Room Service
By WeeBanana
(MF, cheat, mild D/S, oral)


It's Friday afternoon your sitting at the office finishing replying to a few emails and tying up matters, before the weekend, as you know you're not going to want any distractions. Already all you can think about is tonight, how your going to fuck me what your going to do to me, thinking back to the last time we were together, you realise you've got hard just thinking about it, you cant help but grab your throbbing hard cock. Now thinking of your favourite image that runs through your mind frequently… me on my knees, in front of you, with your hard dick in my mouth, pleasuring you, my seductive hazel eyes gazing up at you.

You look up at the clock. It's a little past 4:30 PM, and you have your Christmas night out, dinner then drinks with workmates.

The only thing that excites you about it is that it is afterwards, the perfect excuse to stay out all night, away from the wife, to have the full night alone with your dirty lil mistress.

You have the room booked and we have arranged for me to meet you at the room after your night out. This gives me time to relax, get ready and have a few glasses of wine to help me unwind and get into character!

Time seems to fly, I get a call from you to say you on your way, I tell you to hurry I've ordered room service and the maid will be up shortly!

Soon there was a knock on the door, "Come in".

You walk through the door, see me standing there dressed as a very sexy maid, a short black dress trimmed with lace, a corset over it clinched at the waist just below my breasts, little white lace trimmed apron, and holding a little white feather duster.

I walk over, greet you with a kiss on the cheek, and playfully tickle you with my duster. "Drink?" You just stare….

I walk across the room and pour you a glass of champagne, when I bend to pour the glass you look down at my sexy black stiletto heels, black lace toped stockings, my dress so short you can see my sexy tight ass and black n white frilly knickers, even when I bend over ever so slightly. I walk back over and hand you the glass.

"Is the room clean enough for you sir?"

You look round the room, turn take off your jacket and hand it to me. I hang it up…

"The bed sheets are creased and untidy, that is completely unacceptable."

"You've been a BAD little maid........... "

"You must be disciplined for this sloppy work"

You look at me staring at my pert breasts bursting out the little maids dress, suddenly grab my hip and turn me round so we are facing the mirror. You run your hand up the back of my corset, bend me over and naughtily spank my ass as you admiring my frilly black and white French knickers. You spank me again this time harder…

"You are not dressed appropriately for your job, take those off now" ordering me to take off my panties I slung my duster onto the bed and, reached up under my skirt and removed my panties. I made a show of each step, wiggling my hips and stroking the stockings down my legs. And dropping my frilly little panties to the floor. Watching myself and you, behind me in the mirror.

You tell me to bend over and grab my ankles.

As I did, I felt the firm grasp of a hand reach under my dress and grab my right cheek then you brushed over my pussy ever so gently and lightly slapped my left cheek, then again then again only this time harder so it stung then harder again so I let out a little scream.

"Now you should finish the job you're here to do"

"How can I make this up to you?" I say as I attempt to smooth out the bed sheets.

"I'm sure you'll be able to find away," you say as you smile cheekily at me.

"You should lie down and relax you've had a long day"

As you lie on the bed I come over and grab and pull your tie making you sit back up, unslip your tie and slowly unbutton your shirt and pull it off running my soft hands down your back, as I take it off I kiss you and lie you back down. I put them over the chair and hang your tie over the headboard giving you a cheeky grin and stand at the side of the bed kiss you and then down your neck and kiss and lick my way down across your chest and stomach and stop at your belt.

I look up at you then look back down at you bulging out your trousers I reached for your belt and undo it. Then, pulling down your trousers and boxers, I saw your hard throbbing cock, so turned on by the dirty little maid you have in your room.

As it was freed from the confines of your trousers, it sprang up and hit me hard in the chin. Your mighty cock looked even larger and more menacing than usual. I throw your clothes to the floor and quickly pull of your socks.

"Now I'll help you relax"

I climb onto the bed, straddle you give you a light kiss and begin to massage your shoulders.

"You seem very tense "

You watch me as I reach behind me and untie the little white lace trimmed apron from around my waist; I fold it neatly, and use it to blindfold you.

"This should help you relax a little more"

I and begin to kiss your ears neck and nibble your neck and shoulders, as I lightly stroke down your arms and kiss your chest I pick up my feather duster and lightly tickle down your sides and the inside of your arms, you smile and giggle a little.

You squirm as I work down your body towards your thighs, you grab my head pushing it towards your crotch, and I stop and look up at you.

"Patience sir!"

I turn and straddle you again, my legs spread over your waist and you can feel my wet pussy on your stomach. I use my knees to pin your arms down and then reach over, grab your tie and lift your arms, tie your wrists together and to the headboard. I lift the blindfold and look down into your eyes, gently kiss your soft lips and neck, then whisper in your ear. "Now you can look, but can not touch."

I lick and nibble down the inside of your arms, tickle you lightly, kiss your ears and neck and blow so it makes you shiver. Then kiss your chest again then lick your nipples, gently nibble and run my hand down your side and up your inner thigh!

