Cindy and Sylvia's Holiday Weekend
By Susan Proctor
(FF, oral, toys, FFF)

Author's note: Many women have asked me to write a somewhat more sexually explicit story. So I have ~smile~. Also, if you are like me, and you enjoy masturbating while reading an erotic story, you know it takes a while to get turned on to the point of reaching an orgasm. With that in mind, I have written a longer story and moved it quickly to the erotic stuff. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to all the wonderful people that have taken the time to write me and add words of encouragement and love. I can be reached at:


Cindy and Sylvia drove into Sunset Park just before dusk. Cindy's eyes were becoming weary and she was glad they were almost at their destination. They had looked forward to this holiday for quite some time. The small town of Sunset, tucked into the mountains had that postcard look.

Everywhere you looked a photo op presented itself. Animals abound. Cindy pulled up to the first hotel with a vacancy sign. They got out of the car, stretched and grabbed their suitcases. The woman at the front desk greeted them with a smile.

"Hi," Sylvia said. "We need a room."

"For how many nights?" The clerk asked.

"Two," Cindy said.

They filled out the forms and took the key card. Room 109 was just down from where they parked the car, so Cindy decided to leave it there. The room was clean and bright. It was a typical room with two queen sized beds, a TV and a bathroom just to the left of the door.

"Which bed do you want?" Cindy said.

Sylvia smiled, "Which ever one you're sleeping in."

Cindy wrapped her arms around Sylvia and gave her a deep, long French kiss. Sylvia immediately began to caress Cindy's full breasts. She lifted them slightly making Cindy moan into Sylvia's mouth.

"Mmmm, That feels so good," Cindy said.

"Come on, let me get you undressed and we can have a nice hot bath together and then I'll massage your shoulders. Relieve all that stiffness from the drive."

Cindy kissed her lover back, "That sounds very nice, thank you."

"Don't thank me too much yet, I might be leaving some other part of you stiff by tomorrow morning."

"Mmmm, promises, promises."

Sylvia started to undress Cindy. She undid the buttons on her blouse and exposed her lacy, Vogue 42D bra. Cindy's ample breasts always excited Sylvia, often she wished she had a bigger bosom. Cindy always commented on how she wished she was a bit smaller, which Sylvia responded by saying, 'You can give me some of yours.'

Sylvia was a petite 36 A. Cindy caressed Sylvia's breasts. The fabric of her sundress hid her breasts well enough for her to go bra-less. Cindy watched as her nipples become points and stuck out against her dress. Sylvia unfastened Cindy's bra, she pulled it forward until Cindy's breasts fell out of the cups. She held her breasts, feeling their weight. Cindy had large brown areola that spread out to cover more then three inches of each breast. Her nipples were flat and not pointy like hers. Sylvia raised her left breast to her mouth and took her nipple between her teeth and bit down lightly.

Cindy moaned. Sylvia flicked her tongue against the nipple between her teeth and felt it grow. As it became erect, Sylvia opened her mouth wide to take as much of her breast into her mouth as she could. She sucked and licked at her hard nipple, washing and caressing it with her tongue. She licked it roughly, and felt it pucker.

Cindy was moaning and Sylvia knew the link between Cindy's breast and her crotch would mean she was getting wet. Sylvia felt the familiar feeling between her legs as blood rushed in to engorge her pussy lips. She knew her clit would be peeking out from under its hood and demand to be licked and sucked on too.

"Oh I love you sucking on my tits like that," Cindy moaned. Sylvia stopped sucking for a moment and said. "Want me to suck on something else for you too?"

"Mmmm, yesssss, but first lets have a bath and freshen up."

Sylvia stopped sucking and kissed Cindy passionately on the mouth. "I can't wait, I want you now."

Cindy was a bigger girl then Sylvia, but offered no resistance as she was pushed back onto the bed. Sylvia pushed the straps off her shoulders and her dress feel to the floor. Her pink Hanna panties betrayed her excitement, with a noticeable large wet spot at the center of her crotch. Sylvia had always been a wet girl and it never took much to get her inner tap going. Cindy smiled and licked her lips seductively. Sylvia pulled Cindy's slacks off her and then jumped on the bed and fell into Cindy's outstretched arms. They kissed deeply as they caressed each others face, breasts, hair, stomach, legs and then finally their excited pussies. Cindy pulled Sylvia's panties to one side and slipped her hand into her silky valley. With her middle finger she teased her inner lips open. Instantly she felt Sylvia's wetness coating her fingertips. Sylvia moaned as Cindy's finger pushed into her fleshy folds, parting her lips and pushing into her entrance.

