The Balcony
(MF, exhib)

On one of their first nights together they stayed in a hotel on the main street of a winter resort town. After having made love several times, they found themselves standing in front of the sliding doors that led to a balcony overlooking the street and the frozen lake beyond, she wrapped only in a towel, he, his arms around her, nude. She gazed out of the window as he held her while he kissed her graceful neck and she said to him, "Do you think we could do it out on the balcony?"

He was amazed, believing that this simple question gave him a glimpse about the range of her sexual desires. It was just the kind of thing that he would love to do, and over the next few years all the assumptions he immediately made about her that night were confirmed, as their sexual encounters would occur anywhere, often in public places, with the threat of being observed by others. He loved the excitement and the freedom. He couldn’t believe he had found someone who shared his fantasies, who would bring reality to his every thought, who would add her own fantasies to his list, bringing him pleasures that he had never imagined. On that night, however, he pointed out the fact that the temperature was in the mid twenties, that he thought it would be uncomfortable for both of them, but he promised her a balcony in the future. In the ensuing years they each looked for the opportunity to present itself. It took a while, and good things come to those who wait.

They arrived at the resort late at night, after a long flight after work. They were both tired, and when they finally settled into their one bedroom condominium they barely unpacked before they fell into bed and to sleep. He awoke early the next morning to the sound of the sliding glass door of the bedroom closing, as she walked out onto the second floor balcony that overlooked a fairway of the adjoining golf course. He could see that she wore only a white tee shirt, which barely reached her upper thigh, the outline of her body clearly visible as the sun illuminated her through the light cotton. He got out of bed and joined her, pressing his nude body against her from behind as she peered out over the landscape below, much as he had years before, this time outside.

It was one of those perfect Florida mornings, clear skies, warm and calm, the dew from the cool night before covering everything, the suns rays already hot against their skin. As he first touched her she turned to him and said, "It’s beautiful", and they kissed the kiss they had promised one another since the morning before, that had been delayed by the mad rush to get away. It was the kind of kiss that each had come to crave. They both immediately knew, without any comment, that this was the balcony that they had sought, that this was the time for them to fulfill that old fantasy.

The balcony was only about eight by twelve, had a patio set with white wrought iron chairs and table, and a safety railing that was about waist high. It was barely visible from the other balconies on the surrounding condos, although anyone on the golf course below had a fairly clear line of sight. As they kissed she maneuvered herself to the railing, facing out, looking over the course below. She kept her back to him, her waist against the railing, pushing her behind against his hardened cock, grinding gently against him as they kissed. His right hand quickly found and stoked her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. He heard her first moan as his left hand reached up under the tee shirt and touched her breast, as his finger lightly encircled her nipple.

He took his cock in his other hand, surprising himself with its size, and slid it into her, as she braced herself against the railing. She let out a long low moan as he slowly pressed in, spreading her legs slightly more to accommodate him.

She loved this position; she liked the deep penetration it provided, she loved how he filled her and how it was almost painful as his strokes reached bottom, a pain she had come to anticipate and enjoy. His fingers had moved to her clit, which he stroked simultaneously as his cock drove into her and his other hand played gently with her now hardened nipples. She tried to keep her mouth on his, to muffle her moans so as to not be heard by either the neighbors or any golfers that might approach below. But as her climax neared she could feel her body stiffen, and she leaned out over the railing, out of the reach of his lips. He positioned himself directly behind her, kissing the back of her neck as he drove deeply into her. She could hear herself moaning loudly, almost screaming, as her orgasm tore through her body, its many waves passing through her until she collapsed against the railing in exhaustion.

She could feel his still hard cock in her, still slowly stroking into her hot pussy and she knew that he wanted to continue to his own climax. She wanted that more than words could tell, she needed to make him come in her so she could satisfy his desire, so she could feel his excitement peak. She loved watching him lose control, it thrilled her that she could make him do so. She also knew that if she found the strength to continue she would come again, harder than the first time, and she would bathe in her desire for him, and the closeness she had never encountered with any other.

She turned toward him, forcing his cock from her swollen pussy, and gently pushed him back and down into one of the chairs. She pulled the skimpy tee shirt over her head and cast it aside, her taut, athletic body now before him for all to see, and she gave him a smile that told him how much she wanted him. His cock stood up menacingly, glistening with her lubricating juices, fully erect and hungry. She straddled him, taking hold of his rod and slipping it back between her legs, leaning back and wrapping her feet over his shoulders. She held him to her with her hands around his neck, as his mouth found her breasts, which he sucked deeply while she ground herself on him.

He thrust back into her tight pussy uncontrollably, unable to restrain the passion that her orgasm had incited. His hands massaged her thighs, he could not seem to satisfy his desire to be in total contact with her body. He drove himself into her slippery opening, each stroke deeper than the last, as he watched her face contorting in pleasure. He could feel the pressure building within his groin, and knew that he would not be able to hold back for long. She added to his excitement by talking to him, in that manner he found so compelling, verifying his effect on her, confirming her own excitement, moaning aloud,

"Oh God, fuck me…..ooohhhh……make me come again……aaahhhh…….Give it to me, I want it all, I need it………………….. please, fuck me hard ………ooohhhh ……. ooohhhh………come in me…….give it to me……..I’m going to come again ……… ……………Oh God, I can’t believe it……. I’m coming again ………….. ohhhhh …… aaahhhhhh"

His hand had found and stroked her clit while he continued to fuck her. Then he could take no more, she was just too much for him and he felt his cock pumping into her, the first eruption seemingly endless, followed by additional explosions of which he wondered where all the semen had come from, as each spasm filled her. He could feel the result of his passion surround his cock as he continued to drive deeply into her. His groans of pleasure split the silence around them. He buried his head in her breasts.

Her orgasm had begun when she started her monologue and struck hard as soon as his fingers found her clit. She was about to come anyway, but his first direct touch threw her violently over the edge. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her, and each eruption of his triggered one of her own, as their orgasms gained a symmetry and each played off the other. Her first screams of pleasure were uncontrollable, as she had lost all consciousness of where she was and whether anyone might be around. He did nothing to quiet her, he wanted everyone to know of her pleasure. As her orgasm started to subside, she regained reality and bit into his shoulder to muffle her remaining screams. When she finally obtained control she pushed back from him, looked into the deep brown eyes that she had come to trust fully, and smiled at him in full satisfaction. She could feel his semen draining from her pussy as his cock softened; she could feel his desire as he pulled her close to him, holding her tightly. They stayed there for several long moments, savoring the experience.

He finally regained enough strength to speak and he told her how spectacular she was and how much he loved her. She told him again that he was the only one with whom she had ever so responded. He asked her if she would like some breakfast. She smiled again, and said that she had indeed worked up an appetite. She got off him, leaned over him, kissed his forehead and glanced out over the golf course. His tongue found her nipple and licked it gently. There were two couples in golf carts on the fairway below. They played their shots, seemingly unaware of what had just happened so nearby or even that there was anyone on the balcony. She stretched her naked body and let the sun caress it for a few moments before going inside, fully within the view of the players below had they chanced to look up. He did the same as he followed her in. They knew that any vacation that had begun this way would become one that they would remember always.

The End

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