Best Friend’s Girl
By Jude
(MF, Msolo, Fsolo)

One of the most frustrating things in life is lusting after your best friend’s girl. Not only is she doing things with your best friend that you can only dream about, but you have to be in her company, bathe in her beauty, and never even touch her.

Kyle hated being around her. Somehow his best friend John always seemed to find girls that were incredible in Kyle’s eyes, pretty, smart, sexy, just like she was. All too frequently John didn’t appreciate them though, something that didn’t help Kyle’s frustrations at all. Amber was the latest in a lengthening line of girlfriends John had introduced him to and then appeared to lose interest in after only a few weeks. A tall blonde administrator in a finance company with a winning smile and a fantastic figure, Kyle felt sorry for her not getting more of his friend’s attention, but more than anything he wished she was his girl.

John’s girlfriends normally just disappeared, never heard of again as he moved on to the next one. Kyle often wished he had their numbers but some stupid macho gene stopped him from ever asking John for them. Enough was enough though and he vowed to change that. Seeing Amber every week and watching as she got less of John’s attentions, he had already resolved to asked for her number when John stopped seeing her, macho gene or not.

The night he got the call it was the last thing he as expecting.

“Hi. Kyle? It’s Amber.”

“Hi.” He knew it was her voice, but couldn’t imagine why she was calling.

“Look,” she sounded quite serious, “I know this sounds a bit strange, but do you think we could talk a little?”

“Sure.” He shrugged his shoulders even though she couldn’t see him. “Go ahead.”

“I kind of meant, like, over a coffee or something.” This time he caught a few notes of clandestine activity in her voice. “I’d . . . well, I’d like to talk to you about John. If that’s okay with you?”

They arranged to meet at a coffee shop near her apartment. Kyle took a quick shower and drove off to meet her wondering what it could be about. He wondered whether he should be meeting her at all, maybe he shouldn’t be talking about John behind his back. When it was all said and done though, the prospect of spending an hour or two across the table from a beautiful girl and the fact that John was already losing interest in her cleared his conscience.

Amber was dressed a little more casually than he was used to seeing her when they were out at a bar or somewhere. She had on a pink summer top that revealed a lot of skin and ample cleavage and when she stood up from her table to say hello Kyle saw that she was wearing a short powder blue skirt with a black belt. He kissed her cheek and hugged her loosely then asked if she wanted another coffee. She nodded, seemingly not quite able to start the conversation she wanted.

While he waited for their drinks he frequently glanced over at the divine creature that apparently needed his help or advice. Amber’s blonde hair hung around her shoulders, straight but full of body. Her face smiled naturally with bright, intelligent, eyes, bright teeth, full pink-tinted lips, a nose that curved perfectly and held up the blue-tinted frameless glasses she was wearing. Kyle had never seen her with glasses before and assumed that she wore contacts when they were out. They made his heart beat a little faster though; he had always had a “thing” for women in glasses.

When he got back to the table they joked about how coffee was getting as expensive as alcohol and how coffee shops were getting more like bars every day. Kyle mentioned her glasses, complimented her on them and the small talk gradually died.

“So, what’s this about John then?” Kyle decided to save her the pain of bringing the subject up.

Amber sipped at her drink, looking like she was delaying her answer just a little more. “Well,” she paused to put the cup down, “I was just wondering if he’d said anything about me? Maybe said I’d done anything wrong?” Kyle shrugged and shook his head. “It’s just that he seems to be . . . well, like he doesn’t care for me too much anymore. He says he does, but he doesn’t call and, you know, doesn’t pay me much attention.”

Despite almost knowing that this was what she would want to talk about, it was Kyle’s worst fear. Now what did he say? It was his turn to use his drink to delay his answer. “John doesn’t say much about girlfriends.” He started. “He hasn’t said anything about you, certainly not that you’ve done something wrong or anything like that.”

At first Amber seemed a little disappointed in his answer, and then she smiled. “I guess that’s good then. It’s been hard to figure him out these last couple of weeks.”

Kyle watched the beautiful creature in front of him smile and wanted to tell her that this was all just normal behavior for his friend but he neither felt it was his place to break her heart, or rat out on John. “I thought you guys were getting on pretty good.”

“Yes.” Amber smiled now. “He’s been good for me. John’s a nice guy and well, it’s just been a lot of fun with him, up until the last week or two anyway.”

“I’m sure he’ll be back to normal soon.” Kyle lied for Amber’s sake.

“Yes.” She looked down into her coffee, avoiding his eyes. “He hasn’t said anything about, you know, not liking what we do . . . in bed.”

Kyle gave a small laugh, he hadn’t been expecting that. “Er, no. He’s never mentioned anything about that.” The silence between them got a bit heavier as it hung around for almost a minute. “Of course,” he laughed again, “now that you’ve mentioned there’s something in that area you’re worried about, you’ve got my curiosity meter peaking. Maybe you should tell me all about it.”

