To Dream A Little Dream - Chapter 2
By Sweeter Stuff
(d/s, MF, oral, MFF, anal)

Chapter 2

When Roy entered the bedroom, he stood in the doorway for a moment and enjoyed the moment. In front of him, his wife was stretched out naked with Mandy still between her legs. June was glassy eyed that Roy could tell that she was in another time and dimension. Mandy looked even better in person than she did on camera.

“Happy Anniversary, Baby,” Roy said. “Are you enjoying your present?”

June lay on the bed beaming up at her husband.

“Oh God, it was heaven,” June responded. “I can’t get over how much she turned me on. The way she sucked on my tits was awesome. My God, it was so good I could hardly breathe. The best part was when she found my clit. I knew after that first lick that I had to have more. She is so good with her tongue. Thank you, darling. Thank you for such a wonderful present. She is prefect. You know, I think you need to find out about her tongue for yourself.

June giggled.

“I did say I would share.”

Mandy had sat up and watched everything as if she was watching a movie. Her pussy was so hot and wet that it hurt. Sucking June had turned her on more than she thought possible. The way that June moaned and squirmed on her tongue had made Mandy’s pussy ache for relief. If they didn’t let her cum soon, she knew she was going to go crazy. If they tortured her like this for two weeks, it would be the most horrible thing that they could do to her. Mandy reminded herself that it was still a small price for staying out of jail. It was also more enjoyable. As the couple talked, Mandy watched the bulge in Roy’s pants.

Over the last few months, Mandy had made a point of watching Roy as he walked into the office. He always wore tight pants that made his ass look so tight and squeezable. Each morning, Mandy always waited eagerly for the morning show and then couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She had often seen a shadow in the front of his trousers and wondered how big he really was. Still, she had never dreamed that it could grow as big as it was today. It almost looked painful.

“All right, my little Slave,” June interrupted her dreaming. “I think it’s time you showed the Master just how good you can be. I want you to make him feel just as good as you made me feel. If you’re a really good girl, he just might let you cum. Just remember, you can only cum if he tells you.”

“Now, do you want to make your Master happy?” June asked.

“Yes Mistress,” Mandy replied

“Good, if you do cum before Roy says you can, you’re going to pay for it,” June warned.

Looking up at Roy, June smiled at him. Realizing that Mandy was still sitting, June lifted her voice.

“Slave! Get your ass moving and start undressing your Master. You do him like you did me, you hear? Show him how well my slave can use her tongue!”

Mandy rushed over to Roy. She unbuttoned his shirt buttons one at a time and then slowly slid it off his body. Letting it fall to the floor, Mandy’s hand glided over his muscled chest. Bringing her mouth closer to his body, Mandy flicked her tongue over one of her boss’s nipples. When she heard him suck in his breath, she let her fingers play with his other nipple.

Roy reached for Mandy’s nipples and found that they were as hard as his nipples. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger before pulling them. Mandy moaned in response and quickened her tongue. Roy let out a small whimper as Mandy’s hot little mouth sucked.

Roy pushed down on Mandy’s shoulders letting her know he wanted her to move on. As Mandy kissed his firm stomach, she worked his pants loose. Dropping to her knees, she slid his pants down his legs. Mandy returned her attention to the bulge in his jockey shorts. Staring into the strained material, Mandy’s eyes got big. As she slowly pulled the band of his underwear down, she was licking her lips. When Roy’s cock was revealed, Mandy sucked in a quick breath. Slowly she reached for his cock and stroked it as she massaged his balls with the other hand.

Roy gasped.

June watched everything with an intense focus, and felt the warmth returning to her pussy. Mandy used her tongue to trace small circles at the eye of Roy’s cock. As she dips her finger in and out of her pussy, Mandy drove herself crazy.

“Don’t you dare cum,” June warned. “Get those fingers out of there.”

Mandy pouted and softly blew her warm breath on Roy’s cock.

“OH GOD!!” moaned Roy.

Mandy responded by sticking out her tongue and giving his cock several wet flicks. Roy jerked with sensations of bliss. He put his hand to the back of Mandy’s head and pulled her forward. Mandy licked him as if he were a candy stick driving him closer to cumming. She opened her mouth and sucked the head of his cock. It was so slow and gentle as she took a little at a time. Letting her tongue swirl around his cock, she sucked harder and faster. June watched Roy squirm and felt her pussy get even hotter. June moved from the bed to the small love seat for a better view.

