't had a shave in a few days. His sandy coloured hair was in some kind of attempt at being tidy, but instead flopped over his green eyes. He smiled at me as the images of him wanking just 5 minutes ago flashed through my mind. I glanced at his thigh and saw the wet stain on his jeans. My pussy clenched as my eyes softened.

'Er, sorry to disturb you love, do you mind if I just used your loo?' he asked, smiling at me. I returned an embarrassed smile. He probably needed to wash his hands I thought to myself as I relived the image of his cum dribbling down over his fingers from his wank. I blushed slightly.

'Er, sure, go ahead, it's upstairs.' I stood back as he started to walk in. 'Er, would you mind taking your boots off?'

He glanced down. 'Oh yeah, sure.'

He was about 30, tall - about 5ft 9, and what I could only describe as broad chested. He didn't look like he had stacks of muscles like he went to a gym regularly, but was obviously strong from his job. He slid his feet out of the boots and placed them by the door.

'Would you like a drink? I was about to put the kettle on.' I smiled at him as I closed the door. God I hoped he wasn't gay. Watching them had seriously turned me on.

'Er sure, thanks. Tea, three sugars please.' He stole a glance at my breasts. good so far. I pretended not to notice. As he headed upstairs, I put the kettle on in the kitchen. I looked down at my dressing gown and pulled it open at the front. Just enough so that the curves of my breasts could be seen. Right up to my nipples. I was 28 years old and a curvy size 14 on my 5ft 5Ē frame. I liked my figure; men seemed to love my round ass too. I heard him heading back down the stairs I had butterflies in my stomach.

'Your cuppa is ready' I called cheerily. I was nervous. I would never dream of having sex with a stranger like this, yet seeing him cum had drawn me to want him desperately. I was acting before I tried to see reason. It was now or never as he was already in the house and I was practically naked. I just hoped he wasn't gay.

When he was in the kitchen, I turned with his mug of tea in my hand. He stopped in his tracks. His eyes were taking in my now nearly exposed cleavage. He quickly moved his eyes away to mine as he took his drink from me. I smiled at him almost daring him to make a move. He smiled back as an almost confused expression crossed his brow but disappeared quickly. He drank from his mug as I sipped mine. I leant back against the worktop as my dressing gown exposed most of my right thigh. I glanced down at my mug, inviting him to look at me. I turned back to see him hungrily taking in the sight of my flesh. Neither of us spoke. I took another sip of my tea, as I looked him directly in the eyes. He seemed to understand. He set his mug down on the counter without breaking our eye contact, in case he had made a terrible mistake. I sipped again, my mouth suddenly dry, but never taking my eyes off him. He stepped closer to me as I placed my mug on the counter.

In one move, he had me sitting on the worktop. I gasped with the effortless move he had made and with the shock of the cold worktop on my behind. My dressing gown opened to show my erect nipples and partly shaved pussy. He groaned. As his large hands undid the belt of my gown, I sighed. My breathing had quickened again.

Once my gown was open, he slipped it over my shoulders. His eyes taking every inch of me in. He slid his hands over the skin of my thighs as he gently parted them. My head fell back with anticipation of feeling his touch. Then his hands were gone. I raised my head. In a second, he had removed his high-vis vest and top. His exposed chest sent a shiver through me. I licked my lips wanting to taste his skin. I looked back at his face. I wanted to taste his mouth even more. Our eyes were locked. He stepped between my thighs. My hands touched the bare flesh of his sides. His skin felt smooth, unlike his hands. He bent his face to mine as his hands slid up my back. I closed my eyes waiting to feel his warm mouth. I felt his breath across my lips as his lips touched mine. I wasn't expecting them to be so soft. He kissed me. A gentle kiss that did not match the look of him. I kissed him back equally as gentle.

Then the floodgates opened. His kissing was now frantic. He breathing laboured. He scooped me against him. My hands were felling every inch of his back as his hands now moved to my breasts. I let out a moan as he pinched each of my nipples. His lips moved to my neck as his hands caressed my breasts.

'I saw you...,' I breathed before I could stop myself, '...outside, in the van'. He moaned loudly against my neck. Knowing I had seen him wank had only turned him on more.

† 'I saw you both....are you, gay?.....Or, bi?....Or what?' I managed between breaths. I still couldn't shake the image of them wanking together. I didn't know why it had turned me on so much.

He laughed. 'No, we aren't gay. Or bi.' he moved from my neck to look at me. His hands slid to either side of my hips, ' Karl and I have been mates since I can remember and have shared lots of 'experiences' together. We are just very at ease around each other. You saw us have a wank race.' He laughed again. 'The winner gets twenty quid off the other.'

