The Men's Room
(MF, veg, oral)

It was a typical boring Monday morning. The weekend had come and gone and here I was back at the "old grind". My in-basket was piled high with memos and junk mail to sort through. I went down to the lounge to get my morning coffee and on my way back I thought I would stop off at the men's room to milk my python. I had always dreamed of the things that could happen in the company men's room but today the dreams were going to be more real than I could ever imagine.

As I walked through the door I could hear a slight moaning sound coming from the oversized handi-capped stall at the end. At first I thought it must have been someone who had a worse weekend than I had. I walked over to use the urinal and after unzipping my fly and grasping hold of my rod, it happened. Something in my mind told me that the sound I had heard wasn't a painful moaning but a moaning that comes from shear erotic pleasure.

Just then, I heard it again. This time it was even more distinct than the first time. Again it happened. By now I was more curious than a weasel outside a chicken coop. I just had to investigate. Without even putting my cock back in my pants, I walked to the end stall. I gently peered through the crack in the doorway and there sitting on the toilet seat was the cutest little blonde I had ever laid eyes on. How she got there will continue to be a mystery but let's get back to things at hand.

She was sitting there with her dress pulled up and she had a large cucumber in her right hand that she was slowly pumping in and out of her wet crack. Her eyes were closed and she was so far into her encounter that I really didn't want to make myself known. I stood there for what seemed to be an eternity. Needless to say my limp snake had heard the call of the wild and was up and ready for battle. It was about all I could do to hold back from blasting a hole through that stall door. Maybe it was the sound of my shoes on the tile floor or maybe my stifled moaning, but she finally came back to Earth and noticed me standing outside the stall. I thought she would scream or something terrible like that and I had visions of the CEO coming in and firing me. But it didn't happen anything like that.

She slowly leaned forward and smiled as she open the door and motioned to me to come inside and service her. Being the gentleman that I am, I couldn't deny her request. After entering the stall and locking the door, I learned why she picked that particular place. You see, the handicap stall is so nice and roomy that we could have an orgy in there and no one would be the wiser. She first took me by the hand and led me over to her. She was still sitting on the toilet and since she was somewhat of a nymph it was easy for her to take my rod in her mouth without straining. She started by licking the head of my throbbing rod. Around and around she went and now my moaning was so loud I was sure someone would hear me. Finally after teasing it with her tongue she looked up at me and I was out of it. So she buried her head between my legs and took the whole thing into her her mouth and deep into her throat. She continued to suck on it, in and out, in and out, 'til finally I couldn't take it any more and I came in her mouth. She was so excited to feel that warm cream in her mouth that she sort of giggled like a little girl.

After she swallowed it all and licked me up she motioned for me to kneel down on my knees. I had scarcely done so when she grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head between her legs. I didn't know that while she was giving me the blow job she had sprayed some sweet smelling perfume on her cunt. Now it was all ready for me to go to work on it. I toyed around at first. My tongue lapping at her lips. Then it was all the way. I'll never forget how it tasted. Just like a big Charms all-day sucker. She twisted and moaned then finally she came and squealed as she pushed on my head trying to get my tongue to go deeper. After a few close glances and smiles, we traded places.

This time I was on the seat and she turned around and sat right down on my still-hard cock. She placed her hands on my legs and started to go up and down while I played with her hardened tits. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was my older system telling me to stop. But I just couldn't get off in that position. So I gently whispered for her to turn around and face me. She did and this time I decided to try something new. I raised up from the seat holding on to her ass cheeks and being the nymph that she was it was easy to hold her and pump her pussy at the same time. I was in complete control. I pumped her with everything I had. And I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. But she was screaming for more. She kept saying "give it to me baby" I couldn't believe any chick taking this kind of sex. At the point I thought I was going to pass-out I felt my soldier ejaculate it's hot fluid. She squealed as she came at the exact moment.

I gently pulled her off of me and set her back down on the toilet seat just the way I had found her, dress up and all. I thanked her for allowing me to be of service and she simply smiled in return. I never saw her again but maybe sometime you go into the men's room you might hear some moaning from the last stall on the left.

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