The Lift
By Rogue Marie

Imagine being in a lift full of people, more enter and my body presses up against you, we have never even spoken to each other, but you have noticed me several times and know I work in the same building as you. My arse pressed against your cock you smelling my perfume, this is the closest you have got to me so far smelling in my perfume you start to ache and wonder what if. People leave the lift on 1 floor and I move away slightly with more room to breath. Then on the next floor the rest leave so there is just the 2 of us. You watch me as the lift stops suddenly and the lights go out.

An emergency light goes on but it is still dark, your eyes meet and you see me breathing heavily. You can't take your eyes of my chest and decide to take the chance, you move forward pushing me against the wall, kissing my neck as your hands pull my skirt up. To your surprise I don't struggle and you realise I'm not wearing knickers and your fingers stroke my hairs as they find my clit. You take your zip down desperate to release your bulging cock and free yourself, you push your body against me hard, your hard cock pushes against my wet lips and you stiffen more. I lift your head and kiss you deeply as you finger me making me a wetter. I lift my leg as your hard cock slides deep inside me, you now move your hand and rip open my blouse your head moves down to kiss my soft breast and bite down on them.

My hands move down taking hold of your arse and squeezing tight force you deeper inside me. You take hold of my arse as I lift my other leg around you, you hold me strongly and pin me against the wall as you grind your hard cock inside me slowly and deeply. You continue to suck my breasts moving between each one. I contract around you as you bite down on me. You pick up speed as you grow harder inside me, you move your head up kissing my neck and then back to my face, looking into my eyes as you fuck me harder and kissing with great intensity.

You slide out of me and turn me round, your hands take hold of my ass as you spread my legs as you enter me from behind your hands then move up my body slowly and take hold of my breasts and you push me over a little. I put one hand on the wall to steady myself as my other goes between my legs, your hand joins mine as my fingers feel your cock sliding in and out of me your fingers rub my clit. As you get deep in me my fingers touch your balls. You stay still, deep inside me as I stroke your balls then you withdraw and push back inside harder each time, pausing after each thrust as I stroke your balls and my body begins to contract around your pulsating cock, until you cum deep inside me. Your other hand holding my breast tight playing with the nipple making it hard. You continue to ram me until you are completely empty and satisfied. You then slide out of me and turn me to kiss me as the lights come back on and the lift move. Putting yourself back into your pants I pull down my skirt and fasten my top. You kiss me deeply one last time as the lift doors open and we walk out.

Copyright 2004 Rogue Marie

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