By Miami Girl
(MF, oral, anal)

Tonight is another night of me and my husband role playing. I called home and left a message for him to meet me at this hotel. On the hotel door, outside, I left a note for him to come in without knocking.

At 8:30pm he walked in. He had on a white tee-shirt showing off his muscular frame. He was so handsome. I had lit fifty candles of all different colors; blue, red, and yellow. The place was glowing so beautifully, and I had soft music playing in the background. I turned the AC to low, so our bodies could start sweating a little quicker.

He looked over at me and said, "You must beeeee..."

"Karen, and you?"


"Uummmmmh, I love your name...and you too." I had on a shiny red body top and a red thong to match.

Right away he said, "How do you like it?" I guess he didnít want to waste time. ďNice and slow."

He repeated. "Nice and slow?"

"Yes, nice and slow." I smiled, "I know where I want that handsome face to be."

"Be careful, because you might just get what you ask for?"

"I somehow feel as if I know you."

He came over and kissed me softly on my cheek. "I guess we can always get to know each other a little better."

"Just remember," I told him, "Iím paying you, you are not paying me." I pushed him to sit on the sofa. I took off my red top and rubbed my breasts across his face.

I stood in front of him, but with my back toward him. I slowly took off my underwear and pushed my ass in his face and said, "Lick that for me, will you."

He held my ass cheeks and pulled me close to his face. I felt his tongue licking my pussy. He made a little noise when he realized how wet I was. I started moaning.

He slapped my ass twice.

I said, "Oh that feels so good, do you know what I really want you to do?"


"I want you to stick your tongue in my ass, make it nice and wet."

He started licking my ass, then he stick his tongue in and said, "You love my tongue in your ass, huh?"

"Yesssss...bury your face in my ass. I love it when you are nasty, come on, give it to me."

He started eating my ass so good, I was making noise and telling him how good he was doing it.

I turned around and let him eat my pussy from the front. I moved on his face. His tongue was feeling so good. I bent down in front of him and put my breasts in his face. He started sucking them.

I pulled him to a standing position and took off his pants and his top. I told him to sit. He sat on the sofa, his dick was so hard. I came and kneel down in front of him. He said, "Gorgeous nipples."

"I assume you are begging for them again." He smiled.

I went up to him and put them in his mouth and he sucked for a while. I had to kiss my baby, I was so turned on.

I went down to his dick. It was sticking straight up. I held it in my hand and sucked on the head. I kept on kissing it with loud slobs; I put my mouth over it about two inches and let my head go up and down on it. I looked up at him. "Michael, do you want me to get it nice and wet?"


I kept on using my tongue to play with the head, licking the side, up and down, then put my mouth over it and did what my tongue knew how to do best. His dick started feeling so good in my mouth that I started taking it deep down my throat. I knew he loved it, though he wasnít making any noise. I looked up at him and he was staring at me with those horny eyes, as if he couldnít believe I was sucking his dick so good.

I sucked it for a while. I was getting so horny. I needed to feel it inside me. I stood up, held his dick, positioned it under my pussy, and slowly sat down on it. I moved up and down, up and down, up and down. I twisted around and around, round and round, round and round.

My whole body was feeling so good. I started grinding, back and forth, back and forth. My eyes were still closed and my head backward. I was enjoying my role play. With all that slow moving, I became more and more horny, when I couldnít take the slow movement anymore, I started going up and down on it, hard and fast. I was moaning and groaning. I massage my clit as I rode him.

I wanted to cum, but not yet, I wanted him to fuck me first. I got off his dick and went over to the table and pull out fifty dollars out of my purse. I went over and gave it to him.

"How well can you fuck me for a fifty dollar tip?"

He smiled. I admired his muscular frame, watched the sweat as it ran down his sexy body. "The drive over hereÖ$24. The escort service paid meÖ $150. Fucking youÖpriceless."

I couldnít do anything but laugh. "So I guess you donít want my money?"

"I didnít say that, Iíll take it for my good looks."

"Okay, then show me how priceless your fucking is."

He got up off the sofa and came to stand in front of me, I saw in his eyes that look he always gave me when he wanted to tell me he love me, but he knew we werenít suppose to do that in the role play, so instead of saying he love me, he just rubbed my cheek, with the back of his hand; then he kissed me, slowly. I kissed him back. We kissed for a while. He rubbed my body softly, and I rubbed his. I could feel his hard dick, on my stomach. I was definitely horny.

"I need you to fuck me, now."

