I Want Her
By KendalKisses

I want her to run her fingers through my hair as it lies spread on the pillows, to feel her hot breath across my neck as she gently places kisses on my skin. I want to feel her mouth work its way along my collarbone, causing goose bumps from the sensation. I want to feel her kissing me passionately on my mouth as her delicate hands massage and play with my breasts, her tongue probing, urgent yet sensual between my pouting lips.

I want her to break away from our kiss and then feel the sensation of her wet mouth clasping itself to my breasts, her tongue teasing my nipples to erection. I want to feel her hair as it drags across my chest, the heat rising between my legs from her attention. I want to hear her murmurs of appreciation as she takes each nipple in turn within her mouth, nibbling gently at the skin, making me sigh in pleasure. I want to feel her kisses moving lower down my abdomen, tasting the fine sheen of sweat she has caused.

I want to feel her positioning her self between my legs, pushing my legs wide open, exposing my moist pussy to her. I want to feel the anticipation as her mouth draws close to my sex, her breath on my damp thighs. I want to hear her mouth as it slurps against my lips, taking each inside gently, tasting my juices as they slide across my skin. I want to experience her tongue flicking softly against my entrance, daring to push inside, teasing me further.

I want her to hear me groaning as she pleasures me, to know how much she is turning me on, how close to the precipice I am. I want to feel her tongue on my clit, pushing against the swollen hot skin, circling the nub as she pushes a finger inside me. I want to feel her stretching my pussy as she eats, sliding her fingers in and around my hungry hole, spreading the river of liquid across my skin. I want to scream in pleasure as my orgasm floods me, my entire body shaking and tense with the sensation. I want to pull her head against my groin as I cum, holding her to my gushing pussy, feeling her tongue lapping at every drop.

I want her.

Copyright 2010 KendalKisses

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