Another Time Another Place
By Neolithic
(MF, rom, oral, magic)

Chapter One

It was a beautiful Saturday morning one of those early winter days when although the temperature was not very high because there was no wind to chill the air it was a warm day. I decided to catch the bus into town to do some shopping instead of using my car with all the hassles of finding parking. I am a widower thirty-five years old having lost my wife in a car accident three years ago when a drunk driver hit her car. I had not met anyone since her death that I felt I would like to spend the rest of my life with. In fact I have not even dated anyone even though I am not a bad looking guy and there are two single woman in their early thirties who play Bridge at the same club that I do on Tuesday and Friday evenings, both of whom come onto me when we play or talk together after playing. Even when they do not play at the same table as me they always somehow managed to find a reason to come over and talk to me. It seemed each was trying to attract me, kind of like them being competitors but I just treat it all as a bit of fun although I know they are being serious.

I caught the ten-thirty bus and enjoyed the twenty-minute ride into the city being able to observe things that one misses having to concentrate on the road when driving a car, the car would have been quicker as the bus takes a meandering route. The city where I live is only a small one; being old it has a lot of history, the market square where once most of the trade was conducted is in the older portion surrounded now by later buildings but it is still the hub of the city.

I alighted in the square and started walking to one of the large department stores two blocks away. The street was fairly busy but suddenly the crowd thinned out a little, it was then I saw her walking towards me, my heart missed a beat and I felt the strangest feelings overwhelm me, such strong feelings that I loved this lovely young woman yet I knew not her face.

She saw me staring at her and turned her head and smiled as if in recognition as she passed by, stopping I turned and saw her disappearing into the crowd. I started walking after her as quickly as I could and was just in time to see her turn and enter a shop doorway, when I arrived I saw it was a coffee shop. I hesitated for a few moments seeing her at the counter through the glass door telling myself how silly it was, how could I love this woman when we had never even met. Yet something inside me urged me to go inside and as I entered the shop I looked around and saw it was quite busy with only three or four spare seats all of them at tables already occupied, she was sitting at a table for two with the other seat vacant. I bought a cup of coffee and plucking up my courage I walked over to her table and said, "Would you mind if I sit here?"

She looked up into my eyes and once more I felt such strong feelings of love surge through me, as she replied "No that's ok."

I sat down facing her and as the coffee was to hot to drink straight away I tried to avoid looking directly at her as I waited for it to cool a little and gazed around the shop, but I could not do so indefinitely. I looked down at the table as I picked up my cup and took a sip of coffee, but I could not resist looking any longer and took a quick glance at her over my coffee cup, she was sipping her coffee and her eyes where looking directly at me, our eyes met and I quickly lowered my head and looked down at the floor feeling highly embarrassed as I put my cup down.

She was not what people would call beautiful, yet she had that something that some woman have that is hard to define yet makes them attractive. Perhaps that is what it really is you found her attractive I told myself, but those strong feelings of love for her seemed to persist.

I picked up my cup again and took a another sip of coffee then casually glanced around the shop again trying to think what to say to engage her in conversation without making it look like I was coming onto her, trying to chat her up.

Then I heard her say in a quiet voice just audible above the noise of the other patrons talking, "Why did you follow me here?"

Taken by surprise and looking at the floor to avoid looking at her I stammered "I.I.I didn't follow you, what made you think I had," I said my voice quavering fearful now of having to explain myself to her.

"Well it seems that way to me, just a short time ago I saw you staring at me in the street as I approached you at which time you were going in the opposite direction to me, now here you are having chosen the empty seat at my table rather than one of the two you passed on the way over here."

I looked up at her trying my best not to seem to stare and trying to keep from stammering and said, "Why would I follow you?"

Her lovely green eyes held my gaze as she said, "I don't know, maybe you're stalking me."

I blushed profusely and was just about to apologise and get up and walk out of the shop when I heard a voice inside me say, "Tell her the truth, what have you got to lose."

I pulled myself together and said, "No I'm not stalking you but if I told you the truth that I did follow you and my reason for going so you would probably not believe me anyway."

"Try me, I am interested in knowing the reason."

