The Girl On The Bus
By Cbrmale
(FF, Fsolo)


Stephanie thought her life was pretty well organised until Julie hired her as piano teacher. Then things started to go wrong.

Almost 20 years old, she had learned from her Chinese mother the value of a good education. Her passion was music. She was two years into her Music Degree at University. Her mother was doubtful that piano would provide a good income. Her father, who was originally British, was more sympathetic. They had migrated from Hong Kong to Australia when her mother was pregnant, just for their only child to have a special chance in life. He always held Stephanie close to his heart.

His faith proved correct when she advertised to teach the piano. Before long, she had a large group of students and was making good money. She had her own car; even though she still lived with her parents, she was financially independent.

Then along came Julie. Julie seemed to be interested in learning the piano. But, it seemed, she was more interested in Stephanie. Julie was an attractive woman; there was no denying it. Mid 30's and married. Her African ancestry left her with soft feminine curves and beautiful brown skin. Stephanie gradually felt herself being seduced by her kind manner and, oddly, her beautiful voice. Soft, feminine and ever so gentle. Slowly she was drawn toward this kind woman; drawn to become her lover. It only lasted a month, but what a month! Before she met Julie, Stephanie had only had sex with one boy, and it had been pretty forgettable. Compare that to the places Julie took her too. The comfort and confidence Stephanie felt when she was with her. She never felt at ease with boys, perhaps that's why she broke up with her boyfriend after only a few weeks. With Julie it was so different. If Julie was 10 years younger and not married.

But she was in her 30's and she was married. And as close as their friendship became, and as exquisite as their lovemaking was, Stephanie knew she had to move on. She needed to find someone her own age. Stephanie was glad that Julie could see that too, and although they would probably never see each other again, they parted as friends.

That was a few weeks ago, and now she felt desolate. She wanted to meet someone special, someone her own age. But where? How? In the meantime, University and the piano lessons she gave kept her busy. Even if there was an empty hole in her life that needed to be filled.



Every day, she caught the bus to University. Parking there is so expensive and the bus is so convenient. Every day she sat in the same seat, behind the driver, opposite the door. One cold morning, she was almost dozing as the bus ground its way from stop to stop. Suddenly, she woke up startled, just in time to see a beautiful girl, a girl with such perfect red hair, get on the bus. The girl had a portfolio under her arm and was wearing a gorgeous white cap at a jaunty angle. She sat almost opposite, in the seats facing the driver. Stephanie suddenly realised that she has been staring and quickly looked away, feeling more than a little embarrassed. Every now and then she glanced at the girl, who was engrossed reading a book. She is so cute!

The bus arrived at the main university interchange. She watched the girl get off the bus and quickly disappear into the crowd. Stephanie wondered, could she be the one?

The night, Stephanie imagined the girl with the red hair, this cute girl in her arms, the two of them loving each other. She felt herself getting aroused. It had been so long since she made love with Julie. She closed her eyes, slipped her hand inside the front of her pyjamas and started to rub herself. She imagined the girl in her arms, in her bed. She rubbed herself harder and harder. The sensations started to build. Through the cotton fabric, she pinched her own nipple, adding to her excitement. She gets closer and closer. With a gasp she comes. She could hear her heart beating as she lay in the dark on her own. It has been too long.

The next morning, Stephanie is on the bus again. Same time as yesterday. They approached one of the stops; it was the girl! No portfolio this time, just a leather bag. Stephanie pretended to read, but she kept glancing toward the girl. Thoughts raced through her head; how does she make the first move? What if the girl isn't into girls? Again, she quickly looked at the girl, who kept on reading so intently. Oh, she is so gorgeous! That red hair. Perhaps, when they get to university, she could follow her. Try to find out where she goes, perhaps even talk to her. She tried to keep up as they got off the bus, but with so many students around she quickly lost her in the crowd.

In her bed, alone that night, Stephanie dreamt of the girl. She was holding the girl in her arms. They are kissing, she is lovingly stroking the girl's hair. Suddenly she woke. Despite the cold night air she felt flushed and sweaty. As she lay there, she could feel her tension. She slowly slipped her hand down the inside of her pyjamas. She started to rub herself. Her arousal starts to build, those wonderful sensations. Rubbing herself harder and harder. Slipping her finger inside herself, she can feel her own wetness. Lost in the throws of her own pleasuring, her mind concentrates on one thing only; the perfect feelings that engulf her. She tenses her muscles as she comes, the spasms of pleasure throb through her pussy. The tension is gone, but she feels so alone.