“That’s it,” Roy moaned. “Oh yes, your mouth feel so good.”

Mandy fondled his balls as she took him deeper.

“Oh, that’s it!” Roy screamed. “Ohhhhhhhhhh shit, I can’t take much more of that. Oh, what are you doing to me?”

June watched Roy thrust deep into Mandy’s mouth. Mandy tried hard to take all of it and sucked harder and faster.

“That’s it, Slave Girl,” June encouraged. “Take him deeper, relax those throat muscles. If you know what is good for you, you will get his entire cock down your throat.”

“Oh June, I can feel her throat muscles. God, June, she’s going to make me cum.”

Roy used his hand behind Mandy’s head to pull her head against him.

“Work that throat, girl,” June said. “Make him cum down your throat.”

“Oh, here it comes, June. OHhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss I am ccccccccccccccccccccccccummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggggggggg sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo harrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddd. “

“Milk him, Slave. Act like you are swallowing and milk that cock. Get every drop and don’t you dare stop until I tell you. Keep sucking it down!”

Mandy breathed eagerly through her nose and kept sucking him as if he was her only source of nutrition.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t stop. Her mouth is so hot.


At last Roy was spent and his body stopped convulsing.

“Okay, Slave Girl,” June said. “You can let go of him now.”

Mandy looked up at her and reluctantly let the limp cock slip through her lips. Roy stumbled to the bed.

“Wow, thank you, June,” Roy said. “You were so great. The way you directed her, I didn’t think that I would ever stopped cumming. Thank you baby.”

June blushed.

“I told you that I would share,” June giggled. “I have to tell you that watching you got me so hot.

June looked over at Mandy who sat on her ankles watching them.

“In fact, I think I could use my Slave’s tongue again,” June said. “Come over here, Slave Girl. My pussy needs some more loving. We might even let you cum this time.”

June stretched out on the love seat and spread her legs wide for Mandy.

“Get your face into my pussy. After that show, I need to cum so badly.”

Mandy walked to the front of the love seat. As she started to kneel, June held up a hand.

“No, I want you to go to the end and lean over the arm. I want my leg up so you can get it all,” June explained.

Mandy moved to the end and leaned over the arm. As she bent over, her ass stretched. Mandy gently stroked June’s very wet pussy.

“Oh God, yesssss,” June cried out.

It was Roy’s turn to watch. He soaked in a seductive view of Mandy’s ass. The way that she was bent over the arm with her knees straight opened her pussy. Roy could see love juice droplets on her enlarged lips. As she bent over further to devour June’s pussy, Mandy had to go up on her tiptoes. Roy felt himself growing hard again. The more that he watched her ass tightening with each lick, the harder his cock became.

June noticed it and motioned him to move to behind her. Roy smiled. June was such a sly one to get her into position for him.

Roy walked behind Mandy and reached between her legs. When he started to play with her clit, Mandy jumped and lifted her head.

“You just keep eating her pussy, Girl,” Roy warned. “Don’t even think of stopping. I want you to make her cum like never before. And, if you are real good and don’t stop regardless, I will let you cum this time. I can tell you want to. Your pussy is so wet.”

Mandy did as she was told and pulled June’s lips apart and buried her face deep inside. The softness of Roy’s fingers working her clit was turning Mandy on more and more. So much that she was afraid that she would cum without permission. She didn’t know what the punishment would be for that, but didn’t want to find out either. So she focused all her attention on thrusting her long tongue deep inside of June’s pussy.

“That is the tongue that I love,” June moaned out. “I love the way you get it so deep.”

Even as she was twirling it around inside of June, Mandy was zoning out into a mist of bliss. She was totally focused, until she felt Roy’s cock rubbing against her. Her mind screamed that finally she was going to be allowed to cum. When his hardness touched her asshole instead of her pussy, it suddenly hit her of what he was going to do. She froze.

“I told you not to stop doing what your doing didn’t I?” Roy snapped.

He gave her ass cheeks a few hard slaps.

“Those slaps are just a taste of what you’ll get if you stop again. Now, you better start making her pussy sing.”

