Strip Show
By Susan Proctor
(FFF, oral)

I'm an exotic dancer and I had just finished the last show for the evening. I put on my housecoat and gathered up my things and headed back stage. Just as I got to the curtain I heard someone call my name.

"Kathy... Kathy... could I have a word with you?"

I turned to see a nice looking redhead approaching. She looked to be about my age, 25. She had a very nice figure and at first I thought she must be one of the dancers I hadn't met yet. I mean, not too many girl's bother to take in a strip show.

"Yes?" I said.

"Thank you for waiting. My name is Anne." She paused and flashed me a smile.

"I was wondering if you would do a private show. My girlfriend is getting married next weekend and we are having a party for her tomorrow night." I laughed. "Wouldn't you want a male striper for a party like that?"

"Well no... you see my girlfriend is a lesbian."

"Oh," I said not really knowing what to say.

"Would you do it?"
I thought about it for a second. I had never done a strip act for a bunch of women before. In fact, no one had ever asked me. It might be kind of fun, I thought. And who knows if I would ever get an opportunity like this again.

"What do you charge?" Anne asked before I could answer.

"How many women are going to be there?" I said.

"Ten, plus Gail."

"I guess you are all throwing in for this?"

"Yes," Anne said.

I could see by her expression that she hoped I wouldn't quote too high a figure.
"A hundred dollars," I said keeping it low.

"That's great," She said.
"Tell me Anne, how many of the girl's at this party will be gay?"

Anne smiled, her teeth looked so white against her bronze skin and her green eyes seemed to light up her face. "All of them," she said.

Wow, I thought. My heart started to race a bit. The last time I felt like this was when I first started dancing.

"Here's the address, when can we expect you?"

"I'll be there at nine," I said taking the slip of paper.

"Okay, nine it is."

As I watched her leave I wondered if she had caught my show and if she did, did I turn her on as much as the men in the audience? Well, I thought. I guess I will soon find out!

At 8:50 I arrived at the West End Hotel. Anne and her friends had booked a room on the fifth floor. When I stepped from the elevator I could hear the sound of music echoing down the hallway. I made my way toward the sound not bothering with room numbers. I stopped at the door where the noise originated and knocked. The door flew open and there was Anne.

"Kathy, Hi. Come in." She put her arm around me and pulled me into the room.
"Everyone... can I have your attention. This is Kathy. Kathy this is the bride to be Gail."

Gail was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. They had obviously been setting up for my arrival. Gail was a small woman, about 5'2 and maybe a hundred pounds. Her short dark hair was covered for the most part by a pointy party hat. She had no tit's to speak of, but then again I wasn't there to admire her body. Anne seemed to be in charge. She clapped her hands together and ordered the girls to take a seat. I gave Anne a CD and she got it started. Then I took off my full length coat to reveal my sexy outfit. For this show I decided to wear a lacy black bra, garter belt with fish net stockings and a red string bikini, over this I had on a green leather skirt and matching vest. I started dancing, staying at the front of the room not moving more than a couple of feet in any direction. I wanted to get a feeling for the girls. It didn't take long before they were all shouting and laughing. I started playing up to Gail. I swayed my hips in front of her and flipped my skirt up so she could see my red panties. I moved around her chair leaning forward flaunting my breasts at her. She just sat here smiling. Anne was legging her on.

"Go on Gail, touch them... cop a feel!"
I found myself getting quite turned on. It felt so different to be dancing to a room full of women. As the first song finished I tossed off my vest. My nipples were already hard and didn't need any tweaking from me. As I danced I caught Anne's eye. She looked incredible hot, wearing a harvest gold turtleneck sweater and a black wrap skirt. She was licking her lips and seeing her do that sent a shiver down my spine. I was getting wet, which just didn't happen in my shows. I'd never been with a woman before, but in that instant I knew I could be with Anne. She didn't appear to be with anyone, at least I hadn't see anyone paying any attention to her. What am I thinking, I thought. Just do your show, collect your money and go.

I took my skirt off and ran it up Gail's legs before tossing it aside. I unhooked my bra which brought a great roar from the room. I pulled it open showing Gail my big tit's then closed it. I rolled my breasts in each cup giving them the occasional flash before casting my bra to the floor. I moved around the room, letting all the women get a good look especially Anne, my quarter sized nipples so erect and hard. Then I turned my attention back to Gail. I pulled on one of the straps holding my stockings and let it snap back in place.