Next day, on the bus, as they got closer to the stop, she looked out for the girl. But she didn't appear. Stephanie felt disappointed. Her day seemed empty and she found it hard to concentrate. She couldn't wait for the time to head home. As she waited at the interchange for the bus home, ahead of her, amongst the other students, she saw the jaunty white cap. It was the girl with the red hair! She is going to catch the same bus home! Stephanie followed the girl onto the bus. This time she was determined not to lose her. As they got to the stop, the girl stood and pressed the buzzer. Stephanie was ready. She grabbed her bag and followed her off the bus.

The girl strode purposefully as Stephanie followed, trying to keep her distance. They rounded a corner and made their way along a footpath, across a park and toward some houses. The girl went straight to the door of one of the houses, unlocked it and went inside. Stephanie watched her from the park; what was she to do now? Knock on the door and say 'Hello, I'm interested in you.' What if the girl is not interested in her? Not even interested in girls at all? Stephanie felt embarrassed. Dejectedly, she made her way back to the bus stop and waited for the next bus to take her home.

The next few mornings on the bus, Stephanie waited for the girl, but she didn't appear. She felt like a voyeur, waiting for this stranger every day. Then, Friday morning, the girl with the red hair was waiting for the bus. Again with the portfolio. She looked so pretty, this time she was wearing a peaked leather cap and leather gloves for the cold. She caught Stephanie's eyes and smiled. Stephanie, ashamed, quickly looked away.

When they got to the University, the girl quickly got up to get off the bus. Stephanie noticed that some paper had slipped from her portfolio and was lying on the seat. Stephanie grabbed the paper and carefully slipped into her bag.

On the way home that afternoon, Stephanie got off at the girl's bus stop and retraced her route from earlier in the week. She made her way across the path to the houses. Boldly, with the paper in her bag, she strode up to the front door and knocked. The red-headed girl answered. Stephanie suddenly realised that she shouldn't know where the girl lives! Instead she reached into her bag and pulled out the sketch, handing it to the girl without saying a word.

The girl was so happy. "I thought I'd lost that, thanks for bringing it around. Please, come in."

Stephanie felt like saying no, but she heard herself saying "yes please."

"By the way, my name is Lisa."


"Come in Stephanie."

The house was roomy and warm inside. Lisa told Stephanie that she shared it with two other girls from University.

"I'm from University myself," Stephanie said.

"Well, it's a small world. I'm doing Art."

"Music," Stephanie replied.

Lisa asked if she would like something to drink. Stephanie's throat did feel dry, she asked for some water.

Lisa returned with a glass.

"Now, tell me Stephanie, how did you know where to bring my sketch?"

Stephanie could feel herself going red. "Um, the other afternoon, I sort of followed you here."

"Sort of?" Lisa sounded surprised.

"Well, I really wanted to meet you, but I didn't know what to do."

"Do you have your eye on me?" Lisa challenged her.

"No! Of course not," Stephanie lied.

"Well, I've seen you on the bus, sneaking looks while pretending to read. D'ya think I didn't notice? Do you like girls, Stephanie?"

"I'm not sure. Do you?" Stephanie asked hopefully.

"Oh yes," Lisa replied emphatically. "Particularly the pretty ones like you!"

"Me, pretty?" It was Stephanie's turn to be surprised.

"Yes, you. The first time I saw you watching me. I thought, she's so pretty. But is she or isn't she?" Lisa gently asked, "Are you Stephanie?"

"I don't know."

Lisa challenged her more forcefully. "Stephanie, do you like girls?"

Digging deep, Stephanie blurted it out, "Yes."

"I thought so. Stand up."

Stephanie stood up, she is tall, 177cm, and slim. Long dark hair. Her European and Asian heritage shows.

"You are more than pretty. You are stunning."

Lisa stood up, moved closer, put one arm around her waist, reached up and kissed her. The relief poured out; Stephanie held Lisa tight as they locked themselves together in a passionate kiss. Their kiss goes on and on. Tongue against tongue. This is what Stephanie had been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming for. It couldn't be happening. It's too good to be true!

After what seemed like ages, Lisa broke the kiss off. Breathlessly she said, "Let's go to my room."

At the doorway, Lisa held Stephanie close and kissed her again, their tongues exploring. She opened the door and with arms wrapped around each other they staggered inside. They fell on the bed, fully clothed, still locked in their passionate embrace. Holding and kissing like they never wanted to let go.