"Oh yes, finger fuck me," Sylvia moaned, knowing Cindy's loved to hear her talk dirty to her. Cindy pumped her finger in and out of Sylvia's tight hole. Sylvia groaned and spread her legs so Cindy could have better access and push her finger deeper.

Not to be outdone, Sylvia thrust her hand into Cindy's panties. She caressed the heavy tangle of pubic hair covering her mound, then slid her fingers onto her clit. Cindy moaned and rocked her hips. Cindy groan as Sylvia's fingers invaded her entrance, she worked two fingers into Cindy's vagina, pushing them deep and then rotating her wrist so that her fingers made small half circles. As she twisted her fingers in Cindy's pussy, she pumped them back and forth. Cindy cried out at feeling Sylvia's finger nails scraping her inner walls. "Ohhhhh, yessss," she moaned loudly.

Sylvia knew she was close to an earth shattering climax. "Come on baby," Sylvia moaned into her ear, "Cum for me, I'm feeding my fingers to your hungry cunt, cum for me, Ohhh, you're so wet, so juicy." Sylvia's fingers were making sloppy, wet, sucking noises as she pumped them in and out of her. Cindy was lost in the moment, but her fingers were not idle in Sylvia's soaking wet pussy. She was making her own juicy noises as Sylvia's vagina became incessantly wetter. Sylvia licked Cindy's earlobe and said, "Cum for me honey, cum for me so that I can lick up your sweet nectar. You know how much I love licking your sweet pussy, and how much you love my tongue flicking across your clit. I'll fuck your cunt with my tongue, you want that don't you? You want me to tongue fuck you don't you honey?"

Those words pushed Cindy over the top, she gasped and her body shook, her hips rocked forward and up, pushing Sylvia's finger even deeper. Cindy's pussy juices gushed to coat Sylvia's fingers. The palm of her hand resting on Cindy's clit and her fingers pressing deep and twisting into her fleshy wet hole had sent her into a multiple orgasm. Sylvia kept her nasty talk up. She said the words she would never would utter at any other time, words that Cindy and her were told no lady would say. It excited them both, it was like a drug. Sylvia whispered them again and again into Cindy's ear. "I want to eat your dripping cunt, suck every drop of your juice from your hot hole."

Cindy's moans slowed and her heart rate dropped below 100. She caught her breath and kissed Sylvia deep and passionately. "I love you," She said.

"I love you so much too."

"Now it's your turn," Cindy said. She pulled her fingers from Sylvia's pussy and rolled her over onto her back. She pulled her panties off and slipped down between her legs. Sylvia was neatly trimmed around her outer pussy lips, with only a light dusting of blonde pubic hair covering her mound. Cindy parted Sylvia's soft pink inner lips. Her folds looked like rose petals covered in the nectar of this most exotic flower. Several small droplets clung her skin around her entrance. Cindy slipped her tongue into the wet folds and licked up Sylvia's tangy juices. She kissed the area around her entrance, then pushed her tongue inside her hot, wet hole. Cindy licked and sucked at her entrance. Juicy sounds reached Sylvia's ears and she moaned loudly. Cindy moved up to Sylvia's clit and flicked her tongue across it, washing the pink button until Sylvia grabbed her head and pushed her hips up into her face.

"Ohhh, I'm cummmmminggggggggggggg," she moaned.
Cindy smiled and licked and sucked on Sylvia's clit. She covered her pussy with her mouth, opening wide trying to cover every inch. Her tongue travelled up and down her silky valley, from her opening to her hood. Sylvia's pussy contracted and she was lost in her own multiple orgasm. Cindy thrust two fingers into Sylvia's hole; she felt her pussy muscles clamp down on her fingers. She felt the little tremors that rocked her body, each one stronger then the last. Finally Sylvia came back to earth. Cindy kissed Sylvia's entrance, then came up to her and kissed her mouth hard. They french kissed for several minutes. Each of them enjoying the after glow of their orgasms. Sylvia's loved smelling her aroma on Cindy's cheeks and chin. She could taste herself on her lovers mouth.

It always excited her, she didn't know why, maybe it was the closeness, knowing that your lover has been at your most intimate region of your body, maybe it was that she loved oral sex, maybe it didn't matter, she kissed Cindy's cheek and commented, "I must have been pretty juicy down there." Cindy laughed, "You always are my sweet." She kissed her again and then said, "Now how about that bath and massage?"

