Letters to my English Lover III
By Chandra DeSanto

Letter to Collin from Chandra

My Love:

I'm probably on the wrong side of the ocean, because I am definitely sex-obsessed! After reading your letter, I've been warm and throbbing all morning... It's very hard to keep my mind on work.

And yes, lover, I adored the ice. I can imagine it melting and dripping all around my hard, hot nipples. I am almost writhing at the thought of rubbing that ice over my cum and oil wet pussy lips, feeling it slide in and around my cunt. Hmmmm. Laying with my legs open in front of you...

My fingers, all four of them probably, dipping inside of me, feeling how tight the ring at my opening is. Imagining it to be your hands, touching me just right, feeling me cum for you. I am so hot right now that I think I will cum for you over and over as you simply touch me and massage my pussy, not even inside yet, but the lips are swollen and wet with my excitement. I am making those little pleasure sounds right now as I think of your hands on me. Oh, my love. The sounds make my cunt vibrate inside, I'm going mad. This feels so good!

You lean in and kiss my clit, warming it with your tongue, swirling round and round, lashing, as I cry out, lifting to meet your tongue, your mouth. Warm and wet I feel your lips drawing me in, suckling strongly at my center, drawing out my pleasure into your mouth. Oh, Collin, I love your way, I'm moving against you, thrusting myself at you, dragging my hard clit over your wide and eager tongue. My body is begging you, my lips are begging you to please me. And you love that, hearing me beg. Oh, Collin, I need you - again. Please take me there, please make me to cum for you, just for you. ... it feels too good, my pussy moist, pulsing and full for you ... inside the muscles moving, clasping, pulling - the walls touching each other in hot, hard contractions, as if you were inside of me already. Oh, Collin ... Oh ... Collin... I'm cumming! Oh, ooohh, ..... My breaths, coming easier now.

It was an easy cum, but, I'm thinking of you above me, your body on me, and...

it leads to one that is stronger, harder, Ohhhh,

I wish you could feel this Ohhhh it's so good, Collin oh, it's soo good, ohhhh ohh

Now I need your cock, to fill me, ohh, I can't get in far enough to touch the right spot, I need you... I need you ... I need

Collin, I feel you holding my thighs open, while you line your cock up at my entrance. Ohhhh, baby. Fuck me now ... now ... now. I can't stop, I can imagine you fucking me slow and long and hard, burying yourself inside me, with much force, with much power, with such stamina ... Churning and rolling that hard cock inside of me, feeling me cum hot and hard on your meat over and over again. Again, until you can't hold anymore and you ride me hard, rushing to your orgasm, splashing my womb with your cum, making it contract yet again as you ride and ride and ride my body giving us so much pleasure ... Collin, so much pleasure.

We are kissing each other -- you are still riding me -- I am holding you in my arms, kissing your lips as I work my body with yours, in and out, in and out, and we're building again, to another wonderful orgasm.

You make it last, on and on, so slow ... so good, ohh, baby, ohhh. I am breathing you, absorbing you into my body. I feel your pleasure communicating itself to me and every stroke makes me feel better, not hot now, just sweet - good, it's like a long never ending orgasm now on and on sometimes high on a mountain, other times low in a valley, but always sweet, always good, always, always, always there...

We just keep moving, more and more slowly, easing, sated, luxuriating in expansively orgasming flesh!!!

Ohh, Collin my love, that was wonderful. So good. If I don't stop I am going to start up again. Did I tell you I like sex?

Still throbbing,

your lover ...

x x x x x x x x x Chandra


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