Afternoon Shower
By Rogue Marie

The time is 14.00 and you drop your bag on the door step put your hand in your pocket and pull out the key, unlocking the door you walk in putting your bag on the sofa and look round. You have been away for 2 weeks and finished the work early then expected and wanting to surprised me you not call to let me know you are on your way home, I am nowhere in sight. You hear voices coming from up stairs and make your way up. Walking into the bedroom you see a deep green dress lying on the bed you have never seen before, you then hear a mans voice and look round. A smile goes on your face as you realise the radio is on, you hear the shower running, walking into the bathroom you see me stood under the shower rinsing my hair.

You watch as I continue to wash my body, soaping up my breasts then my stomach working my way down my legs as I bend slightly. You start to feel uncomfortable as you get more excited watching and decide to join me in the shower. Quietly taking your clothes off, you step into the shower behind me, placing your hand over my mouth. I freeze not breathing as I had not heard anyone there I hear you whisper in my ear "trust me" as you take the soap from my hand and start to wash the rest of my body. Keeping your hand over my mouth as you kiss my neck and shoulder. You soap up your hands after letting go of my mouth you caress my breasts with soap and slowly work your way down.

Your hand sliding between my legs, you start to stroke me quickly hitting the spot that you know will make me quiver and only you knows how to find it first time every time. You sense my body relaxing and your other hand moves from my mouth down to my left breast, you feel my heart pounding as you take hold of it tightly. Your fingers slide deep inside me as you bite down on my shoulder. Your hand pushing in me harder as I moan louder. You bend your knees and push your hard cock put against my arse as you kiss my neck. I take down the showerhead and wash my body down letting the water splash over my breast as you squeeze it. As you take your fingers out of me I bend slightly as you place you cock between my lips and enter me with one long stroke.

You now place both hands on my breasts holding me tight as you kiss down my spine. You slowly and rhythmical fuck me as you kiss your way back up my spine, you pull my body up slightly and bite my ear and tell me how much you have missed me, and how long you have longed to fuck me again. Knowing how horny you are right now deep inside me I turn the showerhead between my legs and the water hits my clit I moan louder then ever. As you thrust deep inside, playfully I turn the showerhead slightly so the water hits your balls. As I do your hands grip my breasts tighter pulling at the nipples and you bite down on my shoulder with a loud moan. You say I'm making you so hot and horny you are fit to burst already. You pull out of me and turn of the shower off. Turning me round you kiss me for the first time pulling me into your arms as I wrap myself around you. Our kiss is long and hard as our tongues press up against each other.

You pick me up and carry me out of the bathroom, as I grab a towel on the way out. Placing me on the bed you push the dress out of the way as you take the towel and start to dry me off. I ask if you like the dress I got it for the meal we are having tonight, I donít usually wear green but it thought it brought out the green in my eyes so I got it. You dry off my breasts telling me that you love the dress, then you kiss and suck each breast while dry my stomach and move the towel down, as you move the towel lower your lips follow it. You eventually arrive between my legs and you push your tongue between my lips finding my already swollen clit, you lick and suck it. My hips rocking in motion to you as you drive me crazy with you tongue. You feel my body spasm and slide two fingers inside to get a better sensation. You suck harder on my clit as you bring me to orgasm, and them make you way up kissing me and looking into my eyes as I breath heavily to recover.

We lie next to each other as I recover kissing and talking as I stroke your chest with one hand and your face with my fingers of the other while kissing you. As I stroke your chest my hand moves lower and reaches the base of your cock. I move my fingers over your balls and ask if you are still horny. You smile back saying you always for me. I take hold of your cock stroking it making you hard again. You kiss me deeply as I take your cock in my hand holding tight, as I stroke you my grip gets tighter and I pull harder I cups your balls as I move down and kiss your tip. I open my mouth licking the tip as my warm breath flows over the rest of your cock. I then take you in my wet mouth. As my lips tighten around you cock you feel my teeth press a little against you and it makes you jump.

My tongue glides over your tip in my mouth as I release my grip and take you in more sucking on you, my fingers circling your balls as I do so. Your hands run over my hair as I pump on your cock a few times then you ask me to let go. Kissing me you tell me to lie on my back you want to try a new position. You lift my right leg with your hand and slide your left leg under me, you mover over to the side as much as you can as I put my left leg as straight as it will go as you enter me .

We kiss passionately as you bear down on top of me for the first time. Our bodies pressing against each other as your hips grinding up against mine burying you cock deep inside me, as you watch me breathing heavily. You squeeze my breast and suck on the nipple making it hard You pick up speed as you look into my eyes seeing my face up close as you bring me to orgasm, my hands scratching down your back as you cum inside me. You slow down your thrusting and come to a stop letting my leg go you slide out and move to my side as we relax in each other's arms.

© Copyright 2004 Rogue Marie

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