Hand in hand they went to the bathroom. Cindy got their travel bag and removed some scented candles. She placed them by the sink and around the tub. She lit them one by one, then she turned out the light. Sylvia ran the bath water. Once the tub was full, Sylvia added some scented oil, then she slipped into the water and motioned for Cindy. Cindy climbed in and lay with her back against Sylvia's breasts. Sylvia grabbed the bar of soap she had bought at the Body Shop, a cherry smelling fragrance wafted up to meet their noses. With her hands all soaped up, she caressed Cindy's big, sexy breasts. Cindy moaned as Sylvia soaped her up, rubbing her sexy tits and now hardening nipples. Then she moved her hands down over her flat stomach and into her curly pubic hair.

Cindy opened her legs as much as possible and Sylvia slipped her hand between her folds and began stroking up and down her slit.
"It's a shame," Sylvia said, "All that sweet tasting pussy juice being washed away."
Cindy moaned at her touch. "Don't worry love, I'll make plenty more for you any time you want."
"Ohh, you're so sexy," Sylvia said.
"And so horny too," Cindy added.
"You're always horny!"
"You make me that way."
"I'm glad."

They kissed and Sylvia moved her hands back to Cindy's large breasts, caressing them with the bar of soap. Cindy watched Sylvia's hands as they caressed her breasts, the candle light and aroma of the soap made this moment even more romantic. Cindy turned her head and kissed Sylvia. She loved kissing her, she had always loved that, her lips, so soft, so sexy, looking into her beautiful eyes, her sweet face.

"I think it's your turn," Cindy said and they traded places, Sylvia loved the feeling of her back rubbing up against Cindy's breasts, they felt so big and full against her. "I love you soaping up my back with your big tits," she said. Cindy smiled and moaned as Sylvia rubbed her back across her hard nipples. She pressed into her, flattening out her breasts slightly. Cindy teased back by running her fingers into Sylvia's slit and rubbing her clit. Sylvia moaned and closed her eyes as Cindy worked her magic again. She was getting close, but wanted something more, she wanted Sylvia's talented tongue.

Cindy kissed Sylvia, their tongues played and Sylvia instinctively knew what her lover wanted. They got out of the tub, dried each other off, blew out the candles and got into bed. Cindy had pulled the covers back and laid down in the middle of the bed. Sylvia took the other pillow and pushed it under Cindy's bum, raising her up for better access. Sylvia licked her lips, then she moved her nose to within a quarter inch of Cindy's entrance and said, "Oh you smell so good." She breathed in deeply and then used her nose to part Cindy's wet folds. Sylvia then began to lick into Cindy's cunt, lapping up her juices. Cindy moaned and rocked her hips. Sylvia covered Cindy's sweet pink folds and clit with kisses, then she licked up and down her valley, taking more and more time to lap at her clit with each passing. Sylvia then moved her hand under and around her legs so she could hold Cindy's pussy lips open and spread her valley wide.

With Cindy's pink hole wide, Sylvia took delight in licking deep into her tunnel. Cindy became very wet, she caressed her own breasts, brushing her fingers over her erect nipples causing her pussy to become even wetter. Sylvia's tongue circled her entrance and then flicked at her fleshy lips, pushing them to one side, then over to the other. Then she concentrated on her sensitive clit. All this stimulation was driving Cindy crazy. She felt her orgasm coming, it rocked her body and she called out, moaning loudly. It was music to Sylvia's ears and she sucked and licked at her pussy like a thirsty cat.

Cindy came down from her climax slowly as Sylvia's talented tongue and fingers were carefull not to overwork her now sensitive clit.
She came up and kissed her lover sweetly on the mouth.
"Thank you so much," Cindy said.
"My pleasure," Sylvia said.
They kissed again and fell asleep in each others arms, as they did every night. This was going to be a wonderful weekend, they both knew it.

The next morning, Cindy woke with Sylvia in her loving arms. She kissed her lightly on the forehead, then on her cheek. Sylvia stirred and she kissed her on the lips.
"Morning sleepy head."
"What time is it?" Sylvia asked in a sleepy tone.
"It's time for you to make love to me."
"Mmmmm, is it now." Sylvia said before kissing her.
They caressed each other, wrapping their arms and legs around each other as they continued to kiss deeply and lovingly. Sylvia felt Cindy's hand creep down her back to her bum. Cindy caressed her tight ass, working her hand in small circles. Each circle brought her fingers closer and closer to her pussy. Sylvia returned the action, moving her hand down to Cindy's bottom and caressed around her anus. Sylvia's body bolted slightly as she felt Cindy's finger unexpectedly enter her. Cindy thrust her finger deeply into Sylvia's vagina. She pumped her finger back and forth, each time pushing deeper.

