Eating Out
By B.J knightly
(MF, oral)

Carefully I choose my clothes, we are going to a restaurant, so it is a smart blouse and skirt. For underneath I pick a sheer, silky, white, lace trimmed matching set of bra, suspender belt with pale stockings and very brief knickers; the bra is so sheer my nipples poke through it. As I dress I pick up the knickers then on an impulse replace them in my drawer. I go downstairs, feeling very naughty as the cool air wafts against my warm pussy. The buzz of the doorbell interrupts my thoughts. Without saying a word you wrap your arms around me, your lips searching out my eager lips. Your hand moves slowly down my back as our tongues entwine, exploring my mouth, murmuring your approval as your hand reaches my suspender.

With an "mmmm" you break the kiss, saying it's time we got going, playfully patting my bum as we walk to the car. During the short journey there I am getting wetter with anticipation of the evening to come, and the thrill of nothing but air around my pussy. Your hand strays to my leg as we drive along, slowly stroking my thigh, reaching ever higher and under my skirt. My body reacts, my hard nipples poking against my blouse, and my clit erect, begging for attention. Oh yesss, your hand has found my waiting clit, but you withdraw your hand, stopping the car in a dark, quiet lane. "You have been naughty" you say in your stern voice, but don't quite manage to stifle your smile as you push your seat right back. Gently but swiftly I find myself across your lap, being told that naughty girls who don't wear knickers deserve to be smacked! Sharp slaps which make me gasp are interspersed with caresses, your other hand has moved back to my clit and very soon I feel the pressure building as you bring me closer to the edge. You flick my clit faster and more firmly. I cry out my pleasure as I reach my peak. You allow me to come down slowly, stroking very gently.

The rest of the journey is uneventful, and after 5 minutes more of driving we reach the restaurant. We take our seats in a quiet corner, soft music playing in the background. Outside it's become dark, whilst inside candles light our corner. Having placed our orders for the main meal we sit back and wait, sipping the champagne you'd ordered. Ooops, I dropped my napkin. Taking another sip from my champagne as our main course arrives but letting the waiters go first I kneel to pick up my napkin, still holding some of the cool champagne in my mouth. Very carefully I undo your zipper. You gasp as I free your cock and wrap my lips around your thick cock, taking you into my mouth, the cool champagne contrasting with my warm mouth and sending delicious sensations through your body. I love the taste of you, my nipples harden and my pussy floods as my mouth moves up and down hungrily on your long shaft, filling my mouth. I feel you get thicker and longer still in my mouth as you try to stifle your moans and gasps. You struggle to carry on eating, the other diners unaware of what is happening. Slowly I work you deeper, bobbing as I suck greedily on your cock, my tongue caressing and my lips holding you firmly. At the same time a hand is cupping your balls, stroking gently. I swallow the champagne, taking your cock deeper still as I do; the feel of my throat is too much for you, you can't hold back. My pussy contracts as I feel your balls tighten, and hear your soft moan as I swallow every drop of your warm cream as it fills my mouth, swallowing your cock deeper as I do. Finally I release your cock, holding your shaft to very gently lick your sensitive cock clean, swirling my tongue round and round, then carefully working in long licks down your shaft till you are all clean.

I retake my seat, "Mmm I enjoyed my first course!" I smile, and we eat our meal. The waiter takes our plates and with a grin you say "I'd like to have you for dessert; let's go back to your house..."

Copyright 2004 B.J knightly

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