The Business Trip
By Roger
(MF, oral rim)

Kim was a petite attractive woman. She had short blond hair, feathered in the back, brown eyes, and a contagious smile. We had worked together on several business trips before. This time we were sent to Seattle to assist some clients adapting to our ordering system. As usual, we had separate rooms but as there were several conventions in town our company had to book regular rooms were available. The suites were much more luxurious than the rooms we were accustomed to. The bedrooms were large. There was a sitting room with a table, desk and television. Just left of the entrance was a dressing room with wash basins and a large mirror. The bathroom, just beyond that, had an oversize shower/bath, and even had a bidet.

We had arrived early in the afternoon and had begun to get our paperwork together for our meeting the next afternoon. By 11:00 pm we had completed almost all of it, and we were getting tired. The television had been playing in the background the entire time. I continued assembling the last few documents while Kim played with the television remote. Bored, she scanned through the channels. She came to a soft-porn channel and paused, eyes glued to the set. A rather large chested woman was straddling a balding man...bouncing enough to make her breasts jiggle, then slowing enough to grind her pelvis into the man's. Kim glanced over at me to see if I was looking, then blushed. Embarrassed, she quickly changed the channel.

Minutes later she got up and went to the washroom. I finished my paperwork a few minutes later and got up and went to say goodnight. I stood behind her as she washed her hands. She jumped when I told her I had finished...she hadn't seen me enter the dressing area. She straightened up and toweled her hands softly. She looked at me through the mirror, her big brown eyes and smile flashing softly and seductively. Gently she backed into me, rubbing the back of her skirt against me. I reached down and put my hands on her hips. Slowly I brought my hands up over her hips to her slender waist. She watched my hands move slowly up her blouse, under her jacket. I put my chin on her shoulder and rested my pelvis on her backside. As I reached the straps of her bra under her armpit, I Whispered into her ear, "I want you...." She said nothing, but continued watching my hands. I could feel my erection against the curves of her buttocks. I'm sure she could too. She gently swayed her hips, brushing against my excited penis.

I brought my hands around the front of her blouse, brushing over her breasts, to unbutton her top button. I slowly continued with the others, gently pulling her blouse out of the top of her skirt. With my hands back on her shoulders, I gently slid her blouse and jacket over her shoulders and down her arms. I laid them neatly on the counter. Through the mirror I could see the outline of her erect nipples through her bra. Beginning at her hips again, I brought my hands slowly up her smooth naked mid- section to her back and unhooked her bra. It dropped forward into the sink. With my hands on her sides I admired her breasts in the mirror. Gently I cupped my hands on the soft undersides of her breasts. I began massaging her breasts, slowly reaching my fingers to her nipples. She reached behind her and pulled my hips to rub against her buttocks. I left her breasts to remove my shirt. I wanted to feel the softness of her naked back against my chest. I reached around and began kneading her breasts again, pulling her towards me. As she rhythmically pulled my hips towards her, I watched her rub her pubic mound area against the edge of the counter.

I reached down and unsnapped the side of her skirt. I slowly lowered the zipper, letting the skirt fall the floor. Still in her high, black velvet pumps, she gently stepped out of her skirt and slid it to the side with her foot. She leaned back. I could see her wetness had darkened a small patch in her pantyhose. She reached down and began to slip her panythose and panties over her hips and down to her knees. She stepped out of her pumps, lowering so my erect penis, through my pants, was now against the small of her back. Without bending over she pulled her legs out of her hose, kicked them aside, and stepped back into her pumps.

I continued to fondle her breasts and nipples as I pressured my pelvis against her now naked buttocks. I gazed at her small blond pubic mound through the mirror, still rubbing up and down against the edge of the counter.

She gently turned to face me. For the first time I saw a full view of the front of her body that wasn't a reflection. She slowly pulled herself up and sat on the counter with her legs together at the side of my legs. She reached down and unbuckled my belt and pants. She smiled at me as she slid down my zipper.

My pants dropped to the floor as she brushed the back of her hand against my erect penis through my shorts. I stepped out of my shoes and kicked them and my pants to the side as she pulled my shorts over my erection and let them drop to the floor. She fondled my scrotum with the tips of her fingers as I placed my hand on her soft hip. With the tip of her index finger, she began at the base, and gently massaged the underside of my penis moving slowly towards the head. As she reached the head, I gently thrust forward following her finger. She circled the rim of my head while she looked into my eyes. I saw her tongue wet the corners of her mouth. She crossed her legs as she leaned over to repeat what she had just done. I reached over to caress her buttocks, fondling her crack with the tips of my fingers. As she moved her index finger up the sensitive underside of my penis a third time, I followed her finger with a gentle thrust as I had the previous times. This time I found myself entering her mouth.

The head of my penis disappeared into her warm mouth and her lips gently closed around my hard shaft. I felt her tongue gently circle my head, then I felt it slide out over her bottom lip, caressing the underside of my penis. She slowly took in more of my penis until her lips were half way down my shaft. She continued massaging the underside of my shaft with her tongue until she knew I was about to climax. She slowly withdrew my penis from her mouth and sat up.