"Hey," Sylvia protested. "I'm not even wet yet!"
"Ohhh yesss you are," Cindy said. She then pulled her finger from her tight hole and brought it up from under the covers. She held her finger up in front of Sylvia's face. Sylvia could see Cindy's finger glistening with her pussy juice. She leaned forward and took Cindy's finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.
"Hey, that was for me!" Cindy said.
"More were that came from, you can be sure," Sylvia laughed playfully.

Cindy rolled Sylvia over onto her back, she then straddled her and pinned her arms out to her side. Sylvia looked up into Cindy's beautiful, loving eyes. She could see the lust there, she could see the playfulness, the desire. Cindy leaned down and kissed Sylvia. They opened their mouths and their tongues battled. Cindy sucked on Sylvia's tongue and then Sylvia sucked on Cindy's. Their mouths stayed locked together. Cindy breasts hung down and her nipples lightly brushed against Sylvia's. Sylvia loved this and she arched her back so that her nipples would rub against Cindy's. Cindy then began to rub her pussy mound across Sylvia's. She ground her hips into her, their pubic hair meshed and Sylvia tried to push her mound up so her clit would come in contact with Cindy's.

"Oh, Cindy I want you so badly," Sylvia moaned.
Cindy smiled as she rode Sylvia's mound, bumping and rubbing her, she still had Sylvia's arms pinned and wasn't going to give up her dominant position just yet.
Cindy's stomach made a noise and she paused. "I'm hungry."
"Eat me, eat me," Sylvia said with a laugh.
Cindy smiled and released her grip on Sylvia's arms, she then turned around and straddled her face, moving into a sixty-nine position. Both women kissed and licked at the other's now wet pussies. Each moaned as the pleasure of their tongues on wet, flesh folds moved them toward orgasm. Sylvia was licking deeply into Cindy's valley, pushing her tongue up into her folds and lapping up the nectar that streamed from her sweet pink cavity, then Cindy unexpectedly crawled off her. "What?" Sylvia questioned.

Cindy opened her suitcase, riffled through it and seconds later held up a silver colored vibrator. "Silver bullet anyone?" A wide grin crossed Sylvia's face. She spread her legs wide and reached between them to pull her cunt lips apart. "Right here honey," She said as she slipped a finger into her hole. Cindy crawled onto the bed and moved the tip of the toy to Sylvia's clit. Sylvia moved her hands away and Cindy pushed the vibrator into her soft pink folds. She turned its base and a familiar hum filled the room, followed by Sylvia singing a chorus of moans. Seconds later Sylvia was cumming, the tip of the vibrator was on her erect clit and had quickly sent her over the edge.

"Oh, that was fast," Cindy said. "I didn't expect you to cum so quickly."
"Neither did I. See what you do to me?"
"Mmmm, I do," Cindy said as she watch a trickle of Sylvia's nectar dripping from her entrance and being pulled by gravity down between her cheeks. Cindy moved the vibrator down between Sylvia's ass cheeks, caressing her bum with the toy.

"Your turn," Sylvia said.
"After breakfast, I really need to get something to eat. But don't worry, I'll expect some nice long pussy licking when we get back."
"That's a given."

They dressed casual, blue jeans, shirt and sweater. The mountain air was cool, but not cold. They headed to a restaurant across the street from the hotel they were staying at. They took a window seat and enjoyed the view of the city and surrounding mountains with snow capped peaks. Several of the shops opened up and as they ate their breakfast and they talked about which ones they wanted to go to first. With a day of shopping planned, and their belly's full they left the restaurant and headed back to their room. They had some unfinished business to take care of before hitting the shopping section of town.

Cindy opened the door to their room and was surprised to see a woman standing next to the bed. Sylvia paused as she spotted the cleaning woman too. The bed was a mess, sheets half on the floor, pillows askew. The other bed hadn't been touched, if that hadn't been a dead give-away that two lesbians occupied this room, then their toy, the silver bullet sitting in plain sight in the middle of the bed had to have. Cindy blushed as the woman turned to look at them.

