Home Alone
By Dell
(MF, oral)

Another Saturday evening finds me sitting at home with nothing to do. Not that I really am looking for something to do. I don't have the energy. I programmed all afternoon, playing with some graphics functions in my C compiler. My mom asks me if I want to call a friend and go midnight bowling, her treat. She's in her robe and my dad's home...Ok, I can take a hint. I don't want to go bowling, so I clean my room and tell them I'm going to the library. Twenty years old and living at home. I guess it's not unusual, but I still feel like a child doing it. I don't have much of a choice, though. School costs a lot of money. But still...My girlfriend has her own place. Well, not really her own. She rooms with her sister and her sister's boyfriend. But she's away from her parents. I love my parents, but I'd really like to get out, too.

So I'm driving down College Avenue towards CSU. I stop at the gas station to get a pack of cigarettes, even though I'm "Trying to Quit." Hell, I only started six months ago. When I get back in the car I light up. The energy's just not right for the library anymore. I wish I were with Sandi. Saturday is supposed to be our day. But she has to work. Her boss made some excuse why she couldn't work, and Sandi was stuck with the shift. She can't quit -- too many bills. I guess that's the price you to pay for living on your own. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to see her. Sandi works two full time jobs now. She's trying to get the cash to buy a car. Maybe I'm lazy, but there's no way I could do that. I complain about my 25-hour-a-week job.

Thinking of Sandi reminds me of the place we used to go when we were both in high school as I pass the turn off for it, I suddenly have the urge to go up there. I make a u-turn and head up to Horsetooth. Driving down this once often-travelled road for me I begin to think of the last time I was over at Sandi's...

It was about 1am when she went back to her room to go to bed. This Saturday we didn't spend much money, just stayed at her place, ate dinner, and watched TV. One of her sister's friends was staying the night, so I sat down on the couch to talk to him. He's a Navy Seal who just got back from Saudi Arabia. I told him my dad was a Seal during Vietnam, and we got to talking.

About 1:30 Sandi comes back out to see what I'm doing. She's wearing a short red robe with a dragon embroidered on the back -- pretty sexy except for the wide green belt she hastily tied around it. I end my conversation with Daryn and go back to her room with her. "Sorry, I didn't realize how long I was out there." "That's ok. I figured you just got to talking." Sandi unties her robe and lets it drop to the floor. She's wearing a black lace bra and pink G-string panties. Oh god, I love those panties. I picked them out for her one time when we went shopping together.

"How about some attention for me?" she says as she pulls me close to her. I'm already beginning to feel my pants getting crowded. That problem is alleviated when she unbuttons them. I kiss her slowly, not wanting to rush things even though I haven't had sex for over a week. Our tongues fence as she fishes my now fully erect penis from my jeans and softly strokes it. I completely forget about everything but Sandi. Gently pushing her onto the bed I get undressed, eyeing her from head to toe.

We've been going out for almost three years now, but the sight of her dressed like that sends chills of delight up my spine just like the first time I saw her naked. I lie down on the bed and she snuggles as close as she can. We begin to kiss again, but not for long. She starts kissing my neck, and then licks it. As she starts sucking on my neck and then puts her tongue in my ear and gently blows, I am filled with delight. Sandi sure knows how to drive me crazy. She starts going down, first to suck on my nipple, then little kisses all the way down to my crotch. She briefly brushes her breasts on my penis, and then kisses it. With her tongue just barely out of her mouth, she bathes my penis with her tongue and lips, going down its length and back up again, one of her hands gently stroking my scrotum.

By now I'm delirious with pleasure. I pull on her side, signalling I want her to do 69. "Not today, I just ended my period," she explains, and then goes back to work. I'm a bit disappointed, but I soon get over it when she takes my penis into her mouth. As she starts bobbing her head, I brush her hair aside so I can watch. I'm a very visual person, and this excites me more. She starts going slower, almost the full length of my penis disappearing into her mouth. I really don't know how she does that -- I couldn't swallow anything seven inches long. But it turns me on immensely until I can't take it anymore. Just before I pass the point of no return, I pull her back up to me. "I don't want to come that way," I say. She's on top of me and we begin to kiss again, much more passionately than before.

Giving oral sex turns her on -- I'm glad she likes it as much as me. I reach down and begin to play with her clitoris. She moves her hips in a circular motion, getting more excited all the time. I pull the panties I love so much to the side and replace my hand with my penis. I find the opening and slide in full length with no effort -- she's very wet by now. She props herself up with her arms and begins moving slowly up and down. Her breasts are inches from my face, so I pull her bra down and suck on her right nipple. She gives a little cry of delight and begins moving faster as I nurse one breast and stroke the other. It's not long before she starts coming. I grab her ankles as she begins moving very fast and match her strokes. She comes so hard that she lunges forward and buries her head in my shoulder so she doesn't scream -- there are three other people in the apartment. She comes for a full thirty seconds. It feels so good I can't hold mine either, although I wanted to. As I have my own orgasm I almost yell, too. It's so intense when we come together, and it happens often. She collapses on me and I go completely limp.

We lay there for a while, her vagina having gentle spasms. I like that feeling so I don't pull out right away. When she gets her energy back, she slowly rolls off of me and lies beside me with her head on my chest. "That was great, baby. But I wanted to last longer." "Yes, it was great. But who says we're finished for the night?"

I come back to the present as I reach my destination. Thinking about last week made my pants a bit crowded again. As I look out on the lake, I can't help but wonder what she'll wear for me tomorrow. --


To be continued

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