Blowing My Sister's Bloke
By Jimmy
(MM, oral, first)

"Just kiss it and lick the head of it," Kevin moaned. And play with my balls while you're doing it. When I'm ready to come you'll know it, because it'll get bigger and harder. Then just use your hands and wank me off okay?

"And that's all? I queried.

"Yeah I won't even hold your hair. You can back away if you get scared".

I closed my eyes tightly for a moment, and then took the full length of his hardness in my right hand while I cradled his heavy sperm-laden balls in my left. I stroked the hot, rigid spear of flesh and finally opened my eyes just enough to see what I was doing.

The bulbous, purple-hued head of my sister's boyfriend's cock beckoned to me. I had never done this to a man before, but the truth was I so wanted too, and in my fantasies it was always Kevin I was sucking, so when he had offered his cock to me that morning, I couldn't turn him down.

I took a deep breath, bent forward, and kissed it, letting my lips linger, feeling the heat of it and allowing my lips to conform to its contours. It was the most impressive slab of manflesh, I knew he was my sister's boyfriend, and they were getting married in 18 months, but for some weird reason that only made me feel more excited, and more eager to suck his prick.

"Lick it, let me feel that sweet little tongue swirl around it" Kevin moaned hoarsely.

Obediently I let my tongue wrap around the hot, bulging crown. "Beautiful oh beautiful" he groaned. His praise was music to my ears I found myself wanting nothing more in the world than to comply with his wishes. Without stopping the swirling movement of my tongue, I allowed my mouth to open a bit wider, until the velvet fullness of my lips encompassed the satiny mass. Almost reflexively, I compressed them around it and sucked for a moment. I felt the pulse of hot blood running through his rigid member as I tightened my lips and began slowly to rotate my head.

He began thrusting gently into my open mouth, moving his hips forward and back in time with the rhythm, I had set for myself. "Oh yes that's brilliant you beautiful little cocksucker. Suck it all the way, in. "Ummm", I murmured acknowledging his pleasure without relinquishing his throbbing cock.

I rotated my head again, keeping my soft lips over the ridge of my teeth, savouring the thick hardness of his cock sliding around in my mouth. I became bolder, working my lips down around the shaft until the huge rubbery head was pressed against the back of my tongue. Controlling my gag reflex, I began to gobble up and down the length of his rock hard prick, marvelling at his response to my newfound skills. I realised even from that very first day, how much I loved sucking cock, and I just adored how powerful I felt.

As Kevin tensed and raised his hips up off the bed, I knew I was about to get my first taste of hot spunk. That thought was causing a fire to well up deep in my loins, and it just made me suck even harder. His hands went to the back of my head pulling me closer to him; I eagerly allowed my mouth to be guided. I sucked in my cheeks as the first hot, white, lovely spurt of semen jetted deep into my throat. After that, it came in a flood that almost choked me. It was more wildly delicious than anything I had ever imagined. My mouth and throat were filling with his hot, creamy, sticky, spunk, and I tried to gulp it down, but his cock seemed to spurt relentlessly.

I continued sucking loving every second as I stared up lovingly into Kevin's eyes "what a dirty little cocksucking slut you are look at you loving the taste of my spunk"

I nodded in complete agreement. Finally, his cock began to soften in my mouth. I licked it furiously with my tongue, extracting every last tiny drop of his seed.

Eventually I rested my face against his satisfied cock and balls, still trembling and consumed with a strong desire in my body, that overpowering urge to do it again, to suck that cock all day, eager to learn all the delicious ways of doing this new and wondrous thing. I rubbed my face along the hardness of his belly. I took his huge balls in my palm and weighed them, squeezing gently. Then with my open mouth, I again sought my sisters boyfriends now flaccid cock and began to lick at it hungrily, attempting to bring it back to life once more, make it grow huge and thick, and make it explode again, and I succeeded.

So that was my first time sucking cock. I was 18 when Kevin gave me that oral lesson. Its hard to believe that was 3 years ago and since then I've gone down on a host of different shapes, sizes, and colours of cock.

Each has its own taste, feel and scent, and I've loved them all.

Kevin and Anne-Marie are now married, and I'm ashamed to admit I still suck Kevin on a regular basis, but I just pray that Anne-Marie never discovers what a cheating dirty little cocksucker her little BROTHER is.

Copyright 2010 Jimmy

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