Letters to my English Lover Part I
By Chandra DeSanto

Letter from Chandra to Collin  (Feb. 25, 2003)

Good good Morning, Love;

I am writing about 9:30p.m.  That means you should get this before you leave for work.  Should have gone to sleep last night, I've been so irritable and cranky today.   Had to go and get some ice cream, chocolate and nuts and caramel in coffee ice cream.  That did it - well almost, now I just need sex.  So, I'm sitting here working and I am getting very -- wet.

Shaved freshly this morning and soaped up in the shower with my scented gel.  It made my fingers slip so easily over the smooth skin and my very stiff clit.  I have to admit that I imagined your fingers there instead of my own.  They couldn't reach as deeply as yours would ...  The feeling of my pussy shaved and smooth is so erotic that I didn't put on any panties today -- and I kept on my loose sweats just so I could feel the lips moving against each other.

When I get wet, like I am now, they are so swollen and the slippery cum is easing out - actually it is being pushed out as my pussy contracts and throbs.  Thinking of you does that to  me ... always, my love.

I can imagine, Collin, that you have me tied to a bed, one with posts.  My wrists are pulled over my head and my ankles are lashed to the two lower corners.

I could be frightened, but you've taken care of that - I remember fleetingly that you have a psychology degree - that you would know to reassure me.  Like when you tell me softly in my ear that you would not hurt me, or allow me to be hurt.  In the room, you've lit candles that glow softly, warmly, romantically.  Beneath me is a thick, soft comforter, not stretched taut, but rumpled, deep, it snuggles up around my body, around my neck and ears, my sides and between my legs, teasing my ass and cunt and my thighs.  It makes me feel comfortable, strangely safe - and very exposed, my nipples burning, itching for your touch, your tongue, your lips and teeth gently biting me  ... 

I can smell my own fragrance lifting thick and sweet around me.  I am restless, wanting and needing your touch.  I call your name, I want you with me, not above me and apart.  Your body is magnificently naked, all muscle and flickering candle shadows.  Your cock is rampant, thrusting up, raging, leading you to me.

You come to the end of the bed and kneel between my softly parted thighs, my puss so wet that the light of the candles you've lit around the room glisten off of the wetness.  My belly and hips are quivering with wanting you to touch me, Collin ... I need you.

You slip your thighs beneath mine, nestling up close so my ass lifts and rests and your thighs.  It makes my lips part wider and my pussy convulse in one of those sweet pulsing beginner orgasms.  The kind that prime the womb for hours of deep, intense pleasure.  My mouth opens, whispering, sighing your name.

Oh, Collin I am getting so wet writing this.  I'm squirming in my chair and my lips are sliding against each other.  Everything is so wet!  I don't want to put my fingers there because I won't be able to finish ...  And since you always take such control of the telephone conversations, making me lose the trail of my own thoughts, making me cum so fast and so hard, always so hard ... I want to tell you what I think of, when I dream of you, when I imagine being with you.  I can smell the arousal from between my thighs right now ...  Oh, Collin this is so hard to do - I'm feeling so good, so full of the pulsing pleasure centered between my legs ...

Oh, Collin, your thighs beneath my bottom and the ties on my ankles make it impossible for my hips to move.  I'm imprisoned and at your mercy, wet and wanting to writhe, but unable - Collin...

You intended to tease me, relentlessly, but you take pity because you can see that I am caught between one orgasm and the next larger, harder one.  I can barely breathe as you use two fingers to spread my own cum over my bullet hard clit.  You press and rub your fingers over it as I whimper your name, begging you to help me cum again. 

"Not yet, Sweetie," you tell me.  That wonderfully British accent washing over me, exciting me as it always does.  "Not yet ..."  You use both hands to rub my clit, one hand on each side, stroking, sliding, pressing the nub between both of your hands.  I'm so tight, I think I will break; and then you move one hand to the entrance of my pussy, not entering as you know I want, just massaging with more and more pressure, finally a finger slipping down to my ass and circling my anus.  I tighten against the intrusion, but you continue to circle in my wetness until I loosen and you slip a finger inside - deep inside, thrusting in and out ... your thumb in my cunt ...

I am mindless, Collin, screaming with so much intense pleasure.  I can't stop and I want more - in my pussy in my ass, oh Collin, wherever you touch me.  Oh, I want you ...

Collin!  I'm cumming!  I'm screaming!  Breathing hard.  Moaning your name, still cumming! On your fingers while you watch me, massage me  ...  finally thrusting your fingers inside of me!  Fitting your hand inside of me now!  Yes ... Yes!  I want it inside of me! 

How... can I... bear... this?  I NEED YOU!

Oh, Collin, I can't go on right now ...   I've got to take off my clothes ...  I've got to finish this ...  I will be back ... I'll tell you all about it - I promise ...

Until later my sweet lover ... have a good day...   I've got to go ...

x x x x x x x x x  Chandra

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