Tied Down
By The Master
(MF, bondage, oral)

I've always enjoyed occasional light bondage during sex, it's a turn on to have someone lying before you completely helpless...not knowing what the next pleasure will be. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find a willing partner. They have to trust that you won't hurt them in their most vulnerable state.

After months of coaxing, my girlfriend finally agreed to it one night. I brought out my ropes, 4 four foot sections of velvety cord. They felt like satin to the touch, but very strong and unbreakable. We tied them tightly to each of the four posts of our bed. My girlfriend stroked the cords and commented on how soft they felt. I turned to undress her; she stood before me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I reached up and until the snap to her jeans, slowly I worked them down her legs.

She had been dancing a lot lately, and her legs were strong and smooth. She had on a very skimpy pair of black lace panties. They hugged her freshly shaven pussy delightfully. She turned around to show me her butt, tight from all the dancing, with a thin piece of lace running up the crack. I stopped to admire her, running my hands over her and kneading the tight muscular globes of flesh. I then stood up and lifted her blouse over her head. She had the matching bra on, and her nipples were poking through the sheer fabric, harder than I had seen them for a long time.

Wearing just her panties and bra, I had her lie down on the middle of the bed. A pillow under her head, I took the other two pillows and placed them under her butt. Starting with her wrists, I secured all four ropes, binding her tightly to the bed. I told her I had one last thing to make it complete, and slipped a leather blindfold over her eyes. I leaned back to admire my captive. Her arms and legs strained on the ropes. It was warm in the room yet I could see little shivers run through her. The electricity must have been running straight to her nipples. They were so hard that they threatened to rip through the sheer fabric of her bra. Her hips jutted out obscenely, her panties were already clinging to her wet pussy. I could plainly see she was excited.

I stood up and undressed, then I told her I needed to get something. She whimpered for me not to leave as I quietly left the room. I went into the kitchen to retrieve a few things I had put out in hopes of this night. A few ice cubes from the freezer, the squeeze bottle of chocolate milk mix, and her little 4 inch vibrator.

Noiselessly I crept back into the room. She was slowly writhing on the bed, feeling the ropes strain as she pulled. I put one of the ice cubes in my mouth to smooth out the edges. I pulled it out and ran it across her body, from her belly button straight up through the cleft of her breasts. Her body jumped and she screamed that I give her some warning next time. "No" I said, "be a good little victim or I will be forced to gag you too."

She shut up. I teased her with the ice cube, running it suggestively up and down her body being careful to skim near, but not close enough for satisfaction, her breasts and pussy. She whimpered, but she wouldn't speak. Being generous, I felt she needed a little more. I put the ice cube back into my mouth and slid in between her legs. Very softly, I place my cold mouth around her mound and clitty. She jumped and tried to push her self on me, but the ropes prevented her from moving very far. Using my tongue, I circled the ice cube around her clit. She moaned and thrashed at the ropes holding her, her pussy becoming wetter by the second until finally her lips opened and the thin covering of lace slid into her steaming pussy.

The ice cube had melted, but I used my still cold tongue to lightly trace patterns along her engorged lips then back up to her clit. Her legs were straining against the ropes and I could tell she was near that first precious orgasm, so I withdrew my mouth. "Bastard" slipped out of her mouth. I warned her that she would be gagged.

All of this playing had already made me hard. I reached for the chocolate mix and squeezed out a line running down the length of my hard cock, squeezing just a little extra on the head. I then straddled her chest, placing the head of my cock lightly on her lips. She was momentarily confused...chocolate?...but when she opened her lips she could feel the head of my cock slip into her mouth. She greedily started sucking the chocolate from the head of my cock, straining to get more of it in her mouth, but limited by the ropes. I leaned up a little and slowly started to feed more of my cock into her mouth. I put my hands behind her head and started to fuck her mouth, it felt so good. I let her know I was about to cum and her was response was to suck harder. I exploded in her mouth; droplets of cum forced their way out of the corners as she hungrily tried to swallow it all.

"Good slave, you can be rewarded now", I said, and I started nibbling my way down her body. Circling her nipples with my tongue, they were straining to be released from her bra. I pulled the cups down and under her breasts. Taking first one then the other nipple into my mouth, I lashed at them with my tongue. She moaned, her hips started to gyrate...begging for attention. I moved down between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet, the little strip of lace that had once covered it had been sucked into the folds. I grabbed an edge with my finger and slowly peeled her panties away from her wet cunt. She moaned as my tongue stroked the length of her wet pussy. At the end of a stroke, I latched myself onto her clitty, mercilessly flicking it with my tongue. It only took a few seconds and she was screaming in orgasm. Her pussy spasmed and the juice started flowing out of her.

She begged me to stop for a minute, but with the ropes holding her down, she was my prisoner. Still latched onto her clitty, I started to hum while I tongued her clitty...taking her right up again. Within seconds she orgasmed again. This time I let her come down for a second as I searched for her vibrator. I turned it on full and placed it on her pussy lips. Wildly she tried to push herself onto it, but the ropes held her tight. I teased her with it for a minute running it up and down her wet lips, circling her clit, then running it along her wet opening. She begged me to fuck her with it. I teased her for another minute until I was sure she couldn't take it any more. Then I slowly pushed the vibrator in.

She was so wet that it was hard to hold on to end of the vibrator. I started to work it in and out, with a slight twisting motion on every down stroke. Within minutes she was coming again. Her hips bucked wildly as she rode the pleasurable waves of orgasm. This was too much for me. My cock was throbbing; I needed to be inside of her. I released her left leg and twisted her on her side. Straddling her other leg, I pulled her wet panties to one side, then placed the head of my hard cock against her wetness. Easily I slid into her, she was incredibly wet. A soft moan escaped her lips. Increasing the speed, I started sliding my cock in and out of her, the hot wetness felt incredible. She begged me to fuck her faster ...harder! I started to pound into her, my balls being soaked by all of the pussy juice flowing out of her.

Feeling the cum rising within me, I rode her hard until I could feel my balls begin to tighten. Letting out a howl, I flooded her pussy with my cum. Feeling my release, she started to cum as well. We ground ourselves into each other, letting the cum drain out and onto the wet sheets beneath us. After catching our breath, I released her from the other ropes. She curled up beside me and cupped my balls...gently rubbing them. "Thank you, she said, "maybe next time it will be my turn to tie you up." I smiled at her, thinking of all the devilish ways she could coax an orgasm out of me...


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