"Would you help me remove these?" I asked her.
I put one foot up on the chair between her legs. I took her hand and ran it over my fish net stocking until she reached bare skin, then I let her do the rest. She brushed her fingers over my bikini panties and another shiver ran through me. I instructed Gail to remove my stocking. Feeling her hands on my legs and the voices of the women around me urging her on was making me incredible hot. After Gail had completed her task, I spread out on the floor in front of her and started moving my legs around, opening them wide keeping them together, rolling over and pushing my ass into the air. Then I noticed I had developed a dark wet spot in the center of my panties. I knew everyone could see it, the rooms lighting hadn't been turned down. There was nothing I could do about it now. I glanced over at Anne, her eyes were glued to me. I gave her a wide smile. I grabbed the waist band of the panties and pulled them tight to my skin, pressing the fabric into my slit, showing off my now soaking wet cunt lips. More cheers rang out. From my back, I rolled my hips forward and put my legs over my head, then I grabbed my panties and pulled them off as I brought my legs back. The room erupted in shouts and laughter as I showed off my hairless pussy.

God, everyone was really getting it to this, I thought. And it was contagious.

I started to give Gail a good show. I had never performed like this before. I spread my legs wide, grabbing my ankles and pulling my legs back so she could really see pink. Gail leaned forward, her smile telling all I needed to know. I glanced over at Anne. She moved to Gail's side as did a few other girls.

"Woooh! Now that's a pretty pussy!" One said.

Then they all started commenting.
"I like a shaved pussy."
"Mmmmm, is she ever wet!"

Anne was saying something too, but I couldn't hear her over the clamor the other girl's were making. I got to my feet again and danced just inches from Gail. Then I straddled her chair and pushed my pussy up to her face. Then the girls around her started in.

"She wants you Gail... go for it!"

It only took a little more prodding before I felt Gail's hands on the cheeks of my ass. I watched as she moved forward. My mind raced in circles. Was she? Is she going to do what I think she is going to do?

Gail's tongue darted and I felt the tip of her tongue touch my swollen labium. I felt an electric shock, from my core to my finger tips, every inch of my being was on fire. Gail's tongue washed over my pussy, licking into my every crease. Then she moved her fingers to my entrance and held me wide. Her tongue entered me and I gasped. I no longer heard the voices around me. Tossing my head back and grabbing her head I let myself go. Gail worked my clit with her thumb as she licked and sucked deeply at my cunt. A shudder went through my body and an orgasm swept through me like wild fire. I screamed out. My legs felt weak and I thought I would collapse, but just then Anne's arms went around my waist and she held me up. Gail stopped licking me, she sat back and smiled up at me.
I heard someone yell. "I'm next."
Gail moved out of the chair and quickly it was occupied. Anne held me, caressing and fondling my breasts as the women in the room took turns licking and sucking on my wet pussy. Some just licking up the center of my slit and teased my clit. Other's probed my cunt, pushing fingers and tongue up inside me, licking my inner walls. Some caressed my ass, and played with my anus. I came so many times I didn't know which way was up. And all the while Anne held me, kissing my neck and caressing my tits. When the last girl had finished licking me, I expected Anne to take her turn, but she didn't. She pulled me away from the group.

"Come on," Anne said. "I'll help you get yourself organized."

My head was still swimming and it was only after the door was closed that I realized Anne had lead me into one of the bedrooms.

"You were terrific, Kathy. Everyone will be talking about this night for some time to come. I just wanted to thank you personally."

Anne's mouth met mine. Her lips were so soft and moist. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her hair, her perfume. Her gentle touch. Her hands were on my waist, but as we kissed she brought them up to my breasts. She rubbed her thumbs over my nipples and I moaned loudly into her mouth. She broke our kiss and stepped back.

"I want you Kathy." She grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head exposing her lacy black bra. Then she slipped her skirt off letting it drop to the floor. She looked fabulous standing there in her black panties and bra.

"If you don't want to do this it's okay... I don't want to force anything on you."

"You want to make love to me?" I asked, my pulse rocketing.

