Beach Holiday
By Cbrmale
(MF, voy, FF)

Chapter One

Byron Bay, Northern New South Wales. Just south of the Queensland border. Where the weather is perfect for eight months of the year. Home to the rich and famous and home to the last of Australia Hippie culture. Where souvenir shops selling bongs stand between surf shops and boutiques with $800 outfits. Overrun by southern Australian tourists every holiday season. Fortunately for us it is August, and our family of four are taking an early holiday before the crowds descend. We are staying at a self-contained resort on the outskirts of town. Swimming pool, spa, tennis court, games room and a short walk through some scrub to the beach.

And what a beach! Perfect white sand right round to the nearest headlands. The warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. And hardly a soul uses it.

It's time to laze away the days by the pool. Play tennis. All the facilities are here and there is one other family at the resort as well as a couple in one of the special units in the bush. It took a few days before we even bothered with the beach. When we first used it, the warmth of the water was a surprise, the deserted nature of it even more so.

It's a full moon time of the month, and being August it gets dark early. It's eerie, outside, so bright and the stars so close. The meagre lights of the small town don't block the starlight like the lights of a city.

The two of us were sitting on the balcony one evening while the children watched television. "You know, Julie", I remarked, "this moonlight would make a romantic swim."
"Are you sure it's safe", she replied.
"Yeah, look at the shadows. See how bright it is."
"It's unusual. I can hear the waves too."
"Go on", I encouraged.
"Oh, I suppose so. The children will be okay for an hour or so."

We went in and changed to our bathers, grabbed a couple of the large beach towels and let the children know where we were going. They were too interested in what they were watching to mind. We headed along the track through the scrub to the beach.

Next to the ti-tree scrub was a wide grassy area. It must have been just after high tide and the sand was moist and firm under our feet. I looked around. Not a soul in sight. I thought 'why not'. I dropped my towel on the grass and then untied and removed my Speedos as well.

"What are young doing?" asked Julie with desperation.

"Skinnydipping", stating the obvious.

"What if someone sees?"

"There's nobody around. Why don't you try it? Surely you used to skinnydip on the farm when you were young?"

"Alright then. If one of us gets caught, it may as well be both of us" Julie replied.

She removed her costume. We both sprinted across the firm sand to the warm water and went out to waist deep, pushed around by the gentle waves. I grabbed her and pushed her under. She's not happy about that, and she tries to upend me. No luck, I'm too strong. I let her struggle against me for a bit before giving in and letting myself go. Now she's happy. I surface, rubbing the salty water from my eyes. I glance at her breasts, shining with wetness in the moonlight. I make my way against the waves toward her. Her short hair is plastered on her head and dripping water down her face. I reach behind the small of her back and hold her against me. We kiss; the salt from our lips gets in the way. I reach below her back and grab her round and firm bottom, holding her to me from below the water. She reaches for mine, pulling us tighter together. My firming manhood is now pressed against her stomach. She feels it arousing her.

"Lets get out of here" she says.

We make our way across the sand slowly, hand in hand now. The grassy area makes a wonderful spot to dry without getting sandy. I spread both towels on the grass and lay on them. "Come" I say, reaching up for her. She kneels beside me, and I run my hands through her damp hair, drawing her towards me before kissing her deeply. She opens her mouth and I respond with my tongue. Our tongues touch and press against each other; warm wet and inviting. I move one hand towards her breasts, gently tracing circles around the nipple. I lightly brush her nipple and I feel her shiver in response. She reaches down and holds my manhood, now erect and laying flat against my stomach. She strokes it gently with her hand as I trace circles on her other breast.

I move to her bottom. Wonderfully firm and feminine. I squeeze her and massage her, feeling the fullness of her wonderful figure. My other hand moves to her shaved pussy, and I stroke her lips gently. Her lips are small and tight with the cold. I brush her clit, still hiding in the folds of skin. She disentangles herself from me and lies on the towels beside me, crooking one knee up as an unspoken invitation.

With the waves rolling against the sand only metres away, I lay on my stomach, nuzzling up to her. My tongue now starts on her pussy lips, tracing circles around them and gently prising them apart for the wonder inside. I curl my tongue and gently ease it inside her. She spreads her legs more as I 'tongue-fuck' her. I feel her juices, bitter and sweet at the same time. I withdraw from there and move upwards to her clit, now larger but still hiding. I run my tongue around the sides; along the hood. I feel it enlarge with my touch, gradually enlarging enough for me to take her in my lips. She starts to push hard against my face, my chin is now wet with her juices. I continue to suck and caress her clit, more firmly the harder she presses. She is clearly getting close now; her clit is hard and standing proud. It is easy to take it between my lips and rub my tongue on it at the same time. Each time I suck and rub her, each time she must be getting closer. I hear her gasp as she comes, pushing on me with her hands to make sure I don't continue on her now sensitive womanhood.

