Hotel Dreams
By L Liu
(Dream, MF, oral)

It had been a long journey, and I was pleased to get to the hotel and rest. My suitcase was lying open on the bed waiting for me to unpack it and I was lying on the settee with my back to the door, just dozing off. My dress was low- cut, with a zipper down the back, which I had left undone down to my waist for comfort, while under it I was wearing a g-string.

I must have drifted off to sleep, because I started to dream that my breasts were being stroked. It was just the feeling I wanted, and I slid down on the settee so I was lying along it. Then, quite suddenly, I realized that it was not a dream at all - a man had come into the room and was kneeling beside me, massaging my breasts through the dress, kneading them and tweaking my nipples. I purred with pleasure and arched my back to push my tits out for more of this sensual massage, before sitting up.

He helped me to my feet, then turned me round so my back was facing him, then he slowly undid the belt, then reached round behind me and I felt his hands reach round me and cup my breasts. As he stroked them, he kept tweaking my nipples, which soon became erect, throbbing and tingling, as they grew stiffer. Then he pulled my dress down to the floor and I stepped out of it, leaving only my g-string. He got down on his knees and gripping it with his teeth he slowly pulled it down, his hot breath blowing on my now throbbing cunt. By now, I was beginning to get particularly horny myself: every now and again, his hand would brush across my stiff clit, and the sensations would surge through my whole body. I started to moan softly, writhing around with pleasure as his fingers rubbed and aroused my most sensitive areas time and again.

Just as I thought I was going to climax, the tantalizing massage stopped. I looked round to see what was going on, and watched my mystery lover clambering out of his clothes. Last to go were a pair of tight briefs, in which were outlined every detail of a stiff throbbing cock. That really got my juices flowing, and I could feel the dampness spreading inside the knickers. He slipped the briefs off and I was rewarded with the sight of a fully erect cock swinging free.

Before I could do anything, he had come up behind me, and slid a hand across my pubic mound until he found my soaking slit. It was all too exciting, and I suddenly felt the urge to have his face buried in my cunt. I took his wrist and pulled his hand away and then turned round and just said, "Lie down- I want you to tongue me now." Without a word, he got down on the floor with his stiff cock sticking up, and lay back. I knelt with a leg each side of his face and lowered my musky cunt over his face. His hands gripped my pelvis and pulled me down to him, and he started to lick me out frantically, his rough tongue making long wet strokes from one end of my wet slit to the other, then probing until it found my aching clit, which he licked and licked before returning to the rest of my cunt, pausing occasionally to push inside my hole, lapping up the love juice which was now oozing from me.

I leaned forwards and took his stiff cock in my fist. Jerking it up and down a few times, I watched with satisfaction as the helmet twitched and a little drop of come appeared at the tip. I knew I was going to enjoy this! I lowered my head to his cock, and licked up and down the shaft, nibbling the skin, and flicking my tongue across the helmet. Then I opened my mouth and enveloped the head, pushing down until the whole length was inside, before sucking and licking his shaft, slipping it in and out of my mouth and relishing the feeling of this big hot cock twitching and jerking as I sucked him off. But once again, before I could come - and by now I was desperate for an orgasm - he rolled me off him so I was lying on my back next to him, but still with his cock in my mouth.

He pulled out of me, and knelt between my thighs, his stiff and now saliva covered cock pointing directly at the entrance to my cunt. He moved forward a little, and I felt the head of his cock nudge my cunt lips apart and start to push into my love hole. It was just the feeling I was desperate for, and it was all I could do to hold off coming as the movement of his cock at the entrance of my cunt made my cunt lips rub on my sensitive clit. Ever so slowly, he slid his cock into me, pushing it in a little, then pulling it out slightly before pushing it in a bit further. I was on the brink of a huge climax, but still he wouldn't take me all the way. Having got his cock inside me, he started to slide it gently in and out. Lubricated by all the juices, it slid smoothly between my cunt walls, almost as if there was no friction at all - just enough to make me even hornier that I already was.

