The Porn Site
By Miami Girl

I was in front of Kenny's studio in twenty minutes. I called him on his cell. Told him I was outside. He came and opened the door. I fixed my breast in my blouse as I walked through the hallway; then entered his studio.

"Where is everybody?" I asked him.

"Getting ready."

"So how are we going to do this?"

At first he wasn't saying anything. Then he said, "I couldn't get Rodney to come in. His wife is having a baby."

"And your point is?"

He was quiet.

"What about someone else? And what about the girl? Who-"

"I have a girl for you, don't worry."

"Okay, now what about the guy?"

"The guy has to be." He paused.

When I realized he was talking about himself I said, "No!"

"You don't have a choice."

I flung my hand in anger. "Yes, I do."

"You signed a contract with me-"

"Fuck your contract, Kenny!" I turned around to leave.

He grabbed my hand. "I'll give you ten-cents a minute time's fifty-thousand members which are signing on as we speak."

I stopped. I was trying to calculate it in my head.

He said, "That's fifty-five hundred dollars."

I didn't think twice. I was already thinking about all the things I could do with that money.

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes." I looked him in his eyes, and the Kenny I knew for almost a year was no longer standing in front of me. "You were like a brother to me, Kenny. This is going to fuck shit up between us."

"Business is business." He checked his watch. "You have three minutes before we go live."

"Damn." Business is business, where is the fucking morality in all this shit.

I took off my clothes; slipped into my red thong and red bra, with my nipples sticking out. For the first time in this business I felt naked. Kenny and I were like family, why did he have to cross that line.

Brian and Charles walked in, eyed me for a few seconds, and then smiled.

I smiled.

They went over and positioned themselves at the camera. Charles adjusted the camera. He tested the lights on me. Kenny went and checked online to make sure he could see us, live. Kenny came over and stood in front of me. I didn't know what the hell to do. I just stood there looking at him.

"Don't panic, we are going live in fifty seconds."

"You really put me on the spot, Kenny."

"Just do your job."

"Do I have to kiss you, too?"

"That's why the members like you. Just do what you do best."

Charles was using his fingers, counting down from ten, when he was down to two I closed my eyes and started kissing Kenny. Felt his tongue in my mouth. I didn't know if I could please him like I do the rest, but I have a job to do, like he said, business is business. Can't walk away from fifty five hundred dollars. Then my mind started to wander. Did he do this on purpose? I didn't even know Rodney had a wife.

I opened my eyes. I stared at him; then I stop kissing. I asked, "Was this your idea?"

"I couldn't find a replacement for Rodney."

"This shit is so unfair.

"Life is not fair."

"You should have given me the choice."

His lips turned up into a smile, then he turned to Charles, signal for him to bring the girl in.

He quickly clipped the, earring looking, microphone to my left ear, so the members online could hear whatever I was saying in the session.

I've been doing this with Priscilla for so many months that being with someone new tonight would give me a.don't know. Wouldn't call it cheating, but I guess I just wish Priscilla was here. She was my next half in sex crime, my partner in emotional excitements.

I looked toward the right of me. I saw that sexy, thick-legged female, walking over to me with tears in her eyes. I covered my face with my hands and started crying. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. Kenny came over to me and whispered, "Happy belated Birthday."

I moved my hands away from my face. I knew thousands of people were watching me. Priscilla came and stood in front of me, she was smiling. Tears ran down her cheeks. "Happy birthday, baby."

I held her face, so tender, and kissed her hard. The lights of the cameras were shinning in our faces. We kissed for a while, longer than we were suppose to. Members didn't care for kissing. They were paying top dollars to see real action. "I missed you so much, baby," I told her.

Her eyes were red from tears and glowed from happiness. "I'm sorry I left you on your birthday."

I couldn't have cried harder if someone had told me my sister was dead. I looked over at Kenny; he kissed his hand and threw the kiss at me. He said, "Happy belated birthday is coming in from a few members! Go ahead and do what you do best!"

"I can't believe you knew about this." I kissed her some more.

"I want to make love to you, as a birthday gift to you." She wiped away my tears.

"I missed you, baby. Let me go first."

"Just relax," Priscilla said. Her hair was up in a ponytail, very cute. She has on a silver thong and a silver bra and a silver pair of slippers. She stepped out of them. "Lay down, baby."

I lay backward on the carpet. I was looking at her. She came and sat down on my stomach area; she put her face close to mine. "I would love to have your, baby," she told me.

"Anytime, baby."

"I went and did the insemination we had talked about. I might be pregnant."


She was smiling. "I did it for you, baby. Happy birthday."

I didn't know what to say to her. Charles brightened the lighting on our faces, he wanted the members to see our real expressions. "I love you, so much," I told her.

She kissed my tears, the way I had kissed Molly's tears. She kissed my face and my lips. She rubbed herself on my stomach. "I love you," I told her again.