"Yes Kathy, the second I laid eyes on you I wanted to make love to you. I wanted to feel your warm body against mine... wanted to feel the beating of your heart."

Anne removed her bra and panties. She was a mirror imagine of me, but for her red hair and green eyes. She stepped into me, her breasts meshing with mine. Our mouths came together and our tongues touched. Anne took control, she took my hand and brought it to her right breast. I squeezed her fleshy globe, fanned my fingers out and brushed them over her erect nipple. Then she moved my hand down to her flat stomach... around to her hips... over her buttocks... then to her pubic hair. As I ran my fingers through her neatly trimmed bush, she moved her hand over my bare mound. Her mouth pressed harder into mine. I wanted her fingers to explore me but she held off. I made the first move letting my fingers slip to her outer labium, then over the hood of her clit and down into her silky valley. She mirrored my actions. With small back and forth movements I spread her folds and pushed my middle finger into her entrance. Her hot wet juices coated my finger. I brought her wetness to her clit and rubbed her gently. Anne worked me in a similar manner.

"Let's lay down," Anne said.

I laid on the queen sized bed and Anne climbed on top of me. Her mouth covered mine and she slowly let me take her weight. Her breasts pressed into mine and I could feel the heat between her legs as she straddled my thigh.

"I want to taste you," Anne said.

I moaned at these words. Never before had I wanted something so badly. My desire for Anne was intoxicating. She moved between my legs. I parted them for her and held my breath as she lowered her head to my groin. Her tongue pressed into my valley and I arched my hips up to meet her face. She started giving my pussy little kisses, kissing my clit, my fleshy folds, my entrance. I felt her tongue wiggle into my hole, she opened her mouth and covered most of my cunt. She brought her hand up to my breasts and squeezed and pulled at my aching nipples. Deep in my core I felt my orgasm coming. I yelled out, not caring who would hear me.

"Ohhh Anne... yes, yes, yes... Ohhh I'm cummmiiiinnnngggg! Ohhh!"

Anne continued her sucking and licking until I became too sensitive and had to have her stop. I pulled her up to me and kissed her sweet mouth, tasted myself there.

"Please..." I said searching her eyes. "Can I do the same to you?"

A broad smile crossed Anne's face and her emerald eyes looked at me with such love. Wordlessly she moved off me then crawled on her hands and knee until her hips were by my head. Then she straddled my face. Her crepe like pussy was just inches from my face. I could smell her womanly fragrance. I breathed it in deeply. Her position above me naturally spread her vagina wide and I could see deep into her soft pink tunnel. I had never had a view like this before and even though I had seen many women in the nude, I had never been treated to such a view.

I stuck my tongue out and Anne lowered her wet cunt to meet my mouth. Her taste filled my mouth and I sucked greedily at her hole wanting more of her sweet juices. I worked my tongue over her outer Labium, then moved toward the middle of her valley. With my teeth I bit lightly on her fleshy folds pulling them into my mouth. I circled her clit with my tongue licking it over and over again. Her juices streamed from her and ran down over my chin and cheeks. Anne rocked back and forth rubbing her silky, moist lips over my tongue, my lips, my face, coating me in her silky juices. I tried to keep pace, but Anne was lost in ecstasy. She started to cum. I found her clit with my fingers and rubbed her lightly as I filled her hole with my tongue.

"Yes, Kathy fuck my cunt with your tongue... Ohhh eat me... eat me... Ohhh!"

Her words and cries of joy brought me to the edge and I reached down and stroked my clit. Together we exploded. Our voices a symphony. Anne moved off me and we kissed and hugged for several minutes before we found the strength to speak.

I looked into Anne's eyes and said."Thank you for making this a most memorable evening."

Anne traced the outline of my mouth. "I hope we can make many more memorable evening's together, after all I'll need you for another show."

I looked at her surprised. "Another show?"

"Yes. This one was for Gail, but there's the woman Gail is going to marry. We have to have a party for her."

I smiled. "Okay, I can do that."

"Then there is a couple of birthdays coming up."

"Just how busy do you want to keep me?" I asked.

"Well, what are you doing for the rest of your life?"

"I don't know," I said giving Anne a quick kiss. "Why don't we start finding out... together?"

The End.

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