"Sorry," the cleaning woman said. "I was just going to make the bed."
"That's okay." Both Sylvia and Cindy said together.
The cleaning woman said. "My name is Gillian, and I hope I haven't embarrassed you."
"No, not at all," Cindy said.
Gillian reached down and picked up the vibrator from off the bed.
"I haven't used one of these before, is it nice?"
"Very nice," Sylvia said. "Mmmm, I bet," Gillian said. She waved it back and forth in front of her face.
"I'll have to get one for my next girlfriend."

Both Cindy and Sylvia smiled.
"Yes," Gillian said, "I'm gay too. Not that I get much action in a small town like this."
"That amazes me, you're very attractive." Cindy said.
"How long has it been?" Sylvia wondered out loud.
"Sylvia!" Cindy said.
"That's okay," Gillian said. "Been too long. The money's just too good here making it hard to move away. I've met a few tourists that welcomed me into their bed, but it's been few and far between."
"A threesome?" Sylvia said.
Gillian nodded. "Great fun isn't it?"
"We wouldn't know!" Cindy said.
"Would you care to find out?" Gillian questioned. "It would be kind of like your vibrator here, you don't know what you're missing until you try it."
Cindy said, "Just a second, we have to talk."
Cindy then escorted Sylvia into the bathroom. "What do you think?" She said.

Sylvia felt a frenzy of emotion. On one hand she was excited at the idea, and on the other hand scared.
"What do you think?"
Cindy said, "We've talked about this before, having another woman join us."
"I know... she is beautiful... I bet we would regret not doing it. But how will you feel seeing me kiss her, or... or... seeing me lick her?"
Cindy said. "Just the idea, God, I'm so wet."
"Me too."
She kissed Sylvia. "Then lets. You know I love you."
"I love you too."

Hand in hand they came out of the bathroom. Gillian was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had her head tilted, her dark brown hair falling to one side. Sylvia's heart pounded and she could feel Cindy's pulse in her hand was well.

She knew they had arrived at this decision far too quickly. They really hadn't talked this out. They both knew it was hasty, but at the same time the adventure of it had brought them to a new sexual high. It had been a fantasy for both of them, to bring another woman into their bed. They had told each other what they would do with her, to her. That talk had excited them, had brought them to many multiple orgasms. Now it looked as if it would happen. Gillian smiled at them as they approached her, she knew what decision they had arrived at.
"Hi, my name is Sylvia, and this is Cindy."
Gillian stood up and opened her arms to them. "So nice to meet you. I'm not sure how you want to start?"
"Lets start with a kiss," Sylvia said.

Gillian took Sylvia in her arms and kissed her deeply. Cindy looked on and found herself getting excited watching her lover kiss another woman. She didn't feel jealous just turned on. Sylvia stepped aside and pulled Cindy toward Gillian. Gillian kissed Cindy with the same passion and now it was Sylvia getting turned on watching her lover kiss this, dark haired, exotic looking woman. Gillian began caressing Cindy's large breasts, she was a 34B, and seemed to appreciate caress Cindy's tits, her soft moans escaping from between her lips.

"Let me help you," Sylvia said and she reached around Cindy's waist and pulled up on her sweater. She pulled it up over Cindy's head, forcing Gillian and her to stop kissing for a moment. "Get her shirt off," Sylvia said to Gillian, Gillian wasted no time in starting to undo the button's on Cindy's shirt. Cindy wasn't idle, she started to un-tuck Gillian's white work blouse and then unbutton her shirt. Gillian was wearing a plain white bra, Sylvia moved in behind her and unhooked it and eased it off her shoulders. Gillian was busy lifting Cindy's bra up and over her big breasts. Cindy moaned as she felt Gillian's fingers begin to caress her fleshy globes.

"Oh, you have such nice big tits," Gillian said. "And I think very suck-able nipples."

They kissed again as Gillian continued to caress Cindy's full breasts. Sylvia cupped Gillian's tits and fanned her fingers out over them, caressing her hard nipples. Cindy helped out, and Gillian moaned at having two hands working magic on her nipples. She felt herself getting soaking wet, and the knowledge that soon both these sexy ladies would be between her legs was almost too much for her. Cindy stopped kissing her and leaned down to take one of her nipples into her mouth. Gillian shivered as she felt moist lips covering her areola and beginning to nurse. Cindy felt the nipple harden in her mouth and instinctively reached down between Gillian's legs and place her hand on her crotch. Gillian had turned her head and was kissing Sylvia as she played with her right breast, caressing her nipple.