My voice was a little shaky as I said, "When I saw you walking towards me I had the strangest feeling," leaving out that I felt I loved her, saying, "I felt I knew you from somewhere yet I could not put a name to your face. Being honest I don't really know why I followed you here it was just a compulsion, a feeling; I can't really explain what made me do it. Now I bet you think I am a liar, a weirdo even."

She smiled, as she said, "No, I think you are being honest with me, and you certainly don't come across as a weirdo sort of person."

Her smile and her words put me at ease a little. We both picked up our coffee and took a long drink. I looked at her over the rim of my cup again; I estimated she was between twenty-nine to thirty-two years old. She had lovely long black shoulder length hair tied back in a ponytail and those green eyes seemed to sparkle as they suddenly looked directly back into mine. I looked away as I put my cup on the saucer wondering if perhaps she had been doing the same as I had estimating my age and what I looked like.

Putting down her cup she said, "Well I can't seem to place you either and seeing as I don't go partying like lots of people I don't see how we could have met before."

I took another drink of my coffee put my cup down and we sat talking about people we knew but found no common link to have made me feel the way I did when I first saw her. How could I tell her the truth, that it was an overwhelming feeling of loving her, she would have thought I was crazy.

She suddenly looked at her watch and said, "I really must go now." She stood up and picked up her shopping bag, she seemed to hesitate as if she was reluctant to just walk away and forget the events that had brought us together.

"Would you mind if we exchanged phone numbers and then if either one of us recalls something that would help solve this feeling of mine we could get in touch," I blurted out feeling like an idiot for even suggesting it.

She surprised me when she said, "Yes, what a great idea, have you a pen and paper?"

I pulled a pen out of my jacket pocket and found some paper in my wallet; I wrote down her number and then wrote mine on the lower part of the paper and tore it off and gave it to her.

She gave me a lovely smile again and was about to walk away when she said, "Hey I don't even know your name."

I stood and said, "Rick Wilding, seems like we were so busy trying to sort out why I felt I knew you that we forgot all about introductions."

"Amanda Holden," she said.

We shook hands, her touch and her green eyes sparkling as they looked directly into mine for the briefest moment sent feelings of love surging through me again.

"Bye Rick."

"Bye Amanda," I said as she turned and I watched her walk away.

Sitting on the bus going home knowing that I would not hear from her because I knew we had never met before, I felt so sad that I had let the opportunity slide away by not asking her if we could meet again.

That night watching TV my mind kept wandering back to the events of the day and those feelings Amanda had invoked in me the at the moment I first saw her, why did I feel so strongly that I knew her from somewhere, and why did I feel so strongly that I loved her deeply.

On Sunday I was tempted to ring her but kept telling myself that I would only find myself rebuffed if I suggested we meet some place. During the rest of week I kept trying to find a reason to ring her without making her think I was making my story up and that I had some ulterior motive. It was not until Thursday night that I plucked up the courage to ring her even if it meant never seeing her again; that inner voice had been telling me all week to ring her not let the chance of seeing her again slip away.

I dialled her number and waited the phone seemed to ring forever and I was just about to hang up when I heard her voice say, "Hello." She sounded a little out of breath as though she had been running.

"Hi Amanda, its Rick."

"Oh hi Rick, have you had some thoughts about why you felt you knew me?"

"No," I said hesitating fearing her reaction to what I was about to ask her. I wondered if you would like to go out to a movie on Saturday night."

Silence followed for what seemed to me like minutes me thinking she was trying to find a way to put me down without hurting my feelings, then she spoke saying, "Saturday night, well that would have been lovely Rick, but I have to be home Saturday night as I am expecting my Dad to ring from Australia."

"I see," I said my voice sounding sad. "Perhaps I could give you a ring some other time if you would like me too."

"No Rick," I heard her say then pause, me thinking she did not want to meet me again.

"I just had a thought and hope you don't mind me asking you this, but if you would like to pick up a video and come around Saturday night we could watch it while I wait for my Dad's call."

My heart leapt hearing her words. "That sounds a great idea Amanda, I would love to spend Saturday night with you."

"Great Rick, I was sure you would say no. Come over about 7.30pm I will look forward to seeing you and talking with you again."

"Have you a pen and paper handy?"

"Yes." She then gave me her address.

"See you Saturday," I said my voice now sounding happier than it probably had in a very long time.