“No, I shouldn’t, it’s not . . .”

He could tell that despite her reluctance to open up about it, she really wanted to. “Look, we’re friends, right? It’s okay. Tell me what it is. I won’t discuss it with John, we don’t talk about things like that.”

“You won’t?”

“Of course not.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you.” Amber shuffled her seat and moved a few inches closer to him across the table. “Well, we have this thing that we do, like, in bed, very intense, amazing really. It’s probably been the best . . . sex I’ve ever had, with anyone. It was just something we started together and now John doesn’t seem to want to do it anymore. I’m kind of worried he was going off me because I liked it so much and wanted to do it so often. I don’t understand it. It was always really good for him too. He said so.”

I refrained from informing her that my friend might not have been completely truthful with her at times. “You still haven’t told me what it is.”

Amber took a drink from her cup, sighed deeply and swallowed as she started to speak again. “We do this thing where we kneel on the bed together, naked, and . . . you know, like, masturbate each other.”

Kyle managed to refrain from his impulse answer of, “that’s it?” Instead, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “Doesn’t sound like something John would have a problem with. No big deal there.”

“Yes, but it was a big deal.” Amber’s eyes widened. “Maybe I didn’t explain it right. We masturbate each other, but the whole time we’re looking at each other, talking, kissing, touching. We’re letting each other know what it feels like and making sure we know when each other is going to . . . you know, climax. That way we can make sure that we . . . cum at exactly the same moment. It’s just so intense, amazing.”

He noticed an increase in the room temperature as she explained their sex to him. The image of a naked Amber kneeling in front of him had him reaching to the front of his pants for an adjustment as he twitched away from soft. “Sounds pretty amazing when you say it like that. I must try it sometime.”

“You’ve never done that?” Amber’s jaw almost dropped.

“No. Not exactly like that.”

“God, it’s so amazing.” She enthused. “Just about as close as you can get to someone, intimate, touching, so . . . together. I swear, it’ll blow your mind when you’re looking into that person’s eyes when you both cum together. You have to try it.”

Kyle nodded, conscious that he needed to stand up and free the pressure that was building as he stiffened in the confines of his briefs. “I will.” He laughed. “I promise.”

In hindsight, he didn’t know where the words came from. He wasn’t normally this brash, brave or stupid. But there, watching Amber tell him about the most intense sex she ever had, Kyle lost himself for just a few seconds and blurted out, “I don’t suppose you’d like to show me?”

Amber’s face froze for just a second and as it sank into Kyle that he’d actually spoken it aloud, he felt the ground beneath him start to open up.

“Do you mean . . . like . . . show you?”

Given that Amber hadn’t slapped him and the words were out there, Kyle nodded, his heart pounding like never before as he watched every tiny movement in her face.

“You mean, we get on the bed and . . . do that for each other?” Amber confirmed. “Like, as in teach you how it works?”

Kyle nodded as she appeared to consider the proposal. “I’m er, sorry if that’s an inappropriate suggestion.”

It seemed like an eternity before she spoke again. “I suppose I could, if you really want to.”

“Amber,” Kyle leaned forward and looked into her eyes, “listening to you talk about it and looking at you tonight, there is nothing in this world I’d rather have anyone teach me.”

“Okay.” Amber smiled firmly at him. “I’ll do it. Let’s finish these drinks and go to my place.”

Their conversation diminished in proportion to the tension rising as they left the coffee shop and got into Kyle’s car. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Amber giggled, cute now, but still incredibly sexy.

“Me neither.” Kyle agreed, never being more truthful in his whole life.

Amber’s apartment was comfortable and spacious and Kyle immediately noted that it lacked the boyish clutter in his own place as she ushered him inside. The nervousness firmly back in her voice now, she asked if he wanted a drink and he accepted. When she returned she asked if he wanted to sit for a while or just go straight to the bedroom.

“Er, whatever’s good for you.” Kyle smiled awkwardly.

“Come on then,” she pulled on his arm, “I’ve got really horny thinking about this.” This time it was an impish grin that she flashed at him.

“Go on then,” she encouraged him when they were in the bedroom and every light in the room was switched on, “take your clothes off. We need to be naked.” Not waiting for him, Amber pulled her top over her head and threw it on a chair.

As he quickly disrobed he couldn’t keep his eyes off the figure of Amber as she stepped out of her skirt, pulled off her panties and unfastened her bra. She stood on the other side of the bed, totally naked before he’d got his jeans off. “Come on.” She laughed as he nearly lost his balance pulling them off.

Trying not to show the hesitation he felt, Kyle quickly pulled away his briefs and stood up, revealing his fully erect cock in all of its glory. From her vantage point no more than eight feet away Amber nodded. “That’ll work.”