Then Gillian said, "I would like to just lay on the bed and let you both do what you want with me."
Sylvia smiled. "That sounds like a wonderful idea."
Cindy pulled Gillian's pants off and Sylvia reached under her panties and caressed her bum. "Come on," she said, "lets get these panties off."

Cindy and Sylvia both pulled on the waistband and they slipped off her hips and to the floor. Gillian stepped back and laid on the bed. She opened her legs, revealing her hairless pussy. Her dark pink lips were full and puffy, engorged and wet. "Ohhh," Sylvia said. "You're shaved."

Gillian smiled and nodded, she reached down and over her mound, pushing her fingers into her slit and parting her moist lips. She caressed herself, leaving a glistening trail of her wetness as she drew her hand up over her clit and bald mound. "You like it?" "Love it," Sylvia said licking her lips. She then glanced over at Cindy, her eyes were locked on Gillian's pretty hairless pussy too. She nodded at Sylvia, giving her the go ahead. Sylvia slipped between Gillian's legs. Gillian opened her legs wider so that Sylvia would have all the room she needed. Sylvia paused as she looked over Gillian's pussy. Her lips, her aroma, so familiar, yet so different. Her deep pink folds were much more fleshy than hers or Cindy's.

Sylvia placed her finger into Gillian's valley and traced the line up to her clit which was in full view. Then she moved back down to her entrance, she pushed her fleshy folds back and forth as she made a slow, snaky trail down around her hole. Carefully, Sylvia pushed her middle finger into Gillian's juicy cunt. She watched her finger disappear into her, young, supple body. Then she pulled it out and slid it back into her fleshy folds, sliding it up to her clit. As she moved her finger back and into Gillian's vagina, she covered her pussy with her mouth as sucked on her clit.

Cindy stripped and got on the bed next to Gillian, she kissed her and fondled her tits. Gillian fondled her back. As Sylvia's licking moved Gillian closer to orgasm, she asks Cindy, "Would you sit on my face? I want to lick you so badly."

Cindy wanted that too. She moved up beside Gillian's head and straddled her head. Cindy looked down at Gillian's sweet face. She was looking up at her, her brown eyes glazed over in lust. Cindy adjusted herself, moving her legs wider, each time she did so, she slowly lowered her now dripping pussy closer to Gillian's sweet face. Gillian licked her lips and was content to enjoy the view above her, as Cindy's legs spread wider, sliding across the bedspread, her cunt lips spread wider too, soon her lips were flared out, puffy and red, engorged in blood. Gillian breathed deeply the heavenly aroma of another woman's fragrance. She opened her mouth and her tongue reached up and touched her outer folds. Cindy moaned as she felt Gillian's tongue invade her body. She could feel her licking up and down her slit. Gillian was spending a great deal of time licking up inside her hole. Cindy rocked her hips and Gillian just held her tongue out letting Cindy move her pussy around on it. Waves of pleasure raced into her center. Cindy's legs slipped lower, the bedspread offering little resistance, her pussy pressed into Gillian's face. The lower Cindy went the deeper Gillian licked.

Cindy could feel her tongue going deep inside her, filling her up. Again Cindy's legs slipped lower, and now she was sure to smother her as she rested her pussy on Gillian's face. Gillian was in heaven. Cindy's stretched wide pussy covered nearly every inch of her face. As she licked all she could taste or smell was Cindy's womanly perfume. Cindy rode Gillian's face with her cunt, rubbing herself back and forth over her mouth and tongue. She could tell by the way Gillian was licking her that she loved it. Sylvia stopped licking at Gillian's pussy and grabbed the vibrator. She turned it on and began to caress her folds with it. Gillian moaned into Cindy's gaping pussy as Sylvia worked the toy over her clit.

Sylvia moved the head of the silver bullet to Gillian's entrance and began to circle her entrance. She would push the tip into her hole, then bring it back out and run it over her clit. Then back to her hole and repeated the action. Sylvia watched as Gillian's sweet nectar streamed from her pussy. Each time her pussy juice spilled from her hole, she would lean in and lick it up. Each time her tongue touched Gillian's pussy she moaned. Sylvia knew what button's to push in order to have Gillian cumming, but she wasn't about to let it happen that soon. Cindy on the other hand, couldn't hold off Gillian's tongue lapping assault of her clit and inner lips. Each time she felt the tip of her tongue push into her hole, she felt a spark of electricity that fired into her chasm and up to her tits. It was all to much. With a moan that became a wail she climaxed.