Chapter Two

Friday the day seemed to drag, and on Saturday from the moment I woke up I started counting the hours, as I was so excited at the prospect of seeing her again. Finally it was time for me to make my way over to Amanda's house allowing myself time to stop off at the video shop and select a video on the way.

At the video shop I suddenly realised that I had not even asked her what sort of movies she liked. Looking along the rows I came across a movie called "Days of Salem." I don't know why but I picked it up. I read that it was about the witch hunting days in Salem, I decided to take it thinking perhaps it was something she might not have seen, and then as an alternative I took a new release video that was a romantic comedy hoping that she had not already seen it.

At 7,30pm I was standing on the step ringing her doorbell. She opened the door and gave me a big smile as she said, "Well Rick you are prompt, come on in."

She took me through to the living room and told me to sit on the settee.

"Would you like a glass of wine?"

"Yes please."

"Red or white?"

"Red please."

I watched her walking across to the door; she looked so lovely dressed in a lilac blouse black skirt and black high heeled shoes which accentuated her shapely legs her pert little ass swaying sensuously as she moved. I felt somewhat aroused as I watched her disappear through the door but told myself to calm down as there was no way she was going to let me make love to her, after all we hardly knew each other.

While she was out of the room I walked over and put the videos on the bookcase near the video recorder then sat down again. She returned carrying two glasses of wine she smiled at me her green eyes sparkling as she handed me a glass of wine. My eyes, which had been looking at her as she walked over to me lowered slightly and took in the swell of her breasts in the tight fitting blouse. Once more I felt my manhood stir and swell as she sat down beside me.

"Tell me about yourself Rick," she said before taking a sip of her wine.

I took a sip of mine and said, "Not much to tell really Amanda. I am thirty-five a widower and I am an electronics engineer at Rigby Electronics."

"Yes I know the place. I am sorry to hear that you lost your wife, when did she pass away Rick?"

"She was killed in a car accident three years ago last March, a stupid drunk driver. But I am over that sad event in my life now, life has to move on don't you think?"

"Yes I agree. I am sorry though Rick, it must have been devastating for you."

"Yes it was but like I said I am over the sad event. Now tell me about you."

"Like you Rick there is nothing much to tell. I am thirty-one years old unmarried, I am the accountant at Donald Sims Ltd, do you know the place?"

"Yes I know it. Do you have a boyfriend?" I suddenly blurted out without stopping to think how she might take my question, perhaps thinking I was starting to pry into her private life.

She laughed saying, "No Rick, I went with a guy for five years believing he loved me but in the end I found he was cheating on me and so I dumped him."

"Sorry to hear that Amanda."

"Well that's all in the past now, three years ago to be precise."

How strange I thought me losing my wife three years ago and her dumping her boyfriend three years ago as well.

We talked about this and that just small talk really about things we liked like music, movies. Then Amanda went and got us each another glass of wine, returning she sat closer to me this time and once more I felt my manhood stir as she relaxed and soon her thigh rested against my thigh.

We talked about our work and all sorts of insignificant things as we tried to get to know each other better. Having finished our second glass of wine Amanda took my glass and put it with hers on the coffee table.

"What movies did you choose," she asked as she walked over to look at the tapes.

"I hope you like at least one of them, I forgot to ask you what sort of movies you liked."

She picked up the first tape and said, "What made you choose the movie "Days of Salem?"

"I don't really know it just seemed to stand out from the others when I was looking along one of the rows, it was an impulsive thing I guess. If you don't like it I hope you will like the other."

She looked at the second one and said, "No, Days of Salem will be fine. Funny thing is about two years ago I bought a book at a book sale about the witch hunts that took place in Salem years ago, I don't really know what made me buy it just an impulsive thing I guess."

She turned on the TV and put the tape into the video recorder then switched on a table lamp and drew the curtains making the room more intimate and cosy as she came and sat by me once again, this time she was sitting even closer to me. I picked up the remote control off the coffee table and pressed play.

The movie started. It was a love story about a young woman Sarah and a young man Caleb who lived in Salem. Towards the end of the movie they eventually married. Six weeks after they were married Caleb had been to the lumberyard to order some lumber and was walking back home when he saw lots of the other townspeople walking hurriedly towards the square, which was where he and Sarah lived. He hurried along and as he turned the corner he was confronted by a large crowd, he started to push his way forward as the crowd began to chant, "Burn the witch Burn the witch."

