The Venus Butterfly
By Sweeter Stuff
(MF, F-solo, toys)

It was one of Angel's nights off from work, and she was just relaxing at home. Opening ICQ, Angel knew there was someone who wanted to talk to her. Angel couldn't believe that a year has passed since they had become fast friends. It felt as though they have known each other a lifetime. Mark had opened up doors to Angel's life she never knew before. Now, she found herself rushing to her computer to find him there waiting for her.

"Hello," Angel said and waited for his reply.

She sat and watched a blank screen. Her heart raced as she has waited all day for their night of play.

"Hi, Baby," Mark said. "How was your day?"

Angel started to giggle and told Mark about her day but left out the fact that she had received something in the mail.

"Did you get your Birthday presents yet?" Mark asked.

Again, Angel started to giggle.

"I can't believe you got those for me. Just when I am I suppose to use them?"

"Well, I was hoping, maybe, we could give your new toys a try tonight as we play," Mark told her.

"WHAT? HOW?" she asked in a gasp.

"Well, Baby, first you need to go and slip into that red robe. You know how I love to see you in it. It makes you look so hot and sexy. Then, you need to get your butterfly toy ready for our night. You're going to look so hot on your web cam. I think you're going to really enjoy tonight," Mark told her.

Angel could almost hear his voice as if he was there with her and not 3000 miles away.

"I'll be right back," Angel said.

Angel went and put on her red robe. She still couldn't believe that he had sent her a sex toy of all things, not just one toy but two toys. At the same time, she was curious as to how he wants her to use this Venus Butterfly. She knew he would only see her head when they are playing so why this toy. What did he mean she would look so hot on cam with it? Over the year, they had come to really enjoy their nights of cyber sex with each other. Each time Mark would take her to a new high. As she dressed and prepared, she wondered what would happen tonight.

It didn't take her five minutes before she was back in front of the computer. Seeing his smiling face waiting on her gave her such a rush.

"I'm back, Baby," Angel said. As she sat in her chair she felt her body become warmer with each passing moment.

"Hi Sexy Lady, my God you look so hot tonight. Do you have your toy on and ready to go for me?" Mark asked.

"Yes, I have it on." Angel said.

She giggled to herself, as she had never used a sex toy before.

"Good, now I want you to turn it on to the first setting for me. I want you to feel me as you turn it on. Let it be my fingers that make you tingle."

Mark could see her on her web cam and watched her face as she turned on her new toy for the first time.

"Oh yes, Baby," he said. "I can tell you like it. You feel so soft and so warm. Tell me baby. Tell me how it feels. I want you to tell me."

Angel found that she was having some trouble trying to sit still while this new toy was gently bringing her clit to life.

"Oh my," Angel said. I never thought anything could make me feel so hot and so fast. How am I going to be able to type? I can barely even think."

"You're doing fine, Baby. Tell me how does it make you feel? Can you feel my fingers gently rubbing your clit? Mark asked.

There was such longing in his eyes.

"It feels so, so good. It's like having you touch me in ways that I have never felt before. I feel so warm, almost HOT," Angel said with a giggle. "OHHHH my, I am getting wet, mmmmmmm, you feel so good, Mark."

"Oh my Sweet Little Angel, we have but yet to begin your trip into the clouds that I so want to take you tonight. I can smell your sweet scent. I can feel you are so very close to having your first orgasm for me. Can you feel me bringing you closer to your first cum of the night?" Mark asked.

"My first cum of the night?" Angel asked with a puzzled look. "How many do you think I can have in a night?"

Mark laughed a knowing laugh.

"You're going to have so many orgasms tonight and each one will be stronger and longer than the last. I'm going to take you to the clouds and lay you gently in my arms so I can hold you close to me. I want to feel everything with you. Are you ready for your first?"

"Yes, I'm close," Angel said.

"Move the butterfly to the next level then," Mark said.

Angel did just that and instantly felt her body getting closer and closer. Mark felt her. He could smell her scent as if they were in the same room. He loved to watch the changes in her body and the look in her eyes. Everything about her was glowing.

As Angel felt her body building, for her release, she felt her breasts grow hard and start to throb. Her nipples were getting harder. It was as if they were being pulled into Mark's mouth. They were being pulled harder with each of his sucking motion. Oh God, it was so good, so real. She could feel the hot warm juices between her legs. Then, her legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they parted.