My eyes were wide. I didn't know what to think about first. What he meant by 'shared experiences' or that men did such things as 'wank racing'. My mind buzzed.

'Shared, like what? Women?' My eyes still wide.

'Yeah, if they want it like that.' His eyes now trying to figure out if I found that a turn on or a turn off.

My God, I had always thought about a threesome yet this was crazy. I didn't even know these men. I still found it incredibly exciting though. The thought of two men inside me. I closed my eyes for a fraction too long and he saw it.

He lowered his lips to my to my ear, while a hand slid up between my thighs.

'Is that want you want?' he whispered in my ear.

He sucked my earlobe into his warm mouth. I gasped as my body twitched at his touch.

'Do you want me and my mate to fuck you?' He said it as barely a whisper as his fingers found my pussy. All I could do was nod. 'MMMmmmm....have you had a threesome before?' He moved back to face me. I shook my head. 'You will love it, I'm sure. You don't have to do anything you don't want to and we will stop as soon as you say the word. I'll go get him, but I won't tell him why. If you change your mind just shake your head at me and I will send him off on a 60mile round trip somewhere.' He chuckled to himself. 'Then we can pick up where we left off....' He kissed me gently again and then lifted me from the worktop to the floor. I wrapped my dressing gown on again as he pulled his top back on and headed for the front door. I found my tea and almost gulped it down. My throat was instantly dry again. I tried to calm myself down but could feel I was shaking slightly. I headed back to the bedroom and pulled on a summer dress that didn't need a bra and fixed my hair again in the mirror. I guess if I was dressed, it would be easier to opt-out if I had changed my mind. I opened the curtains to see them both heading to the front door.

The doorbell rang. Good, keep up appearances, I thought. I took a deep breath and headed to the door. I opened it to find both of them there. Karl wasn't as good looking as his mate. Same age, roughly same height and as broad chested. He had very short dark brown hair and no stubble. His eyes were a piercing blue. I couldn't help but stare at both men lost for words.

'Dean says you've got the kettle on, ta very much.' Karl stated, glad for a drink.

'Oh yes' I said. 'How do you like it Karl?' I asked with a nervous smile. I stood back allowing them room to enter the house.

'Same as Dean, three sugars' he replied.

Well at least I knew their names now. Dean was watching me for any sign that I had changed my mind. If not I supposed he would get the ball rolling. He took his boots off and Karl followed suit. I tried to think of something to say to ease my nervousness.

'So how long are you guys working out there for?' I asked as I shut the door and headed to the kitchen.

'Well, should be done by late this afternoon' replied Karl.

Dean was directly behind me now with Karl following behind. As we walked into the kitchen, Dean gently pressed himself against me just long enough to let me to know he still had his hard on. I felt it touch my side through his jeans. I had to close my eyes to compose myself. He walked to the counter where his mug was, I walked to the kettle, filled it with water and set it back on it's base. My heart was racing as I turned to lean against the counter. Dean's eyes looking at me hungrily.

'Oh, can I use your loo quickly please?' asked Karl oblivious to what was going on silently between me and his mate.

'Mm.....hmm' was all I could manage, 'it's upstairs.'

'Ta' he replied as he made his way upstairs to the loo.

'So, what are you thinking?' Dean asked me as he headed to where I was standing.

'How nervous I am. I haven't done this kind of thing before, especially with two guys!' I suddenly felt panicked. What was I doing??

He bent down to kiss me. His warm mouth softer than I remembered a few minutes ago. I started to relax. His hands found mine and locked fingers. They were so much bigger than mine. My mind turned to his cock and what they say about guys with big hands. I unlocked our fingers and felt for his jeans. I undid them as he moaned in my mouth. His jeans almost burst open from the pressure of his cock pushing against it. I pulled away from his kiss and smiled at him. He grinned back. I gave him another quick kiss knowing I would only be able to give them half the attention once Karl was back. He didn't seem to want to break it and I secretly wondered if sharing me with his mate was not what he wanted.

I finally broke the kiss and took his hand. Without a word, I led him upstairs to the bedroom. Once inside I knelt in front of him. He took his high-vis vest off then his top. I pulled his jeans and boxers down. His cock was as stunning as he was. It was thick and long. He closed his eyes and threw his head back waiting for my touch on his hot skin. The first thing I did was lick his tip. His whole body flinched at the pleasure of the touch as he moaned in delight. His hands were on the back of my head. I grasped his cock at the base as I teased his tip in and out of my wet mouth. His soft moans filling the room. I heard Karl open the bathroom door. My heart was racing in my chest. I closed my eyes as I enveloped Dean's hard cock in my mouth. He let out a satisfied loud moan. Karl must have heard that one, I thought. As I started to deep-throat him, his moans were of ecstasy.