He was almost at the front when he saw his lovely wife Sarah tied to the stake, he cried out loudly NO, NO as he tried to push through the people in front of him but he could not and his voice was lost in the noise of the crowd as the flaming torch was thrust into the brushwood stacked around her. He could only listen to her screams as the flames consumed her while the crowd roared its approval.

At this point Amanda suddenly swivelled around to face me and said, "Hold me Rick."

I put my arms my around her and felt her shivering as she placed her head on my shoulder our cheeks touching. I felt such love and desire for her as I held her tightly and as the scene ended I took one hand away and picked up the remote control that was sitting on the arm of the settee and switched off the video recorder then put my arm back around her holding her close and said, "Are you alright Amanda?"

"Yes Rick, I'm sorry I don't know what came over me I'm not usually like this when I watch a movie even a sad one like this one but I suddenly felt so very cold, like someone just walked over my grave as the saying goes," she said as she started to pull away from me.

Releasing her she looked at me her face so close to me as she smiled and started to speak, as she spoke I was hypnotised by her lovely lips watching them move her words not registering in my mind. They were my final temptation not caring about the consequences of my actions I reached out my hand putting it up behind her neck and pulled her head towards me; she offered no resistance as our lips met. It started as a soft sweet kiss, a tentative exploring kiss to see if she was receptive. Finding her acceptance of my actions I deepened the kiss letting my tongue lick the line of her lips and feeling them slowly part and allow my tongue to invade her warm wet oral cave, our tongues found each other's and playfully began to fight together.

She pulled away from me breaking the kiss and I expected the worst. Instead she stood and smiling at me took hold of my hand. Not a word was spoken as she pulled my hand making me stand she led me to the door and up the stairs to her bedroom, once inside she put her hands around my neck and pulled me close so her breasts were pressed to my chest as our lips met again. It was a long deep sensuous kiss; our tongues tasted and teased each other as I slid my hand down her back and onto her pert little bottom.

I pressed her forward so that she could now feel how aroused I was. She gently rubbed her body slowly against my hard member arousing me more. Then like before she pulled away. Before I could speak she put her finger to my lips signifying that we were not to talk, then she reached out and as I looked into those lovely emerald green eyes she began to unbutton my shirt, slowly sensuously.

Soon my shirt was removed my T-shirt next then her hands moved softly over my chest rubbing my nipples. She started to reach for my belt to undo it but I wanted to unveil her body before she removed the rest of my clothes. I stopped her and started to unbutton her blouse feeling the softness of her breasts against my fingers as I undid each button slowly. I removed her blouse looking at her breasts almost revealed cradled in a low cut bra which just covered her nipples. I dropped to my knees in front of her as I reached and undid the fastening on her skirt, soon her skirt dropped to the floor and she stepped from it. I stood up again looking at her she looked so lovely standing in her black high-heeled shoes and white panties and bra. She smiled and slowly turned around giving my eyes a tour of her body. The side view showed the swell of her breasts and the curve of her pert bottom, then the rear view showing the curve of her back and those twin moons hidden beneath her panty's, then she was facing me again.

She came closer and started to reach for my belt again, she saw my lips start to move but before I could utter a word to stop her she put her finger to my lips once more indicating that I was not to speak. She undid my belt and then my zip her hand purposely pressed against my tool in its confinement as she slid the zip down then spread my pants open and lowered them to the ground. I stepped from them as she knelt and undid my shoelaces and removed my shoes and socks leaving me standing in just my Jockey's, showing clearly the large bulge of my cock trapped inside.

She reached up and went to pull my Jockey's down, once more I stopped her pulling her to her feet she kicked off her shoes. I led her over to the bed and had her stand with her back to me so that she was facing the full-length mirrors on the wardrobe doors on the opposite side of the bed. I undid the hooks on her bra, and then looking at her reflection in the mirror I let her bra fall to the floor revealing her beautiful breasts to my gaze. The bra seemed unnecessary as I looked at them for they were still quite firm with upturned nipples and very little sag. I looked into her eyes in the mirror as I reached around and cupped them squeezing them gently as I let my fingers rub over her already erect nipples making her give a low moan.

