The Business Trip
By Cbrmale
(MF, cheat, oral)


Our holiday at Byron Bay was the calm before the storm. Although, as things turned out, perhaps it was the storm before the hurricane. During our holiday we all knew I had a new project at work, a project that required me to spend time away from home. Too much time from home. At least we spent a two full weeks together and we left Byron with some interesting memories.

It wasn't the first time I had travelled on business, and this experience helped me. My secondment was for six months, and I would be based in Sydney Mondays through Thursdays of each week. Julie was also prepared. She had been through this sort of thing with me in the past. We love being close together. Oddly though, sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

So it was into my routine. Fly up on Sunday, check into a good hotel in quiet part of the city. Then I pack on Thursday, catch a train to Sydney airport and I will be home by five. We have sex by six and then dinner. One must get ones priorities right. More love making over the weekend and then a taxi to the local airport on Sunday evening again.

Although we catch up with sex when I get home, from Sunday to Thursday is a long time to wait. I can feel the tension grow. As I walk to the office, every girl looks twice as pretty, twice as sexy. Every pretty girl reminds me of what I am missing. By the time I get home, the tension is palpable. I quickly shower and clean up. Julie knows the score, she loves sex too. She is ready and waiting by the time I step out of the shower. We make love with passion. Hard and fast. Out of control. I ravish her smooth brown body, I worship her femininity. I spend the tension within me. It is the way I am.



After my workday, my colleagues head home to loved ones and families. I head back to my empty hotel room. It is only 5.30 and there is so much time until bed. And yet I feel drained and empty.

I catch the lift to the 19th floor. Time for a swim. The top floor has a gym and a swimming pool. Both are always empty. I slip into the water and start turning laps of the compact pool. My body effortlessly glides through the water. Ten laps, twenty laps. It feels strangely erotic, but after a few days away everything feels erotic. Even so, whenever I swim, I feel aroused. I don't know what it is? Swimming brings out the sexual side of me; always has.

Time for a breather. I hold onto the edge of the pool for a moment. Then another ten laps. I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist to make my way back to my room.

I dress casually for dinner. There are quite a few restaurants in the nearby area, but it is wet and noisy outside. Tonight I will eat in the hotel.

The restaurant is smallish, but cosy. The food's expensive, but I'm not paying. There is one table left.

"Ah, Mr. Michael," the head waiter says as he guides me to the table. It's been too long when the staff know your name.

I pick up the menu, although I know it by heart. The wine waitress asks me for drinks. I order a glass of red wine.

I notice that a lady has arrived. Maybe in her mid 30's. What a lady! She is dressed to perfection. The restaurant lights up with her presence. Her red dress highlights perfectly against her black hair. The head waiter must be telling her to wait until another table is free. I catch his eye and motion him toward me.

"Tell her she can share my table if she wishes"

He hurries back and talks to her. I see her smile. He brings her across.

"Thank you so much. I didn't feel like finding somewhere else tonight."

"I know the feeling. By the way, my name is Michael."


"Jacqueline. That's a lovely name. You travel often?"


"Me too."

We talk. I sit opposite this attractive Jacqueline. I smell her perfume, a musky scent. Faint, alluring, sexy. Her face lights up when she laughs. She likes my sense of humour. I catch her gazing into my eyes.

My throat suddenly feels dry. I reach for my glass of wine. She reaches out and holds my hand. I feel her hand is sweaty even though the room is cool. She stretches her other hand across the table; I hold it. The wedding band is clear on her third finger.

We finish our meal in silence. No dessert. I order coffee. Jacqueline does too.

It's time to go. "It's been wonderful to share a meal with someone." I sound trite.

She responds, "My room is 1017. Meet me there."



I return to my room and freshen up after the meal. I wait for 10 minutes, my heart pounding with nerves. I'm 40 and I feel like a teenager on his first date.

I catch the lift to floor 10 and look for room 1017. I knock and Jacqueline opens. "Entree. Drink?"

"No thanks, maybe some water"

"I need something." She pours some water from the jug in the fridge for me and mixes something from a little bottle for herself. "I don't want you to think." she starts.

"No, please don't explain. I know why."

"Michael, we all have choices to make in this life. Tonight we will make ours. Tomorrow will be another day."

"I understand."

Jacqueline kisses me tenderly. I feel passive sitting on the edge of the bed, nursing my glass. She is seducing me. She is right, we have choices to make and I have made mine. She is charming, attractive, alluring and sexy. Very very sexy. She has a husband and I have a wife. And tonight we will me make love.

I was ready; I put the glass down, turned to her, held her face with my hand and kissed those gorgeous ruby-red lips. She responds, reaching behind my neck and pulling me closer to her. Our tongues touch. Two near strangers are together now and nothing is going to stop us. After the longest and most passionate kiss I had experienced for a while, she stood up. "Unzip me please". It was a shame to see that beautiful tight red dress being removed, but the curves underneath! She was heavenly. Her underwear followed, and then it was my turn. Men's clothing never slips off as easily as a lady's.

