The Watcher
By KendalKisses
(Fsolo, Msolo, exhib)


I look out my window and see him standing at his bedroom window, looking into mine. He’s single, in his fifties and probably terribly lonely. He often watches us, from his lounge window, when we go into town in our skimpy outfits. I guess he gets a kick out of seeing us; maybe it brings back memories of his youth. But today he’s in his bedroom again.

It used to freak me out a little and I would close the blinds immediately I walked into the room. Then I became intrigued; maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him, maybe all he wants is to feel desire every now and then.

Today I decide to act on impulse. I pull the blinds up until the window is completely unrestricted. I notice him turn to watch as I slowly stretch my arms up into the air, the material of my top rising to expose my belly.

He stares intently across at me; I assume silently willing me to perform more for him. I feel a surge of arousal in my groin as I contemplate my next move. I twist around with my back to the window and pull the t-shirt off over my head. My naked back will now be on show for him, only a small pair of panties hiding my modesty. I rub at my breasts, assuming he will know what I am doing from the movements of my arms. I lean my head back slightly as my fingers trace patterns over my smooth rounded flesh, open my mouth to gasp as they touch my sensitive nipples, already stiffening under the cool air and my rapid arousal.

As I knead the soft, malleable flesh, I twist my head to see his reaction. I smile as I see one of his hands inside his shorts, no doubt pumping his cock to stiffness. I slowly turn around until I face him, cupping my breasts in my hands, pushing them together and up, watching his hand movements quicken. I feel so horny right now; I can see a damp patch forming in the delicate panties and wonder if he can see this arousal from his vantage point. I release my breasts, sliding my hands down my skin to reach the waistband of my panties. He stops wanking for a moment and I simply nod at him as I begin to roll the material down across my hips and over my legs.

I sigh as the cool air hits my dripping pussy, the moisture already smearing onto my inner thighs. To my amazement, he mirrors my movements, rolling his shorts down to expose a hard and rather impressive cock. Almost immediately he begins to wank himself again as my show continues. Teasingly I slide a finger or two along my lips, feeling them swell under the caress. My clit feels on fire with desire and I slide my thumb across it gently as I finger fuck myself. I pull my saturated fingers from my pussy and slowly suck my taste from each one, watching him pumping his prick vigorously.

I turn and bend over in front of the window, allowing him a good view of my rounded ass cheeks and my engorged pussy. Then still watching him through my legs I slide my fingers back inside, letting him have the best view of my masturbation. I can already feel a climax starting and rub at my clit with my thumb. I feel the waves of pleasure building in me and my legs begin to shake a little. I lean back pushing my bum against the window pane for support. The cool glass against my burning skin is delightful and tips me over the edge. I cum hard, squeezing my trapped fingers, spatters of my juices decorating the glass.

As I ride the waves of my climax, I watch through my legs as he completes his pleasure, a waterfall of hot spunk sliding down the opposite window pane, his face screwed up tightly in ecstasy. I stand and move away from the window, watching him continue to cover the glass in the creamy white liquid. Then I simply draw down the blinds.

Later as I leave the house for college, I see him in his upstairs window, cloth in hand, cleaning the remnants of our play away. I wave and he smiles back. Perhaps mornings won’t be so tiresome after all!

© Copyright 2010 KendalKisses

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