I released her and made her bend and put her hands on the bed, she complied willingly spreading her legs a little to make herself comfortable even though she knew that once I removed her panty's her sex would be fully revealed to me. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled them down over the swell of her hips and as I lowered them to the floor I saw her pussy looking back at me. I was surprised to see it was clean-shaven showing her plump lips displayed to perfection between her thighs, and her anus also now visible between the twin moons of her bottom on either side.

It was such an erotic sight more so since it was so long since I had seen a naked woman and my manhood gave a jerk in anticipation of what lay ahead. I could wait no longer to touch her, caress her, feel her wetness, and taste her sweet juice. I put my hands on her hips and pressed my lips to her pussy as I kissed it, she moaned as I then licked along the line of her slit from her clit to her anus. She was highly aroused I discovered as I started to lick her again only this time with a little more pressure, her lips parted easily allowing my tongue access to her pink valley. She was so wet and as my tongue licked in circles around inside her leaving no part unexplored I tasted her sweet nectar.

Standing again I made her kneel in front of me. She smiled up at me as she looked at my lips glistening with her pussy juice while her fingers slipped into the waistband of my Jockey's, she lowered her head and was now looking directly at my crotch as she pulled them down slowly revealing first the purple swollen head then the thick shaft of my erect cock. As the Jockey's slid lower releasing my manhood it fell forward so it was pointing directly at her face. Soon my Jockey's were on the floor and I stepped from them, looking up at me again she reached out her hand and stroked the underside of my big hard tool making it jerk upwards. Still looking at me she moved her head forward her mouth open ready to engulf my manhood. I stopped her shaking my head from side to side.

I reached down and pulled her to her feet and picked her up, laid her on the bed and climbed on beside her and bent and kissed each eye, the tip of her nose and finally her lips. My mouth devoured hers hungrily as she devoured mine, then I broke the kiss and licked her chin moving my tongue over her neck and trailed it all the way to her breasts. I paused as I looked at her pink nipples standing erect an invitation to my mouth, I planted a kiss on her left nipple then taking it in my mouth I suckled on it. I then played with it with my tongue listening to her low moans of pleasure before I repeated my action on her right breast.

Soon I let my tongue move on trailing it down over the dimpled plain of her soft belly slowing down as it now approached her Venus Mons. I moved and lay between her spread thighs and planted a kiss once more on her now partly open pussy. I put my fingers on each side of her outer lips and spread her open wide becoming more aroused as I looked at the shiny pink interior, and then I moved my head forward and dipped my tongue inside her as once more my tongue tasted her nectar as I let my tongue stroke upwards until it found her clit now swollen and fully erect peeping out from under its hood. I took it in my mouth and suckled on it like I had her nipples, she moaned and writhed a little as I teased this most sensitive part of her. I licked and lapped letting my mouth feast on the soft succulent pink flesh of her sex.

Her opening was already partly open so I licked in circles around it before plunging my tongue up inside her. I felt her hands on my head as she pressed it down against her eager hungry sex, she made mewing sounds as my tongue continued to move back and forth then alternately lick all around inside her before being thrust up inside her again. Then after a few minutes I felt her hand tugging the hair making me lift my head up, she now made me lie down on my back. I watched her straddling me with her back towards me as she positioned herself and then lowered her sex back to my hungry mouth. She grasped my shaft at the base and made me moan into her spread pussy as she licked all over the big swollen head of my engorged organ.

Then she paused and planted a kiss on the tip pressing her lips to it, I groaned again into her succulent pink flesh as she kept pushing but allowing her lips to slowly open, I felt their firm caress as they slid over my engorged manhood until I felt them wrap around my shaft just behind the head as the tip entered her mouth and she began sucking on it. Then as my mouth and tongue took her higher and higher on her journey to orgasm she moved her head slowly down as she took more of my cock into her eager sucking mouth until I felt the tip touching the back of her throat. She paused holding my tool captive as if savouring the feeling of what it would be like when my big tool penetrated and filled her deep inside at the seat of her fire. Then she began to move her head up and down as she performed oral sex on me as I had done to her with my tongue.

