Ms. Cocktease
by Ms. X
(MF, Oral)

Jared walked around the beach several times. Instead of watching the young women in their bright colored swimsuits as he usually liked to do, Jared kept his eyes peeled for his friends who were supposed to have met him an hour ago.

Elliot and Darren, two of Jaredís friends from the college had invited him out to a beach party along with some other guys and some girls that they knew. Elliot had urged him to come winking and saying, "Chicks like the beach. The water at night turns them on."

Jared sighed and kicked some sand with his sandal. He hadnít even been sure that he wanted to go to the party, really. The idea of girls there definitely made him want to go, but he figured he would probably just screw things up again.

Jared thought that he was fairly good looking. He was taller then average with a moderate build. He had brown hair that he kept relatively short and matching brown eyes behind glasses, which he hoped made him look academic. Jaredís biggest problem by far, though, was his shyness. Anytime he got in an intimate situation with a girl, he immediately got nervous, didnít know what to say and generally ended up walking away alone.

Still, Jared couldnít help but wonder if the water at night would make a woman so passionate that she wouldnít notice his bumbling.

"Excuse me," A female voice brought Jared out of his revelry. The voice belonged to a woman, maybe in her late twenties with dark hair piled on top of her head, who was lying on a blanket.

"Uh, yes?" Jared asked, wondering if he had done something wrong.

"This will be the third time that youíve walked by me."

"Oh." Jared noted thankfully that her dark red bikini was nothing close to a security guard uniform.

"Are you looking for someone?" She asked taking a sip of her bottled soda through her straw. This brought Jaredís attention to her incredibly red lips. He tried not to stare.

"Yeah, well, I was supposed to meet some friends here, but they arenít here." Jared said.

"Oh?" Her lips pursed.

"Yeah, so I guess Iíll be going home." Jared said and started walking away. With every step Jared screamed at himself to go back and talk to the exotic woman, but something stopped him.

"Excuse me," Her voice was soft, but clear.

Jared turned around, relieved to be able to go back to her presence. As he walked back up to her she said, "I am also alone."

Jared didnít know what to say, so finally he blurted out, "I donít know what to say."

The lady smiled, "Then why say anything at all? Come and sit beside me here."

Jared was impressed with her ease as he sat down on the sand beside her. They sat there silent for a few moments. Jared eyes were drawn to her straw. She was stirring around in the pop bottle, sliding it in and out.

The straw bounced a bit, as thought it had a will of its own.

"So," The lady said, "Youíre young. Are you horny, too?"

"What?" Jared asked, not believing that heíd heard the question correctly.

The lady smiled, "Would you like me to get you horny?"

Her voice was as calm as if sheíd been asking him to pass the sugar.

"Why?" Jared asked incredulously.

The lady glanced over Jared quickly, "Because Iíd like to. Would you like me to?"

Jared wondered if this was a set-up by his friends and wondered if he wasnít walking into some sort of joke or trap. But something in the situation was too unusual, too surreal even for his friends to have thought up.

Jaredís curiosity, among other parts, was now aroused and so his answer wasnít difficult. It was a simple, "yes."

"Itís too crowded here," She said getting up and picking up her towel, "I found a more secluded place when I was exploring earlier."

"Ok," Jared agreed and walked after her. She walked away from the water and towards a clump of trees that marked the beginning of the park. The lady walked between the trees with a fluid agility. A few feet in was a small enclave barely big enough for two people.

She turned around to face Jared, "What do you think?"

"Itís small," he said, "But nice."

"Small?" she asked with a smile, "Compared to what?" Her eyes travelled down his stomach to his fly.

Taking a step forward, she put her hand against the crotch of her jeans. She looked quizzically, then frowned.

"What? What?" Jared asked nervously, wondering what was wrong with him.

She looked up at Jared, "How am I supposed to get you horny, when you already are horny?"

She smiled playfully, "Now what are we going to do?"

Jared could feel her rubbing hand stimulating his already existent hard on. He shrugged, hoping desperately that she wanted to fool around.