They both climbed onto the bed, Kyle a little slower than Amber, and knelt in front of each other. “Come a little closer.” She commanded, reaching out to touch him and gently pull on him. “I see you’ve got quite horny too.”

As she reached up to take her glasses off Kyle stopped her hand as she pulled them from her face. “No, please. Leave them on. You look amazing in them.” She smiled and put them back on her nose, not letting go of his throbbing cock while she did. “Okay teacher,” he laughed nervously, “what do we do now?”

“Well, you can start touching me now if you like.” She giggled. “I’m already touching you. You are hard Kyle, you need to be careful not to cum too quickly. Don’t let me bring you off before I’m ready. Okay?”

He nodded and reached up to cup her breasts. He guessed they were 34’s, a nice handful, round and full. Her breathing deepened at his touch and her nipple hardened easily as he fingered it gently. His other hand eased along her thigh a couple of times before finding its way between her legs and creeping towards her pussy. As Amber slowly stroked him and felt for his balls Kyle looked down at her and watched as his fingers traced along her pussy lips below the small trimmed area that was her pubic hair.

As he used a little more pressure against her lips his finger sunk easily into her and he smiled to find she was already very wet. Obviously Amber was finding this something more than a training exercise after all. “That’s nice.” She whispered, eyes closed and constantly stroking him. “I love holding a cock like this. Makes me feel like I have control of your pleasure, in a nice way of course. I want this to be big for you, slow and intense. Do you like it when I do this?”

Amber reached down and drew the palm of her open hand along the bottom of his balls, pulling them up and sending sparks of pleasure all over his body. “Very much.” Kyle answered. “Maybe you should ease up on the strokes a bit.”

With a smile, Amber let go of his cock, placed her hand on the bottom of his belly and started to make slow swirling motions. “I can’t tell you how horny this is.” He said through his easing heartbeat. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to be with you. You are so gorgeous. Your body is amazing. Your pussy feels so good.”

“You wanted to fuck me?” Amber smiled wickedly. “You wanted to fuck your best friend’s girl?”

“In every position you’ve ever tried, and then a few new ones.” Kyle gasped as she took hold of him again. “I’ve gone to bed at night nursing a hard on, thinking about what you’d taste like when I was licking you, making you cum for me.”

“Did you ever masturbate thinking about me?” She leaned towards him and opened her legs wider, allowing him to ease her lips apart and expose the throbbing bud of her clit. “Did you think what it would be like if I was sucking on your cock, licking you and stroking you? Like this?” Closing her hand tightly around him, she pumped a few times, the head of his cock almost disappearing into her hand and then emerging, as hard and strong as he’d ever known.

He could barely breathe but he looked into Amber’s face and held her intense stare. “God yes. Not too much now though, I can cum for you whenever you’re ready.”

Kyle watched her eyes soften as he softly and slowly teased her clit, making soft circles around it with his fingers and brushing them over the center, causing her to shiver with pleasure each time he did it. “Feels like you’re getting the idea of this.”

“I have an excellent teacher.” He gave an involuntary shiver of his own as she stroked his length with a firm hold.

“How do I feel for you?” Amber’s voice had slowed and deepened a touch as the atmosphere closed around them. “Do you like how I feel?”

He slipped two fingers inside her slick velvet sheath and felt her use her pussy to squeeze his fingers. “You feel beautiful. Wet and hot, feels like you’re very excited. Sure feels like we’re getting somewhere. Do you always get this wet?”

“Not always.” She lightened her strokes and began to stroke him with one hand while the other held the tip of his cock still. “Soon as I started to tell you about doing this I was almost dripping though. Probably if you hadn’t asked to do it, I would’ve. I’ve been quite curious to see your cock too. You’re quite cute you know Kyle.”

“Cute enough to fuck?”


They both knew it was time to be silent and watch each other’s face. Kyle felt Amber’s legs begin to stiffen as he worked her pussy and he withdrew his fingers to concentrate on her clit. He watched her eyes struggle to focus but never brake their gaze as he stroked her bud and felt it throb against his fingertips. He flicked it back and forth, visualizing his tongue moving her clit and imagining how she would taste if he were licking her. He’d never felt a woman so wet and the thought of her juices running into his mouth and her squirming against his tongue was making him want her more as each second passed and his own excitement felt like he was about to burst.

He plunged back onto her soaking sex, stroking her clit with his thumb and feeling her throbbing pussy walls sheath his fingers in heat. Amber slowed her strokes on his cock and started to pull gently on his balls, assessing how retracted they were and how close Kyle was to cumming. She watched the fire burning behind his eyes too, and felt the connection from his eyes sear straight to her pussy.

