The Bonfire
(MF, oral, anal)

Her gaze caught his from the other side of the bonfire. It was a cool, clear night, so clear that the stars looked close enough to touch. She walked around to where he was and stopped when she was in front of him.

They were on their own, the other party goers had retreated inside after the fireworks. They looked into each other's eyes and their breathing fastened as the sexual chemistry took hold as it did whenever they came together. Her eyes moved to his mouth and she leaned him and kissed him on the mouth. Wrapping her arms around his neck they melted together as their kiss deepened. Mouth against mouth, tongue against tongue they were lost for a moment in the intensity of the kiss.

His hands moved to her backside pulling her closer to him, so she could feel his growing erection. Instinctively she rubbed herself against him, knowing before long she would have him in her mouth. She undid the button of his pants and pulled down the zipper. Reaching inside she rubbed her hand along the length of his cock, bringing a muffled moan from him. He pulled up her skirt and pulled aside he panties.

His fingers found her wet opening. It never ceased to amaze him how wet she got and how quickly. She groaned and pushed his hand deeper between her legs.

Pushing two fingers into her, he started to finger fuck her, his mouth leaving hers and moving to her neck, which he knew drove her crazy. She moved her thighs against his hand and pulled out his cock, wrapping her hand around it she pulled him slowly. She gasped for breath as she felt her orgasm coming. He moved his fingers faster lightly stroking her clit.

She cried out as she came, her juices flowing over his fingers. He pulled them out and placed then in her mouth. She looked in his eyes as she sucked them clean. She kissed him deeply again and slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. He closed his eyes waiting to feel her take him inside her mouth. He knew how much she loved to give head. He knew how turned on she gets just thinking about sucking him off. She had told him so plenty of times and had proved that she spoke the truth. He could feel her warm breath on his dick as she pulled his pants down.

He stepped out of them and placed his hand on the back of her head, urging her impatiently to take him. She cupped his balls in her hand and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. Feeling it's hardness and veins. Circling the tip, she opened her mouth and took him slowly inside. Inch by inch till his cock hit the back of her throat.

She started sucking him hard, slowly at first, then going faster and faster. He moaned loudly and started thrusting in her mouth. Reaching down she inserted a finger in her pussy, bringing it back out wet. Still sucking him she placed a hand on his back, urging him to bend forward. Spreading the cheeks of his ass she inserted her wet finger in his ass, making him moan loudly. She felt his cock twitch and tasted his pre-cum in her mouth and stopped sucking before he could cum. She looked up at him and he bent down and kissed her as she finger fucked his ass.

They were beyond caring that they could be seen from the house. All they were aware of was their intense need to fuck each other's brains out. He knelt down and turned her around till she was on her hands and knees. She spread her knees wide and laid her head on her arms.

She swore loudly when she felt the tip of his tongue on her clit. Licking all around it and around the opening of her cunt, occasionally dipping his tongue inside. His mouth covered her sex and sucked hard, making her cry out and clench her hands. His mouth moved to her asshole, licking all around the opening. He inserted two fingers then three inside her cunt and he tormented her puckered opening, forcing his tongue inside. Suddenly he pulled away and drove his cock hard and deep inside her pussy. She told him to fuck her hard as he thrust against her ass, his balls hitting her clit.

He pushed a wet finger inside he ass as he fucked her pussy, gripping her thigh with his other hand. She pushed back against his cock driving him deeper and bringing her closer to orgasm. He felt her start to pulsate against his cock and fucked her harder, his hand reaching around and fingering her clit. She stiffened and screamed as she came hard. He pulled out and pushed his cock in her ass, before her orgasm has subsided.

She pushed her ass hard against his thighs driving him deeper still and bringing her to another intense orgasm. He fucked her ass for only a few minutes before pulling out and blowing his load over her ass and back.

He watched as she reached back and wiped some of his cum off and suck it off her finger. He knew she was disappointed that he didn't cum in her mouth.

But he would make it up to her later that night.

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