The two of us were disrobed, sitting on the edge of the bed and kissing passionately. Perhaps we were a little unsure of who should make the next move. My turn. I broke the kiss and moved onto the bed proper. "Come" was all I said. And she did.

She straddled me with those heavenly thighs; legs so shapely and so firm. She reached down, her breasts touching my chest, sending tingles through me. She kissed me again, even harder than before. Our soft wet tongues caress, prelude of more softness and wetness to come.

She sat back, my erection was plain to see. "My, who's a big boy then. Don't believe what you've been told, size means everything!" With that, she took me into her mouth. Oh, so warm and wet and slippery. And that bright red lipstick; so sexy. She positioned herself so that I could see everything, the tease. It was late, I was tired, so she could stay on me as long as she liked; tonight I was going to take a long time to come, and there was plenty of time for fun.

After what seemed like an eternity, I decide that it was time to return the favour. "Your turn?" I asked. Jacqueline gently let me go and lay down, legs spread in anticipation. I position myself comfortably, my head within easy reach of her place of paradise. But not quite yet. I ran my tongue up those soft and smooth thighs. Those shapely thighs. I brush her pussy before running my tongue down her other leg. And then back. As I brush the second time, the wetness was unmistakable. I continued to drink in her legs, so long and so shapely. They were heavenly; she was heavenly. Every time I touch her womanhood, it was wetter, her arousal stronger. Her pussy needed me. I gently start at her pussy lips, they were swollen and engorged; ready to receive my manhood. Not yet my sweet; first you must reach ecstasy. Then you will feel me inside you.

I ran my tongue from her lips to her clit, just brushing her little knob. Still teasing her. I noticed her cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples. My God, what breasts. What a body. I started to circle her hood with my tongue as I slip first one, and then two fingers inside her wetness. I felt her shiver with the sensation. I keep up the regular circling, bringing her to her peak slowly. Suddenly, she needs it now; she pushes my head down hard onto her. I suck her clit between my lips. I feel her squirming with passion, squirming with pleasure. She was getting closer, it was hard to hold on. I hold onto her hips to brace myself. I take her right to the edge. She cries out as she comes, her body tensing and then relaxing. I let her sensitive womanhood go; she needs time to recover. I kneel between her legs for a few moments until I see her eyes open. I see the invitation in them. It is my turn again.

I was in the right position; I move up to her and she guides me in. As we lock ourselves together in a deep kiss, I start slowly, just penetrating her pussy a little. At first little strokes, followed by a slow big one. Then more little ones and another long slow and deep one. She wanted me deeper but I was doing fine. She wrapped those long legs around my waist, locking her ankles around me. Drawing me deeper and deeper into her warm and slippery tunnel of love. Now every stroke is a deep one, but still slow and regular. It is heavenly to be inside such a perfect creature; I want to make it last. I gently held her hair while she wrapped her arms around my neck; the kiss was intense as we slowly and gently made love together.

I need to last, I want to drink her heavenly spirit. The only sensations on my mind were my skin against hers, our mouths together and my manhood inside her. I was on a high, a high of bliss. I felt I could make it last all night, I wanted to make it last. It was my masculinity driving us now. Our bodies were locked together. Man and woman, the way it was intended.

I began to fuck faster now. Deep and fast. It was time for me to come. It was time to come inside her, inside this beautiful and oh so sexy creature. I deliberately relax myself to allow the sensations to start to build. With each stroke the tingling sensations became more intense. I was fucking her hard now. Our groins slap together as I slowly, steadily build to my peak. Harder and faster. The waves of pleasure starting to build. Harder and faster, my body still locked by her legs around my waist, drawing me deep inside her. She wants me to come, she wants to feel my juices inside her. I can feel it getting closer, closer, closer. I cry out as the first spurt floods deep inside Jacqueline's pussy. Again and again, slower and slower. The waves of pleasure with each lingering thrust. My softening manhood still inside her. Now slick with her juices and my come. At last I stop and lay on her. Still she locks me on top with her legs. We kiss again. More gently this time. I feel the sweat on my brow. My God, that was good. It had been so long since I was with another woman.

"Do you want to go to your room?" Jacqueline asks.

"Not unless you want me to."

"Please stay here"



I awoke in the middle of the night. In the gloom I could make out where I was. I heard her breathing. I smelt her scent. Unfamiliar. I reach out and gently brush her, naked under the sheet. It was reassuring to be with her still. I listened to her breathing for a little while before drifting off to sleep.

I awoke, the room was light. Hotel curtains never keep out the morning brightness.

"Hello, how are you?" Jacqueline asks; she had been watching me sleeping.