'Dean?' Karl called out from the landing. Unsure what to make of the noises, he was hovering at the bedroom door.

' here...' Dean responded between pants.

Karl opened the door enough to see me kneeling in front of his friend almost trying to swallow his cock. He stood still watching as Dean's head was thrown back, eyes closed as his cock smoothly slid in and out of my mouth. I was moaning too, while my fingers cupped his balls gently.

Dean lifted his head and looked at Karl. He let out a chuckle. I turned to look at Karl too. He was almost dumbstruck. It was easy to see he had a hard on starting in his jeans. He unconsciously adjusted his cock. Dean smiled at his friend.

'You joining us?' Dean asked. That was all the encouragement Karl needed. His look suddenly turned to lust. Dean looked down to watch me still sucking his knob. He slid out of my mouth, helped me to my feet and kissed me deeply.

'I will let you two get acquainted as we had a bit of a head start.' Dean said winking at me after breaking the kiss. He stroked his cock a couple of times as he headed to the bed. He laid down with a hand behind his head, sitting up against the pillows slowly stroking his cock with the other while watching me and Karl. 'Take it slow with her mate; she's trying something new here.'

I looked over to Karl and couldn't help but smile nervously. He smiled back. I was lost in his eyes. He walked over and stroked a piece of my hair from my face. With his hand, he tipped my face to his and lowered to kiss me. His kiss was tender, his lips as soft as Dean's. As his tongue licked across my lips, my tongue found his. His hands were on my shoulders and neck as mine stroked up his back. He made amazing moaning sounds with each kiss as though he could do this forever. I completely relaxed into him. His mouth moved down to the side of my neck and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I could feel my nipples throbbing hard. Karl slipped a hand into the front of the dress, cupping a breast. My nipple soft against his coarse hand. I sighed as my pussy clenched. I was so wet I could feel it seeping down my thighs. I opened my eyes to see Dean stroking his cock slowly on the bed. He smiled at me.

'You coming over here darlin'?' Dean asked.

Karl moved his lips from my neck. He smiled at me and signalled for me to join his mate. I walked over to Dean; he reached out a hand as I climbed onto the bed. He moved up so that I was sitting in the middle of the bed as he sat up and lifted my dress over my head. He eased me down until I was laying down with him on my left. He took my left hand and placed it on his knob. His lips found mine as I started to stroke his cock. He kissed me gently as his fingers trailed down from my chin to my left breast. His fingers drawing little circles into my nipple.

Karl was then naked beside me on the bed on my right. Dean broke our kiss and moved his lips to my neck. I moaned as Karl's lips kissed mine and his fingers teased my right nipple. I reached out and held Karl's cock with my right hand. I could feel that Dean's was longer but Karl's was much thicker. I started stroking as both men moaned softly. Karl then broke the kiss and started kissing my neck. Dean then started kissing me again. I understood their pattern.

I kissed each guy in turn, as they shared me. I had become so turned on I had bent my knees and parted my legs without realising. Karl was the first to move his mouth down to the nipple he had just been teasing. Dean followed moments later. I was going wild with the feel of a mouth on each nipple. Each of them were licking in their own different ways.

Their hands moved slowly down my body until each had a hand on my stomach. Slowly they then trailed their fingers towards my pussy reaching it at the same time. I gasped as each of them slid a finger inside me. Dean's fingers were longer and felt deeper inside me. I writhed in pleasure as they each slid one or two fingers inside me simultaneously to the point that I couldn't tell who had how many inside me at any one time. It felt incredible. I moaned as my body writhed in pleasure.

I could feel an orgasm building up as one of them started to rub my clit. The other still had his fingers inside me searching for my g-spot. They moved their mouths from my breasts and started kissing and sucking my neck and earlobes. Their fingers working my pussy and their mouths on my skin made me slip over the edge. As I convulsed my head arched back. I gripped each of their cocks hard. I let out a loud moan as my pussy gripped the fingers that were inside me. It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. Dean moaned in my ear and I lifted my head and faced him. Our eyes locked as the last of my contractions calmed. He moved to my face as we kissed intimately as Karl's lips were still on my neck. Karl moved his hand away from my pussy and caressed my breasts. I now knew it was Dean's fingers that were inside me. I clenched my pussy around them as he moaned in my mouth. I broke the kiss and tried to catch my breath as Dean slid his fingers from inside me.