I am kneeling now between her legs, admiring the view. "Come on, don't you want to go swimming?" she asks.

I dive in, she reaches down and guides me inside her. It's so hot! I must be cold in the night air, I can feel her heat as I ease inside her. I try one full and deep stroke to enjoy it before pulling right back. Then I gently ease in, just teasing her lips with my shaft before withdrawing and trying it again. I feel her wetness on my sensitive glans as I keep on teasing and caressing her opening. I repeat another slow and deep stroke before some more shallow ones. Then a couple deeper with some more shallow ones. I enjoy the different sensations, her lips massaging my glans on the shallow strokes and the fullness of her cunt engulfing me on the deep strokes. I am almost lost in the sensation, but I notice she is looking to one side. I follow her view.

Another couple on the beach. Clear in the moonlight. Standing and watching us. They see our nakedness, our bodies against each other. I see the woman reach between her legs. With one hand she is rubbing herself. Her other hand reaches behind her. Her bikini top falls free and lands on the grassy sand, her breasts now bare in the cool night air. He turns from watching us and starts to fondle and kiss her breasts. She doesn't look at him, she is looking at us as I continue to stroke slowly and methodically inside my wife's pussy.

Julie turns her head away from them and wraps her arms around my neck, bringing my face to hers. She kisses me; our tongues touch, her tongue feeling the inside of my mouth, my cock riding her warm and wet tunnel of love.

The other girl is on her knees now and we can see clearly that she is sucking him. Her head bobs back and forward in a steady rhythm. The sight of these two strangers getting off on us seems to turn Julie on. I can feel her squirming and pushing now, pushing hard against me. Willing me to drive deep and fast inside her. I respond by fucking her harder. She is watching them again, watching the woman sucking the man. She turns away and closes her eyes. For the second time she moans and comes, this time with me inside her. I feel myself building, building. There is no need to hold back now, we are both ready. I thrust harder and harder, and then I come inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure as I pump my own love juices deep inside her.

A moment later I look at the other couple. He is holding her head now. Probably willing her to get him to his peak. We can see clearly, but the noise of the waves make is impossible to hear. I lay nestled between Julie's legs. We both watch and wait. We want to seem him come. The woman slows and then stops. He must have come, filling her mouth just moments after I filled Julie's pussy.

I get up and use a towel to wipe the juices from my shaft before replacing my swimmers. Julie uses the towel to wipe my juices as they drain from her. She slowly pulls her costume on. As we get dressed, the other couple heads towards the water, still naked, for their swim.


Chapter Two

A couple of days after the fun on the beach, Michael and Julie are at the pool. Michael is swimming laps, using the holiday to keep in shape. Julie is lounging on one of the deckchairs in the shade of the palm trees. Steve and Susan arrive at the pool. They see a woman, possibly in her 30's, with brown skin. She is in good shape.

"Isn't that the woman we saw on the beach other night?" asks Steve.

"And that must be the man in the pool" replies Susan.

"Of course, they must be from here, there's nothing else around".

"Lets go and say hello" says Susan, mischievously.

Steve and Susan sit on a deckchair next to Julie and introduce themselves.

"Didn't we see you on the beach the other night?" asks Susan.

"Um, yes. And I think we saw you too."

"That's right" replied Susan. "Watching you made us so hot that we had to do something to cool down".

"Right, okay" replied Julie, not sure where this was leading.

By this time Michael had left the pool and was making his way toward the threesome. He recognises them.

"This is Michael, sorry I forgot your names", as Julie tries introductions.

"I'm Steve and this is my partner Susan". Noticing the wedding rings, Susan says "We were just telling your wife how hot it was on the beach the other night".

"Oh, sorry about that" apologises Michael. "We don't normally, you know, on the beach".

"Oh don't apologise, it was wonderful and we had a marvellous time". Susan is clearly the talkative one. "In fact, we would like to invite you back to our place. We would like to put something to you".

Julie thought about some of her adventures of the last six months. Getting together with the neighbours at home, visiting the Swingers Club. She didn't feel reticent; in fact she thought it could be interesting.

"Michael, I am sure we could visit their place", Julie said, taking the initiative. "The children are playing with the Playstation in the games room. We just need to tell them to use the spare key when they are finished."