She lowered herself off the counter and turned to face the mirror again. Arching her lower back, she pushed her buttocks outward and gently rubbed her crack against my erect penis. Slowly lowering her chest to the counter, she reached her right arm through her legs. She gently held my penis and guided it slowly to her vagina. She rubbed it firmly against the wet, swollen lips of her vulva. I watched my head gently separate her lips and penetrate her vagina. Having guided me successfully, she moved her hand to the edge of the sink. I watched her grasp tighten on the sink as I steadily penetrated until the full length of my penis was inside her. With my hands on the small of her back, I very slowly withdrew. I watched my shaft, glistening from the juices in her vagina, pull the lips of her vulva clinging to my penis as I pulled backwards.

When I saw the rim of my head, I slowly thrust forward. I watched her face in the mirror. Her eyes closed and mouth partially open. I could see her breasts gently touch the counter with each thrust. I felt my orgasm arriving and with a final thrust I closed my eyes as I felt my semen spurt through my penis into her vagina. I opened my eyes during the last few pulses to see her large brown eyes watching mine as she smiled in the mirror. Holding my penis as deep and still as I possibly could, I watched her close her eyes. I felt a shiver, then her vagina began to contract around my penis. Her knees buckled as she relaxed on the counter. I gently withdrew my softening penis, and, leaning forward it dropped between her soft thighs. I gazed at her shapely legs, feet still in her high matte black pumps. She turned her head and whispered, "let's take a shower before we go to bed." I was more than happy to oblige.

She turned on the water, then unwrapped the hotel soap. We both stepped under the warm spray. She worked up a lather and began to massage my chest. I took the soap and began to lather and caress her breasts. Her breasts felt so smooth soft under the lather. I rubbed and gently squeezed her now erect nipples. I let the spray rinse them off and lowered my head, slowly pulling one of her nipples into my mouth. With her hands and my penis soaped up, Kim had brought me to another erection. She pulled me gently off her breast. I straightened up and Kim moved to my side. She gently straddled my thigh, rubbing her pubic mound against my leg and lathered up both hands. She reached down on both sides. She began to masturbate my erection while she lathered and fondled my crack. Slowly she slid a lathered finger into my anus. She watched the pleasure on my face as she continued to masturbate my hard penis.

When I was about to come, she pulled herself around front, lifted herself up and lowered herself, impaling her vagina with my shaft. "Whenever you come tonight," she said, "I want you in my vagina." She leaned back against the wall as I began to thrust deep into her, holding her buttocks with my hands. I came, my penis pulsing deep within her while I watched the water run off her soft, naked body.

She slowly pulled herself off of me and turned around. I knelt down kissing her back on the way to her buttocks. Beginning at the small of her back, I slowly, gently drew my thumbs down her crack. Lingering near her thighs, I tenderly separated her cheeks and viewed her tight pink anus. I gently brought my tongue to touch then circle her anus. Pointing my tongue and tenderly spreading her cheeks I began to taste the pungent sweetness of her anus. Her hips gyrated around my face as she held the towel bar in the shower, my tongue working in and out of her tight anus. After several minutes I felt her knes begin to buckle. Her anus contracted several times around my tongue. I slowly stood up. Satisfied, we held each other as we enjoyed the warm water rinsing our bodies.

We stepped out of the shower and delicately toweled each other off. As we stepped into the bedroom I turned the heat up a bit to ease the chill on our naked bodies. Kim pulled the bedspread and blankets all the way back on the king-size bed, exposing the clean, bright white sheets and pillows. She crawled onto the bed and turned to lay on her back. I gazed at her body and began to have another erection.

She smiled as she watched my throbbing penis slowly rise. She lifted one knee and lay caressing her breast. I crawled over her and positioned myself between her legs. I slowly lifted her other knee, giving me a view of her clean swelling vulva.I bent down and faintly kissed her navel. I caressed her belly and pubic mound with my lips until I lowered myself between her thighs. She placed both hands on the sides of my head as I wet my lips. Slowly I touched my wet lips against her vulva. I felt her hands tighten as I pushed my lips tighter against the lips of her vulva. She shivered as I separated her lips with my tongue.

Beginning at the bottom, I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her, licking up towards her growing clitoris. After plunging several times I felt her hips gyrating against my face. Finally her hands pulled my head tightly into her crotch almost cutting off my air. I plunged my tongue as deep as I could as I felt her orgasm reverberate in my face.

She relaxed completely, exciting me even more. She seemed almost in a state of sleep as I moved up to her face. Over the past hour I had grown accustomed to her sexual intensity. Now seeing her limp, with her legs spread and swollen vagina inviting penetration, my penis hardened with an almost painful stiffness. I licked my hand and quickly lubricated my throbbing penis. I slid my shaft all the way into her. Kim was breathing heavily but she was still completely relaxed as I began to thrust my hips, pushing my excited penis into her. I came very quickly. I could feel the small amount of my jism spurting through my penis into her vagina for the third time as I collapsed gently on top of her.

I looked at Kim as she gently stroked my hair smiling at me.After several minutes I withdrew my soft penis. As I cuddled next to her it rested gently on her soft warm thigh. We fell asleep softly holding on to one another.

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