Gillian lapped up all of Cindy's juice. She was loving every second of Cindy's orgasm. The closeness, the overpowering, uncontrollable event that made her pussy the center of the universe. Gillian rested her tongue and let Cindy come down from her sexual high cloud. She took pleasure in just breathing in Cindy's aroma of her sex and the taste of her musk in her mouth. As she lay there, she felt Sylvia's tongue again licking into her folds, pushing them around with the tip of her tongue. Sylvia started sucking on her clit, chewing on her fleshy lips and drawing them up into her mouth. She felt the vibrator enter her, it wasn't turned on, and being used like a dildo. She lifted her hips and pressed forward to take all of the toy into her hungry cunt.

Sylvia lashed out at Gillian's clit, sucking and licking her hood, washing her clit with her tongue, she had licked clean all her scented flavour. She moved back down to her dark tunnel, pulled the vibrator free and licked into her hole. Gillian felt Sylvia's tongue being forced in her, after a few deep licks she then felt the vibrator resting in her valley, the tip brushing her clit. Each time she rocked her hips, the vibrator touched her clit. Sylvia turned it on and the gentle buzzing filled Gillian's ear. She moaned and started to cum. "Ohhhhhh, I'mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmminggggggggggg," she screamed.

Sylvia smiled as she watched Gillian's pussy spasm. She slipped her index and middle finger into her pussy and felt her contractions. Sylvia loved to feel Cindy's orgasm and it felt just as wonderful sharing Gillian's. Cindy moved off of Gillian's face. Her makeup was smeared from the wet ride, and Cindy watch Gillian licking her lips. She looked down at Sylvia. "Your turn honey."

Sylvia looked up at her. "You think so, do you?"
Gillian nodded. "I know so."
Sylvia crawled up Gillian's body, kissing her way, her bellybutton, between her breasts, then she stopped to suck on one nipple, then the other. She kissed her way up to her neck, then kissed her chin and tasted Cindy's juices there. Sylvia felt the excitement in her crotch, she was wetter then ever now. She kissed her mouth, pressed her tongue inside and could taste her lover there.

She continued to crawl up and over Gillian's body, and hovered her pussy just above her head. Gillian opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue. "Give it to me baby," she said.

Sylvia lowered her dripping pussy to Gillian's waiting mouth. Instantly, Sylvia felt herself at the edge of climax. Gillian's tongue filled her and all she could do was groan. Cindy had moved down between Gillian's legs to inspect her pussy and see what it had to offer. For the last 4 years the only vagina she had kissed was Sylvia's. It excited her so that she was having a chance to taste this woman, to share her with her lover. Cindy was very gentle, knowing how sensitive one gets after reaching an orgasm. She also knew it wouldn't take her long to get Gillian ready for a second climax. After all she was so wild and wet and ready. She wanted as much sex as they could give her. Cindy wasn't about to disappoint.

Cindy used her fingers to part Gillian's lips, then she licked up her center, from her entrance to her clit hood. Cindy licked up her valley several times, then she felt Gillian's hips raise up and she knew what she wanted. Cindy started licking around her hole, pressing her tongue into her, tasting her juices. She licked her silky wetness off her inner walls as she watched Gillian licking into Sylvia's pussy hole. Cindy became lost in her lust and pushed two fingers into Gillian's vagina. She finger fucked her, riding her rhythm. She added a third finger, Gillian rocked her hips forward, taking Cindy's fingers easily into herself.

"More," Gillian moaned, "More and deeper."
Cindy slipped her little finger into Gillian's pussy, but wasn't sure what she meant by deeper, her fingers were as far in as they could go, right up to the knuckles. Sylvia reached orgasm on Gillian's mouth, soaking her in her creamy wetness. Gillian lapped up the droplets of nectar that dripped out of her opening. Sylvia fell off of Gillian's face, gasping for air. She put her hands over her crotch as if to say, 'please, I can't take another lick.' Gillian smiled and looked down at Cindy. Cindy still had all four of her fingers in her. "Would you like to fist me?" she asked. Cindy's eyes widened and a shocked look crossed her face.
"Wouldn't that hurt you?"
"No, I really enjoy it."
Gillian said. I love the feeling trust me it wont hurt and will give me the most powerful orgasm imaginable."
Cindy looked at Sylvia. Sylvia was still recovering. They had seen such a thing a few times on lesbian sex videos but just thought this type of act was to turn men on. As for the fact that you could get some pleasure out it as well, neither them ever dreamed that.