"Do you mind if I take off your pants?" She asked as she unzipped his fly and let his jeans fall around his feet.

"No," Jared replied as her hands were already down his swimming trunks. Her hands were firm, but gentle as she explored his nether region. Her touch was so different and the situation so strange that Jared was afraid he was going to come right then.

Hearing Jaredís increased breathing, she pause and removed her hands.

"Here," She said turning around, "Help me undo this,"

Feeling some of the head sedating, Jared helped her take off her bikini top. Her breasts were large, but natural. She rotated her hips around, and her breasts swayed alluringly.

Unable to resist, Jared put his hands on her breasts. They were smooth and pliable and their softness was almost undetectable to his rougher hands. He let his hands glide over the silkiness to the roughness of her nipples, enjoying the difference between the sensations. He was particularly pleased when her nipples stood upright like tiny castles.

"Mmmmmm," the lady moaned with a smile, "You know how to use your hands."

Jared was pleased with the compliment, although not exactly certain of what heíd done.

"Here," she said, dropping his trunks so that they fell with his pants.

She took his cock between both her hands and let her warm breath flow over its head.

With the smugness of a cat, she licked at the salty liquid which heíd produced. Her quick licks caused him to put his hand against a tree to support himself as the throbbing in his cock started to build again.

She stopped and gently kissed the very tip of his cock, then took her hand and pushed his rod between her lips and into her mouth. Moving her mouth up and down his cock, her tongue wove around the edge of the head.

Sensing that he was close to coming, she took her mouth off of his cock and held it in her hands. She moved her mouth down to his inner thigh and licked a spot before biting him just hard enough for the pain to over ride the pleasure. Jared didnít stop her, he was enjoying this as a new experience. Heíd had blow jobs before, but they had been nervous hasty affairs.

Moving her mouth upwards, she found his cock again. Sucking once again, she gently let her teeth rake along the shaft. She started moving his cock into her mouth slowly at first, but increasing in speed. Her tongue flicked at the head as it pushed through her lips which were providing resistance. The movement built and built up to an orgasm that reached down into him and flooded his system like a high that no drug could compete with.

He spurted into her mouth, and she drank the cum like aged white wine. Moving her hands along the shaft, she pushed the last of his liquid into her mouth. She let her mouth linger on his cock until he started to laugh at the tickling.

"So?" She asked.

"That was amazing!" Jared exclaimed.

She thought about it, then smiled, "Yes. It was."

She picked up her towel, began putting her bikini top back on and sighed, "I have to head out now."

"What?" Jared asked, "Wait, whatís your name?"

"My name?" She asked, "You can call me Ms. Cocktease."

Jared was confused, but the woman was already walking out of the trees.

Jared waited for a moment, unsure of what to do. When he did walk out to the beach, she was nowhere to be seen. His mind on the mysterious experience, Jared drove himself home.

Elliot was explaining the situation the next day, "And then Darrenís car broke down. During which Stephanie broke up with Mark and so all the girls went back to Kellyís place. So we decided not to go. I called you, but youíd already left."

Jared examined the bottle of his beer as he sat on Elliotís well worn couch.

"I met the strangest woman there. She called herself Ms. Cocktease."

Elliot raised an eyebrow, "Youíre kidding me."

"No. She gave me the most incredible blow job." Jared said even though he realized that Elliot would think that he was stupid.

"What did she look like?" Elliot asked. Jared described her down to her sensual breasts.

Elliot walked over to his closet and came back with one of his porn magazines. Flipping to a page, he gave the magazine to Jared.

On the page was the woman wearing black lingerie in a sexy pose. Jared looked up at Elliot in disbelief.

Elliot was excited, "She was named Miss Oral Sex last year. She was probably in town for the Strip Competition."

Jared shrugged barely believing his good fortune, "It was pretty good."

"Oh man. That would be the thrill of a lifetime! Did you get her autograph?"

Jared grinned cryptically, remembering their encounter and the perfect set of teeth marks on his thigh, "Something like that."

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