To Dream A Little Dream - Chapter 1
By Sweeter Stuff
( (Blackmail, FF, d/s)

Chapter 1

Mandy sat at her desk and looked slowly to the left and then to the right. When she was sure that no one was watching, Mandy slipped five of the hundred dollar bills from the top desk drawer into her purse. What Mandy didn't know was that her supervisor, Roy, was watching everything on a special, close circuit surveillance camera. He smiled when he saw her pocketing the money and looked fondly at the VCR that was silently recording everything.

Roy was a very tall and rugged man. His body was trim and fit from hours in the gym combined with his vigorous outdoor activities. Roy was also a man who did not take kindly to being told "NO" or accepting any kind of obstacle being placed in his way. He was a man who always got what he wanted and when he wanted it. As he watched the screen intently, it was clear that he wanted Mandy.

As soon as Mandy had returned to her normal duties, Roy pressed a few buttons on his computer and watched as the VCR tape was transferred to a computerized movie. Storing it safely on a remote server, Roy thought everything over carefully before pressing the intercom button for Mandy.

"Mandy, I want to see you in my office, right now!" Roy demanded.

Mandy felt a shiver, go up her spine at the tone of Roy's voice. In all the time she has worked for him, Roy had never said more than good morning to her. There were times that Mandy wondered if he knew she was alive. That seems to be changing now that he was ordering her to his office. When Roy heard the knock on his office door, he answered with a confident voice.


Mandy opened the door slowly and poked her head in.

"You asked to see me, Sir?" Mandy asked.

"Yes I did, come in. Close the door and have a seat," he ordered.

Mandy felt even more nervous than before. She sat quietly in a chair facing his desk. Roy slowly picked up a file from his desk with Mandy's name on the front. He looked up from the file and into Mandy's eyes. With his other hand, he stroked the VCR control that rested innocently on his desk.

"You have been working for this company now for 3 years I see," Roy started. "Tell me, how do you like working for this company?"

"Well Sir, I really enjoy working here," Mandy replied. "The hours are great, and the staff is very easy to get along with."

"So you enjoy working here, do you? Could the reason you enjoy it so much be because it is so easy to steal things?" snapped Roy.

Roy threw her file onto his desk.

Mandy sat there a moment feeling stunned. She began to stutter.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I would never steal anything."

"Don't you even think of trying that crap with me," Roy snapped. "It won't work!! I can count, and I do have eyes to see things with. Let me show you something."

Roy pressed the play button. The video slowly filled the screen with slow motion imagery of Mandy stealing company money and depositing it in her purse. Mandy looked even more suspicious as she looked both ways to ensure no one was watching.

"Oh my god, I wasn't stealing," Mandy said. "I was only borrowing a little money until payday. I was a little short this month. That is all."

"It seems to be a little more than that. I counted six months of reports where money disappeared strangely. You know, this is a serious crime. It is called embezzlement. I think we are looking at about six years in a state prison for this."

"I was going to pay it back," Mandy cried. "I was. Oh my God, I can not believe this is happening to me."

Roy sat silently and watched her. Mandy cried. Roy waited. Finally, Mandy seemed to realize that there was some reason that the police were not waiting for her.

"What are my options?" Mandy managed to get out. "I don't want to go to jail."

"I don't see that you have many, I am afraid," Roy said.

"Surely there is something that I can do. What if I paid it all back this month?"

"Sorry Mandy, I can't do that. I can't trust you."

Mandy thought for a second. She looked back at the closed door.

"Well, I have been told that I have a decent body, is there a deal that we could make there?"

Roy looked at her.

"Stand up, and turn slowly around," he said.

Mandy slowly got up out of her chair and began to slowly turn. Mandy had long blond hair that was neatly pulled back in a French braid. Her black dress pants showed off her long slim legs and trim waist. The top was snug and proudly showed that she had full firm breasts. Mandy had always been very proud of her body. She dressed in outfits that always showed it off.