As my breathing returned to normal, Karl leant over me and kissed me tenderly. His fingers gently stroked my face. I slid my hand from their cocks and got onto my front. I started to kiss down Karl's neck then his chest until I was at his mound of hair above his cock. I inhaled his smell of sweet sweat. I was on my hands and knees across the bed. I could feel Dean getting to his knees as I started to lick Karl's cock. I gripped it around the base as I teased the tip with my tongue. I suckled at the pre-cum and swirled my tongue in circles. He had a hand resting on my head now trying to push my head down further onto him.

Dean was now against me. His hands gripped either side of my hips and I felt his hard cock starting to enter me, as I was doggy positioned over the side of Karl. I began moaning as I lowered my mouth onto Karl. He started to moan as I deep-throated his cock, his hands on my head. I could also hear Dean moaning as his cock was now fully inside me. I couldn't help but push back against him, urging him deeper still. He started to rock inside me as I still sucked Karl's cock.

† Dean slid his cock out of me and slid two fingers in my pussy instead. His fingers now covered in my juices, he moved them out and slid a finger in my ass. I gasped, as I wasn't expecting it. I started to moan as he slid his second finger in there too. He slid his cock back into my pussy. I groaned and pushed back against him. He removed his cock and fingers from inside me and laid back down on the bed. Karl guided my mouth from his cock. He smiled as he gestured me to go to Dean. I smiled and turned to see Dean waiting for me. He was laying down with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I straddled his cock lowering onto it. I leant down to kiss him as he caressed my breasts. I was wetting his crotch with my juices every time he squeezed my nipples. Karl was behind me now, between Deans spread legs. He kissed my back and lightly ran his fingers up my arms. It sent goose pimples down my neck.

'Come here baby' Karl whispered. I sat up as I felt his cock touch the small of my back. I was looking forward to feeling his thick cock in me next. I slid off Deanís knob and turned around to face Karl. He was standing at the edge of the bed, leaning against the bed with his knees. Dean held his cock to position it as I lowered onto him again. As I started to lower myself, Dean rubbed the tip of his now wet cock on my asshole. I bit my lower lip as he started to penetrate it. Karl kissed me, cupping my breasts as he did so.

I had to break away from Karl's lips. The pain of Deanís cock entering me was sharp. Karl rested my hands on his shoulders taking some of my weight and helping to ease me onto his friendís swollen knob. Deanís hands were now on my waist, gently guiding me lower. His large, strong, rough hands on my smooth skin made me close my eyes and try to relax as he stretched me open. When my smooth ass touched his hairy abdomen I knew he was finally completely inside me. Dean moaned with pleasure and opened his legs wide and I slid a foot under each of his hairy thighs. They both waited for my body to adjust. Karl was kissing my neck again, his fingers stroking my clit between my wide open legs. Dean's cock deep inside me now felt more pleasurable than painful. I opened my eyes, moving my hands from Karl's shoulders to his cock. He moaned as his lips found mine again. His fingers moved from my clit to inside my pussy.

Dean moaned, as Karl's fingers must be inadvertently stoking his friends cock through the thin layer of skin that separated them. I moaned at the thought. I loved the fact that they were so comfortable with each otherís bodies. I realised his hand must also be grazing his Dean's balls. My pussy clenched at the thought and both men moaned.

Dean slid his hands up my waist slowly pulling me down onto him. Karl watched as I laid down on his friend. When all my weight was on him, He slid his right arm down my stomach until his fingers reached my clit. His fingers teased it while his other hand teased my left nipple. Karl positioned himself between my legs. Dean was kissing my neck, his hot breath against my skin made me tingle. My hands were behind my head on his, running my fingers through his hair.

I strained to turn my face up to his so we could kiss. His tongue searched inside my mouth for mine. I met it with complete passion for him just as Karl's heavy stiff cock started to enter my pussy. I let out a low moan. I broke our kiss and had to arch my back with the pleasure. Dean's arm across my stomach held me down against him as he started to kiss my neck again.

My breath caught as Karl continued to slide inside me. When I was full of both their cocks, Dean moved his hand from my clit to my other breast as Karl started to rub where his friend had just moved from. Dean started to gently rock inside me as Karl started to thrust. My body couldn't register what was happening. My hips tried to lift off Dean completely. His hands were quick to move to my waist. Making sure I didn't move off him fully.

Both men were breathing heavy. Dean had stopped kissing me. His head arched back, he continued moaning, his hands slowly raising, and lowering my hips as his friend pounded in and out. Karl's hands were now hooked under my thighs, holding them apart even further. I could feel his balls crush into me as he thrust deep inside me. Karl was now moaning with each thrust. My moaning was continuous, as both men were thrusting at different rates.