The four of them are together in the two-room unit. Steve starts "Well, we have something to ask. We like to, you know, watch. Sometimes videos and sometimes for real. We were watching you the other night and it was really different. We were watching you for a long time before you first saw us. You have a very different way, like nothing I have seen before."

Michael explains how he has been taught Tantric sex. He doesn't use all of their methods, but some of their techniques are really enlightening.

Steve continues "Could you show us?"

"Pardon", asks Michael.

"I said we like to watch, we want to watch you two make love. We won't do anything. The bedroom is in there. It has a really big king-sized bed."

Julie was confused. Watching on the beach in the moonlight is one thing, watching while sitting on the bed is another. On the other hand, Susan was really cute, sort of like that cute young blonde in the Swingers Club. Mid 20's, short dark hair, pert breasts pressing against her top. Who knows where this may lead?

"Go on Michael", chided Julie, "I'm sure it could be interesting".

"If the boss says it's okay, then I suppose it's okay. Are you absolutely sure that you just want to watch?"

"Absolutely", replied Steve. "Bedroom this way", and they followed him.


Chapter Three

Michael and Julie quickly remove their swimming costumes and take up position on the bed. Steve and Susan kneel on the other side, holding hands, waiting in anticipation.

Michael senses Julie's eagerness. Normally he drives their lovemaking, this time she grabs him and kisses him hard. Her tongue forces its way between his lips, meeting his. She grabs his bottom, pulling him toward her. She feels the excitement of her audience. She needs him to release her from her arousal, her feelings of tension.

He responds by rubbing his hand against her pussy. He feels her lips enlarged and wet. Still her tongue explores his mouth as his fingers explore her womanhood. Julie glances from the corner of her eye; she sees Steve and Susan still holding hands, faces in wonderment at the show. Michael whispers for Julie to lie down. He wants to taste her now.

Julie lies down and spreads her legs for him. Michael returns to his favourite spot of all. His alpha and omega. His first and last. The warm, wet and wonderful pussy of his lover. He takes her in his mouth again, this time the musky scent of arousal is unmistakeable. Her large lips are absolutely drenched in her juices. He tastes her. He feels his way to her clit, it is already large and erect, just like his own member. He takes her clit between his lips, alternating sucking with running his tongue across her.

Julie's excitement builds quickly. She wants him to make her come in front of these people. She reaches down and pushes his head into her. She shows him she needs it hard, she needs it now. Michael is struggling with this, as quickly as he swallows her juices and his saliva, his mouth is full again. He sucks her as hard as he ever has. She releases his head and lies back again, concentrating on the tension building. Concentrating on the pleasure focussed between her legs. She looks at her audience. They are enraptured, watching her arousal. But still they just hold hands and watch.

Julie can't help herself. She moans "Oh Michael, make it happen". Michael stops eating her and changes to two fingers inside her and his thumb rubbing her clit. This is right, this is what he needs to do. She can feel his fingers are rubbing inside on the top and the thumb pressing down hard.

She cries something out as she comes. Steve and Susan hold hands tighter, Susan looks up at Steve in wonderment when it happens. Michael continues to rub Julie's pussy gently.

Michael motions on one side of Julie's bottom. She gets the intention and rolls over, raising herself up onto her knees, head down, her bottom pointed towards him. Michael moves up close to her from behind and Julie guides him inside her. Michael starts with a deeper thrust and then resumes with slow and shallow. Julie can feel his manhood teasing her, every now and then the sensation of him buried inside her before more teasing. Then another change as he goes deep again. She loves this teasing work, she feels him clearly when he is just inside her and yet she can feel him deep inside her as well.

Julie looks across at Steve and Susan, and she notices that Susan has removed her top, exposing her lovely breasts. Steve has removed his t-shirt and shorts and is now just in his underpants. Susan is gently rubbing his mound through the cotton material. Clearly they are going to do more than watch.

Michael has been fucking Julie for quite a while now, and the audience are now onto other things. Steve's underpants are down around his knees and she has him in her mouth. Michael thinks there is no doubt about Susan, she loves to give oral. Michael feels the tiredness in his thighs and it is time for a change. He gradually pulls his erect member out of Julie. As soon as he is free, she rolls over and spreads her legs for him. As she moves, she too notices the blowjob on the other side of the bed.

Michael enters Julie again. This time he fucks her harder and faster. She is hot and he is ready to come. But the training takes over and even with hard and fast, the familiar sensations still take time to build. Julie is more passive on her back, and she is enjoying the oral show nearby. She feels Michael is getting sweaty; his chest, his face. She feels him driving into her harder and harder and then she hears him grunt hard as he comes deep inside her. Spurt after spurt of semen pumps into her with each stroke, wave after wave of pleasure for him until he is spent.