Lisa knelt back and stripped off her jumper and shirt. Awkwardly pulling her jeans off and away, her panties followed, tossed to one side. Stephanie admired her perfect body, reaching up for her as they fell into an embrace again. She kissed her lips, her tongue, her neck, her earlobes. Everything within range. She can't get enough of this sexy girl. This gorgeous red-headed girl she met only moments ago.

Lisa needed more than kisses; it's been a long time. She reached to pull Stephanie's top over her head, to feast on her naked body. Stephanie wriggled out of the way, pulling off her trousers and bra. Lisa fell on Stephanie's pert breasts. Kissing and sucking her nipples, already standing proud with arousal. For the first time Lisa felt her skin against Stephanie's soft skin, lying on top of her lover, mouths locked together in hungry kisses.

She wanted Stephanie's pussy. She needed Stephanie's pussy. She reached down to pull Stephanie's panties away. She broke away from Stephanie's ravenous mouth and started to work her way down Stephanie's beautiful body. Each breast got a thorough tongue licking, each nipple licked and sucked. But she needed her pussy. She traced her tongue over Stephanie's tummy till she reached her object of desire. She took Stephanie's clit, sucking it between her lips, feeling it grow. Stephanie felt the familiar sensation of an expert at her pussy. It's been a long time for her too.

Lisa turned around and lowered herself over Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie grabbed her bottom and slipped her tongue around and inside those hungry pussy lips. Stephanie ran her finger around Lisa's sweet arsehole. Lisa shuddered with the sensation. This girl's an expert! She saw Stephanie's cute little rosebud so close. She started to circle Stephanie's arsehole. Stephanie audibly gasped as Lisa stroked her.

Stephanie got bold, slipping her finger into Lisa's pussy to get it nice and wet and slippery. Then she eased her wet finger inside Lisa's arsehole. Slowly until it is all the way in. Lisa lifted her head up with the new sensation. Stephanie has her headlong toward orgasm. Stephanie continued to suck at Lisa's clit, drowning in her juices, Lisa's pussy is absolutely drenched with her love liquid. Lisa ducked down to briefly suck on Stephanie's clit until the sensations of Stephanie's tongue and finger take over. Lisa lifted her head up, she can feel it building and building. Oh, this angel. She's going to come, she feels it. Stephanie sucked and rubbed her clit while gently stroking her finger inside her arse. Lisa gasped as the waves of pleasure enveloped her, the contractions swelling through her womanhood. Now it's Stephanie's turn.

"Well young Stephanie, you seem to know all the moves," Lisa murmured as she came up for air.

"Mmm. I had a good teacher."

"I can see that. How's your trib?"


"Pussy on pussy. You've never had trib?"


"It's my favourite. Here"

Lisa lifted herself up and along Stephanie's body. Positioning her right leg between Stephanie's already splayed legs and her left leg around her hip. The fit was perfect, but she wanted to tease her a little. For a moment, she pressed gently against Stephanie's pussy before retreating. Stephanie would have none of it, this was too exciting. She raised her pussy and pressed hard against Lisa. The grinding, clit against clit, seemed so perfectly natural.

"Mmm. That's incredible!" Stephanie exclaimed, her voice thick with excitement.

The two of them built up a rhythm, wet pussy grinding against wet pussy. Clit rubbing clit. Lisa could hear those tell-tale squishy sounds that she loved so much. Their juices were flowing fast now, their slippery cunts rubbing together hard. Lisa stretched her arm behind her, Stephanie reached out to hold Lisa's hand as she bucked and pounded her pussy harder and harder against her lover. This is like no sensation she had ever felt; it was so passionate, so exquisite; bodies locked together in their dance of pleasure.

Stephanie can see Lisa's eyes closed, her face contorted with her build up of desire, those searing feelings inside. Lisa is moaning, rubbing as hard as she can. Her mind is focused on her sensations. She holds tight onto Stephanie's hand, squeezing her hard. "Oh fuck," she cried as she comes for the second time.

Stephanie feels her own waves of ecstasy building, she grinds harder and harder, holding tight to Lisa's hand. Suddenly she whimpers as the orgasm envelops her, collapsing onto her back with the sheer bliss, her head near Lisa's feet. She reached across and kissed her lover's foot. Paradise.

Totally spent, they lie together in each other's arms, still nuzzling kisses. Stephanie had never made love like that before. Julie was gentle and languid; Lisa is so aggressive.

Stephanie suddenly thought, 'the time, my parents.' She quickly fished her mobile phone from the pocket of her jeans and called them. She told them she would be late. She met a friend and time just flew. Quickly she got dressed. Lisa thought it's probably time she got dressed too.