I then felt Karl's thrusting change in rhythm, they were now frantic, and I knew he was about to cum. I squeezed my pussy and both men moaned again. I suddenly felt my own orgasm start, I hadn't even noticed it build up I was so lost in the moment. A huge wave of pleasure crashed down on me as my body heaved then thrust out. My head arched back as my muscles tensed. My hands moved to my sides and squeezed the duvet in my hands. Karl swore as his orgasm hit him. He slammed into me as my pussy was still contracting on his cock.

His body slowed as his final thrusts emptied his cock in me. My own body had calmed, my breathing shallow. I could feel our mixed juices seeping out of me and probably onto Dean's balls. I clenched at the thought. Karl drew his breath. He took my hands and pulled me up from my laying down position to kiss me. We kissed gently as his cock slid out of me. Dean's hands at my waist, started to lift me off him. I unhooked my feet from his thighs, my hands on Karlís shoulders for support.

He stood up giving me room to step off Dean. He gave me another kiss then smiled as he turned to pick up his clothes and headed out of the room. I heard the bathroom door close as I turned to look at Dean. He was laying on his side. He patted the bed beside him. I climbed back onto the bed feeling the soreness in my ass. I laid on my side to face him as he lowered to kiss me. He moved over me until I was on my back.

I instinctively opened my legs for him as he positioned himself between them. He lowered onto his arms that were now either side of me. He continued kissing me with is soft lips as I bent my legs and raised my hips ready to accept him inside me. My hands rubbed across his back as I felt the tip of his cock rub along my pussy. I moaned into his mouth. Amazed at how my body still wanted cock inside it.

He slowly entered me, his cock mixing with mine and Karl's cum. I let out another moan as my nails dug into the skin on his back. He reached down and hooked his right arm under my right knee. He lifted it towards my chest as his cock reached deep inside me. His hard cock moving inside my spent pussy felt amazing. His cock slid in and out of me with smooth strokes. It didn't take long for him to cum. He slammed hard into me as he exploded, each thrust as deep as the last.

Once spent, he rested his head against my shoulder as the last of his hot cum filled me. I kissed his sweaty brow, loving the feeling of his heaving chest bearing down on me. Once his breath had calmed, he kissed me deeply. His now flaccid cock slid from inside me, letting the mix of all our cum to seep onto the duvet.

'I don't know your name' he said softly looking into my eyes.

'It's Anna', I smiled.

'I'll be outside mate when you're done' Karl called from downstairs. I hadn't heard him leave the bathroom. Dean rolled off me and shouted towards the door.

'Yeah, alright mate' he called. I suddenly felt a pang of panic. I really liked Dean and would be sorry to see him leave. He laid on his back and sighed. I watched his body covered in sweat and cum. 'Right' he said as he got up. He picked up his clothes and made his way to the bathroom as I got off the bed and wrapped my dressing gown around me again. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I put the kettle on as I waited for Dean to emerge from the bathroom. As the kettle boiled I heard Dean coming down the stairs. He headed to the kitchen.

'Hey', he called. I turned ready to say goodbye. He stroked my face and lowered to kiss me. I sunk into his arms. 'Did you enjoy yourself?' he asked with a smile. I smiled sheepishly and he chuckled. 'I'll take that as a yes then' He kissed me again. 'Look, I was thinking, if you want, would you want to go for a drink tonight? Just me and you?' My heart skipped a beat.

'But won't Karl get jealous?' I asked concerned.

'Karl? No, he is only really into the sex. Nothing more really.' He waited for my answer as my heart skipped a beat again. Did this mean he wanted more than just sex?

'But won't it be awkward having seen your mate just in bed with me?' I could already see the craziness of this.

'No, he is my best mate, he would completely respect this for what it was, just sex.' He searched my eyes. I thought about it for a while. I really liked Dean and if he didn't have a problem of his mate just bedding me, how could I?

'I would love to then,' I grinned. He grinned back and kissed me again. My stomach felt like it had butterflies doing cartwheels!

'Right, I'll pick you up at eight?' He asked with a raised eyebrows.

'Ok,' I smiled as he kissed me again.

'Well I better get back to work really' he laughed. I smiled at him as he left the kitchen and headed back out to work. I couldn't even hear the noise outside any more as I headed back upstairs for a second shower this morning, thinking of what I had just experienced and the feel of both their cum still seeping from inside me down my thighs.


© Copyright January 2010 Catrina55

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