Michael raises himself and notices a box of tissues on the bedside table. He brings the box down and gives it to Julie, who wipes away the semen leaking from her as well as wiping the damp patch on the bed.

Steve heard Michael grunt and come, emptying himself inside Julie. The excitement of that as a private show quickly tips him over the edge and he pulls out and spays his come over Susan's face until he too is spent. He waits just a moment before removing his underpants entirely and disappears to the bathroom. A few minutes later, everyone hears the shower running.

Julie decides to make her move. She grabs some tissues and wipes Susan's face. She puts her hand on Susan's chin, turns her head, leans forward and kisses her; sucking Susan's lips into hers. Susan pulls back startled. Julie whispers into her ear "Relax, you've missed out. It's your turn now".

Susan is confused. Julie's brown skin is attractive, and she is in good shape. But kissing a girl? This wasn't part of her plan. Susan feels Julie's arms circling her waist, drawing them closer. She looks into Julie's eyes and sees the gentleness and kindness. Susan allows herself to be drawn closer. Again Julie kisses her, her tongue feeling it's way through Susan's lips. Susan does not resist this time, instead opening her mouth to allow Julie to explore inside. Julie immediately searches for Susan's tongue, wetness against wetness. Julie tightens her grip on Susan's waist, holding her close, willing Susan to relax and allow her to explore.

Again Julie whispers in Susan's ear, "Relax and lie down. Let me spoil you".

Susan lies down. Julie kisses her. Her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, her thighs, her feet. All over; everywhere except her pussy. Julie has a light touch, much lighter than Steve and her previous boyfriends. Julie gradually works her way down and up each leg before stopping momentarily. Then she dives in, her tongue tracing its way around Susan's neglected pussy. Licking her pussy lips, tasting her, drinking in her womanhood. Susan watches the side of Julie's head as she reaches over her, exploring her most intimate and sensitive parts with a touch so outstandingly light.

Steve has completed his shower and returns. The sight of Julie nuzzling Susan's pussy shocks him. He looks at Michael, who raises an eyebrow as if to say 'well, you wanted to watch'.

Julie starts to feel Susan's arousal slowly building. A more direct approach is needed. She replaces her tongue with two fingers; rubbing Susan's clit the way she likes her own to be rubbed. Susan immediately feels the difference. The firmness of it. Susan moves her hips around in a circle. Julie changes her rubbing to a circular stroke, glancing at Susan's clit each time. Susan feels it building, but she needs it harder still. Susan raises her hips and Julie responds, pressing a little harder. Susan feels the sensations building. God, it has been so long. She needs to come.

She rolls onto her side, pushes her legs forward from her body and squeezes her thighs together, trapping Julie's hand hard against her pussy. Susan squeezes hard as Julie keeps on rubbing that firm regular stroke. Oh God, I am going to come. She feels it, the building sensations. Julie keeps it up, rubbing the same way. Suddenly Susan whimpers and relaxes the pressure on Julie's hand. Julie pulls her hand away. Susan pulls her legs back under her now and just lies there. Too spent to do anything.

Everyone in the room looks at her, rolled up in a ball. Julie is overcome. She runs kisses over her sweet little body. From her shoulders to her bottom, down her thigh and back again. After a couple of minutes, Susan comes to, opens her eyes and stretches out with the pleasure of it. She didn't think it was possible.

On the way back to their unit, Julie is concerned that perhaps she is too attracted to girls. She has gone from being the seduced to being the seducer. Michael tells her not to worry. They make love regularly week in and week out. An occasional adventure outside of that is nothing at all. Unless she plans to throw him out of the house and replace him with a female lover that is.



Michael showered when they got back to their unit so Julie could run a bath and relax. While in the bath, she still wondered about her attraction to girls. Perhaps Michael is right, three times in six months does not a crisis make.

At the same time, Susan was in her bath. Her mind was much more confused. She was 25; she had been with Steve now for four years. Before that she had two other boyfriends. While she occasionally masturbated herself, never once had she orgasmed with any of them. She thought there was something wrong with her. Now, a stranger, a woman, took her there with such ease. It wasn't her at all!

Steve noticed her curled up, sitting on the far corner of the couch. Something was on her mind. He didn't know what. Maybe it was that girl - girl thing. She looked far away. Maybe inviting that couple around so they could watch was not such a good idea after all.


To be continued...

Copyright 2004 Cbrmale, Australia

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