An E-mail to Amy
By James
(Msolo, dream)

This is an email I sent to my friend Amy, I thought I had deleted all of them but found a few. Up until recently my friend and I had been fucking each other, we had been having sex together for years. Now we are both with other people, but I miss fucking her.....

She was very hot and very good at sex...

This is one of hundreds of emails we sent to each other over the years. We live a couple of hundred miles apart and Amy liked me to write to her while I was jerking off. She liked knowing that I was always thinking about her, that I was eager and horny to see her; she liked knowing that my cock would be hard and ready for her when we met up.

She would read the emails and masturbate, or call me up and have phone sex.

This is not a story, Amy liked me to write about sex we really had together, not fantasy.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the phone call this morning, what a great way to start the day listening to you finger fucking your sweet little pussy. I love how horny you are all the time, how you wake-up in the morning longing for my cock. Believe me Amy, there is nothing I would have loved more than to slide my hard cock into your tight pussy first thing this morning. What a great way to start the day, fucking an incredibly sexy woman. As you can tell I'm very horny thinking about you.

You were telling me how much you miss my big cock already, how you desperately need to feel me inside you, how much you need me to fuck you. Itís only been 5 days since I was there. But I know how you feel, my cock gets rock hard when ever I think about you, and I think about you every five minutes...

Thanks for making me jerk- off for you. I get so horny when you tell me to jerk my cock and play with my balls for you. I know you get so worked up by the power you have over my cock, making me rock hard with just a few words, you used that soft sexy voice that works every time, you're such a naughty girl.

And than the sound of you cumming while I was talking dirty to you got me even more excited. I love the sound of you moaning and panting with your orgasms while I'm telling you all the ways I'm going to fuck you as soon as I get back there...... Then you made me cum for you. "Jimmy, stroke that big cock for me. I want you to shoot a big load of hot cum for me Jimmy. Are you jerking it hard Jimmy."

"Yes Amy.... I'm pumping it hard for you."

ďThen to push me over the edgeĒ you said in such a sweet naughty voice, "I want you to come for me Jimmy. Are you thinking about me sucking your hard cock? Is that what you want Jimmy? For me to get on my knees and put your big cock in my little mouth"

"Oh god yes Amy..... Yes." I moaned close to shooting.

"My lips wrapped around the thick shaft..... Mmmmmmm. I'll play with your big balls Jimmy, they are always so full of cum. Then Jimmy, I want you to cum in my mouth. Mmmmmm I want to eat your cum Jimmy. Mmmmmm. Do it Jimmy. Feed me your hot sticky cum."

"Amy! Youíre making me cum........ahhhhhh!"

And than I came for you Amy. I shot cum all over my chest while you went on saying. "Good boy Jimmy. Milk your big cock. Shoot your hot sticky cum for me. Thatís my good boy Jimmy." A very good wake-up call.

I didn't have any work to get finished this afternoon, and as usual I'm sitting here with a very hard cock thinking about you again. Wishing you were here. Iím totally obsessed with fucking you, and when we are not together fucking, I have to jerk off several times a day thinking about fucking you Amy. But you know that. You always encourage me to jerk off for hours at a time thinking about you. As you tell me, "I want you to keep that big cock in shape for me Jimmy. I want you nice and hard all the time so you can fuck me long and hard." That's right Amy, so I can give you the very long and hard fucking you have come to expect. God, I love fucking you.

I'm thinking about our little trip to the mountains this last visit. I wasn't in to stopping at that bed and breakfast but it turned out great. It was fun driving through the country listening to music. You would occasionally stroke my cock through my shorts, or absentmindedly massage my balls for an hour at a time. I always think when you are playing with my balls like that; you are helping my already full balls to produce more sperm, so that later when you make me cum for you I will shoot an even bigger load.

The place you had picked was really nice. You had us in one of their freestanding cabins away from the main building. At first it was odd being around all the other couples getting away for the weekend. But it made me horny and they could see by the way we acted that as soon as we got back to our room we would be fucking. That soon I would be between your wide spread legs stuffing your tight little pussy full of my big hard cock....

I get so hot thinking about it. I get so horny for you, needing to fuck you all the time, I can't imagine not fucking you. Sometimes as I'm pushing my big cock into your tight little pussy I think maybe I will stretch it and wear it out. But, by the time I'm deep inside you, all I want is to flood your womb with my seed. I love that we are so hot for each other that we just keep fucking each other. I can't help myself I just love being with you. Amy I'm so hard writing this, cum is flowing from my fat cock head..

We went back to the cabin. You lit some candies and I started a small fire in the fireplace. You laid a blanket on the rug in front of the fireplace, we undressed and I opened a bottle of wine. It was very romantic laying there naked with you, my body spooned up against your back, my hard cock nestled against your ass. In a lot of fantasies you had told me over the years you had talked about having sex in front of a fire out in the country, and here we were.

