First, But Not Last
By KendalKisses
(MF, oral, inter)

I almost tremble with anticipation as I kneel on my bed watching him undress. A near perfect specimen of a man: tall, athletic with a dazzling smile and most noticeably, a thick black cock. I involuntarily lick my lips as he pulls down his boxers to the floor showing the semi hard beast that hangs between his legs. Already it is as big as I've ever seen a cock and he is not even erect!

He walks over to the bed and I stretch out my hand to grasp the growing organ, feeling the warmth and firmness growing in my grip. As I look up into his eyes, I gently wank the foreskin back to reveal the sensitive head beneath. Hoping he will like it, I spit into my palm lubricating the shaft as I speed up my movements, making him swell harder then ever. I can see him closing his eyes, surrendering himself to my touch, allowing me to be as forward as I dare.

I can feel my pussy already oozing its own lubricant, the sheer presence of such a majestic prick enough to set my mind to all sorts of dirty thoughts. I lick at the tip of his cock, feeling him jerk back slightly at the delicate touch, a gasp escaping his lips. I wonder if I can even fit the bulbous tip into my mouth as I slide my stretched mouth around him. I surprise myself with how much I can take as I feel my lips close around the thick shaft, my throat full of his hot flesh. Slowly I slide my drooling mouth up and down his cock, not quite releasing him before plunging him back inside, sucking to increase the pressure.

He groans with each movement and I feel myself getting more aroused by the second. I reach a hand to my pussy and it comes back saturated in my juices, hot and sticky. He grabs my head in his hands and holds me still as he takes over the lead, slowly fucking my mouth, seemingly knowing how far to push me, ensuring I do not gag. My saliva escapes the corners of my lips with every outward pull, released by the vacuum. I wonder if he plans to cum inside my mouth, and wonder if I am ready to accept such an offering.

He answers my questions by withdrawing his cock from my aching mouth and pushing me back onto the bed. He smiles as he opens my legs with his hands, gently pushing my knees wide to expose my leaking slit. He smiles even more when he sees how wet and aroused I am, pushing a finger into my aching hole, sliding it across my clit to cover me in my moistness. I arch my back as he repeats his explorations, feeling the finger opening me slightly, then the intense heat of my juices on my skin, followed by the swift cooling when exposed to the air.

Then he is kneeling between me, his hard, thick cock lining up with my entrance. I begin to feel conflicting emotions: Anticipation at the pleasure such a specimen must surely bring, yet also apprehension as to my ability to accommodate such a monster! He slowly inches forwards until I feel the hard tip pushing at my now dripping hole. I take a deep breath as he applies more pressure. At first I don't think he will fit in, my natural resistance impeding the entry of the cock. Then with a delightful stretching feeling he is sliding inside, pushing my cunt to the limit.

He pauses after a few seconds, and I realise I haven't been breathing! I let out a long breath and also a moan to show my pleasure. I have never felt so full, so on fire before, every nerve in my pussy seemingly alive with ecstasy. I soon realise that even though I am so wet and full of desire for him that I will never be able to accommodate his monster fully, and he realises too. Expertly, he fills me almost to breaking point, to that thin line between pleasure and pain, before withdrawing and beginning his thrusts. Slow and steady at first, allowing my pussy to become accustomed to his girth, until he is soon sliding freely in and out, his hips swivelling in a delightful circling motion upon every thrust, rubbing my clit.

We fuck for a long time and I lose count of the orgasms he induces in me, several blending into one continuous wave of pleasure. Each time I feel my pussy gripping him hard, stretching me further, encouraging him to stay deep inside me. I can feel our bodies sliding across each other as we are covered in thin sheens of sweat, my hair matted to my temples. I wrap my slim legs around his muscular form, taking delight in how my milky white skin contrasts starkly with his deep brown tone. The bed beneath me feels drenched in my juices, testament to the pleasure he is providing.

At last he cums too, his hard cock pulsing inside me, releasing a steady yet forceful stream of his spunk high inside. He collapses onto his elbows above me and we kiss, our bodies almost melting into one sensual mass. Finally, as his cock begins to soften he lifts himself up and pulls out of my pussy. I feel a trickle of his cum join mine upon the bedclothes, as he lies down beside me, his fingers stroking the sensitive skin of my chest. That was my first time with such a large cock, but as we lie there smiling and caressing, I know it won't be my last.

Copyright 2010 KendalKisses

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