Roy was watching her very closely, and enjoying what he was seeing.

"Yes, I do believe my wife June would enjoy you very much," Roy said. "So tell me Mandy have you ever been with a lady, before?"

Mandy started to blushed.

"Yes, I have a few times."

"Maybe there is deal we can work out after all," he said. "Yes, I think you will do very nicely as a sex slave for me and my wife. You would have to do exactly as you're told. You would have no say in anything we choose for you to do. You would be our slave to do with as we please for the next two weeks. If you stop before the two weeks is up, then the deal is off."

"Okay, we have a deal," Mandy repeated. "I will do anything you want with June and you for two weeks."

"Good, finish up your work in the office today. Arrange to have other people, cover your next two weeks vacation. I will approve it."

"Thank you Roy," Mandy said. "Thank you for giving me this chance. I promise I will make you and June very happy. I will do whatever you ask."

"I hope so. If you decide to quit anytime during the two weeks, then there will be no other options. I will file charges the next day."

"I know," Mandy said. "I can do anything you want for two weeks. I can do that."

"Okay, get out of here and get your work taken care of, I'll pick you up at your apartment at 9am tomorrow morning. Come and see me before you leave, I need you to pick up a few things tonight."

"Yes, Sir," Mandy replied. "Just let me know when."

As Mandy was leaving his office, Roy felt pleased with the arrangement. He had been looking for the perfect anniversary gift for his lovely wife of 10 years. Their anniversary was tomorrow and he had started to get desperate. Now as if a gift from God, it had suddenly dropped into his lap.

Roy and his wife June were always looking for new ideas to keep their marriage exciting. They didn't like things to get boring either in or out of the bedroom. They had bought a variety of different toys over the years and loved to do new things with and to each other. As the years had passed, they had gotten braver. In the last year, they had talked about what it would be like to have a sex slave of their own. Roy couldn't think of a better gift for June than her own little sex slave.

The next morning, Roy pulled up to Mandy's apartment building. In the car seat beside him, two dozen long stem red roses sat wrapped in crisp red paper. He had decided to go all out for this anniversary. Roy had even given Mandy access to his store accounts with specific instructions on how to dress. As soon as he saw Mandy, Roy knew that he made a very good choice in his gift as well. Mandy looked hot in the micro-mini red halter dress and the red four-inch heels. Roy smiled.

As Mandy slid into the backseat of the car, Roy remarked more to himself than to Mandy.

"Yes, you will do very nicely for June."

Roy pulled the car back out into the traffic and started on their way. They were soon pulling up to a large plantation style house complete with large strong white pillars across the front. The two story building was something right out of a story book.

"Are you ready?" Roy asked

"Yes," Mandy answered.

"Good, let's get this show on the road, shall we?"

He smiled as they walked to the front door with flowers in hand. As Roy opens the door he called out.

"Baby, I am home, and I have a very lovely anniversary gift for you."

June had awakened that morning excited. She knew Roy was going to bring her something lovely for their anniversary. He always gave her such wonderful gifts even when it wasn't a special occasion. She ran to the front entrance to meet him.

Roy was standing there holding a dozen red roses in one hand for her and a woman in the other. June smiled but at the same time she looked very puzzled. Why was he bringing home a strange woman, especially on their anniversary?

Roy greeted her with a warm kiss.

"Hi baby," Roy said. "I would like you to meet your anniversary present. This is Mandy."

June stood shocked. All she could do was stare at first Roy and then at Mandy. Roy didn't take his eyes off June. He watched her closely and saw the mixed feelings. Inside his own body, he felt the excitement. It was her present, but he was going enjoy it too.

"What does that mean, Roy?" June asked.

"She is yours for the next two weeks. Mandy is your sex slave."

June winked at Roy.

"Oh my God, you did it," June said. "We talked about it like it was a fantasy, but you did it. You are the most wonderful man in the whole world."

Roy smiled.

"I'm going to let you two girls get acquainted with each other," Roy said. "I need to finish up some work in my office. I'll join you a little later."