She closed her eyes and kissed my neck, leaving passion marks everywhere. She licked all the way down to my breast; then she kissed it slowly. The feeling was so euphoric, it felt better than any X I've ever taken. Silent tears were coming from the side of my eyes. She went down to my stomach, stopped at my navel, and with her hands she caressed my body. I felt her ponytail hanging from the side and touching my body. She moved down toward my pussy and raised my legs like she did in the car.

I was calling out to God. I was telling God that I thank him for sending her to me. I thank him for looking out for me, even though my lifestyle was so fucked up. Thank him for tonight; thank him for everything I could find to thank him for.

I felt her warm tongue on my clit, going up and down, so warm so oh my God. My whole world had changed. The passion, sensation and hunger I was feeling for her came pouring out of me. She was showing me how much she loves me. Showing the thousands of people that were watching us, live-online, how much she cared about me. I wanted her never to stop, never to let me go, never to look at another woman. I wanted her to stay in my world and my world only. She was slowly filling the space in my heart that I tried so hard to hide from her. So hard to hide from the world. She was now holding the key to my heart. For a second I didn't want the world to see how much I was feeling her. How much love was going to pour out of me when I came. Kenny wanted the session to be as long as possible to get his members CCN, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. I was trying not to cum; trying not to scream, trying not to break my nails in the carpet. Trying not to wrap my legs around Priscilla's neck and squeeze her until all my cum had drained out of me.

I guess Kenny saw how much I was fighting the cum. He shouted, "CUT!"

Priscilla stopped.

I sat up with my head in my hand. I was feeling so weird. So in-love, so everything.

Priscilla came closer to me and hugged me.

I hugged her back.

Kenny came over and gave me a rag to wipe my face. "You both were great. A few members are leaving tips. Few are sending E-mails saying you both deserve each other. Best session ever. Keep up the good work." He smiled at me. I was wiping my face. He touched Priscilla. "Great job. Two minutes break." He walked away.

I looked at Priscilla; Her arms were around me. "I love you, Meka. I want you to know that."

"If I didn't know before, I know now." I kissed her hand. Smelled her 360 perfume.

"I want to come and live with you."

"Anything you want, baby." At the moment I wasn't worrying about Diamond, she has to accept Priscilla or don't. If she doesn't then I'll just buy her a car and send her to live with Mama.

Charles started counting down from ten. He brightens the light. I assume the position and Priscilla went right back to where she had left off. Charles concentrated on my face for a while. He enjoys seeing my expression when I'm about to cum. Maybe I should go ahead and cum and then we could start over from there. I felt my blood rushing through my body. I pulled back a little to stop Priscilla tongue from touching me. She said, under a whisper, "Cum for me baby." I couldn't stop the blood that was flowing through my veins. They were travelling at high-speed. It rushes to my clit, hit it with great force and I jerked, my body, my hands trembled and I cried that special cry that only comes with this feeling. I clenched my teeth and made a strange noise as the cum rushed out of me.

My whole body was trembling. I wanted her to stop, but I didn't want her to stop. My body was confusing me. I wanted to please her. I begged her to let me please her. She finally gave up and lay on her back. I went on top of her and kissed her lips. I smelled the scent of myself on her face and I got horny all over again. I licked away all my taste from her lips, her nose, her chin.

"I love you, Meka." Her face was close to mine. Felt her tongue playing with my lips.

"Thank you, and thanks for our baby. How old is it?"

"A few days, we'll talk about it later." She uses her hand and wiped the sweat from my forehead and my nose.

I kissed her lips for a while, played with her neck, her ear; licked her chest, her breast, travelled down to her stomach, played with her navel. I use my hand to touch her pussy and play with the clit. I felt her wetness, felt her warmth, felt her opening. She moved on my finger, slowly but firm. Feeling her softness, her flesh. I used my finger and pulled the skin that covers her clit, backwards, just a little, to expose the most sensitive part. I had told her, a while back, that whenever I did this to her it means I'm asking her to marry me. I hope she remembers.

I licked it just a little and she started moving faster. I sucked on it long enough to have her going crazy. She was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! Oh God, Meka! Yes!" She hugged me with her legs, then she sat up, grabbed the back of my neck; told me how good she was feeling. She touched her clit, I moved her hand. She moved her hips faster on my face. My tongue went faster. She lay back and rose her butt up, moved hard on my face. Told me she was cumming. I could feel her cumming. She locked my head between her legs. I felt her getting wetter. Then instantly she removed her legs and just lay there. I crawled to her side. Kissed her sweat; kissed her lips.

Kenny said, "Cut!" I was still kissing her.

He came over to Priscilla and said, "If this was any other session you wouldn't have gotten a penny. One minute! This is business not personal. Don't let it happen again."

Neither of us was saying anything.

Copyright 2004 Miami Girl

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