Tess' Shower
By Philip Harris
(Fsolo, MF)

It was 12 o'clock midnight, time for Tess to stop studying. By the dim light of her tiny desk lamp, she closed her college textbooks and put them away in her book bag. She'd been a good girl and had put in a long evening of studying. This semester she was determined to make up for the poor grades of last semester. She wanted to finish her freshman year with a strong average.

Still working only by the light of her desk lamp, Tess took off her nightgown and put on her bathrobe. What she really felt like now, she thought, before she went to bed, was a little bit of fun masturbation.

But there was her roommate snoring in bed only a few feet away. Yes Tess had gotten away with it here in the room before sometimes, in the darkness like now, but only while she was pretending to study at her desk. Tonight she'd already put her study things away. And besides, tonight she wanted to be a little wilder. That called for a trip to the co-ed shower.

She took off her bedroom slippers and slipped her feet into her shower sandals; then gathering her toothbrush and things, and making sure she had her room key, she quietly left the room. The light in the dormitory hallway seemed bright compared with her study lamp, and the lighting in the co-ed bathroom was even brighter.

Jake came into the bathroom while Tess was brushing her teeth. Jake was the biggest guy on the floor, and like a lot of guys he didn't wear a bathrobe when he was in the bathroom, he held a towel around his waist. That was so sexy when guys did that! Tess was dying to catch one of them with an erection sticking out of his towel someday! Jake looked at Tess, grinned kind of shyly, half-nodding a hello, and then went into one of the showers, without saying anything to her. Tess heard him turn the water on, and she wondered wickedly what he might be doing in there!

Although she was now half way through her freshman college year, Tess still felt sexy whenever boys came into the bathroom while she was there. She loved being naked beneath her bathrobe while boys in towels stood to either side of her.

Tess dawdled at the sink, waiting for Jake to finish showering. She liked seeing the boys wet, when they first came out of the showers, their cocks maybe thrumming from naughty cum-shooting.

When Jake left, Tess deliberately took the shower stall that he'd been using. "Because the water was hot," would be her lie if anyone every asked why, but secretly she looked for evidence that he might have been cumming in there. Was that his cum dripping down the wall? From so high up!? Oh, just soapsuds, she discovered with her finger. Weren't you a good boy for me tonight Jakey?, Tess thought to herself.

Tess disrobed to begin her shower. She deliberately didn't throw her robe over the shower curtain. That way it was possible, just possible, that some boy might "accidentally" open the curtain while she was showering. He would claim he'd thought that the shower was empty, of course. That had happened to Tess five times last semester.

Tess started by playing with her breasts, without even running the water yet. She loved touching her nipples. When she stroked them between her thumbs and forefingers in just the right way it made her incredibly wet and horny-- and that's how she wanted to feel tonight.

A bunch of boys came in while she was doing that. They came into the bathroom and used the sinks. She heard their voices, sounding very male, very deep and grownup, as their banter echoed among the bathroom tiles. Who where they, she wondered? The echoes distorted their voices too much, making them strangers to her. How many of them where there?

Tess pressed her back against the stall tiles, still warm from Jake's shower, and finger-teased rapidly, right on her clit. She was having that fantasy again, that fantasy of a bunch of boys finding her alone in the shower at night and gang-raping her--all of them!

Her fantasy was that one of them would open her shower curtain and catch her masturbating, and then call the other fellows over for a look. Two would hold her pinned to the shower wall, while the others gathered around looking in, hooting and teasing, pinching her nipples and body, threatening to soap out her pussy for being naughty, until they made her finish herself before them.

After her self-service, she'd have to do each of the boys of course. They'd put soap in her eyes to hurt her into submission, and to make her keep her eyes closed during the rapes. Eyes tightly shut, she'd be spun around in the shower, their many hands touching her wet, naked body, and then she'd have to reach out, and would be pressed against the wall for a standing fuck by whichever boy she touched.

They'd make her do a fingered self-cleaning before spinning her around to pick the next boy. "Don't cheat, don't cheat," she'd cry. "I've already done you all. Some of you boys are going twice."

In the shower, Tess teased delightfully to these wicked thoughts, but she didn't cum. She was afraid of making sex noise while the boys were there, and without the shower water running. When the boys left, she had to wait, listening intently, to know for sure that they were all gone.

After she was sure, she turned on the shower water and very quickly, very thoroughly masturbated. Masturbating quickly while standing in a shower, sometimes in cold water, was probably the one most useful college "course" for most girls. She didn't quite get through this one standing; she had to press her back hard against the wall in order to hold herself up, sliding down to spread her legs obscenely wide for the best pleasure.

Afterward, she soaped herself totally clean, and then started drying her body with a towel. While she was doing that, someone else entered the bathroom. She could tell he was a boy without even seeing him. There was just something different in the sounds that boys make.

