Jon & Lisa
By Sleazy Liz
(MF, oral, virgin)

Jon was your average high school freshman. Still a virgin, he wanted to fuck a girl more than anything else in the world. But more important, he wanted to fuck Lisa.

Lisa was NOT your average high school freshman. She was 13, 5 foot 3 inches tall, white blond hair, and had two huge and well-shaped tits. She had a perfect complexion, and really looked great. She was beautiful. To Jon, she was perfect. But how could he ever get a chance at her???

On this Thursday afternoon, he heard Lisa tell Mr. Finch, their History teacher, that she was staying after school. Jon stayed after too, not knowing quite why, but hoping at least to see her. He thought that would be enough. He noticed her in their homeroom, alone, apparently working on some homework. She looked up as she saw him come in, and he went to the other side of the room to sharpen his pencil. Jon was a little nervous, as he had no real business being there, but as he glanced at Lisa he felt it was worth anything to see her. He went up to her and asked her about that night's Biology homework. As she bent over to find the page number for him, his dick began to bulge. He was wearing loose fitting shorts, and his cock began to push outward. He could feel his head pressing against his underwear and he wanted to lean forward and press it into Lisa. He noticed how her shorts tightened around her ass, exposing every curve. They were short shorts to begin with, but her leaning down for her book really stretched them. He could just imagine sliding his cock in and out of her...oooh! The thought made him tremble.

"Here it is, Jon," she said as she straightened, gently bumping her back into his dick. His mind was racing. "She just rubbed against my cock!" he thought. She knew what she had felt, and she glanced down briefly as she handed him the paper with the assignment written on it. "What a long cock!" she giggled to herself. "And it looks thick, too!"

As she turned back around she brushed it again with her arm, seemingly by accident. She was getting turned on! She got up and went over to the chalkboard. Jon followed close behind, drawn by something he didn't understand. As she leaned over to pick up a piece of chalk, Jon rubbed his dick gently on her tight buttocks. Instead of yelling for security, she reached her hand between her legs and grabbed his rod. "Oh, shit, that feels great!" thought Jon, wondering what to do next. "Can this really be happening?!" he wondered.

Lisa turned, more crouched then bent over, and rubbed her face on the shape of his rod. Slowly she began to pull his shorts off with her teeth. Then his underwear, inch by inch, until his penis stood at attention, exposed and ready for battle. She licked the tip of his throbbing hard on and he was ready to come already! Then she began to envelope it with her silken lips, spreading warm saliva over the entire length of his shaft. She broke her lips away long enough to encompass and wet his dangling balls, already tingling with pleasure, and then continued sucking him off.

Jon was sure he was having another wet dream and would be waking up any second. She sucked harder and harder, rubbing his balls with her fingers, until he began to quiver with excitement. Then she wet her finger and reached up behind him, inserting her finger gently into his ass! He had never experienced anything like this before, and after the sucking, squeezing, and pumping he started to feel the rise of a powerful orgasm, and he quickly exploded in her mouth and all over her face. Sticky cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth as she struggled to keep it all in, swallowing quickly. Jon's back was arched, and his jism exploded so freely into the depths of her throat that it was indeed more than he could bear. He almost collapsed on top of her when she stopped pumping, and what he felt was awesome.

He crumbled to the floor, only to find Lisa laying beside him. Her still-wet lips touched his, and for a moment they enjoyed their passion just rolling around on the floor. Soon she turned around, however, to place her triangle of moist, true-blond, pubic hair against his face. He couldn't even remember when she had dropped her shorts and panties! His tongue flicked out immediately, and he licked her cunt with a frenzy. He could feel her erect nipples touch his rod as she began to jerk violently. Soon, he could feel her vaginal muscles contract wildly against his face. She spread her legs wide, allowing him to stick as much as he possibly could of his tongue into her open pussy. He was almost tit fucking her too, the way she was moving. She jerked back and forth violently, until finally, she exploded into an awesome orgasm.

Next, when she got her breath back and now that he was quite hard, she lay down on her back, and beckoned for him. As he lay down on top of her, her legs went up in the air. He lay there for a moment, wondering what the guys would say, and tonguing her breasts hungrily, turning both of them on even more. He wondered what would happen if someone walked in right now. He decided he didn't care, and, with one fluid shove of his hips, shoved his cock into her gaping, drenched pussy. Incredible! As he began to pump in and out, she placed her heels on his ass, shoving him in even harder. She wanted more!

The feeling of his cock sliding in and out, the sight of her gorgeous face, the feeling of her rounded breasts, the smell of her skin, the taste of her juices still left in his mouth, and the sound of her panting and groaning almost did it right then. He relaxed slightly to delay his impending orgasm. Soon she had one of her own, arching her back and rocking about wildly. Jon was getting closer, he knew he was close now. He didn't want her to get pregnant, but he didn't want to take it out, either! Brains won out over hormones. With a final lick on her tit, he pulled out quickly, leaving her lying there, shaking, ready to scream for more. She leaned back more, her legs still up, exposing the most beautiful ass Jon had ever seen, even in those magazines his friend showed him. Jon was shaking, and in one long shove he rammed his pussy-wet cock up her ass as far as it would go, making her moan in ecstasy.

He was ready now, his hardened rod of steel sliding in and out, her ass pleasantly eating him up, then spitting him out again. He pumped faster and faster. Again she climaxed, even stronger this time, as she reached down and spread her ass out wide. He could feel it building the most incredible orgasm he had ever felt. It rose inside of him slowly, building pressure and speed. He began to moan, and just as she climaxed again, drawing him into her. At the same time, his cum shot up his rod and out his cock's head at lightening speed, shooting high into her. She felt this too, just as she climaxed, and she was overcome. He jerked in and out a few more times, then pulled out and collapsed on top of her. The best he had ever had had just ended. They felt so overcome with joy, and sadness that it was over, and exhaustion, that they almost fell into a well-deserved sleep.

BUZZZ! The last bell of the day. School was really over, and the late buses were about to leave.

Jon started dressing and his hungry eyes took in Lisa's hot body as she relaxed on the floor. "Thanks, Jon. You were pretty good for a freshman!" "What do you mean?" "Well, I haven't fucked a freshman since I was in the seventh grade, and I just wanted you to know you were pretty good."

It finally dawned on Jon that Lisa obviously hadn't been an innocent virgin. He had seen her hanging around the school with the older jocks and knew she went to the parties, but now, he realized that he might have an idea of what went on at those parties.

"Well...thanks, I guess. Shouldn't you be hurrying to catch the last bus?" "Nah, I told Mr. Finch I'd stay after today for some special tutoring. I'll see you around, Jon." Jon finished dressing and ran for the bus, wondering what Lisa meant by "special tutoring."

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