The Island
By Miami Girl
(MF, oral)

I looked at the time and we were on the island for only twenty-five minutes and the way I was feeling I had forgotten how many hours we had on here. I guess we can always go back on the next fairy boat.

God I wanted to fuck so badly. Everywhere I looked I was looking for a spot that I could take Mike and let him fuck me standing up. Down further I saw a sign that said "lodging". I walked in front of Mike and he didn't mind following. I went right to the lodging. They were charging by the hour. The longer you stay the more you pay. Crazy but that's what the sign said. It was thirty dollars an hour and seventy dollars for two hours.

I told Mike I needed to lie down for a minute. He paid for two hours. As soon as the man gave us the key and I got inside, I held him and started kissing him so hard, with my eyes closed. "I need you, so bad," I told him.

He knew what was up because he kissed me back as hard as I was kissing him. I took his shirt off and he took my blouse off. I opened his button and pulled his zipper down and watched his pants fall to his feet. I went right on my knees and started sucking my Boo. It became hard while I was sucking it. I sucked on his balls and massaged his dick. I stroked it, up and down, up and down. Then I sucked on the head. Using my tongue to do whatever it was doing since I was feeling so fucked up. The Pina Colada was talking to me and telling me what to do to make Mike feel good. I was so lost in what I was doing that I didn't hear him making any noise.

I wasn't finished with him but I got up and I started singing a song by: Betty Wright that came to my head. I was singing. "Tonight is the night that you make me a woman/you said you would be gentle with me and I hope you will/I'm nervous and I'm trembling waiting for you to work me/I'm trying hard to relax but I just can't keep still."

He kissed me harder and faster. I looked at him and he looked as high as I was feeling. But they say when you are fucked up every body else looked fucked up too.

I pulled him over to the bed and he lay down and I went right down on my knees and started off where I had left off. I put the head of his manhood in my mouth and I sucked on it so good. Got it to go all the way down my throat. While it was coming out, he made the best noise my ears heard for years.

"Dang, Baby," he said.

I love when he talks to me. I said, "Talk to me Mike. Talk to me baby." I looked at his face and he had the sexiest facial expression. I went back and do my thing and listen to him act like a female. I felt it throbbing in my mouth and his dick head getting bigger. I knew he was cumming, so I sucked harder and held the bottom of his dick tighter.

"Damn!" that was Mike.

The head of his dick was swelling up in my mouth. Seconds later I felt all that hot liquid. Instantly I swallowed and because I knew it was Mike's cum, it felt so good going down. I had something that belong to him inside of me and that had me even hornier.

I thought he would go to sleep, but he didn't. He got up and I lay on my back and he went right to my pussy. He didn't start at the breast like he usually do, but went right to where needed him most.

As soon as I felt his warm tongue on my clit I was calling his name. I told him I loved him. I told him as of today I surrendered myself to him. I told him I would move to Orlando if he wanted me to.

He was sucking my clit soooo goooood. I opened my legs wider and moved my hips around and around. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what Mike was doing. And I thanked Yahweh for sending Mike my way.

He stuck a finger in me and I told him all that I was feeling. I told him I love him more than anything in this world. I told him I wanted to go home with him.

He didn't say anything he just kept on doing his thing.

I wanted to cum, but I didn't want it to be that quickly so I pulled away. He didn't try to hold me. I told him to lie down and he did. I thought his dick would be soft since he already came, but he was harder than before.

I sat over him and before I stick it in I kissed him for a while, because I knew if I had stuck it in I would cum that instant.

When he saw that I wasn't attempting to do anything he centered his dick at my hole and I sat right on it. Slowly, I let it find its way in. I closed my eyes and felt every inch of him going inside of me. I squeezed my pussy muscles and tighten it on his dick and he made he best noise ever, then I went down all the way, and came up slowly. I felt Yahweh presents, its like he was watching me making his child feel good. The child he knew deserve all the happiness, but none was coming his way.

I ride Mike so slow. It felt so good, the best feeling in the world, that I hugged him and while I was fucking him slowly, I started crying. Not loud, but tears was coming down my cheeks.

Mike grabbed me and held me close to him and that's when I really started crying. I knew he knew he wasn't hurting me. The shit was just feeling extremely good. Better than if I had won a million dollars.

"I love you, Karen," he told me and I think that's what made me wanting to cum.

"Ohhhhh baaaaaaby. Ohhh Godddd. I think I'm cumming. Umhhhhhhhh ummmmhhh. Shit!" I cupped his mouth with mine, but didn't kiss him. I was definitely cumming. I felt it.

I kissed his neck and accepted my body for what it was going through. I told Mike over and over how much I loved him. When the cum hit my spot, I screamed one long ahhhhhhhhhhhhh like I was singing. And I think that was the longest cum ever. I kept his dick in me and felt my body going through all that nerve breaking moves.

I could feel that he was still hard inside of me and I was hoping he didn't want to go one more, but I was wrong. He told me to get on my knees and I did. I felt him go inside of me and he stroke about six times and pulled out and cum on my back. I was happy for that.

I was tired. I lay on my back and he lay behind me and put an arm around my waste. I'm not sure if he went to sleep, but I knew I did.

Copyright 2004 Miami Girl

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