I sat up to pour us some more wine; you sat up as well taking a sip of your wine. Then you put your glass down, getting up on your knees you bent your head down and took my hard cock into your mouth, I laid back to watch you work. You look so hot in the fire light your ass in the air, your head bobbing up and down, the slurping and sucking noises you made. you brush your long hair to the side so you can look into my eyes watching me watching you suck my big cock. (did I told you how much I love your long dark hair as it trails across your pert breasts)

Amy no one has ever sucked my cock as good as you do, there is just something about the way you take it so deep into your little mouth, working your silky tongue on the sensitive underside on my fat cock head, your lips stretching around the shaft, beautiful.... I'm so lucky to have such a skilled cock sucker (you are the best by far). Amy I have been jerking off for 3 hours thinking about you this afternoon, I need you.

I reach under you and cup your pert little breast in my hand, pulling on your hard nipple, making you moan. I grab a big handful of hair on the back of your head; you know how I like the feeling of being in control, helping to fuck your little mouth onto my big hard cock. I can feel the cum leaking from the swollen head, your throat gulping as you swallow it down...

"Suck it Amy..... suck that big hard cock.... that's my good girl, I love how my big cocks looks in your sexy little mouth. ooohhh yeah you're so good at sucking cock Amy.... play with my balls..... ohhhh, that's it...." I say through clinched teeth, humping my ass off the floor to drive my cock deeper into your mouth.

You're squeezing my cum heavy balls, sucking me so very hard. I can see you have a hand between your legs playing with your wet pussy. You pull your mouth from my cock, a strand of cum runs from the well sucked head to your lower lip. "Jimmy, do you want to fuck me now..... I want you to fuck me Jimmy. I need your big cock inside me. Please! Fuck me Jimmy! I need your cock." You're still playing with your pussy, jerking my shaft. "Yes Amy. I'll fuck you now. Ride my cock Amy." I lay back.

You stand over me, a foot on either side. Youíre still playing with your hot pussy with your fingers. You look so fucking hot, your firm breasts outlined by the fire, your nipples so hard and sticking out, I can't wait to get my cock inside you. "Fuck me Amy. Fuck me right now. Ride that big hard cock..."

You lower yourself, grabbing my thick shaft in your small hand. Your wet pussy hovering above my cock. You rub the cum dripping head along your wet pussy, working it in-between the slick lips. Then you start to lower yourself. Amy, I love watching your face when you do this. Your mouth opens and your eyes get so wide as my big hard cock begins to pry open your tight pussy. You keep lowering yourself and start panting for breath as more and more hard cock fills your silky pussy. Finally you are all the way down, sitting on me. Impaled on my long cock. You don't move, just panting and adjusting to being completely stuffed with cock. my big cock once again back were it belongs, deep inside my sexy girlís tight little pussy. "Fuck me Amy! Ride my big cock. Fuck yourself on my cock Amy." I order you.

"Yes Jimmy." You purr, as you obey and start working your round ass up and down the thick shaft. You're picking up speed, slamming your ass down hard. I put my hands behind my head and letting you do the work. Your eyes close, concentrating on how my cock feels inside you. I don't move, at the moment I'm just an always hard cock for your use, your well trained fuck toy, I'm enjoying the show. you sit upright your hands on my chest, humping up and down. a very happy look on your face. You ride me this way for 25 minutes. "Do you love it Amy? do you love fucking my big cock?"

"Yes Jimmy....ohhhh! I love it Jimmy. I love your big hard cock. ohhhh god! I love fucking you!" You huff, slamming your ass.

I put my arms around your back pulling you down, your chest against mine. I grab your firm ass with my big hands, and start humping my ass off the floor driving my cock into your slick pussy, almost bucking you off of me with the impact. "Oohhh yeah Jimmy. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck that big cock into me. Fuck my little pussy". youíre panting in my ear.

I pick up speed, as I hump up; I use my hands on your ass to push you down hard onto my steel hard cock, my cock spearing into you, you pant for breath. I pull your ass cheeks apart, you moan when you feel how exposed your asshole is. I use the middle finger on my right hand to play with your horny little asshole, and then press the tip just inside.

You moan "ohhh yeah..." You just love having your tight pussy and horny asshole fucked at the same time. Amy I love playing with your tight little asshole because you get so excited when I do. I keep fucking you hard... We fuck like this for a long time.

"Get on the bed Amy. Spread your legs for me." Once again you do as youíre told, you stand up, my wet glistening cock pops free of your pussy. I stand up quickly. Youíre on the bed legs spread wide. I get on my knees between your legs and quickly push my cock back inside you. Right away I fall into I fast rhythm, pumping you hard. Youíre humping your ass to meet me. Youíre thrashing your head from side to side. "Ohhhhhh fuck me....I love it Jimmy. I love how you fuck me. Donít ever stop fucking me Jimmy."

"Put your hands on my ass Amy. I want you to feel me fucking you." I direct you. you put your hands on my ass, feeling my ass muscles flex as I thrust my hard cock ever deeper into you hot pussy.