Even when she felt the cool moist feeling of the KY Jelly, Mandy kept tonguing June’s pussy. Mandy had never felt a man inside of her ass before and was nervous, but hot. Her pussy was on fire, but her mind was scared. When Mandy felt the pressure, she almost freaked and then remembered the warning. She knew that she couldn’t stop no matter what. Looking up at June’s eyes, Mandy could tell that June knew it too and was enjoying that fact. June put a hand on the top of her head and pushed it down more.

When Roy’s finger entered her tight ass, the lubrication made it glide more than slide. There was no pain as Roy slowly pushed his finger first upwards and then downward. He held each direction for a minute to let the muscles adjust before putting in a second finger. With the second finger inside, Roy started to make small circular motions pushing her flesh out in all directions.

“Oh baby, you are going to love this,” Roy said. “Have to get this ass all lubed up and loosened up. Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes I love the way that it responds to my touch.”

Mandy moaned into June’s pussy. June responded by pushing her mound up into her open mouth.

“Oh, this is going to be so good, Roy,” June said. “I can’t wait for her to really start moaning into my pussy. You know that is going to make me explode.”

Roy laughed.

“We may not be able to walk tomorrow, after all this cumming,” Roy answered.

“Oh darling, you said we have her for two weeks,” June answered. “We will be doing a lot more cumming tomorrow. You got your dick into her, yet? I am dying here.”

“Putting it in now,” Roy said. “Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Mandy’s eyes grew as his hard cock pushed its way slowly inside of her ass. It wasn’t a quick or painful thrust, but never ending pressure to push its way in. As Roy pushed the head through the ring, Mandy redoubled her efforts to lick and suck faster to keep her mind off of it as much as anything. Unable to stand it anymore, Mandy screamed into June’s pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” June moaned loudly.

“Shit, she is tight,” Roy said.

“Give it to her,” June screamed.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh I’m in, God, she’s tight.”

“More, give me more, Slave,” June screamed. “I want that tongue in me. Put it in my ass!!!”

Roy slid into her lubricated ass with less resistance.

“Shit, she feels so good,” Roy moaned. “Starting to fuck her now.”

Mandy felt each thrust too. After the initial shock of pushing the head in, she felt the pleasure start to build. While Roy fucked her ass, he rubbed her clit. The pleasure was building inside of her more and more. June’s moans grew louder as she bucked faster against Mandy’s tongue. The more Roy watched them, the faster he fucked Mandy’s ass. From June’s moans, Roy knew June was almost ready to cum. He could hear it in her moans. Roy wanted to cum with her and fucked Mandy’s ass faster. Mandy started to meet his thrust pushing back to get him in deeper. His cock was sliding in and out like a silk glove.


At the sounds of his wife’s release, Roy could not hold back any longer.

“Cum Slave, cum now,” he yelled.

Roy let out a loud grunting sound as he pumped himself faster into Mandy’s ass. Mandy’s asshole twitched and then exploded into orgasm. Her ass was squeezing him with each contraction. His body reacted to it and his balls swelled up. He was so close. Grabbing Mandy by the hips, he buried his cock all the way inside of Mandy’s ass. Roy exploded and shot cum deep inside of her ass. It spurred her on to another set of orgasms.

“I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming baby,” Roy screamed.


Mandy never stopped sucking June’s pussy even as orgasm after orgasm spread through her own body.

As June lay on the love seat spent and in another world, Roy pulled out of Mandy’s ass and fell back onto the bed. He was clearly drained and zoned into another world.

Mandy slid to the floor and lay in a pool of juice that had leaked from her pussy. She could feel Roy’s cum starting to leak from her ass as she replayed everything that had happen in her head. She saw June’s pussy arching and begging for her touch. She remembered the shock of Roy s touching her asshole. When Roy first slid his cock in, it hurt like hell and scared her. But, Roy had done it right. Taking his time to encouraging her muscles to relax, the pain had been short lived. When he started fucking her ass, it opened up a door to a world that she had never dreamed. The combination of her ass being full with her clit being stimulated had made her cum harder than ever before.

Mandy looked at her boss and knew that she would love to have his hard cock buried deep in her ass again. She put her head down on the floor and closed her eyes. With a soft smile, Mandy fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of her day’s experiences. Her mind tried to envision what kind of things Roy and June would do to their sex slave over the next two weeks and what she would have to do to be allowed to cum like that again.

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