It was so real that Angel expected to open her eyes and see Mark between her legs, slowly pulling them apart. She could see herself pulling Mark's lips to where she wanted his mouth the most. Angel needed to feel him sucking and pulling her throbbing clit deep into his waiting mouth. His tongue danced on the head of her clit to bring her to even, newer heights. She felt him probing deep inside the well of her being. His tongue dove into her love juices that awaited his hungry mouth.

"Oh God Mark, I can't wait. I'm going to explode," she cried. "Mark, I'm going to cum I can't stop it! It feels soooooo good."

"You're so hot baby. I want you to cum. I want you to cum NOW!! Cum for me!!! That's it, you're almost there. Ohhhhhh, you're just so sweet. That's it. You're almost there. Let me feel you cum, MMMMMMMM God yes. That's it. Let it all go. Give it all to me." Mark pleaded

Angel's body exploded into orgasmic bliss. Her floodgates opened wide, and her hot sweet juices flowed. Waves and waves of pleasure washed over her quivering body.

After Angel could start to think, she whispered.

"Wow!!! I never knew it could feel so wild. I can't believe I came like that. I felt so good."

Angel gasped out as she tried to catch her breath.

"You're wonderful, baby. You did so good," Mark said. "Now, are you ready for more?"

"More, you want more?" Angel gasped out.

With a giggle, she added another comment.

"I don't know if I have anything left. You drained the well."

Again, Mark laughed that knowing laugh.

"Yes more baby, you've got so much more to give, and I want it. I told you I want it all. Now, be a good girl and get your other toy ready for us."

Angel did as Mark asked. Taking off her Venus Butterfly toy, she carefully placed it on a nearby table. She picked up the other toy. Angel knew this toy was going to bring her even that much closer to really feeling Mark deep within her.

"Ok Mark, I'm ready and so is the Bunny."

"A Bunny? That's not what I ordered for you."

Mark seemed puzzled

Angle started to giggle.

"Well, there is this cute little bunny with ears along side the hot pink dildo so I gave it a new name."

Mark smiled.

"Ok, Baby, you can call it whatever you like. Do you think you're ready to try something for me tonight?"

Now it was Angel's turn to look a bit puzzled.

"What was it you would like to try?"

"I want to see you," Mark said. "I want to see all of you. I want you to move your web cam for me. I want to see you as you fill that wonderfully hot and very wet pussy. I want to watch you fuck that bunny. I want to watch and feel you fuck it as if you were fucking me. I want to watch all your love juices pouring and dripping all over it. I want to feel those juices. I want it all."

"You want me to move my web cam so you can watch me fucking a dildo?" she asked.

There was a nervous twinge to her voice.

"Oh God, yes, Baby. I want to watch, touch, feel, smell and taste every inch of you. So please, pretty please, move your web cam. Please, please do this for me just this once. If you don't like it, I'll never ask you to move it again."

Mark pleaded with all his heart.

Angel sat for a second and thought it over. She knew he could see her face just as she to could see his face now. She could see the warmth, the love and the passion.

Angel took a deep breath.

"Ok Mark, I'll move the web cam. I'll give you what you asked for." Angel saw how her answer lit up Mark's eyes. Mark waited, as he knew she needed a few minutes to get things moved and set up so he could see what he has only dared to dream.

"Ok Mark, I have it all moved for you now."

Angel's voice had a blushing tone.

"Ahhhhh my sweet Angel, you're such a treasure. How are you feeling about all this? Are you comfortable with this?" Mark asked.

There was a genuine caring tone in his voice.

"I'm feeling ok, I was a bit scared, but for some reason it kinda feels right now. I can't explain it."

"You're doing great baby," Mark said. "You look so dam hot MMMMMMMM. So, do you have your bunny all set up and ready for us?"

Mark smiled.

"Yes it's ready," Angel said. "I feel so tingly all over."

Angel giggled.

"It's time to take that ride into the clouds, baby. Just take my hand and follow me. I won't let anything bad happen to you ever. Now, I need you to turn in your chair for me so I can see that sweet wonderful pussy."

Angel turned slowly.

"Oh yes, I love it. Your lips are swollen, and your clit it is ohhhhhh so erect NICEEEEEEE. My God, Angel, you're so Hot." Angel could see the honesty in Mark's eyes. As she closed her eyes for just a moment, she could hear his most wonderful Texas accent that she loved so very much. The sound of his voice alone could send goose bumps up and down her spine. Yes, Angel was very ready.

