The Blindfold
By Krazzy
(MF d/s (mild), oral, toys)

She looked around as he led her, both of them naked, into the bedroom. She saw an ice bucket beside the bed, with champagne chilling. Silk scarves were draped next to it on the bedside table. She noticed another table, which had a white cloth draped over it, bumps showing under it, things were hidden there. He looked into her eyes, saying "Do you trust me?"

She saw the love for her shining from his eyes, and she nodded, whispering "With my life." With a smile, he gestured for her to lie on the bed. Taking one of the silk scarves, he smiled, and told her, "I'm going to tie you to the bedposts with these, but they won't be tight. You'll be able to slip free if you want to. And if at any point you want me to stop, say the word 'Diamond'."

He took her right arm, and tied it loosely to the bedpost. Doing the same with her left arm, and her legs, she lay, for all purposes helpless, spread-eagled on the bed. Taking one more silk scarf, he told her, "I'm going to blindfold you now. Trust me." She looked into his eyes once more, and nodded. He tied the scarf around her head, covering her eyes so she couldn't see. She heard him moving around the room, making some slight noise.

A moment later, she felt something soft, slightly ticklish, on her arm. She gasped quietly, feeling the goosebumps starting to raise on her body. Not knowing what it was that ran down her arm, over her shoulder, and then towards her breast, heightened her senses. She could feel a delicious tickling, a kind of electricity running through her where whatever it was touched her.

"What's that?" she gasped, breathless, her breasts heaving as her breathing came faster.

"Shhhhhhhhh," he whispered, his breath hot in her ear, sending shivers through her, "relax and enjoy".

What she could not see was that he held a large feather, trailing it softly over her body. He moved it over her right breast, circling it around her nipple. Her back arched at the sensations that rippled through her, her nipples becoming hard, rising to meet his touch. Her breathing was coming faster and faster, her pulse racing, as excitement built up, her senses on overdrive. He brushed the feather over her left breast, circling that nipple in turn. She gasped once again, moaning softly, pleasure rippling outward from her breast through her entire body.

He traced the feather slowly down her body, over her stomach, which tensed at the touch, then down over her pelvis, running down the outside of her right thigh, past her knee, and on down to her foot. She was squirming now at the delicate touch, the delightful tickling sensations that gripped her. Smiling, he ran the feather slowly up the inside of her leg, past her knee, slowly up the inside of her thigh. Her hips raised slightly to meet the feather as it came closer and closer to her by now wet pussy. She let out a long moan, sighing deeply as the feather brushed against her labia, then moved on to her left leg, down the outside, past her knee, her foot, then back up the inside, up her inner thigh, towards her vagina once more. She squirmed once more as the feather lingered, tickling and teasing, letting out more moans and sighs.

The feather was slowly removed, and she could hear a rattling sound. She strained her ears, her nerves on edge. Suddenly she gasped loudly as she felt something, cold, yet burning, on her right nipple, as he circled an ice cube from the ice bucket around it. The sensations were exquisite, making her shudder, as his hand moved the ice over to her left breast, circling that nipple, then slowly up over her throat, her chin, to her lips. He traced the ice cube around her lips, her hot breath melting it, water dripping into her open mouth as she gasped. Then he moved the ice cube back down her body, over her breasts and nipples once again.

She could feel the cold trails of melted water running over her, setting her nerves on fire. Her skin felt hot, and the ice seemed to burn with a delicious warmth now, as it circled round her nipples, pleasure shooting through her in waves, rippling out, spreading from her breasts, driving all thoughts from her mind, filling her only with sensations. He ran the ice down over her stomach, following the same path as the feather had, covering every inch of her, circling her navel, then moving down over her pelvis and down the outside of her legs.

Her body seemed to be on fire, every touch making her squirm, gasp, moan. She could feel the cold burning of the ice as it moved up the inside of her right leg, up her thigh, and she gasped as she felt something cold dripping onto her labia, then continuing on to her left leg. She was shaking with emotion, the sensations so intense, the pleasure gripping her, driving her wild. She was moaning more and more, louder and louder as she felt the burning ice running back up towards her pussy, which now dripped with her juices.

She gasped as she felt his fingers part her labia, and cried loudly as she felt the ice touch, circle her clitoris, her hips bucking, the sensations so much more intense than anything she had ever felt before. Suddenly the ice was gone, and she lay there gasping, breathless, shaking. Dimly she was aware of a pouring sound, some liquid, hissing, fizzing, but not really breaking through the feelings that filled her mind, her entire body.