Gillian pushed herself up and said, "Here give me your hand." Cindy moved her hand from Gillian's vagina and Gillian took it in hers. She then placed her thumb and fingers together to form an oval. "Think of this as my vagina entrance. Now push your hand through the oval."

Cindy did and as her hand pushed through, Gillian parted her fingers, put kept pressure on Cindy's hand, Cindy's hand pushed past Gillian's fingers and when her knuckles reached passed the oval, Gillian said, "Now once you are passed that point, you curl your fingers into your palm to make a fist."
Cindy swallowed hard. "But once I'm inside, then what?"
Gillian smiled. "You just move your hand gently back and forth."
Gillian then lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Sylvia moved to her left hip and watched as Cindy took up position between her legs.

"I can't believe I'm going to do this," Cindy said.
Gillian smiled. "Its okay, really, I love doing this."
"How did this come about?" Sylvia questioned.
"Two women from Sweden. You would be surprised what people around the world do sexually."
"Do we need some lubricant? Some KY jelly or something?" Cindy asked.
"I'm more then lubed up, thanks to yours and Sylvia's tongue."
"Are you ready Cindy?"
Cindy gulped. "I think so."
Gillian waited. Cindy gently rubbed the woman's slit, feeling the texture of her swollen lips. She felt her nipples harden and realised that the idea of placing her fist in this woman's vagina was turning her on. She started by slipping her middle and index finger into her hole. Gillian was very wet as she had said, and didn't have any problem taking Cindy's four fingers and thumb. Cindy's hand was pushed in up to her knuckles. Now came the interesting part. Gillian smiled down at her. "It's okay, you wont hurt me, go ahead put your hand in me."

Cindy nodded and started to push forward. Sylvia watched as Gillian's pink folds parted to engulf Cindy's hand. Cindy's knuckles pressed against the sides of Gillian's inner walls stretching them outward.

Cindy turned her hand slightly from side to side, her knuckles pushed in, bulging Gillian's outer lips. They all watched as the top of her right knuckle vanished. She pushed a little harder and to Cindy's amazement her hand slipped right up inside her vagina. Gillian moaned and rocked her hips. Cindy began sliding her hand back and forth slowly. The wetness and texture of flesh covering her hand made her clit tingle and she said to Sylvia, "Will you rub me."

Sylvia reached down between Cindy's legs and caressed her pussy lips and clit.
"You need help too," Gillian said to Sylvia. "Swing your bum up here and let me rub you too."
"Can you concentrate enough to do that?" Sylvia asked.
Gillian laughed. "No concentration needed honey. Mmmm, all I have to do is just lay back and enjoy."
Sylvia moved so that Gillian could each her pussy and caress her there. She still maintained a position that allowed her to watch the fisting. Sylvia moaned as Gillian touched her.
"God, I think I'm touching your cervix!"
"You are," Gillian said.
Sylvia said. "I can't believe you have your hand right in her birth canal. What does it feel like?"
"It feels wonderful," Both Cindy and Gillian said, not knowing to which the comment had been directed.
The three of them began to moan loudly, and the sounds filled the room.

Gillian groaned and announced. "Ohhhh, I'm going to cum."
Cindy leaned in and flicked her tongue over Gillian's clit.
Gillian exploded.
Moaning to the point of screaming, her vocal cry sent both Cindy and Sylvia to orgasm. Cindy felt Gillian's pussy clamp down on her hand, she had never felt anything so erotic before. Her spasms sent a shock wave that carried right into Sylvia and was fed back to Gillian.

It took Gillian a minute to recover. Cindy still had her hand inside her pussy, holding it there, not sure when or if she wanted it removed.

Gillian reached down and took Cindy's wrist in her hand. She moved it back and forth, pumping it into her vagina a few more times, then she slowly pushed on her hand and they all watched her knuckles appear. Cindy's hand glistened in Gillian's silky wetness. Once her hand was free, Cindy massaged her fingers together, feeling the slippery texture of Gillian's pussy juices.

"Thank you," Gillian said.
"Oh, thank you," Cindy and Sylvia said together.
"How long are you two on holidays?"
"We have five more days," Cindy said.
"And how many nights are you girls staying in Sunset?"
"We have the room booked for just one more night." Sylvia said.
"But I think we will have to change that."
"Good," Gillian said with a big smile. "Then you two can spend the rest of your time at my place. I can show you some of the other delights I've learn't from some out our foreign visitors."

Both Cindy and Sylvia smiled. It looked like the trip to Sunset was going to be more interesting then they could have ever dreamed.

The End.

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