He leaned over and gave June a warm kiss on her cheek and left the room.

"Well, I guess it is just me and you," June said. "So are you really going to be my slave for the next two weeks?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Mandy replied. "I'm here to do whatever you want."

"Don't call my Ma'am," June answered. "It makes me feel so old. Call me Mistress."

June giggled.

"Yes, Mistress."

June smiled. She liked the sounds of that word on Mandy's lips.

"Kiss my shoes," June said.

Mandy looked at her, and then down at her shoes. Kneeling down on the floor, Mandy kissed the toe part of her shoe.

"I will be damned. You will do anything I ask."

"Yes Mistress."

"Wow, I'm liking this already. Do you know what I always wanted to try?  I never had the guts. I want you to seduce me. Seduce me like a woman who wants a straight woman. Keep going even if I argue with you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress, I think so."

The conversation turned to the weather and music concerts. As they talked, Mandy reached over and gently held her hand. "It's okay, Mistress. Please just try to relax. I know you're feeling a bit scared right now and confused. I did too my first time with a woman."

"You're a sweet thing," June responded.

"Would you give me a tour of your lovely home? I would really love to see the rest of your home."

"That's a marvelous idea," June said. "Yes, yes of course."

They started walking through the house and it wasn't long before they were laughing and talking. Soon they were standing in the middle of the master bedroom. When June realized where they were, she turned to find Mandy with a seductive smile. June started to turn away to lead the way out of the room but Mandy placed a hand on June's shoulder and gently turned her back towards her.

"Oh, you're a crafty one," June said.

Mandy only responded by leaning forward and kissing June's lips with a tender kiss. June tried to pull back, but Mandy held her firmly.

"Shhhh, it's okay, Mistress," Mandy said. "I won't hurt you. Just relax and let me show you how good it can feel. I want you to feel so hot, and so good, in ways that only a woman knows how to help you feel."

Mandy kissed June again. There was less resistance this time. Mandy felt the excitement from June's lips and could feel her own body starting to respond. Mandy softly rubbed her hands up and down June's back. Working her way to June's shoulders, Mandy's hand moved down June's arms and back up. Very slowly, Mandy let her fingers glide down June's back and move towards the tummy. At the first touch, June jumped and started to pull back away from Mandy. This time Mandy let her pull back a little.

"It's okay, Mistress," Mandy reassured her. "Please don't be scared, we can go as slow as you like."

"I'm sorry," June said shyly. "This is all so strange to me. I've never done anything like this before. It's so scary, but I have to admit you are exciting."

"Did you enjoy my kiss?" Mandy asked.

"Yes, I did. It was not like when I kiss Roy, but yes, I did enjoy it, a lot in fact."

June's face was blushing. Mandy couldn't tell if it was part of the game or was a real blush. She decided that it didn't matter.

"If you get nervous, let me know. We will stop any time. We're going to have so much fun." Mandy reassured her.

Mandy took June's hand and led them to the edge of the king-size bed. Slowly, Mandy took June's lovely face in her hands and kissed her. As their lips touched, Mandy slowly lowered her hand to one of June's breasts. June gave a little jump. Mandy continued to softly caress it through the thin shirt. As they continued to kiss, Mandy felt June's breast start to respond to her touch.

June felt it too. With her heart racing, June felt every touch of Mandy's hand. Mandy's kiss was so electrifying that it made Roy's kiss seem mild. June never thought, a woman could turn her on, but she was more than turned on. June found herself returning kiss for kiss and her hands started to respond.

Roy was sitting in his office and was getting very little work done. In fact, he was enjoying the bedroom scene almost as much as the women were via his bedroom camera. As he sat in his chair watching his wife and Mandy kiss, Roy felt his pants getting tighter. His heart was speeding as they undressed. He was so eager to be a part of the scene, but knew that June was enjoying herself more alone.

