One Night Stand
By Miami Girl

I stood in front of Rufus's door for a few seconds, wondering if I should knock. Finally I did, and instantly it was opened. I looked at him surprised. Was he waiting for me?

When I got in I stood facing him. He looked at me, not asking me why I came back; instead he kissed me on my cheek like a friend then hugged me tight.

He pulled away and looked down at me. "I want you to know, tonight has nothing to do with sex. If you want to relax we can relax, if-"

I didn't allow him to say anything else. My mouth was already on his. Kissing him hard, at first he stood there shocked, but only for a few seconds; then he became as hungry as I was. We ate each other's face and neck, licking and nibbling on anything and everything. This is how Tina must have felt, I guess. This was exciting, more than I could handle. One night stand, do it, get over it and move on, never have to see each other again. Didn't have to pretend, just do it. That's what it was, that was how I was feeling.

Rufus stopped, looked at me and breathing hard he said, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

My answers were all over his face, my tongue deep in his mouth, my free hands touching anything it could reach.

He lifted me on top of him. I wrapped my legs around him, and he walked over to the light, still kissing me, he uses his free hand and clicks it off. He leant me against the cabin door, and we kissed for a while, then he brought me over to the bed and we both fell on it, almost knocking the wind out of me when he fell on top, but I didn't care.

He looked at me. "Did I hurt you?"


"Am I too heavy?"

"No." I wanted to tell him just fuck me, but didn't.

We kissed some more. He got up to pull his shirt off; I pulled him back down on me. The room was steamy with our love, passion was in the air and the smell of sex was making the room fragrant. He tried to stand again, this time I let him. He held my hand and I stood up. I looked at him, he looked at me, he kissed my forehead and I kissed his neck.

I stopped. Looked at him for a long time.

He asked, "What's wrong?"

I didn't answer I wanted to intimidate him. Show him who was in charge. Showed myself what it felt like to be in charge. When his face became worried I held the front of his shirt and ripped it off. Buttons were flying everywhere, hitting the mirror and the floor, leaving two, and I popped those off too. Hoping he wasn't worrying about his shirt. If he was he took it out on my dress, when he ripped the neck of my dress and the whole front fell to my waist.

What would Kimmy think if I went back holding up my dress? But within seconds that thought left my head. When we were completely naked, we looked at each other's body for a long time.

He picked me up, turned me around once and sat me on the dresser. While we were kissing he felt for something in the drawer, came out with a box of condom that holds three, but only had one. I didn't care where the next two went; this was a one-night stand.

He slides it on, while he was kissing me. I was all over him, not giving him enough time to slip the condom on. But he got it on okay. I was wet when his dick touched my pussy. He rubbed it around a little and then slipped it in. Oh my God! It was the best dick I have ever felt.

Oh my God!

I put my fingers in my mouth and bit down. I wanted to cry. Or I thought I was crying. I wrapped my legs tighter around his butt and squeezed his body in. Leant my head on the mirror, held the back of his neck tight and made all kind of crazy noises.

He was kissing on my face and my neck. He was whispering something to me but I couldn't hear.

My butt was wet and I was sliding off the dresser and so was my back that was resting on the mirror. The room was getting hot. His back and face was dripping with sweat as if he was doing some extensive workout. Then he grabbed my hair and made a crazy noise, like a dog. I felt like cumming too, so I started making crazy noises, like I was a wild animal blending in with his.

When we came, he rested his head on my wet stomach, which was going up and down as I breathed, and I let myself lay back on the dresser like someone had just shot me and I was dying.

He gathered some energy a minute later and laid me on the bed.

My hair was wet, and I'm sure I was looking like a wet Negro dog, (if anyone has ever seen one.) He lay beside me and we hugged.

"Are you okay?" he asked resting his head on his hand and using his free hand to stroke my hair.

I turned to face him. "Thank you," I told him.

"No. Thank you."

Copyright 2004 Miami Girl

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