He stopped kissing me and put me side ways in the sofa. I had one foot kneel in the sofa and one standing on the floor, and he did the same, behind me. He rubbed his dick on my ass cheeks, before he inserted it inside me. I felt it going in, slowly. It was so hard.

"Oh yes, give it to me, Michael. Ummmmmh."

He held one of my ass cheeks while he looked down at his dick, going in and out of me. "Fuck me in the ass, Michael."

"Oh you like pain, huh?"


"Oh yeah?"

"Ohhhhh yeaaah."

He took his dick out of my pussy and used it to play on my ass hole before he pushed it in my ass; his dick was so wet from my wetness that it had no problem going in.

I guess he didnít like that position, because he lift me off the sofa and put me on the floor, to kneel down. He stood up over my ass; then pushed his dick down with his hand, and pushed it inside of me. It hurt really badly at first, and I guess he knew it, so he squat half way so his dick could be a little straighter in me. He fucked me hard and good. In and out, in and out, in and out, he did that for a few minutes.

He then took it out, and finally got on his kneels. He pushed his dick back in my ass and started fucking me hard, then slow, then hard, then slow.

"Oh yes, oh yes." I moaned. "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah."

I wanted to cum so badly. My pussy muscle began contracting. He instantly withdrew his dick.

"Oh shit, no. Come on fuck me."

He didnít do anything for awhile. I couldnít take him not touching me. Tears came to my eyes and I just went ahead and lay down on the floor. I didnít know what to think. I guess he was playing with me, because after I lay there crying he came and lay over me and pushed his dick in my pussy, and started fucking me, reaaaaaly slow.

Again he stopped, pulled out his dick and went and sat down on the sofa. His dick called me. I went and squat down, facing him. I centered his dick, right at my ass. He held the bottom of my ass and pulled me up and down on his dick.

I was feeling damn good. "Oh yeah, fuck me hard."

He fucked me harder, our skin slapped each other.

"Oh shit, ooooohhhh ohhhhhh awwwwwhh awwwahhhh." I grabbed my clit and moved back and fourth on his dick.

"Oh shit. Stop. Stop," said Michael.

I stopped because I knew he was about to cum. When I think his cum went back up, I put all my ass weight on his stomach and put my feet high in the air. I felt his entire dick going further up in my ass. He fucked me like that for a while, then I turned my body around on him, without the dick coming out of me, and I rode Michaelís dick for what seemed like forever.

When he was ready to cum he took me off of him, stood up really quickly, and came in my face. There was a lot of cum and it was all over my face. I used my fingers and wiped the cum off my face, and licked my fingers. I love the taste of my babyís cum.

Itís a taste I sometimes yearn for.

I was still horny, because I didnít cum. He knew I was too, so he opened my legs, went on his knees and started eating me out. I wrapped one leg over his head while he ate. I was so wet for him; my pussy juice was running like a slow river.

He got hard again, in no time, and thatís when he turned me around, my knees on the floor, my upper body laying on the sofa; he held his dick, centered it, and then pushed it in me. He moaned and groaned as he fucked me in a steady rhythm, not too hard, not too fast. He held my waist as he fucked me. Then he opened my ass cheek and fucked me more. I felt his hard dick all the way up in me. He took out his dick for a while; then back in me. He was fucking me pricelessly, like he said he would.

Then he picked up rhythm and as usual I heard the slapping of skins. He said, "Oh fuck yeah." We fucked like that for no more than two minutes.

I got up and let him sit on the sofa, with my back facing him; I rode him really slow while I played with my breasts.

"Oh yeah," he was saying.

I bend forward and rest my hand on his legs and fucked him while I looked down at his dick going in and out of me. I was getting so turned on watching myself fucking him.

I felt like all these role plays had me falling in love with him more and more. I was feeling so in love right now that I turned around on his dick just so I could kiss him that passionate kiss, to let him know that I love him, and will always love him, no matter what. I whispered, "I want to feel you in my ass again."

He kissed me and whispered, "I love you, Karen."

I rose off his dick and put it into my ass. I rode it slowly as I felt every vein on his dick, rubbing against my pussy walls. I love to feel his hot cum in my ass and thatís why I wanted to fuck him like that. Itís something about my ass that just turns me on so much.

We were wet from sweat. I closed my eyes and enjoyed getting ass fucked. "Oh Michael, fuck me real good in my ass."

He started fucking me harder and I screamed, "YEAH....Oh shit, AWWWWHhhhhhhh yes yes yes..." I didnít know I would cum that quickly, but I guess it was time.

I came so hard that I was contracting like a MF. Then I collapsed on his stomach with his hard dick still up my ass hole.

© Copyright 2004 Miami Girl

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