"Fine, thanks," I reply.

"Do you have an early start?"

"No, anytime around 9 and I work just across the road. And you?"

"Plenty of time," she replies.

"Plenty of time for what?" I ask

"Plenty of time for whatever you want."

We both went to the bathroom to freshen up and wipe away the sleep. Plenty of time indeed.

I love morning sex. I don't know what Jacqueline's sex life is like at home, but I thought I would try a little surprise. First, just one more time I had to drink her beautiful body. I started on her breasts, so large and so firm. I gently circle around her nipple with my tongue, closer and closer till I gently sucked her between my lips. Then the other beautiful breast, the other nipple till it was also hard and aroused. I cup her breasts with my hands, feeling the firmness, the size that seemed to defy gravity. I work my way down her stomach, gently. I pause at her pussy, then work my way right down her right leg. I make my way back to her pussy for a longer stay. I spend a few minutes to arouse her, drinking in her scent and tasting her sweet juices. But not for her to come. That's for later.

My wife would know what comes next, but I had to show her. "You'll like this". I lay on my side beside her and lift her right leg to slip my hips under it, and then I slip my right leg over her left leg. I guide my erect manhood to her place of pleasure and enter her. As I started to stroke inside her, I was able to reach for her clit and rub it with my fingers. I could feel it standing proud with her arousal and anticipation. I rub her clit with two fingers the way she would have rubbed it herself. I rub it as I was stroking inside her. I could feel my shaft pulling at her lips as I slid in and out of her wet love tunnel, just below my fingertips.

I could feel her wetness growing, her clit getting even larger. Her red areolas were swelling with the arousal. Still I rub her. She started to rub her own breasts, I could see that she was really into this. I continued to rub her firmly and regularly and fuck her at the same time.

"Oh God," she gasped, "don't stop. Keep going."

I kept rubbing her with a regular and steady pressure; my manhood stroking inside her at the same time. She was getting closer now, her body moving and bucking on the bed as I fuck her and rub her. Her eyes are closed, her fingers pinching her own nipples. My fingers are clamped tight on her clit as she squirms on the bed. Still I keep fucking her and rubbing her. Her breathing is getting ragged; I can feel her wetness on my fingers, her wetness on my groin every time we touch. She is getting closer and closer, she wants to come, she wants to come with me inside her.

Suddenly she cried out "Oh fuck". I felt the contractions through my shaft as I kept on stroking inside her pussy. I relaxed from rubbing her for a moment, and then restarted. Before long I was rubbing her with the same firm pressure. The second time didn't take so long. Soon she was moving and bucking on the bed again. In deep concentration, feeling the sensations building inside her. Again I have to hold on tight as she squirmed around, willing herself to reach her peak again.

"Oh I'm gonna come again." She cried out "oh!" as she came. This time it was bigger, the contractions stronger, massaging my manhood deep inside her.

Again I eased my fingers away for a moment while I continued to fuck her. Then I restart rubbing her clit. I build up to the same steady stroke, the same steady pressure. Again she gets closer, closer with the rubbing of my fingers on my clit and the feeling of my member inside her. She is dripping with her own wetness, my shaft and stomach are drenched with her liquid. The slurping is so loud, the only sound in the room is the sound of my shaft inside her wet pussy. I see her eyes are closed, I feel her squirming and moving around, her tension building. She gets closer, closer, closer.

"Oh yes," she cries as she came. The contractions were massive. "Please stop. No more." The last set of contractions start to tip me over the edge. I can feel that point of no return looming. I can feel the pleasure building. With two or three hard strokes I come deep inside her. Then three, four gentle strokes to match each wave of pleasure as I empty myself in her pussy.

"That was good! Where did you learn that?" I was too low to kiss her, so I pressed my finger to her mouth instead.

"That's an easy one."

It's over now. We both need to shower. I need to get back to my room. Jacqueline is sitting on the bed, watching me dress. I don't know what to say. I walk over to the bed and kiss her. "It was wonderful. You're wonderful. I must go."

I left her sitting on the bed.



The rest of the day I felt unsettled. It had been good, it had been great. But I cheated. I felt a little guilty. By the end of my workday, I was glad to get back to the hotel, to swim, to relax. I decided that tonight I would eat out. On my way through the foyer of the hotel I glanced toward the restaurant but there was no sign of Jacqueline. I never saw her again.

By the time I left Sydney on the Thursday, the feelings of guilt were well gone. It was just sex, sex for a night. Julie had been with other women. Now I had been with a woman as well. The only difference was that I was with Julie when she was with the others. This time it was me alone and Julie was far away. If she ever found out, she would understand. She knows the temptations of someone attractive. One thing is for sure, once this project is finished, I am never going to commit myself to so much travel again.

Copyright 2004 Cbrmale, Australia

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