With June's top off, Mandy kissed across June's collarbone. Mandy paid close attention to the sensitive hollow that responded to her touch. Slowly she worked her way down until her mouth found one of June's waiting breasts.

"Oh yes," Mandy thought.

Shivers went through Mandy's pussy as she slowly pulled June's hard nipple into her mouth. Mandy loved the feel of a hard nipple. Dancing her tongue around it and through the creases of the tip, June gasped with delight.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes," June moaned.

June arched her chest towards Mandy's mouth as if begging Mandy to take even more. To more strongly send the message, June pulled Mandy's head hard against her chest. She was rewarded with unbelievable sensations of Mandy's lips and flickering tongue driving her crazy.

Mandy turned her attention to June's other breast. As she sucked the nipple into her lips, Mandy let her fingers trace a path down June's slender tummy. June's tummy gave a little jump and a tender moan of delight. Mandy's finger traced all around June's little belly button before letting her finger dip in and out. Mandy released the nipple and kissed her way to the tummy.

"Oh God, yes Mandy," June moaned.

Mandy kissed her tummy a little lower.

"I love it," June moaned again.

Mandy traced the edge of June's panties from side to side. Her finger slid over the silk material to where she knew June's clit was hiding underneath. As soon as Mandy touched the spot, June jumped again.

"It's okay," Mandy reassured. "Just lay back and relax."

Mandy slowly removed June's panties and then gently pushing June's legs apart. As June's treasure became visible, Mandy smiled. It was a flirting seductive smile that made Jane hungry. Mandy's finger gently caressed June's pussy as she lowered her face nearer to June's clit. Mandy slowly pushes back the hood so it can come out of its hiding place. With her warm breath, Mandy aroused it.

June moaned.

Mandy watched as it begins to grow harder under her breath. Moving closer, Mandy gently touched it with the tip of her tongue. June responded by arched herself toward Mandy's mouth. Making contact, Mandy drew the hard clit into her mouth and played with it. At first she flickering it with her tongue and then suck it gently into her mouth.

"OHHHHH GODDDDDD," June screamed.

Mandy didn't stop but picked up the pace. As she continued to suck June's clit, Mandy let her fingers slide into June's pussy.

"Oh yes," June cried out.

"You're so hot and wet, Mistress," Mandy said.

Mandy could feel that her own pussy was just as wet and hot. It had been so long since she had kissed a woman that Mandy had forgotten how much she enjoyed it. Sliding her fingers in and out, Mandy began to finger fuck June's pussy faster as she licked and sucked June's clit. The more that June moaned and bucked, the fast and harder Mandy worked her. Mandy knew June was about to have her first cum ever with a woman, and Mandy want it to be a good one. Mandy could feel herself wanting to cum as well, but she wanted to hold off until June was ready to enjoy her.

"OHHHHHH GODDDD," June gasped.

"That's it Mistress," Mandy said. "You're so ready to cum for me. I know you are. I want you to just let yourself go. Let me see you cum for me. I want you to cum for me now, Mistress."

Mandy finger fucked her faster and harder. Licking and sucking wildly, she slurped June's juices loudly until June could no longer hold back.


June bucked her hips as her body twisted and exploded. Pulling Mandy's head into your pussy, she smothered her with her squirting pussy. Mandy could not breathe and had no choice but to keep sucking and licking. June's body soared into the heavens.

After she came back to earth, June felt spent but so alive. She looked over at Mandy and smiled.

"We're going to have so much fun." June sighed with pleasure.

"Yes Mistress. I'm your do with as you please whenever you wish it." Mandy told her.

"So tell me my little slave," June said. "Did you get as turn on as I did while you were eating me out?"

"Oh God, yes," Mandy said. "I could feel myself getting so hot and wet. I wanted to cum with you, Mistress."

"I wonder if Roy is around somewhere. I bet he would help our little slave cum." June remarked.

No words were ever sweeter to Roy's ears than June's mention of his name. It was her signal for him to come and play. Mandy would get to cum alright, but it would be on their terms.

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