The Masseur
By Krazzy
(MF, oral)

There was a knock on her motel room door. A masculine voice called, "Masseur". She wrapped the robe around her body and called, "It's open". In he walked, a tall, dark, good-looking guy in his thirties, his white tee-shirt tight on his muscular chest. He smiled at her warmly, looking into her eyes, not wandering all over her body like some men would. She liked that. He set his bag down on the dresser, then turned once more to her. Oh she liked this man. "Was it a back rub, or full body massage ma'am?"

She hesitated slightly, moistened her lips with her tongue, and said "Full body". She sat on the bed, and loosened her robe, then lay face down. She watched him in the mirror as he took out a bottle of oil from his bag, and walked over to her. Opening the bottle, he slowly poured oil onto his hand, then rubbed them together to warm them up. She breathed in sharply as she felt his hands on her feet, caressing them, feeling his fingers soothing her. "Just relax ma'am, breath deeply and slowly" his deep, sexy voice told her.

She closed her eyes, feeling the sensual pleasure of his touch as his hands moved up her legs, slowly, gently, firmly. "Mmmmmmmmm, that feels good" she breathed. Her body began to tingle as his fingers moved over her thighs, her buttocks, the small of her back, her tension easing, her body feeling energised. Electricity shot up her spine with his fingers, as he oiled her body, her back, her neck.

She lay there getting more and more sexually charged. Oh god, she hadn't known it would be like this. "Would you like to turn onto your back now ma'am" his voice whispered. "Mmmm yes" she agreed, and he gently helped her to turn over. Once more he started at her feet, oiling her legs, her thighs, her hips, her stomach, slowly, carefully, gently but firmly, until he reached her breasts. She gasped in pleasure as his gentle hands caressed them, her nipples hardening beneath his fingers.

"Oh god", she said, opening her eyes, and travelling over his body, lingering at his crotch as she noticed the heavy bulge in his loose pants. "Do you want me as much as I want you? Take me, please."

"Not yet, ma'am" he smiled at her, "I haven't finished."

His hands moved down, over her stomach to her wet pussy. He lowered his lips to her clit, and slowly, gently inserted two fingers of his left hand inside her vagina, searching for and finding her g-spot. His tongue lapped at her clit, as he caressed her from the inside. She quivered and shivered, as feelings of ecstasy swept through her. "Oh god, it's never felt like that before." The fingers of his right hand pulled open her labia, as his questing tongue continued to flick over her clit, the fingers inside of her stroking her g-spot again and again, over and over. She could feel the tingling spread from her pussy, outward, throughout her body, the pressure building, the pleasure growing moment by moment, until she couldn't hold back. "OOOOOOHHHHHH" she moaned. He gently moved her body till her hips were at the edge of the bed, his pants falling to the floor. He raised her legs and she felt his hard cock poised at the entrance of her vagina. "Oh god do it!" she cried. He thrust slowly, and she felt every movement as his hardness entered her. He started with a slow rhythm, her legs over his shoulders, as he stood by her bed, her hips slightly raised. As he thrust, his right hand moved down to her clit, which he stroked while he made love to her. Her body rocked again and again, spasms of pleasure shooting through her, electric, her whole body on fire at his touch, his lovemaking. "Oh god," she thought, "I must hire him again."



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