"Baby I want you to be my fingers," Mark said. "I want you to start rubbing your clit for me. I want to feel it as you do it."

Mark moaned and continued.

"Yes, you look so hot the way you do that. Now, pull your clit out for me, I want to see it."

Marks eyes never left the screen as Angel slowly pulled her clit free of the lips.

"Yes, that's it. I can feel it. Oh God, yesssssssssssssssssssssss. Now, rub it for me, again, and tell me how it feels."

"It feels so good," Angel said.

You're doing so good, Baby. You're wonderful. I bet you're getting wet now, aren't you?" Mark asked.

"Yes," Angel admitted.

"Tell me exactly."

"My pussy is so wet."

"Are you ready to feel me deep inside you?" he asked.

"GOD YESSSSSSSSSS?..I am dying. I need you inside of me. I want to feel you. I want to feel all of you. I want to feel you now."

Angel was so excited that each word dripped with lust.

"Good girl, now take your bunny and push it all the way in. I want to feel it sliding deep into you. As it is filling you, imagine that it is my hard cock entering you. Can you feel me, Baby?"

"God yes," Angel almost yelled back. "I feel you. I feel your warmth. I feel your heart beating next to mine. Mark, you feel so wonderful, I want more. Please, I need more."

"Let me see you fuck that bunny. I want to watch as you let it slide in and out of your hot pussy. That's it, baby. Fuck it for me. Fuck it faster. I feel you getting closer to your next orgasm. God, you're so HOT when you move your hips that way. I can feel you sliding up and down on my cock. GODDDDDDD YESSSSSSSS ??..That's it faster."

"OHHHHHHH God I want to cum again, I am so HOTTTTTT??Mark Please make it happen, make it happen now!!!" Angel begged.

"You're almost there baby. You're almost ready to soar to the clouds with me. I feel your every heart beat. I can smell your sweet scent getting stronger. Oh God baby, you're doing it so good. You look so hot. I'm going to cum with you this time. It'll be like nothing you have ever felt before. God, I love the way you fuck that bunny. You look so wild."

Mark moaned and continued.

"Come on, Baby, faster. You know you want it. You want me deep. Push it deeper. That's it. Take it all in. That's it. Come on. You're almost there. I can feel it. You're so close and getting closer OH GODDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS."

"Mark I can't wait much longer," Angel screamed. "I need you NOW!!"

"GODDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSS," Mark yelled. "CUMMMMMM, cum for me now baby. Cum all over my cock!!!!!!! That's it. Fuck it, baby. Fuck it hard "

Mark watched Angel intently. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He watched as Angel's hips moved thrust after long hard thrust. With each thrust she made, Angel came closer to cumming. Mark could feel himself deep within her HOT walls. She was so close now. Mark smiled. He knew that she was ready.

Angel felt her body taking on a will of its own. The dam was flooding deep within her, and she knew she couldn't hold the floodgates back anymore. As if he was in the room with her, Angel felt Mark take her in his arms, and it happened !!!

Angel exploded and screamed with pure joy. Her body was cumming in explosive orgasms. Angel felt herself ride a wave after wave like she had never known before. Just as she thought one wave was slowing, another wave would spasm her body. Each filled her mind with intense pleasure. With each wave, Angel drove Mark's cock deeper inside of her. She pushed the bunny harder and faster. She couldn't get enough of his dick. She wanted to devour him, to suck every inch of him into her body.


Mark sat amazed as he watched each wave of her orgasms consume her body. He felt her body floating with him. Focusing his mind, he drew them into the clouds. It was as if they could fly in some magical land where the orgasms never stopped. It was unlike anything that Angel had dreamed possible. It was as real as her weak knees and pounding heart. Just as he had promised, they soared into the clouds. As the final orgasm rattled her body and took her to a level that she could hardly stand, they crashed through the clouds.

"Mark, hold me. Hold me baby," Angel cried in her far off distant mind.

Mark did just that. In that magical land, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Floating on a cloud, Angel nuzzled his chest and laid with him for a very long time. He kissed her and stroked her as he held her body next to his.

It was a night that Angel would never forget. Mark had taken her to so many wonderful orgasms. Each orgasm was deeper and stronger than the last. He knew all the right things to say and do. It was a night that Mark awoke the butterfly that was hiding from the world. Now that Butterfly has learned how to soar into the clouds for now and always.


Sweeter Stuff - Copyright 2004

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