Twin Desire
By Susan Proctor
(Fsolo, toys, FF)

I arrived at my sisters place at 4pm.

I hadn't seen Cindy for at least six months but she never minded her twin dropping in on her. I left my suitcase in the car and let myself in with a spare key she had given me the last time I had visited. Cindy lived in a two story, white stucco townhouse in a quiet neighbourhood. Her place was quite cosy and the cute white little window boxes filled with marigolds made the place look charming. I wasn't expecting Cindy to be home from work yet, but I could hear the TV on in the living room.

Good I thought, I was only going to be able to stay two days and we had a lot of catching up to do. Cindy's townhouse came with a sunken living room which could be seen from the hallway adjacent to the kitchen. As I approached the living room the sound from the TV grew clearer. I could hear the sound of a woman moaning. As the TV came into view I couldn't help but notice what was playing.

Oh, my God! Cindy was watching a porn movie. Then I heard a second series of moans, but this wasn't from the TV. I gasped. My God, Cindy was masturbating!

At first I thought about going back and ringing the doorbell to alert her that she had company, but some wicked part of me wanted to catch sis in the act. It would pay her back for all the nasty things she had done to me over the years. With a wide grin on my face I gingerly inched toward the living room. Her bare legs came into view first. She had them spread apart and I could see her toes wiggling. When all of the living room finally came into view I stood there dumbfounded. My jaw dropped and I froze.

.... This wasn't my sister! The woman on the couch must have been my sister's room mate. I should have left immediately, but I was transfixed. She was so beautiful, with sweeping long red hair that was fanned out over her shoulders and back. She was completely nude and her breasts were big and firm. Her nipples, silver dollar sized and a soft pink stuck out a good half inch. She had both her hands between her legs and it took me a second to realise she was using a dildo. I watched in amazement as the cream coloured dildo vanished inside her then slowly reappeared. She was working her pussy in concert to the action on the screen. Two women in the porn movie where making love.

I was becoming incredibly aroused. My nipples hardened and I could feel myself getting wet. I was starting to feel guilty for watching. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy. A tiny triangle of neatly trimmed red hair framed her swollen pink lips. They glistened with her wetness. She pulled the dildo out of her pussy and massaged her clit with it's tip. She moaned loudly. Ohhh, just that sound alone almost brought me to orgasm. Now my own juices where coating my groin. I reached down and massaged my pussy thought my leggings. This gorgeous woman was going to make me cum and she wasn't even going to be aware of it. Again she started to work her pussy with the dildo, then abruptly she pulled it back out of her and brought the tip to her mouth and began licking it.

A low moan escaped from my lips and the redhead turned to face me.

Caught! Oh my God. My voyeur episode had come to an end. She smiled up at me.

"Well what are you waiting for, honey?" She said as she flared her leg open to me giving me a splendid view of her pink pussy. God! She thinks I'm Cindy, my mind screamed. I didn't know what to do. Tell her, I thought... tell her you're not Cindy. But I couldn't, she had moved both hands down between her legs and parted her soft, wet flesh.

"Come on baby, I need your tongue," she continued.

Inexplicably I found myself moving toward her without confessing I was Cindy's twin sister. I felt weak in the knee's and my mouth was dry, but I just couldn't stop myself. She was so beautiful. Her blue eyes, filled with mischief, her mouth, the same soft pink as the flower between her legs. Her nipples so rigid.

I found myself standing in front of her looking down on her wet pussy. I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on her tights. I leaned in, the aroma of her wafted to my nose, it was both familiar and foreign and completely intoxicating. With the tip of my tongue I touched her swollen, moist labium. God, the power of this moment. I had soaked my panties and my nipples ached. She moved her hands to cup my head and I felt slow, but steady pressure as she pulled my face into her warm, wet cunt. I entered her steamy hole with my tongue, tracing small circles inside her. She moaned loudly and pushed her pelvis up to my face as if she wanted my tongue still deeper inside her. I found her clit with my thumb and massaged it with the same rhythm as my tongue. Her moaning grew louder and I could feel her pussy muscles pulsing.

Her warm juices flooded my mouth as I felt her shake to an intense orgasm. She held me there, her hands still firmly holding my head, her fingers entangled in my blond hair. Lovingly I ran my tongue over her slick flesh, taking my time, letting my tongue float over her sweet lips. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy... she was wonderfully hot inside. She started to groan again and I knew I could make her cum a second time. I moved to her sweet clit and licked her for all I was worth. I slipped a second finger into her dripping, wet cunt and she started to buck against my hand and shout...

"Yes, yes. Fuck me... Oh yes, fuck me hard baby."
As she started to cum I moved my mouth to her entrance and licked at the juices that ran over my fingers. I let her recover, happy to enjoy the view.

"Oh, come here baby," she cooed. She met me half way and her mouth found mine. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I felt her hand come to my breasts. She squeezed and rolled them and my aching nipples reached an even higher state of sensitivity. She unbuttoned my blouse and tugged it off my shoulders, then she unhooked my bra. It was only free for a second before she turned her attention to them. Her mouth covered my right nipple and her tongue rolled over and around it. I moaned and held her head, much like she had held mine. My fingers twisting though her long red hair. She moved her hand to my crotch. My wetness had seeped thought my panties and into my leggings.

"Oh, you are so wet."
She pulled them down to my knees and I stepped out of them. She cupped my ass with her hands and dropped to the floor in front of me. She nuzzled her nose into my panties, looked up at me and smiled. With her teeth she pulled them down until I was completely exposed. With her finger tip she teased the folds of my cunt lips open and slipped a finger into me.

"Oh, baby... you are so wet. Mmmmm, just the way I like it."
She laid back on the carpet and motioned for me to sit on her face. I lowered my dripping pussy to her face and gasped as her tongue entered me. With magical strokes she worked my cunt inside and out. My clit had never known such joy. I was so turned on at this point that I exploded in an earth shattering orgasm. My moans filled the house. I fell off her, collapsing to the edge of the couch.

"Oh, baby, that was much too quick!"
She helped me onto the couch and sat between my legs, she grabbed the dildo she had been using earlier and pressed the head of it against my still quivering folds. With her free hand she held me open and I felt the dildo slide easily into my cunt.

Oh, God. I was going crazy. She twisted the dildo as she thrust it into me, then pulled straight back and out. Over and over she repeated this act. Then she added her talented tongue to the mix. My fingers dug into the cushions of the couch and I came again. She sat beside me while I recovered and we engaged in some tender kissing, and gentle massaging of each others breasts.

"Why don't you have yourself a nice hot shower honey and I'll make dinner," she said.

I nodded okay, still unable to speak. As I showered I ran over in my mind what I would say to this red haired vixen. I had to confess, after all Cindy would be home soon.

When I came downstairs I heard voices coming from the kitchen. Oh, my God! Cindy was already home. I wouldn't get a chance to explain.

"There you are!" Cindy said, giving me a warm hug when I entered the kitchen.

My jaw dropped for a second time, Cindy had a completely different hair style and her hair was shorter. I looked over at her room mate, she smiled wide. God, she had known all along that I was Cindy's sister. She placed a finger to her mouth... our little secret. I smiled back. Yes our little secret indeed.

The End.

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