Soon we both seemed to know that the moment all our sexual foreplay had been working up to had arrived, she stopped sucking me and moved off me. Still no words were spoken as she lay down and I knelt between her spread thighs, her sex was so wet the pink interior glistened as I positioned my big swollen tip to her entrance. She moaned loudly as it forced her ring to expand we both felt it sliding over my tip swollen with desire to posses her and know her carnally, then it was inside her moving slowly deeper and deeper stretching her sheath until at last my hips were pressed against her filling her the tip pushing into the opening of her cervix.

As I moved and straddled her in the missionary position I looked down into her eyes the pupils sparkling brightly the whites now darker with desire. She smiled at me again as felt her sheath wrapped tightly around my invading member begin to adjust. I pulled my big tool back down slowly and then when just the tip was inside her I thrust it hard back into her depths. I rode her with long slow strokes until she intimated by thrusting her hips up to meet me that she wanted me to take her, to use her as I liked to bring her the orgasm her body now needed for its sexual release.

My thrusting tool now moved fast hard and deep as I ploughed her furrow eager to bring her the utmost pleasure that I could. My hips were slamming into her as my balls slapped against her twin moons.

Then the strangest thing happened. As I felt her sheath tighten and begin to ripple along my shaft as it now took control of my cock ensuring I could no longer hold back my orgasm as her sheath began to milk me. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, I felt my seed begin its journey at the moment I felt Amanda begin to orgasm, I felt my cock begin to shoot my seed deep inside her it seemed as if time was standing still almost then as I looked at Amanda it was not her face I saw, she was staring at me calling out OH CALVIN! as her body exploded into orgasm. The room I saw was not Amanda's bedroom a strange yet somewhat familiar room. I cried out my pleasure to someone called Megan. Then very briefly before things returned to normal I saw a square and flames leaping up and people calling out burn witch burn.

As my orgasm faded I slumped down on to her my face alongside hers fearful now about the things I had seen. Had she seen the same things, who was Calvin and who was Megan? We lay still joined together and she whispered to me, "I have a confession to make Rick."

"What," I murmured.

"When you stared at me in the street last Saturday I felt drawn to you, I can't explain the feeling really. Did you notice my reluctance to just walk away at the coffee shop?"


"I thought you would never ring me, when you did I lied about the reason for inviting you here. Did you notice that the phone has not rung, that is because I used the excuse of my father ringing to get you to visit me?"

"Yes," I said. "But I also have to confess to you that I lied to you about following you when I said I thought we had met before."

"In what way did you lie to me Rick, tell me what did you feel at that moment you first saw me."

Tears welled up in my eyes as I said my voice faltering, "I just knew that you were the one I loved. Now you probably think I am really crazy."

I felt her arms around me pull me closer as she said, "Can you believe it Rick that after I left you in the coffee shop and I though about what it was I really felt when you stared at me, I felt I loved you more than anything in the world."

"But tell me Amanda who is Calvin?"

"I don't know anyone by that name or why I cried out the name. Anyway who is Megan, Rick?"

"I don't know Amanda." Then in a fearful voice I said, "Did you see anything at all?'

Her voice was a whisper as she said, "Do you mean the fire and the people calling out burn witch burn?"


"Perhaps it was just the having watched movie that made it happen," she said.

"Perhaps Amanda but think about it, how we both felt when we saw each other in the street, then you told me how you bought a book about Salem on impulse, then tonight I picked a movie on impulse about Salem, there has to be some reason, some meaning to these events. Why did we both see the same thing?"

"Whatever it was, fate perhaps that led us to meet each other, does it really matter if we know we love each other Rick?"

"No Amanda, all that matters is that we met, that we love each other. Who knows perhaps we loved each other in another life, in another time another place. We will never know for sure but there are so many things in life that we don't know and understand. I truly do love you and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you if you will have me."

"Yes my darling Rick, you have made me the happiest woman in the world tonight.

I raised myself up and kissed her sweet lips as once more I looked into her emerald green eyes. Those eyes I would look into many, many times in the years ahead.

The End


Was it just the sexual union of two lonely people who fate had brought together, or the re-union of two spirits who had lived and loved long ago in another time another place as Rick had said?

I hope those who read this story will think about it carefully. Is there really such a thing as re-incarnation? What is this thing people talk about called fate? Who of us if any really knows?

However I hope the readers of my story will enjoy it for what it really is, just a story born in my mind after hearing a song in a movie whose opening lyric starts with, "Can you go back in time to a place in your mind."

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