They emerged from the bedroom. There are two other girls in the lounge room now.

"Ah, Lisa. Who's your new friend?" one of the girls asked.

"Jo, Taylor. This is Stephanie. Stephanie, don't worry about them. With these two it's strictly boys only. That leaves all the pretty girls for me!"

Stephanie felt herself blushing in front of these two strangers who had quickly worked out what was going on. And she needed to get home. "Lisa, I must go. Can we meet again?"

"Sure. It's Friday," Lisa replied. "Let's go out tomorrow night. There are some good clubs we can go to. I'm sure Jo with the car can give us a lift. That right Jo?"

"Yeah. As long as you don't mind sharing it with my boyfriend."

"No trouble," Lisa said. "Just make sure he keeps his hands of Stephanie. She's mine!"



As promised, JO drove them to the city centre, where all the good nightclubs are. As always, there were more girls than boys on the dance floor. The sight of Stephanie and Lisa dancing close, embracing and kissing drew no more attention than any other couple. Two girls having a good time, that's all. Some of the girls on the floor knew it was more than two friends, they could see it. The tightness of their embrace, the passion of their kisses, those facial expressions. But, these days, two girls in love. Nothing new there.

Stephanie never drinks much, her mother doesn't drink at all and her father only a little. Doesn't he have an old song he sometimes plays, 'Love is the Drug.' Maybe that song was right, she felt no need for alcohol tonight. Lisa is a little more wild. Stephanie thought so when she first saw the butterfly tattoo on her bottom. At least it's small, and in a very sexy place too. Even so, she followed Stephanie's lead that night and had just had a few drinks. Maybe she also felt satisfied just being in the arms of her new lover. It didn't stop her having a couple of cigarettes though. "Don't worry Stephanie, only at parties!" Stephanie was relieved at that; smoking was something she never liked much.

They caught a taxi home. It was late. In fact it was early the next morning. "I told my parents I would be staying at a girlfriend's place."

"You naughty girl."

Tired, they stripped off and quickly fell asleep in Lisa's cosy bed.

They lay in bed, their legs entwined. Stephanie's left hand lightly stroked the soft skin of Lisa's back as she calmly slept. She bent over and softly kissed her forehead. She could feel the soft skin of their breasts pressed together. She listened to the rhythmic sighs of her sleeping and felt her breath calmly caressing her cheeks. She ran her right hand lovingly through her silky red hair. Her left hand stroked her back as far as the gentle flair of her hips. Her lips moved forward to kiss that cute little nose, and then the softness of her upper lip. Outside it was cold, but inside it was cosy under the warm quilt.

Never before had she felt so alive, so complete, so at one with herself. She wanted to caress her entire body, to run her hands over her soft skin. Instead, she lies there in her sweet embrace. She lies there, enjoying the serenity of the moment.

Slowly, Lisa stirs. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the love on Stephanie's face. She stretched for a moment, and then wrapped her arms tight around her lover as she drifted through those wonderful moments between sleep and wakefulness.

Lisa could feel the cold. She reached down and switched the heater on. She cuddled up close to Stephanie; she wanted to hold her forever. It was too cold to get up, but it would be warm soon.

They slipped on shirts to cover themselves before sneaking to the bathroom to freshen up. Back in the bedroom on a Sunday morning. It was time to have fun, to explore, to love. So entranced were they, all they could do was hug and kiss. Every time Stephanie moved, Lisa would bring her back and kiss her again. Deeply, romantically, passionately. They held each other tight like they never wanted to let go. Slowly, Lisa broke off the kisses, she wanted to explore this angels body. She trailed kisses right down her body, over her hips, on her bottom, her legs and back again. She kissed Stephanie's breasts. She suckled her nipples. She made love to this new girl in her life.

Lisa rolled Stephanie over and spent a moment to admire her beautiful bottom. Nature indeed had given her the most perfect arse. The sunlight through the gaps in the curtain highlighted the rounded globes and her superb light skin. Lisa bent down to kiss each cheek over and over again. At the same time, she massaged and kneaded that superb bottom. Stephanie murmured with the sensation, the erotic sensation of being loved from behind. Lisa bent lower to nuzzle into her, her tongue seeking her little rosebud. Stephanie squirmed with the sensation. Lisa reached below and rubbed Stephanie's clit, still licking her arsehole. She felt the wetness in Stephanie's arousal.