Kyle wanted to clamp his mouth to her inviting nipple but he felt the pull of her eyes, willing him to cum now and willing him to make her cum at the same moment. As he brought his second hand down to grasp her ass cheek he felt that they had both gotten close enough to make this all work out. As he felt an extra burst of hardness surge into his cock he plunged his fingers deep into her and brought his second hand around to stroke her clit slowly. Even with the lightest of strokes it felt like he was lifting her off the bed as her breathing deepened and he recognized the beginnings of her climax.

At first he thought he was going to be left behind as he saw her eyelids flutter, but her eyes refused to leave their connection with his. As she cupped his balls fully, she stroked just behind them and pulled on his shaft, paying special attention just underneath the head. Kyle felt his body begin to drift and lighten as his own orgasm closed in.

Amber held their gaze ferociously, feeling the deepness of their connection she induced his pleasure at the same moment as he delivered her climax. She felt Kyle’s cock swell yet again and his balls tighten as they prepared to deliver their contents. Inside her own pussy she felt the furnace burst its banks and start a fireworks display all over her head, multiplied by the knowledge he was cumming at the same instant, watching her face and about to spew hot cum for her like he’d never known.

Their eyes were locked as their bodies grew rigid together and their breathing slowed. Amber started moaning as he felt the squeeze on his balls and the orgasm pull on his every muscle. She rose up, riding his fingers as he probed her and felt her climax tighten her pussy around him. Her hand was barely moving as his cock started to spit cum, shooting straight out and up, splashing against her tummy as the spasms continued longer than he had ever known.

Even when they started to relax and regain their breath they never lost the eye contact that Amber insisted on. “Wow.” Kyle gasped, barely able to close his mouth.

“See what I mean?” She smiled through eyes that were still glassy with the intensity of their cumming.

“Couldn’t miss it.” Kyle pulled his fingers from her and wrapped his arms around her. “Thank you, teacher.” He giggled.

Amber continued to hold him and stroke him softly. “You’ll probably need a short nap now. Lie next to me and put his inside me while it’s still hard.”

She turned away from him and lay down on her side. Kyle lay next to her, his chest pressing into her back as she reached between their legs for him and guided him into her pussy. He was amazed at how welcoming she felt, so wet and warm as his cock, already hardening again as he thought about being inside Amber, slipped into her.

He pulled her close and eased himself in and out a few times before he realized she was already asleep. He joined her on the other side of consciousness within moments, smiling as he crossed the line.


Amber was kissing him awake. Her tongue was opening his mouth and urging him. She was on top of him, naked and holding his erection. “I want to teach you something else.” She whispered sensually.

Kyle ran his arms along her sides and cupped her breasts. “What am I going to learn now?”

There was no playfulness in Amber’s voice now, she was all business. “You’re going to learn that after I’ve cum with someone and had a nap, I wake up even hornier and need to be fucked, hard.”

Tugging him by the cock, Amber slid off him, got onto her knees and offered herself to him. “Come on,” she urged, “I need to feel you inside me.”

Kyle eased her hips backwards so she was at the edge of the bed and he could stand on the floor, cock in hand and easing towards her. There was no mistaking that she was excited as he slipped all the way in easily, feeling those gorgeous pussy walls close around him but unable to stop his thrust they were so slippery. “Fuck me.” She breathed as she felt him enter. “Fuck me.”

He started thrusting steadily, each time drawing himself almost all the way out and then plunging deep again. The situation of being woken up by a beautiful woman demanding to be fucked was new to Kyle but it didn’t take him long to warm to the situation, raising a leg up onto the bed to open his legs some more and let his balls slap hard against her as he increased the rhythm.

Amber was already moaning as he began slamming harder into her and then reached down to touch her clit. “Oh God yes.” She panted. “Touch me. Make me cum.”

Afterwards, he thought it was something to do with his being barely awake, but from nowhere he realized he was going to cum too. There was so little warning, he just thrust into Ambers wet pussy and before he was aware of what was happening he was blowing his stack in there while she pushed hard against his thrusts and started screaming to him that she was cumming too. All through his own orgasm he rubbed hard at her clit and thrust deep into her, his cum shooting into her and adding to their slippery fucking while her pussy cramped and pulled him tight.

The whole thing took less than four minutes from when she woke him and as he pulled out of her and fell back to the bed his head was dizzy with the moment. “God, you’re amazing.” She fell on top of him, panting and kissing him as her boobs squashed against his chest. “You did it again, without even trying. That was such a rush.”

Kyle wasn’t about to argue with her, but he thought she was the amazing one. As he looked into her beautiful shining eyes he wondered back to when the phone rang just a few short hours ago and how only yesterday he would have given anything to be next to Amber. He looked up at her and gave a short laugh.

“What?” She giggled at him.

“Nothing.” He kissed her. “You know, some things just work out sometimes.”


© Copyright 2004 Jude

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