Eventually, there was nothing I could do to hold back and, crying out as the climax hit I came, thrusting hips up at him and thrashing about as wave after wave of intense pleasure hit me and with each thrust I could feel his shaft moving inside me and rubbing my cunt lips while my clit rubbed against his pubes and I gasped and cried out time and again before the sensations slowly subsided, leaving me limp and completely satiated. But it wasn't for long. He hadn't climaxed, and it seemed that having given me one huge orgasm, he wasn't going to leave it at that! His cock was still inside me, and he started to pump much more vigorously than before, shoving his cock right in so his balls bumped against my bum cheeks then pulling it right out and rubbing the head up and down my cunt and over my clit before thrusting it back in again. I pulled his face down to mine, and kissed him, tasting my own juices on his tongue. Still he kept pumping away, and it wasn't long before I felt my cunt start to clench around his cock as my second orgasm loomed only seconds away. Sensing that I was about to come, he reached down with one hand, and started to tickle my clit as he pumped away at me, taking me over the edge for the second time. This time it was even better than before, and as he rode me I felt my cunt walls grip his shaft as he slid in and out of me. My cunt lips became even more engorged and stiff, opening up wide, then with a rush of juices I came again, rolling around and bucking furiously, reaching round and pulling him further into me to make the sensations even stronger. Just as my orgasm finished, he pulled out of me, and he climbed out from between my thighs, his cock slippery and shiny, covered in my juices. He turned me over, and put me in a kneeling position with my bum up in the air. I was too overcome with my climaxes to do anything about it, and anyway, I felt so shameless kneeling there with my bum in the air exposing my juicy tight cunt to a total stranger that I started to feel quite horny again. I reached round and spread my cunt wide, and said "Mmm, come on then, make me come again!

Nothing happened for a while, then I realized that he had found the dildos that were lying in my suitcase. I quivered in anticipation, willing him to choose the largest one, which I knew was just what I needed up me right now. I was surprised when I felt something nudge against the entrance to my cunt, though - it was too hard and metallic to be a dildo or a real cock, and it wasn't until I felt a rush of cool wetness that I realized that he had just squirted the tube of KY up my cunt and over my bottom. I felt him fingering my cunt and rubbing the jelly over my bum cheeks and tight bum hole, scraping it into my crack and massaging it into my pink rosebud. Then I felt the familiar sensation of my favorite sex toy, an enormous vibrating dildo, covered in veins and with a bulbous helmet, push between my cunt lips, opening my cunt up as wide as it would go. Covered in KY, my cunt squelched and slurped as he slid the huge dildo up me, then started it pumping in and out of my eager cunt. I was just beginning to wonder whether I should tell him how to switch it on when he must have found the switch - the dildo burst into life, buzzing and throbbing inside me. I didn't think that the sensations could get any better, then I felt a finger slide slowly into my slippery bum hole, then start to rub the side of the huge vibrator from inside me. Once again, I couldn't hold back any longer against the delicious sensations inside me, and with my cunt poking up in the air and a false cock sticking out of it, and with a finger up my anus, I started to tremble with lust. Then I came like a train, rocking around, gasping and crying out and begging him to fuck me harder with the dildo. Then, before my orgasm had finished, the dildo was pulled out, and I felt him positioning the head of his cock inside me, before pushing it up me with one thrust which slid it all the way in. He started to ride me, and I pushed my bum up into his groin as his cock slammed repeatedly into my cunt. Then I felt the warm juice-covered vibrator teasing across my breasts, stimulating my nipples again. Somehow the climax never finished, and I could still feel waves of lust and pleasure breaking over me with each thrust of the cock that was pushed up me. The constant clenching of my cunt round his shaft must have become too much, because, quite suddenly, I felt the guy stiffen and gasp then his cock grew bigger inside me, started to twitch, then started to pump great gushes of hot come deep inside my waiting cunt. The feeling of his semen spurting into me just finished me off, and I felt my cunt throb and clench as it pumped every last drop of his precious come out of his thick cock.

Totally exhausted, I toppled over with him still inside me, and we lay there for what seemed like ages before he gently slid out of me. We went into the bathroom and licked the juices off each other's bodies some things are too good to waste.


The End

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