Stephanie raised her hips and reached back to spread her cheeks apart. She loves having her arse licked; first thing on a Sunday morning is sheer ecstasy. Tongue dancing around her sensitive arsehole, two fingers rubbing her clit. Heaven. Lisa picked up pace, rolling her tongue and gradually slipped it inside while rubbing Stephanie's clit harder and harder. Stephanie pressed against Lisa's face, urging her tongue to go deeper. It's so perfect! Lisa continued to circle and rub her clit; Stephanie can feel the arousal building. Too soon to come, it's time to change.

Lisa rolled onto her side, wordlessly inviting Stephanie for some mutual pleasuring. Stephanie didn't need a second invitation, laying her head on Lisa's shapely thigh, taking Lisa's clit between her lips, sucking it, feeling it grow with arousal. Stephanie rolled her lover's clit around like the expert she is. Lisa squirmed with the pleasure.

Stephanie gently slipped two fingers inside Lisa's wet pussy, gently reaching for her g-spot. As soon as she found that special soft spot, she pressed hard. At the same time she nestled herself against Lisa's clit, flicking her tongue while pressing inside. Lisa can feel the difference. It's uncomfortable at first, then the sensations start to overwhelm her. Lisa took Stephanie's clit into her mouth, stroking and licking it. She can feel Stephanie's wetness and her scent of arousal. She is drowning, drowning in saliva and the juices of her lover. Stephanie is so wet. And yet she concentrates on working her tongue and fingers on Lisa's pussy. Intent on giving pleasure she hardly notices the pleasure that is being given to her in return.

Lisa's feelings are exquisite. She feels her orgasm building. The tingling sensations. Suddenly, she cried out as the orgasm tears through her. Momentarily her entire being, her entire soul is drawn into the contractions inside her cunt. Stephanie felt a gush of liquid pour over her hand, a gush from Lisa. For a moment she thinks Lisa must be very wet with excitement, then suddenly it dawned. She is amazed, Lisa came like that! Lisa's heart is pounding; that's the biggest orgasm she as ever had. She needs a moment to recover, to relax, to come down from heights she has discovered for the first time.

Head to thigh, Lisa doubled her efforts on Stephanie. Following Stephanie's lead, she slipped two fingers inside as she searched for the special place. Stephanie can feel her now. It's so fantastic! Lisa pressed inside and sucked her clit at the same time. Stephanie gets closer and closer. Thoughts race through her mind, willing Lisa to keep on going. The sensations build for the second time that morning. Only this time she's going all the way. Closer, closer, closer and with a gasp she comes, she comes so hard. She rolls onto her back to savour her feelings. She needs to catch her breath. Lisa gently kissed her as Stephanie relaxed and savoured orgasmic bliss. Lisa kissed her neck, kissed her earlobe. Gently, gently, cradling her lover in her arms.

It's late, it's time to get up. Together they made their way to the bathroom. Lovingly, they washed each other in the shower, the warm water cascading over their naked bodies. The two young lovers in the warm and steamy shower.

Over breakfast, the spell is still there, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. JO and Taylor try to ignore it, but Lisa's got it bad for this girl.

After breakfast, they lay together on a deckchair on the balcony in the weak winter sun. Snuggling up to each other to keep warm. Close together in each others arms.

"Stephanie," Lisa asked. "Does anyone else know."


"Your parents?"


"You need to tell them," Lisa reminded her.

"I know. I want them to meet you."

"Are you sure?" Lisa asked.

"Yes," Stephanie replied.

Stephanie rang her parents and told her father that has met a special friend. She asked if her friend could come around for dinner that night. Her father couldn't see why not.

That evening, JO drove them to Stephanie's house. Her father answered the door.

Stephanie introduced them. "Dad, this is Lisa. My girlfriend."

"Girlfriend or girlfriend?" he asked.

"Um, my lover," Stephanie replied.


"What do you think Mum will think?" Stephanie was worried.

"Well. She's a bit conservative, but I'm sure we can convince her. You're a big girl now, and whatever makes you happy, makes me happy."

Dinner was a bit strained. Stephanie's mother was clearly shocked. But she also saw them holding hands and looking at each other in that special way. It seemed like love. Then Stephanie told them she wanted to move in with Lisa. That was a shock.

Stephanie packed a few things for the next few days at Lisa's house. As she was packing, her Dad told her not to worry, Her Mum will come around. Someone special doesn't come every day and he was glad she had found someone special.



It's Monday morning. Lisa and Stephanie awoke in each other's arms. Passionate kisses start the day. Time together in the shower. They walked to the bus stop, hand in hand. It's the start of a new life together.


Copyright 2004 Cbrmale, Australia

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