One Day (MFF)
By Natalie

Steve, one day, Gina and I will go shopping for lingerie, and then model it for you. We will go to Victoria's Secrets, I know you would probably prefer something from La Senza, but the items from Victoria's are the difference between blatantly sexy and sensual.

Well, after we go shopping, we will drop by your place, just as you are getting home from work. Iíll tell you to go sit down, and weíll excuse ourselves to go get undressed and re-dressed. Gina will have a pair of real silk black hose, black panties, black garter belt, and black lace see through bra. I will be wearing a pair of white silk stockings, white garter belt, a lacy white bustier, with half cup bra, and a little g-string that is so small, the little triangle of nylon just covers my pussy lips.

By the time we are ready you will be sitting there expectantly, a large bulge in your trousers in anticipation of whatís to comeÖ we will parade around the room, each in tall heels to match our outfits. My stockings are extra long, so the tops end just under the curve of my ass. We pose for you; Gina pulling up her panties so that the gusset disappears into her pussy and her swollen pussy lips are exposed each side.

After a bit, we will start helping each other remove some of our pretty things. I guess you will be getting a bit steamed up by then, but we won't let you get up, but maybe you will remove your tie. Iíll take off Gina's bra and let her beautiful breasts fall free, when she shakes them a little, they look so delicious as her large stiff nipples stand so proud. Iíll let you take off my g-string and give you a full frontal look at my shaved pussy, which will be starting to glisten with my juices. I bet you will want to get your tongue in there, but youíll have to waitÖ Iíll go over and put on your jacket and so as I walk around, you only get a peek of my pussy.

Iíll embrace Gina and start to kiss her as she takes off the jacket, and undoes my garter snaps. Iíll pull off her black silk panties as she undoes the hooks on the back of my bustier. Soon we will be standing there kissing with only our heels and stockings on. By now you have unzipped your pants and have pulled your penis out and started stroking it. Weíll kneel down either side of you and youíll get to enjoy two mouths, two hot tongues, going up and down the length of your eight inch shaft.

But we donít want to get you too excited yet, so Gina, will lay down on the floor and open her legs to receive my eager tongue and fingers. I kneel down, and put my mouth on that neatly trimmed blonde bush of hers. As I lick and suck her wet lips, you will have a wonderful view of my bottom sticking up in the air. I am totally exposed, my pussy lips will have started to swell with excitement and I guess you will not be able to resist running your tongue up and down them. That will send shudders through my body and take me close to a climax, making it hard for me to keep up my rhythm as I bring Gina to her first orgasm.

Then we can exchange places and she can to suck on my pussy while you undress. You will come up and slide your hard penis into Gina from the rear. Starting slowly, you can slide your full length in and out of her wet but tight pussy. Building the speed you will pump harder and harder into her, as she licks me faster and faster. Iíll orgasm fist, the sensations starting deep in my pussy, and going up my body, my nipples getting hard, and my face and chest flushing with the wonderful feeling. Gina next, she grabbing my hips and squeezing as her orgasm overwhelms her. Finally you can't hold back your orgasm any longer, and youíll push deep into Gina as you release your load. Weíll collapse on the floor, with Gina between us....

And thatís just the start.

I canít wait to go shopping. See you soon my lover.



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