It sounded like Jake again. He was back, brushing his teeth. Tess had a thing for Jake. Of course, she thought, he didn't do it earlier because I was here. And now he's back for what he needs!

It was late night, doubtless past 12:30, but Tess tingled with after-sex, and was feeling frisky and wicked. She opened the curtain and walked out of the shower while still casually drying herself with her towel.

"Oh, uh, hi," Tess said, "I didn't know anybody else was in here." Tess was genuinely surprised. This wasn't Jake; it was that guy George, the quiet guy who lived alone in the corner dorm room. Corner rooms cost extra because they were singles.

"Uh, hi," George said. He was trying to look Tess in the face, but his eyes kept flashing down to her body and then up to her face again. Tess giggled, because it was kind of like he was taking sneak photos of her.

"Hi George," Tess said, speaking very friendly. So it wasn't Jake? Tess felt like flirting anyway.

"Uh, hi," George said again, with a little more confidence.

"Does it bother you? Me like this?" Tess asked, although she was teasing. "Here's the whole view," she said opening the towel and showing all of herself. "You kind of looked like you wanted to see it," she explained very matter-of- factly.

Oh this was cute, Tess thought, George was shy. She'd come to college thinking that all boys knew everything there was about sex--and the first college boys she'd met had--but now she was beginning to realize that there were college boys, like George, who still had lessons to learn.

"So how's Hunter?" she asked, draping the towel over her shoulders, but leaving her completed naked to George at the front. She was referring to a professor named Hunter who they'd both had last semester.

"Oh I don't have him this semester," George said. "I have Pike."

"I hear he'd good," Tess said.

"Yeah, he's okay," George said.

Tess was loving this, but she didn't want anyone else coming in and catching her flirting. She didn't want to be known as the dorm slut; but George was showing something that she did want.

Stepping forward, Tess lifted George's towel, which had been half lifted on its own. He tried to cover himself.

"I showed you mine," Tess teased, pouting. "Come into the shower and show me yours George."

"I, uh, kind of have a girlfriend," he said meekly.

"Don't be a sap George!" Tess said, taking his member in her hand and pulling him toward the shower by it. "You don't have any girlfriend; and even if you do, she's not here."

Tess got George into the shower, turning on the water right away so that he had no real choice besides tossing his wet towel away.

"And you're not going to have me as a girlfriend tonight either," she said to him, "I'm just going to take you for a little exercise."

Tess soaped up her hands, rubbing them to a good lather, and then began cleaning George's cock and balls. Getting down on her haunches, she soaped his equipment thoroughly with both of her hands, and then rinsed him off, leaving him all clean and pink, with curly black hair. She examined him carefully from very close up. George had impressively sized equipment! She was glad that tonight was just going to be an outside job.

"Just like my brother's," she said, teasing.

"Time for your exercise," Tess said, as she began hand- jobbing George expertly. She'd been skillful at this since freshman year in high school.

Tess liked being low to George, lifting his balls with one hand while she stroked his cock with the other. She felt aroused by the idea of letting him cum on her face; but squatting made her ankles hurt, so she stood up. She kind of wanted to see his spurt from above, she decided.

"Hold my body George," she said. What a klutz! She had to tell him everything! He held her awkwardly at first, but after Tess pressed her body against his, his arms found the right places on her. Yeah, has a girlfriend! Right!, Tess thought.

"Come on boy, be good for Tess, be a good little soldier," she coaxed. His erection was full up, but Tess found that getting what she wanted out of him was hard going. 'Been doing it too much himself, she thought.

"Be a good little soldier and make your salute for Tess," she cooed. This was taking too long, and she didn't want to be in here when someone else came in. If he didn't cum in another minute she'd leave him to finish the job himself. That would piss Tess off royally!

Tess saw that George's eyes were turned upward in his head. He was having too much fun with this; that was the problem! The big doofus! He was forgetting his obligations.

"Feel my tits George," she said. "Don't think about your stupid cock. Think about my pussy. Think about my pussy George. Don't you want to fuck me? Don't you want to fuck my pussy?"

That did the job! He spurted all over the both of them, his engorged balls, his sperm factory, emptying like a squeezed basting bulb. Tess caught a nice cum shot under the tits, and rubbed her body against his to make them share it.

She ignored his hands when they tried to stop her. "Oh no you're not done!" she said. She kept jacking him and jacking him until she was sure she'd taken out every drop.

When Tess was done with him, she wiped his cum off her hand by rubbing it into his chest hair. She loved using men's chest hair for that!

"You better not say anything about this ever George," Tess threatened. "Now clean us up. I've got an early class tomorrow."

The End

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