Then he was there again, she could sense something, feel something cold, a liquid, being poured over her breasts. She gasped as the feelings grew, the liquid burning trails down over her breasts, and running down her stomach, pooling in her navel, then moving on downward, burning gently as it poured down over her labia, her clitoris, her vagina. There were hundreds of sensations now, little tickling feelings where the liquid lay on her skin. Oh, she thought, the champagne.... the bubbles bursting on her. She squirmed now, as suddenly his hot lips were on her right nipple, sucking, nibbling, licking, and suddenly she was overcome as an orgasm rippled through her. She cried out loudly, as he continued to lick, suck the champagne from her, every touch of his lips, his tongue sending new shivers through her.

She could feel his warm body next to her, his hot lips burning as they ran over her breasts and down her body, following the trail of champagne. He sucked and circled his tongue around her navel, where it lay in a pool, then travelled slowly on. She sensed him as he knelt between her legs, and gasped loudly once more as she felt his lips on her pussy, his fingers parting her labia, stroking, as he sucked in her clitoris.

She raised her hips, pressing her pussy right into his face, as he held her clit tightly between his lips, and his tongue circled the tip of her clit. Her body tensed and relaxed, her pussy was contracting, as she felt his fingers sliding inside of her, slowly, to touch her g-spot. Her whole body spasmed, her pussy gripping his fingers, her clitoris throbbing against his tongue, as she felt another orgasm burst through her, building up, making her scream aloud, as it seemed to go on and on, as he continued to slide his fingers into her, to circle his tongue around her clit, faster and faster. She was sobbing for breath now, her breasts heaving, her heart pounding, her whole body wracked with pleasure, as wave upon wave crashed through her.

"Take me," she cried, "take me now!"

"Not yet darling," he said, "just enjoy."

She was shivering now, as she sensed him move away once again. Moments later she felt him, his strong hands at her feet. They felt warm, slick, as he massaged her feet. She was still shivering as he began to slowly massage his way up her legs, his touch electric, her nerve ends so sensitive, her skin alive with sensation. Her back arched and she moaned over and over as his fingers worked their way slowly up her thighs, long, smooth strokes up the inside of her legs, and back down the outside, over and over.

She felt as though her pussy was throbbing, as his hands got closer and closer, and she sighed as they moved past, up over her hips and pelvis, her stomach, underneath her breasts. Her skin felt so hot now, every movement of his hands making her shiver. She sobbed with pleasure as he cupped her breasts, oiling them, caressing them, massaging them, her nipples so hard and erect to his every touch. She felt herself tense as his hands moved slowly back down once more, towards her open, sodden pussy.

She squirmed wildly as his lips touched her clit once again, his tongue darting faster and faster around in circles over its tip. She heard a buzzing sound, and suddenly orgasmed again as she felt something enter the edge of her vagina, sending vibrations through her. He was using her vibrator! Pure pleasure ripped through her, her pussy in spasms, her body shaking and shuddering, as the vibrator entered her little by little, until it was about two inches inside of her. She screamed again as she felt it touch her g-spot, gently caressing it, as he turned it slowly. Her pussy contracted tightly around it, as every vibration sent shivers through her vagina walls, spreading out making her squirm and cry out again and again.

He continued to lick and suck her clitoris, until she was thrashing wildly against the restraints that held her arms and legs, until she didn't think she could take any more, but the feelings continued to build, growing, pleasure exploding through her again and again. Dimly she was aware that he had removed the vibrator from her, that his lips had left her clitoris, but her mind was dulled from the pleasure that still wracked her body. Then she gasped once more as she felt his hard penis enter her, hard, fast, deep. Every movement of his hips took him deeper and deeper inside of her, sending more waves of pleasure through her, she was crying, sobbing for breath, tears in her eyes, making the scarf tied around them wet.

She lost track of time, of everything, except him, inside of her, and the feelings that raced through her. Over and over again she shuddered, she moaned, she cried out, hearing his breath coming faster and faster with every hard thrust, the pressure building up, until she could not hold back, her back arching, as she heard him cry out her name, felt his hot semen spreading through her, his penis throbbing, pulsing, inside of her.

She felt the restraints on her legs and arms loosen, and she blinked as the blindfold was removed, and she gazed through tear filled eyes into his eyes as he held her, softly caressing her. She could not speak. She could not move. She was a mass of feelings, sensations, shivers, as he held her tightly, whispering softly, as she wept in joy.



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