"god yeah! Give it to me hard Jimmy. Fuck me hard...." You yell.

I get up on my arms so we can see between us. I can see my cock driving into you, your pussy lips clinging to the thick shaft as I pull out, and than I slam it back inside your tight pussy. You lift your head up watching the same thing. You watch and just keep chanting "yeahhh...ohhhh! Thatís it Jimmy! Fuck my little pussy..... Fuck it with your big cock.... Fuck my little pussy......"

It excites me to see you watching my cock thrust into you. "Do you like how I fuck you Amy?"

You look up at me "Jimmy, I love it. I love your big hard cock. You know I love fucking you. I love it. Oohh! God I fucking love itĒ you look back down at my pumping cock.(Amy, I fucking love it too)

You reach down and are rubbing your hard little clit. I keep on fucking you hard and steady, even though we have already been fucking for an hour and a half; I know I can go as long as I want. as long as you want Amy. It's my job Amy. Relentlessly fucking you with my big cock, that cock you love so much, I feel so manly and in control. There is nothing I love more than satisfying you, I want to give you the best fucking you have ever had, I need to make you cum for me....

Youíre fingering your clit; I'm sawing my cock into you. "I'm gonna cum for you Jimmy.... you're going to make me cum fucking me like that. Donít stop Jimmy! Keep fucking that big cock into me...Ē youíre running your other hand over my arms, feeling the flexed muscle "I will fuck you as long as you want Amy.Ē I pick up my pace fucking you faster.

"I know Jimmy. ohhh god, you fuck me so good.... I love how you fuck me. I love your big cock. You are always hard for me" I can tell you are so close to cumming.

(Once again Amy, you're encouraging me to jerk off for you, to keep my cock hard for hours at a time was paying off. just like you will do tonight when you call, and even though I have already jerked off for over 3 and half hours thinking about you, looking at your pictures and writing this. you will make me hard for you tonight with just a few sexy words, and you will make me cum for you again while I listen to you finger fuck your sweet pussy for me.)

"Thatís my good girl. Cum for me Amy. Cum for me while I fuck you." And you do, your legs start shaking. you are breathing fast and hard. Your head whipping side to side. You cum nice and hard for me...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jimmmmmmmmmmy!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" I keep fucking your spasming bucking pussy. I can feel your pussy sucking on my cock. I need to cum.

Wave upon wave sweeps over you. You just keep saying my name. I keep fucking. Finally you come back, throw your arms around me, pulling me onto you. We kiss, my tongue in your mouth. I put my head next to yours; I can feel your firm breasts pressed against my chest. I'm picking up the pace, long hard deliberate strokes.

You whisper in my ear. "Cum for me Jimmy. Cum in my pussy. I need to feel your hot cum inside me. Be a good boy and cum for Amy."

There is nothing I want more in the world than to cum for you Amy. I can feel the pressure building in my sperm filled balls. You and your wonderful little pussy have fucked my horny needy cock so well. Fast and hard, just like right now all I wanted in this whole world was to pump you full of my hot cum, to empty my heavy balls inside your tight sucking pussy.

You rake your fingernails on my humping ass. than dig your nails into my ass. "Cum for me Jimmy. Be my good boy and cum for me..." I like the feel of your nails, spurring me on, pulling me in..

"I'm gonna cum Amy. Youíre making me cum for you. Ahhhh!!" I grunt through clinched teeth. "Dig your nails in deep Amy. Make me shoot. Make me cum Amy. Yeah, make me cum for you ..." you dig them in very hard, pushing me over the edge.

"Cumming. Amy... your.. making me cum.....". I'm holding the sides of your head in my hands starring into your beautiful blue eyes, I want you looking into my eyes when I cum inside you....

I could feel the sperm in my over full balls boil over. a torrent of cum raced up my throbbing shaft. I flexed my ass driving my cock as deep as possible. Starring into your blue eyes, a geyser of hot sticky cum erupts from my swollen cock head deep inside your silky pussy. Your eyes get wider as you feel my potent seed filling you. I pump my cock with short strokes, making sure to keep my cumming cock inside you as deeply as possible. Jet after jet of cum shoots out bathing the walls of your well fucked pussy. "Amy...Amy." I say your name over and over.

"That's it Jimmy. Keep cumming for me. give it all to me..... mmmmm. that's my good boy. Shoot all your cum inside me..."

Finally, my cock stops cumming. I'm still fucking your cum filled pussy, there is so much cum it's squishing out around my pumping shaft and running down over your little asshole onto the bed. we kissed for a long time.

Amy, I would write about the rest of our stay. The next morning was great as well, but I'm so worked up right now I have to cum.... I miss you and can't wait to talk to you tonight; needless to say, I really wish I could see you tonight.

I'm looking at a picture of you taken up in the mountains, I'll be starring into your beautiful eyes when I cum, saying your name just the way you like me to.


© Copyright 2004 James

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