I slide my hand even further up and begin to fondle your balls, I go down, lie between your legs, and lick them with my warm wet tongue, you squirm so you're in a position where you can just see me, you can't move too much from me tying you down very tightly.

I continue to lick and tease your balls and run my tongue up your thick hard shaft. Licking up and down, then gently suck your head. I tickle your balls with my little feather duster and then look up at you as I grab your hard cock with my hand and slide it down my throat. You moan with the relief of the touch you've been waiting for what seemed like forever.

So I started to lick up and down your shaft, then stroking more and sucking more, flicking my tongue over your tasty sensitive head, then finally I deep throat your huge cock.

You grin as you see me struggle trying to suck your cock and get as much down my throat as possible. You thrust as I have you in my mouth and make me gag. I moan as I continue to suck you hard, and then begin to play with myself and I'm already getting wet. I tease and suck your cock, as I tease my own clit, both of us moaning together. I can't take much more. I want you so bad. Have waited too long. I run my tongue down your thick shaft, lick and tease your balls, then straddle on top of you. Kneeling, so your cock is just an inch away from my wet pussy.

You wiggle and thrust trying to feel my wet pussy with your cock, I see you fidget with the tie to break free, but you stop at the sight of me fingering my clit and rubbing my pussy, you watch as I fondle myself my hand brushing against your waiting cock.

I slip my fingers into my pussy. "Mmmmmmmmmm I'm soo wet". I put my fingers to my lips and taste my own warm juice" I taste soo good, would you like to taste?"

"Yes, let taste your sweet pussy"

I smile as I finger my pussy some more and then have you suck my fingers to taste my juices. I lean back and your cock finally brushes against my wet pussy, I grab your cock toying with you rubbing your head up against my clit and pussy, teasing the outside my pussy your cock, moving it around my pussy lips while you arched up trying to thrust my perfect tight little pussy . I loved watching how desperate vulnerable you were tied down and wanting to fuck me so badly.

I bite down on my lip as I slip your head into my pussy, just enough so I can feel it. I swivel my hips, tease your cock and as I feel you getting harder I slide down a little more so your full head enters my pussy. You naughtily thrust your hips and make me gasp; I slide down your cock and try to take as much as possible, its soo big, I moan as it fills inside of me, and I sit there with you inside me for a moment, and wriggle my hips and feel every tiny movement you make inside me.

I very slowly start sliding up and down your cock, it feels soo good, and it's hard for me to take… I moan loudly then turn around and grab your sexy manly legs, and continue riding you, thrusting slowly, you getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. You seem to grow inside me; I know you love seeing the sight of your cock sliding in and out my pussy, as I moan you see my juices start to dribble down your cock. You can't take just lying there anymore; you break free from your restraint, grab my hips and push me down on your cock hard. You make me scream as you thrust into me, moving faster and harder. "It's too much," I scream. You don't stop, I feel myself ready to erupt, and you pound me deeper than ever before. I scream as you make me cum, my sweet wet juices all over your cock.

Still a little dazed from coming you throw me down on the bed pulling down my top, with the most naughty animal like glint in your eye, from all the teasing, you want your sexy naughty maid soo bad. You rub my tits, tease my nipples, gently clamping your teeth and tugging on them, I feel you hand running down my body pulling my dress down to my waist, your other hand pulls me closer to your body. You push your dick back into my pussy, it feels even tighter than before, we kiss, our tongues swirling furiously inside each other's mouth.

Our pelvises pounding against each other. You pounding, deeper, harder, faster, my breasts pressed against your sweaty chest. Me moaning loudly as it feels so so good, I scream and drag my nails up your back, and you give out a deep groan. Our hands grabbing each other's ass, pulling us against each other as our desperate, horny lust took over. I raise my legs up on your shoulders, your cock going deeper and deeper.


I begin to squirm almost unable to take anymore. I scream even more as you go harder as you're about to cum, this time screaming, as it is so deep it hurts, but at the same time is the most intense pleasure I've ever felt. "OH FUCK ME! HARDER! OHHHHHHHYES! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!"

"I'M CUMMING BABY". Just as you say that, you pull out your cock and explode all over me , squirting up my belly and all over my breasts, still coming you raise your cock towards my face and squirt the rest on my cheek and dripping down my chin.

While both still moaning in orgasmic pleasure, you watch as I lick your cum from my mouth and the end of your cock sucking out every last drop, swallowing your still hard cock, tasting the mix of our cum on it. I begin to flick my tongue on your cock and then finally we collapse.

We just lay there for a few minutes unable to move. My head was on your chest. I take off my dress that's still around my waist and use it to mob up your cum. You turn to me moving you fingers through my hair.

We were both completely spent, trying to catch our breath after one of the wildest fuckings of our lives.

© Copyright 2010 WeeBanana

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